April 25, 2024

Best Organic Sleep Products

organic bedding products

Let’s face it, technology isn’t slowing down. And while many of us wish it would, the reality is quite the opposite. Sadly with technology comes less and less natural and organic products and more and more manmade synthetic options.

However, there are many companies out there that understand the value and importance of using what the Earth has provided. Which is why we want to help you find the best organic sleep products available. So keep reading as we go through several natural mattress and bedding options that ensure your slumber isn’t compromised.

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Most Trusted Organic Brand: Avocado

avocado green mattress reviewWhile anyone can slap a label on a product and call it natural we know better than to assume it truly is. Which is why one of the most popular and well known truly organic bedding and mattress brands will come up so frequently.

This brand is Avocado, which has become quite popular in the last decade. This brand is one that has gone through rigorous and stringent testing and guidelines to really prove that each product is as clean as they claim. Every product offered through Avocado is one you can trust that is genuinely organic and natural.

We don’t want to overload this page with just one brand, but know that if you really want to stick with a bedding organization that follows through check out their full line-up of mattress and bedding products at AvocadoGreenMattress.com!

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Best Organic Sleep Products

We have had the privilege to try several mattress and bedding brands over the years. This has allowed us to really scrutinize which products are truly clean and natural and which ones may be better left off the list. Which is why this list of recommendations comes with only the best of the best organic sleep products listed. So don’t fret, we have done our homework and know you won’t be disappointed!

Genuinely Organic Mattresses:

avocado organic luxury mattressThere are several mattress brands out there trying to produce more natural mattress options. Using materials like all-natural latex, organic cotton, wool batting, and so on. However, there is a big different between natural materials in a mattress and a truly organic mattress.

When you are looking for a truly organic mattress the brand that stands out is the line-up of beds offered by Avocado. The Avocado brand is not only all about using clean and natural materials for their beds, but they also stand behind their products with certifications on each item! Every bed in their line-up uses the cleanest materials and process available.

So whether you opt for their most popular original green mattress, or if you upgrade to the more opulent luxury mattress. Or if you try their Eco Organic or even crib mattress you can sleep peacefully knowing your bed is certified organic.

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Top Rated Natural Mattress Toppers:

Birch Mattress Topper

The Birch Mattress Topper is a great buy for anyone hunting for an organic mattress topper. It is a 2″ thick topper made with Organic Wool, Natural Latex, and finished with an Organic Cotton Cover.

This mattress pad is made in the USA and makes a great addition to any mattress. Allowing for just enough added softness, support and comfort. Using a channel design for consistency and priced right this natural mattress topper is one of our favorites.

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Avocado Green Mattress Topper

comfortable cotton and latex mattress topperIf you love the Green Mattress from Avocado, then you are going to love this mattress topper. It is made of the same high-quality materials including Organic Latex, Organic Wool, and of course topped with an Organic Cotton Cover.

All of which is of course certified. I mean come on! This is why we love Avocado so much. They really know how to do this stuff right.

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Avocado Alpaca Mattress Topper

Looking for something a bit different? Well have you ever slept on Alpaca wool before?! The Alpaca Mattress Topper from Avocado is truly a unique sleep product.

It is made out of a combination of natural Alpaca Wool, Organic sheep’s wool, and of course covered in Organic Cotton. This mattress topper adds just enough comfort and softness. It also does great at creating a temperature neutral surface for the best night sleep.

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The Best Organic Pillows:

Birch Living Organic Pillow

birch pillow is perfect for summer sleepingThis organic pillow from Birch Living has a light and airy feel. The external cover is made out of 100% organic cotton and is super soft to the touch.

The filling of this pillow is made up of wool and shredded latex. This filling is what makes the pillow so light, fluffy, and great for sleeping cool.

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Avocado Molded Latex Pillow

is this a comfortable pillow for back sleepers?This pillow is for those who love the feel of a molded latex pillow. Avocado made this pillow using natural Talalay Latex that is infused with charcoal in order to make it extra cool to sleep on.

It is perforated which helps with sleeping cool and perfect pressure relief. It is topped with a 100% organic cotton cover that is oh so soft.

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Avocado Green Pillow

Looking for a pillow that is organic inside and out? Then you will love the Avocado Green Pillow. Filled with organic latex and kapok fibers, this is a dense and fluffy pillow with an adjustable feel.

You can take out fill or add more in order to make your pillow the perfect loft size for you. It is also covered in a 100% certified organic cotton cover. This pillow is ideal for any sleeper and again offers that certified organic guarantee from Avocado.

