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Helix continues to evolve their offerings. With their original Helix in six comfort options and their Helix Luxe in six comfort options, you have something for everyone. But Helix is also offering those same six options in the even more opulent option of the Helix Elite Mattress. This deluxe mattress offers an added 2 inches of support and comfort. With even more bells and whistles to make this serious upgrade worth it. Keep reading to see what set’s this Elite Helix apart from the others.

Find our brief “at-a-glance” Helix Elite  review as well as our in-depth “deep dive” mattress review too!

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Helix Elite Mattress: At A Glance

We know that time is precious and before you get into the nitty gritty we like to give you a quick overview. Below is the most pertinent information in the most scaled down form. However, beyond that keep reading to find all the details on the premium Helix Elite mattress.

  • helix elite mattress review midnightDesign: Superior Hybrid Build: 9 Layers & 16″+ Thick
  • Firmness Options: 6 Unique Comfort Levels: 2 Soft, 2 Medium & 2 Firm
  • Heat Retention: Enhanced Temperature Regulation Properties
  • Bounce Factor: Very Minimal Partner Disturbance
  • Durability: Superior Edge & Overall Support
  • Bonuses: Latest Sleep Technology Upgrades for Superior Sleep
  • Helix Coupons: 20% OFF Savings: Click HERE
  • Additional Perks:
    • USA Made & Manufactured
    • 100 Night Trial
    • 15 Year Warranty
    • Financing Available
    • Free Delivery & Returns

Helix Mattress Store Texas | Try Before You Buy

If you live in or are visiting the Austin or Houston areas than stop by the Helix Mattress Store in the Our Sleep Guide Mattress Showroom. We are happy to let you try the full line up of the Helix Luxe, original and soon coming Helix Elite mattresses.

Regardless, even if you can’t make it into our store, give us a call! Our friendly mattress guides are the experts when it comes to helping you figure out which Helix mattress will be best for you! And bonus, we also offer an exclusive Helix coupon that saves you even more!

Houston Showroom: 832-653-6587

Austin Showroom: 512-465-2714

Helix Elite: In-Depth Mattress Review

While the quick look at the Helix Elite is helpful for a very brief overview it doesn’t have all the details. Which is why we also provide a thorough mattress review too. The Helix Elite is one of the thickest bed -in-a-box mattresses on the market. It also offers some unique features that unlike most other online mattresses. We will not only go over what makes this mattress special but also what comfort options may suit you best and the overall experience when shopping for a new Helix mattress.

What Makes Helix Elite Different?

helix elite sunset moonight midnight dusk twilight dawnThere are several things that make the Elite Helix bed different. Not only is this mattress pushing the boundaries for sheer size and thickness but also the latest technology for sleep. This mattress offers not only a thick main coil system for the base but also includes not one, but two layers of micro coils for unbelievable support and comfort.

This mattress is so thick and so impressive that it even ships in two boxes to ensure the materials are kept in the best integrity possible. The top layer is zipped into place to allow for unmatched comfort as well as the best support. Creating a mattress above and beyond your wildest dreams!

This mattress also offers a cooling cover that will surely keep your body temperature regulated too. Allowing for almost no sleep interruptions from overheating or partner disturbance. You’ll certainly need to get deep pocket sheets for this bed!

Helix Elite Mattress Material & Design

We have given you a little hint of what is in this mattress, but now we are going to really break it down for you. First we will take a more at-a-glance approach to see how this mattress is layered from top to bottom. Then we can get into what that means for your sleep and comfort.

Helix Elite Layers:

  • helix elite materials and designGlacioTex Cooling Cover & Pillow Top
  • 1st Layer of High Quality Comfort Foam (Foam Varies Depending on Model)
  • Micro Coil Comfort Layer #1
  • 2nd Layer of High Quality Comfort Foam (Foam Varies Depending on Model)
  • Micro Coil Comfort Layer #2
  • Layer of Helix Dynamic Foam (Firmness Varies Depending on Model)
  • Layer of High Density Poly Foam
  • Zoned and Reinforced Coil System
  • DuraDense Base Foam

As you can see some layers will vary in type of foams and densities depending on which Helix Elite bed you opt for. While other layers are the same regardless of which firmness you opt for. We love that so much detail goes into each mattress to really make it unique and feel different for different needs. As well as carry the same high quality integrity across the brand as well.

Regardless of which mattress is for you all will have the same durable zoned coil system as well as two layers of micro coils. The base coils are thick and robust creating ample support for long term use that is just flexible enough but also very sturdy.

While the two layers of micro coils are thoughtfully placed between the comfort layers to enhance the feel as well as provide added air flow. This innovative design really lends itself to the superior feel and quality of this mattress.

