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15 Best Pillows

best pillowWhen looking for a new pillow you don’t want just any pillow. You want the BEST pillow. Considering there are so many options out there and each offer their own appeal your favorite might not be the same as someone else. Which is why we have multiple recommendations to find the best pillows for everyone.

Below we will showcase an array of bedroom pillows with a variety of features. Each one proving to be the best for that specific category. Keep reading to see which pillow will provide the right amount of support and comfort to work best for you. We know that your bound to find the perfect pillow for you in just a few minutes. What is the best pillow to buy?

How To Choose A Pillow:

So, just what should you look for in a new pillow? There are a few things to help you narrow down your search and get you to the best option quicker. Below we will go through three things to keep in mind during your pillow search.

3 steps
  • #1 – Sleeping Position

best pillowsThis is important to know, since it will greatly effect which pillow is going to be best for you. When you sleep on your side most people prefer a slightly thicker pillow. While side sleeping your shoulder is further from your neck, meaning there is more space between to accommodate a thicker pillow. This will vary a bit depending on how broad your shoulders are too.

Similarly if you are a stomach sleeper a thinner pillow is much better. You don’t want your neck to be pushed too far up and out of alignment with your spine. While combination sleepers may need something that is accommodating to multiple styles of sleeping and back sleepers tend to need whichever thickness is best for proper alignment. Knowing which sleeping style you prefer could help eliminate a few choices you know won’t work.

  • #2 –  Materials

Do you want a memory foam or latex pillow? Maybe you only like down or down alternative pillows. Do you want a solid foam pillow or shredded pillow? All of these are questions to ask yourself before you look for new pillow.

best memory foam pillowsMemory foam pillows are going to be a slower responding and more conforming feel. While there are options out there that offer one solid piece of memory foam as well as shredded memory foam options. A solid memory foam pillow is more dense, structural and while contouring won’t shift or move. While shredded memory foam is more adaptable and not quite as slow responding. It also tends to be a bit more breathable, but also offers less of a structural feel and less contouring too.

Similarly latex can be found in the same way. In one solid piece or shredded. If you like the more responsive and push back feel of latex than a solid latex pillow is great. However, if you like the benefits of sleeping on latex but don’t like the feel of a more responsive pillow a shredded latex pillow gives you a great combination of responsiveness, support and contour. As well as sleeps very cool.

There are several other materials and added materials out there too. Down and down alternative are still very popular. Giving a natural and supportive feel that doesn’t offer a ton contour, but usually a nice plushness. While several other pillows use additional materials including poly fill, wool and even cotton to create an ideal level of support and comfort.

  • #3 – Price

Green Latex Pillow ReviewPillows range in a variety of prices. You can find less expensive pillows that are less than $10. While others range well over $100. However, the majority of cheaper pillows aren’t meant for nightly sleeping, but more or less better for decorative filler pillows. Though that doesn’t mean you have to spend over $100 for a properly supportive pillow, there is a range.

So determining what you are willing or able to spend will help narrow down your list even more. One thing to note though is that certain materials in pillows you may have to pay a bit more for. For example, several latex and memory foam pillows will be a bit higher than pillows with a poly or alternative fill.

Best Pillows for Everyone:

We are making it VERY easy for you to find the right pillow. After trying several brands in various price points with different materials we know exactly what pillows are going to appeal to every type of sleeper out there. Below are our picks for the best pillows for every sleeping position, specific material as well as a variety of commonly requested needs. Each of these are the BEST pillow that we have tried thus far.

Best Pillows by Sleeping Positions

Whichever sleeping position you prefer we have a pillow. Below are our top recommendations for pillows for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, back sleepers and combination sleepers. We also feature a pillow that is most ideal for neck pain too that works in every sleeping position. If having a pillow that is ideal for how you sleep, than these pillows are for you.

Best Pillow for Side Sleepers – Eli & Elm Side Sleeper Pillow

best pillow for side sleepersIf you sleep on your side than the Eli & Elm Side Sleeper is made just for you. This uniquely shaped pillow is designed to contour around your shoulders for more ideal neck support. By also offering a completely adjustable fill you have the easy and quick ability to make this pillow thicker or thinner depending on your needs. By simply unzipping the edge and removing some of the latex and gel filling you have a customizable pillow.