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Organic Sheets You Will Love:

Parachute Organic Cotton Sheets

parachute percale sheet bedding accessoriesIf you want a great selection of colors, sizes and products ParachuteHome.com offers a great array of options. We love their organic cotton collection, especially for sheets.

Offered in beautiful colors and all sizes you will find the perfect sheets for your bedding needs. Parachute not only offers their organic cotton sheets but also carries a line of organic soft luxe sheets and bedding as well.

Find the beautiful line of Parachute Organic Cotton Bedding HERE!

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Brentwood Home Organic Cotton Sheets

brentwood homes featured imageThese cozy yet crisp organic cotton sheets from Brentwood Home come in a white and natural color. They are a great standard sheet set that gets softer and softer with every wash.

The Brentwood Home brand is a great source for high quality organic products at a great price. Giving you another wonderful option for stocking up on your organic bedding essentials.

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Avocado Organic Sheets

avocado linen sheets reviewAgain, no list of organic bedding products is complete without a little something from Avocado. Their Organic Sheet Set options will not disappoint.

They have a wonderful line-up that includes cotton, percale, linen and so many more materials. Within these different options is an array of natural colors. As well as sizes for every mattress in your home.

This brand truly does an outstanding job at providing the best organic sleep products. Especially the Avocado sheets that just keep getting better with time!

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Natural Mattress Protectors:

Avocado Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector

gots certified organic mattress protectorAvocado really does cover their bases when it comes to providing a full array of bedding options that are organic. Not surprising they have a few options when it comes to mattress protectors as well.

Offering the classic waterproof mattress protector as well as a slightly quilted and padded protector as well. Giving you exactly what you need and want all while keeping yours and their priorities in check. This brand truly does an amazing job at creating the best organic bedding products.

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Brentwood Home Organic Waterproof Protector

brentwood home organic mattress protectorIf you are looking for not only a certified organic waterproof mattress protector, but also affordable than look no further. The Brentwood Home organic and waterproof protector comes in all sizes and is a very affordable choice.

With honest specs and a solid brand behind it, this protector is great for any bed ranging from 6″ to 16″ thick. Being breathable yet waterproof and one of the best necessities to keep your mattress clean.

Being the sister brand to Avocado, we would expect nothing less. Allowing you another great natural choice all while not compromising on your organic must haves.

Click the link to view the Brentwood Home Organic Mattress Protector!

Organic Bedding Accessory Must Haves:

Parachute Organic Cotton Quilts & Blankets

parachute home organic quilt and comfortersParachute is definitely a brand of bedding accessories that has come a long way in the last several years. Offering beautiful bedding accessories as well as high quality products. Their list of bedding essentials also includes several great organic options.

Included is their great selection of quilts and blankets, offered in organic cotton to top off your bed just perfectly. Not only do they have great blankets and quilts, but also duvet covers that house your organic inserts. With lovely colors and all sizes this brand is one that offers some great bedding accessories we can get behind.

Find the beautiful line of Parachute Organic Cotton Bedding HERE!

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Bearaby Organic Cotton Napper Weighted Blanket

bearaby napper blanketsThe Bearaby Napper blanket has changed the game for weighted blankets. This blanket has a stunning hand knit design and comes in a number of difference materials and seasonal colors.

The Bearaby’s knit design also helps to keep the blanket nice and breathable. Their Cotton Napper is made out of 100% Organic Cotton. And looks so lovely that we can’t imagine this fun weighted blanket on every bed and sofa in teh house!

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Avocado Alpaca Duvet Insert

avocado alpaca duvet reviewLastly rounding out our list of organic bedding must haves is the perfect duvet insert from Avocado. While they have a few to choose from we are a fan of the Alpaca duvet insert. This completely organic comforter and insert makes the ideal weight and warmth for all year round.

While it is basic in some regards it is also the last missing link to having a truly organic sleep experience from top to bottom. While not seen hidden inside a cover, the importance of its function is not lost. Keeping you warm and cozy with its temperature regulating materials that include 100% organic alpaca wool inside an organic cotton cover. Creating a wonderful last layer to any bed.

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Best Organic Sleep Products: That’s A Wrap

When you have a truly organic bedroom you know you can sleep better. Knowing that you are literally on the cleanest and healthiest materials from top to bottom ensures great rest and peace of mind. Our list of the best organic sleep products is a testament to years or trial and error. With understanding who truly provides the best of the best. We hope that this list helps you find the most ideal sleep environment that is organic and as natural as possible. Cheers!

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