While the foams vary depending on the specific model, which are listed below, each is of the highest quality for maximum comfort and longevity. We do notice that the pillow top comfort layer on the very top as well as the poly foam layer right above the main coil systems do stay the same in each model. These layers are universal to ensure uniform design and superior initial top layer comfort.

Helix Elite Comfort Layers:

  • Sunset: Copper Gel Memory Foam | Memory Plus Foam | Softer Dynamic Foam
  • Moonlight: Helix Dynamic Foam | Helix Dynamic Foam | Softer Dynamic Foam
  • Midnight: Helix Dynamic Foam | Memory Plus Foam | Medium Dynamic Foam
  • Dusk: Helix Dynamic Foam | Helix Dynamic Foam | Medium Dynamic Foam
  • Twilight: Copper Gel Memory Foam | Helix Dynamic Foam | Firm Memory Plus Foam
  • Dawn: Helix Dynamic Foam | Helix Dynamic Foam | Firm Dynamic Foam

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Helix Elite Models & Comfort

When it comes to the Helix Elite mattresses the variety and names of the models are similar to the Helix Luxe and Helix original mattresses. Featuring the Sunset, Moonlight, Midnight, Dusk, Twilight & Dawn. Each names represents a phase of various periods of nighttime. Each also represents a specific comfort level and support option depending on your sleep style. Below we will take a look at each of the Helix Elite firmness options and help give you a better idea of who they are best suited for.

Helix Sunset Elite Review:

helix elite sunset mattress reviewThe Helix Elite Sunset mattress is a great choice for an average to smaller-sized side sleeper who likes a very plush feel. It would also accommodate a smaller-sized sleeper who sleeps primarily on their back or side. It is overall a softer feeling mattress with more contouring support.

Choose the Helix Elite Sunset if you…

  • Are smaller or more average in size,
  • Mostly sleep on your side or back,
  • And prefer a more plush or soft mattress

Helix Moonlight Elite Review:

helix elite moonlight mattress reviewThe Helix Elite Moonlight mattress offers a softer feel but with additional support. This added support is more accommodating to support all sleeping positions, especially for smaller or average-sized sleepers. It is also a fine choice for larger sleepers who like a softer feel and typically sleep on their side, but need added support.

Choose the Helix Elite Moonlight if you…

  • Are smaller to average in size and sleep in all positions,
  • Or are a little heavier and sleep on your side,
  • And prefer a plush feel with added support

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Helix Midnight Elite Review:

helix elite midnight mattress reviewThe most popular Helix Elite mattress option is the Midnight. It features support most ideal for side sleepers but with a perfectly accommodating medium feel, creating a more adaptable comfort that isn’t too soft or too firm. The Midnight is great for any-sized side sleeper or a smaller-framed individual who sleeps in all positions.

Choose the Helix Elite Midnight if you…

  • Sleep on your side and like a balanced feel,
  • Are any-sized sleeper that predominately sleeps on your side,
  • And are smaller-framed and sleep in all positions

Helix Dusk Elite Review:

helix elite dusk mattress reviewThe Helix Elite Dusk mattress is also a very popular option that has the support more ideal for all sleeping positions. Again, featuring a more middle of the road medium comfort, but with added support more ideal for side, back, and stomach sleeping. This bed also offers more ideal support for larger sleepers.

Choose the Helix Elite Dusk if you…

  • Are average to larger in size,
  • And sleep in all positions and prefer a more medium feel,
  • Or you are smaller in size and like a medium-firm feel with more support

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Helix Twilight Elite Review:

helix elite twilight mattress reviewThe Helix Elite side sleeper support with a firmer comfort option is called the Twilight. This support system is ideal for sleeping on your side but offers a slightly firmer feel to keep you from sinking in too much. This is a great choice for larger, heavier dominate side sleepers. It would also work for smaller-framed sleepers who are combination sleepers and like just a bit of a firmer foam feel.

Choose the Helix Elite Twilight if you…

  • Are a larger or heavier side sleeper,
  • Or you are smaller or more average -sized,
  • But like a firmer to a more medium-firm mattress

Helix Dawn Elite Review:

helix elite dawn mattress reviewThe Helix Elite Dawn mattress offers firm comfort and supports all sleeping positions. Being the firmest choice, this bed will be great for larger to average-size sleepers who like a firmer feel and sleep in a variety of positions. It will also be a good choice for smaller and more average-size dominate stomach and back sleepers looking for a firmer feel.