This shredded latex fill is also balanced with a polyester fiber fill and cooling gel for a contouring yet responsive feel. It also sleeps very cool. Wrapped in an organic cotton and polyester cover you get a soft and breathable surface that works perfectly with the shredded fill inside. The cover also offers anti-microbial, anti-mildew and anti dust mite properties for healthier sleep too.

All together this pillow is ideally shaped for side sleepers, offers adjustable fill for the perfect loft and great materials too. With some great benefits that will not only adjust to your neck and shoulders but sleep cleaner too. This pillow also comes in at a great price point, allowing you to get an ideal pillow for less than $100. Not to mention any of the latest Eli & Elm coupons that can be accessed below.

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Learn more about this pillow in our unbiased Eli & Elm Side Sleeper Pillow Review. Also, visit Eli & Elm to purchase your new side sleeper pillow at

Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers – Belly Sleep Pillow

belly sleep pillow reviewIf you sleep on your stomach less is certainly more. Having a pillow that is thinner is better to create better spinal and neck alignment. The pillow made just for stomach sleepers, the Belly Sleep pillow, is a great choice just for stomach sleepers. This pillow and brand focus on making a thinner memory foam pillow that is intended for sleeping face down.

This memory foam pillow is a thinner profile, giving you much better spinal alignment and far less aches and pains. Ensuring that even while sleeping on your stomach that your neck and head has the right support and isn’t too thick. The materials of this pillow make for a contouring yet dense feel that is ideal for stomach sleepers.

While the infusion of cooling gel helps keep overheating to a minimum. Keeping you more temperature neutral for more comfortable sleep. While the removable cover is soft but easy to wash for a cleaner and healthier pillow too. This 2.5″ thick pillow is made to create the ideal balance of support and sink without stressing your neck.

Affordably priced, as well as offering several pillow case options gives you a one of a kind pillow made just for stomach sleepers. Helping relieve not only the pain of a too thick pillow, but also the pain of being overlooked by other pillow options out there. Now you have the best pillow for stomach sleeping right at your fingertips.

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Best Pillow for Back Sleepers – Dr. Loth’s SpineAlign Pillow

spine align pillow

When it comes to sleeping on your back having ideal posture and spinal alignment is what it is all about. So why not have a pillow that specializes in just that? You can with the unique and chiropractor recommended SpineAlign pillow. The unique build and shape of this pillow make it one of the best pillows for back sleepers, especially with neck pain and bad sleeping posture.

The focus of using this pillow is correcting and improving sleep posture. This may take a few weeks to retrain your neck and back how to do, but once you do your overall spinal alignment will result in a much better and neutral alignment. Allowing you to sleep your best and minimize any pains or aches caused by having a pillow that is less ideal for back sleeping.

The unique shape and size of this pillow might leave a little extra room in your pillowcase, but the results will impress. This pillow can also be adjusted to make the loft height most ideal for your shape and size. Coming in a little more on the pricey side, this pillow is an investment. But, when it’s an investment in your health and overall better sleeping experience, it’s worth it.

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Best Pillow for Combination Sleepers – Pluto Pillow

pluto pillow review and pictures

When it comes to combination sleepers you may find that your pillow might be your biggest obstacle. Finding a pillow that accommodates the shift of support and comfort needs is more likely when you can have a pillow made just for you. The Pluto Pillow is just that. This pillow is made with you and your sleeping style in mind. All you need to do is take a simple quiz to start the process of having a perfect pillow dreamed up.

By focusing on what your needs are you’ll have a pillow that is made to best work with you, not against you. Using a variety of options each Pluto pillow is made to offer the most ideal support and comfort. So if you find yourself sleeping in all positions they’ll do their best to make sure your new pillow adjusts with you.

This one of kind pillow makes it not only one of the best pillows for combinations sleepers, but one of our absolute favorite pillows overall. By having so many options that are tailored just for you it is always a win. The fact that this pillow is also very affordable makes it another reason to invest in a new pillow.

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Best Pillows by Materials

If you like choosing your pillow based on the material type, than we have several great options. We have our favorite memory foam pillows, latex pillows and down pillows too. If you want the best pillow based on materials, than this section is where you’ll find the top options. We made sure to find the best choices for both shredded and solid pillows.

Best Solid Memory Foam Pillow – Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Pillow

best memory foam pillowIf you want a luxury, cooling and solid memory foam pillow the Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Memory Foam Pillow is just that. This dense yet pliable memory foam pillow uses the ideal contouring memory foam that is soft but supportive. The details of this mattress keep it cool, clean and ideal for all sleepers.

The design uses punched holes in the memory foam allow it to allow air to flow. The addition of copper and graphite use their natural properties to keep the pillow cooler and cleaner. As well as the added cool gel surface infusion to draw heat away from your head and neck. The cover is cool to the touch as well as silky and smooth. Offering a very luxurious feel and ideally cool pillow that is perfect for everyone.

The level of details don’t stop there. This pillow is available in two loft heights to better work for all sleeping styles and sizes of sleepers. It also is available in a King or Queen size to ensure you have the proper pillow size for your mattress. This pillow may be a little on the expensive side, but with so many upgrades it is well worth it.

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Learn more and watch our video review in our Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Pillow Review. And head over to to purchase yours. 

Best Shredded Memory Foam Pillow – Puffy Pillow

puffy pillow best pillowsIf you want an amazing adjustable and adaptable memory foam pillow? Than the Puffy Pillow is perfect for you. This amazing shredded memory foam filled pillow offers plenty of qualities that make this a stand out pillow option. To start you get completely adjustable comfort that you can manipulate to create the most ideal comfort and support.

The design of this pillow is fantastic. By incorporating an outer cover and inner lining you get easy to access adjustability. While still being able to remove the outer cover for easy cleaning. The luxurious feel of this pillow is emphasized by the cooling properties of the cover too. Giving a great feel that doesn’t get too hot and making it the best cooling memory foam pillow out there.

The foams used in this pillow are Certi-PUR-US foams. Meaning no toxic of harmful materials are used. It also happens to be hypoallergenic and US made. Even coming with a 101 night sleep trial and lifetime warranty you’ll surely love this pillow. It even comes in 2 sizes, standard and King. As well as a very affordable price point.

This shredded memory foam pillow really stands out against so many others. Offering complete adjustability making it ideal for all shapes, sizes and sleeping positions. With so many reasons to try your new Puffy pillow you can see how it is one of the best pillows currently available online.

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Best Solid Latex Pillow – Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow

best latex pillowIf you love the buoyant feel and naturally cooling properties of latex than the Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow will be right up your alley. This hyper-responsive latex offers amazing support with gentle contour. Giving your head and neck a great place to rest without getting too hot and offering plenty of spinal alignment too.

The Talalay latex is very consistent and smooth. It also is more airy and light than Dunlop latex, making it ideal for a pillow. The slightly squishy but quick to respond feel is very different than memory foam, but still does great for adapting to your neck and head. The naturally airflow of latex provides ample airflow while the natural Organic cotton cover is breathable and soft. As well as offers a naturally moisture wicking and antimicrobial properties for cooler, dryer and cleaner sleep too.

This 100% natural and USA made pillow also comes in two loft heights, a high and low profile. Giving you two ideal options depending on your size and preferred sleeping positions. It also comes in a Queen and King size to easily fit your sheets and mattress. Coming in under a $100 this pillow checks so many boxes if you want a natural latex pillow that offers ample benefits.

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Best Shredded Latex Pillow – Birch Pillow

Birch pillowSleep cool and natural in this amazing shredded latex and wool blend pillow. The amazing properties of shredded latex are amplified when paired with wool. Together these two natural materials make for a pillow that is one of the most temperature neutral and natural pillows you’ll find.

The amazing thing, along with the ideal comfort and support, is the super balanced feel. Many latex pillows have a buoyant feel that can sometimes take you by surprise. But the gentle and ideal feel of these two components perfectly partner with each other. Giving you a luxurious pillow that is enhanced by the smooth and soft organic cotton cover.

The inherent properties of each of these materials brings a unique blend of perfection. The wool maintains a plush yet strong structure. Allowing for great temperature regulation, natural fire retardant and long lasting shape. While the latex is ideal for its supportive and breathable structure and hypoallergenic properties. While the soft yet moisture wicking and breathable cotton provides a perfect exterior.