Choose the Helix Elite Dawn if you…

  • Sleep in all positions and you like a firmer feel,
  • As well as are a larger or above average-size sleeper,
  • Or if you are a smaller sleeper but like a firm feel and sleep mostly on your stomach

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Helix Elite Sleeping Benefits

While the comfort and feel of a new mattress is the most important aspect to get right. Along with making sure the materials are solid and supportive. We also see several secondary attributes of a new mattress that are important to consider too. Like how much motion transfer or partner disturbance does it have? Will it keep you cool and not too hot? And how about edge support, can you sit and sleep right up to the edge? All of these are areas we think are not quite equally important but definitely worth taking into account.

Will the Helix Elite create partner disturbance?

Most beds these days have done a great job of factoring in the motion transfer and how minimize enough to not travel throughout the bed. While if you are a very restless sleeper or are heavier you may experience some of your energy and movement reaching your partner the vast majority will not have any issues.

The Helix Elite mattress uses a main coil system in the base that uses individually wrapped coils. This means each coil is separate from the ones around it. So they are not connected or interlocked which keeps the movement from above strictly going up and down and not from side to side.

Along with this the sandwich like design of dense foams with mini coils also helps create movement, breathability and comfort without contributing to excess movement or motion transfer. Creating an overall mattress, regardless of which model you go with, to have superior motion isolation.

Will the Helix Elite make me sleep hot?

helix elite mattress review cool sleeping bedAnother factor many people consider is how well a mattress does at sleeping cool. Everyone’s body temperature fluctuates throughout the night. While we might go to sleep cool and comfortable many wake up in the middle of the night too warm and hot and some even drenched in sweat. Making sure your new mattress won’t be contributing to your excess warmth is key to know before buying it.

The Helix Elite is certainly an online mattress you won’t need to worry about when it comes to sleeping hot. This mattress is one of the best we’ve seen to date when it comes to minimizing heat retention. To start, anytime a mattress uses coils you have instant air flow and a place for heat to escape. The fact that this mattress has a thick 8″ coil system on the bottom but also not one, but two, mini coils systems in between comfort foams ensures the best heat dissipation where it counts, towards the surface.

While the coil systems work great at releasing heat the foams inside are also higher quality that use the latest technology to hold less heat. And to literally top it all off this mattress uses a GlacioTex cooling cover that is not only cool to the touch but also regulates the surface heat while you sleep. Say goodbye to sweaty nights and cool and comfortable sleep all night long in your new Helix Elite.

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How solid is the Elite Mattress by Helix?

Often times we jump right into the middle of a bed and don’t consider how solid the edges are. But, when we share a bed those few inches of the edge become very valuable. We want to make sure that we can sleep right up to the edge and utilize our sleeping space fully. As well as have a solid perimeter for sitting and getting in and out. While we don’t necessarily want to sit on the side of our bed like it’s a chair, it should be stable enough for us to feel like we can still use it.

From a strictly sleep perspective the edge support on this mattress is good. The edges feel sturdy and usable up to about and inch or two in from the edge. Because this bed does have a pillow top there is some rounding and piping along the edge that does make it a bit more difficult to sleep right up to the edge, but darn close.

While we love the more opulent feel of a thicker mattress we do have a tendency to put more stress on the sides when we are sitting due to the fact that we are further off the ground. This might give us more of a sense of less edge support. While the Helix Elite does have substantial and a structurally sound build the thickness of it does make the edges less ideal for anyone who needs to use the side of their bed more than others. Overall the Helix Elite will be a fine option for not only side support but overall longevity and durability.

What Can I Expect When I Ordering Helix Mattresses?

If you like what you’ve read about the Helix Elites, and we hope you do, now it is time to make buy your new mattress! The online ordering process is quite simple and if you aren’t big of ordering online give our showrooms a call and we would be happy to help! We also offer exclusive savings you can’t find online, so it’s worth the quick call! Otherwise the process is fairly easy and we will let you know what to expect below.

What is the price of Helix Elite Mattresses?

This being the most premium mattress Helix offers means that it does come with an increased price tag. Though in many of today’s mattress pricing structures it is fairly average. Below is the latest pricing offered at Helixsleep.com for each size of the Helix Elite Beds:

  • Twin: $1,829
  • Twin XL: $1,999
  • Full: $2,399
  • Queen: $2,749
  • King: $3,299
  • Cal King: $3,299

Included with the pricing is FREE shipping and FREE returns, a 100-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty.

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More Coming Soon!

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 100 Night Trial
  • Warranty 15 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $1999
  • Twin XL $2199
  • Full $2649
  • Queen $2999
  • King $3599
  • Cal King $3599
Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! Contact Us. We would love to help you in any way we can.