The Birch pillow will not disappoint and you’ll notice how a natural and sustainable pillow might be the best thing you’ve ever slept on. And even though this pillow is premium, the price is still relatively affordable.

Get more details in our Birch Pillow Review. And shop this amazing pillow at

Best Down Pillow – Luxe Pillow

luxe pillow review 3Sometimes the classic style of a down and feather pillow still is desirable. With a unique quality that is hard to duplicate a down pillow can leave you feeling well rested on a cloud like pillow. If you want the best down pillow than we suggest looking into the Luxe Pillow. This premium combination of down and feathers is complimented by a 300 thread count cover.

The consistent and amazing quality of this pillow is because of the ingenious build. The core of this pillow more structural. Providing a more substantial and supportive center made of feathers. It is then surrounded by softer and more pliable goose down that creates an ideal balance of comfort with plenty of stability that can sometimes be lacking in down pillows.

The pillow is amplified with a thick and resilient 300 thread count cover. No having to worry about feathers poking out. It is also certified hypo-allergenic. And comes in a standard as well as King size. You also can try it out for yourself for 100 nights and it is certified with the responsible down standard certification. Making the Luxe pillow a great option for a traditional down pillow lover.

Learn more about this luxury pillow in our Luxe Pillow Review. Or feel free to head over to to purchase yours too.

Best Specialty Pillows

If finding a pillow that offers something extra special than keep reading. Below are several pillows that are great for any sleeper looking for the best pillows that go beyond. By using materials that enhance the quality, cooling or even value of these pillows to help reach another level of sleepers looking for exactly what they need.

Best Organic Pillow – Avocado Green Pillow

avocado pillow reviewKeep your bedroom sustainable with this awesome organic pillow. We know that there are certain qualities that way heavy on peoples minds when searching for bedroom accessories. Having the most natural and organic products is one of those. With the 100% organic Avocado Green Pillows you won’t have to worry anymore about what you’re sleeping on.

These Dunlop latex pillows are perfect for any bedroom. Ranging in standard, Queen and King sizes you’ll have the perfect size. As well as ideal support with the easy to access fill that can be removed and adjusted as needed. This allows you to have complete control over the feel of your pillow.

The dense yet contouring fill of latex ribbons and natural kapok fiber is surrounded by an organic cotton cover. This thick yet breathable cover is soft and natural. Complimenting the fill perfectly. Though the Dunlop latex is more dense it is easy to contour around your neck and shoulders since it is shredded. Making it great for all sleepers and sizes.

The price of this natural pillow is priceless, however, it won’t break the bank. It is competitively priced and certified in every aspect. Giving you a pillow that is safe, non-toxic and sustainable. As well as generously filled for plenty of support that can be adjusted to your needs perfectly.

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Find out more in our Avocado Green Pillow Review. Or jump over to to purchase your set today.

Best Cooling Pillow – Purple Pillow

purple best cooling pillowWhen you can have a pillow that stays cool all night long you don’t have to worry about which side to flip it to. The glorious thing about the Purple Pillow is that you have breathability that will last all night long. Ensuring that it will never get too hot.

By using the same great Purple Comfort Smart Grid you get the same cooling and pressure relieving properties of the mattress also in your pillow. Giving you a sleeping experience unlike any other. Though some may consider the feel of this pillow very unique others will love the feel. The support and comfort may be more subjective, but the cooling properties won’t go unnoticed.

Though this pillow may take some time to adjust to you will see that it is for sure the best cooling pillow. It is also stated to do a great job of holding it’s shape. Making it ideally supportive for all sleeping positions. As well as not too thick or too thin, working for a variety of sizes and shapes. All and all, this pillow is one to certainly consider if sleeping hot is a concern and it starts with your pillow.

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Best Affordable Pillow – Eli & Elm Shredded Pillow

eli and elm shredded foam pillow reviewSometimes price can be a huge factor when shopping. Finding a pillow that not only is comfortable and supportive but affordable might be key in your search. Finding an adjustable memory foam blend pillow that is less than $50 might seem impossible, but luckily the Eli & Elm Shredded Pillow saves the day with it’s great materials and build and amazing price point.

By combining shredded memory foam and cool comfort foam you get a blend of contour with plenty of air flow. As well as a pillow that works for every sleeping position with the accessible adjustable fill that can be removed or added for more or less support. This is covered in thick and soft gray diamond pattern cover.

The Eli & Elm Premium Shredded pillow may sound premium but it’s the price point that makes this pillow a true stand out. With most high quality pillows ranging from $75 and up it’s hard to find a good pillow that is under a certain price point. However the shredded pillow from Eli & Elm will get you great rest all while being the best cheap pillow that isn’t cheap at all.

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Best Luxury Pillow – Saatva Dreams Pillow

saatva dreams pillow reviewsaatva dreams pillow reviewIf you want the creme de la creme of pillow than the Saatva Dreams Pillow will surely delight. The unique 3 layer construction takes the ideal materials and pairs them strategically for ultimate comfort and support. As well as an adaptable aspect that creates a thinner and thicker profile to accommodate every sleeper.

The materials are top notch and the construction is superior. Holding true to what Saatva is known for, quality. This pillow compliments any of their mattresses as well as the vast majority of sleepers looking for the utmost best sleep experience.

The inner core is made of shredded Talalay latex that has a resilient and ample support. This is surrounded by lofty and soft microdenier fibers that create an ideal balance of plush and contour. Covered in a 100% organic cotton cover that is breathable, soft and luxurious can easily be zipped off and removed for washing. While the inner latex core can be removed for a thinner profile pillow too.

The level of detail and superb craftsmanship make this a truly premium pillow. This pillow is the most expensive option listed on our best pillows list, but with so many amazing features you can see why. It also comes with a 45 night trial along with free shipping and guaranteed amazing sleep night after night.

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Best Travel Pillow – Coop Home Goods Travel Pillow

best travel pillowWhen you’re traveling you don’t want your sleep to be sacrificed. So that is why we recommend bringing a travel pillow that will help ensure you get great sleep regardless of where you are. But, you don’t want to travel with just any pillow. So having a pillow that gives you ideal comfort and support is a must.

The Coop Home Goods travel pillow is a great yet compact and easy to travel with options. This pillow is completely adjustable. With adjustable memory foam fill you can make it thinner or thicker for whatever you need. It’s literally a mini version of the original Coop Home Goods pillow. Making it ideal at just 19″x14″ and includes a stuff sack to keep it clean and travel easy.

This USA made product is a great price and a must if you travel frequently. It also works for camping too. And even comes with a 100 night trial period to try it out. This travel companion is one that you won’t want to leave at home. Allowing you to feel that much more comfortable regardless of where you are.

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15 Best Pillows List

Below is a complete and comprehensive list of each pillow above. Giving you quick and easy access to every pillow review as well as a link to purchase. Each of these pillows do a great job in their specific category. But several also can accommodate a wide variety of sleepers needs. So make sure you read our full reviews before making up your mind.

15 Best Pillows

Pluto Pillow - Customized foam pillow with over 30 different options for perfect support & comfort.
Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Pillow - Luxurious open cell memory foam infused with copper graphite.
$129 - $149
Eli & Elm Cotton Pillow - Latex and polyester fill, cotton blend cover and adjustable thickness - perfect for side sleepers.
Birch Pillow - Shredded Talalay latex and wool fiber blend pillow.
$99 - $119
Eli &Elm - Shredded Foam Pillow: Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with cooling properties and very affordable.
Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow - Breathable and Cool all natural latex pillow.
$89- $99
Avocado Green Pillow - Shredded Dunlop latex pillow with Organic cotton cover and adjustable fill.
$79 - $99
Saatva Dreams Pillow - Luxury Hotel quality pillow made of shredded Talalay latex and 100% organic cotton.
$145 - $165
Puffy Pillow - Adjustable memory foam pillow
$75 - $95
Luxe Pillow - Luxury Down & Feather Pillow and Down Alternative Pillow with 3C Technology.
$79 - $149
Purple Pillow - Unique polymer grid pillow perfect for sleeping cool and relieving tension.
Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow - Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow and TENCEL cover.
$89 - $109
Dr Loth's Spine Align Pillow - Chiropractor designed adjustable pillow for back an side sleepers.