Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

best mattress for side sleepers

It’s no surprise that almost everyone is looking for the best mattress for side sleepers. The majority of the population sleeps entirely, or mostly, on their side. Meaning that mattresses that are accommodating to this sleeping style are in high demand. With thousands of options out there it might be overwhelming. Which is why we are going to focus on the best bed-in-a-box for side sleepers.

best mattresses for side sleepersBelow we will go through a variety of ideal side sleeper mattress options to ensure that whatever kind of side sleeper you are, that you’ll find the perfect bed. You’ll learn that there isn’t one best type of mattress for side sleepers. You can get almost any style, you just have to find the right comfort and optimal support for sleeping on your shoulder and hip.

You’ll also find mattresses that address specific issues and concerns for side sleepers. As well as a few popular online mattress brands and which of their mattresses will be more optimal for side sleeping. By the end, you’ll surely find several great options that will work for you. If not, contact us, we’d be happy to help you too!

best mattress for side sleepers

Top Rated Mattress for Side Sleepers



  1. Helix Luxe Mattress Review | Best OVERALL | $200 Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  2. WinkBeds Mattress Review | Best Bed for Plus Size | Latest Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  3. Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress Review | Best All Foam | Latest Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  4. LuuF Mattress Review | Best Bed for Shoulder Pain | Latest Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  5. Helix Mattress Review| Best Mattress for Hip Pain | Latest Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  6. Puffy Lux Mattress Review | Best Memory Foam | $300 Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
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  8. Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Review| Best Cooling Bed | Latest Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  9. Zenhaven Mattress Review |Best 100% Latex | Latest Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  10. Avocado Mattress Review | Best Organic | Latest Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!

What Mattress Firmness for Side Sleepers is Best?

When it comes to finding the ideal mattress for side sleeping, firmness is key. If you get a mattress that is too firm your shoulders and hips can’t sink in enough for proper pressure relief. However, too soft and you loose support that you still need too.

The best firmness for side sleepers is more medium-soft to medium. This comfort level is an ideal place to start when looking for a new mattress to ensure you’ll get a mattress that is more suited for your needs.

mattress firmness scale

*Pro Tip: Mattresses only get softer with time. So if you start on the soft side it might be less ideal long term. Starting with a mattress that is just a tad firmer than you may initially prefer is better for long term comfort. 

How to Find Proper Support for Side Sleeping:

best mattresses for side sleepers

Support and firmness, or feel, aren’t the same thing. We use the word support in reference to the core of the mattress that provides the necessary foundation that gives you proper spinal alignment. The feel pertains to the comfort levels of the top layers that range from soft to firm.

It’s good to understand that a mattress can have poor support and still be firm. Just as a easily as a bed can have great support and still be soft. This is where the core or foundation of the mattress plays an important role.

When looking for a mattress for a side sleeper you want to make sure that you aren’t sagging. You want to feel cocooned by the top but not like your body is unnatural.

You also don’t want it to be too firm or too supportive, this causes the same reaction but in the opposite direction. Also, having the proper pillow will help keep your posture and spine comfortable too.

Find our recommendation for the Best Pillow for Side Sleepers HERE!

What Mattress Style is Best for Side Sleepers?

Not only is the firmness and support in question, but many also wonder what the best mattress style for side sleeping is. In this day and age there are so many styles that can accommodate the needs of side sleepers that you aren’t limited to a specific style of bed.

We have found that there are great mattress options in every category, or mattress type. Below we even break down our favorite mattresses for side sleepers by mattress style. However, if you find a mattress that stays true to a more medium-soft to medium feel, you should be fine, regardless of style.

mattress styles

Side Sleepers Mattress Recommendations

Below you’ll find all our recommendations for the best mattresses for side sleepers. Starting with our overall top pick. Followed by the best mattresses by style, mattresses by specific conditions or concerns and lastly by popular mattress brands. This will give you a great variety of choices, as well as reasons to why each bed may appeal to you.

#1 Best Mattress for Side Sleepers – Helix Luxe

When it comes to choosing a mattress that is overall the BEST bed for side sleepers, the choice was easy. The Helix Luxe. This mattress is is the creme de la creme for side sleeping mattresses. It provides optimized comfort for side sleepers who like a soft feel, medium feel or firm feel.

helix luxe mattresses

Not only do you get three choices that are made specifically for sleeping on your side, but this thicker traditional hybrid mattress uses a solid and supportive coil system with three varying comfort foams over top. This combination of materials makes a mattress that offers a great balance. Which means that your shoulders and hips are contoured to, but you also don’t sink in so far that you loose support.

The Helix Luxe is our overall favorite bed for side sleepers, but also our favorite option for side sleepers with shoulder or hip pain. As well as side sleepers that also sleep on their back or stomach, or more or less combination sleepers. It also is a top pick for a side sleeping hybrid mattress, plus size mattress and cooling mattress.

Find our more about this mattress in our Helix Luxe Mattress Review too. 

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Best Mattress by Style for Side Sleepers

Below are our top five recommendations for side sleeping mattresses based on style. Between the best hybrid, memory foam, all foam, latex and organic mattresses for sided sleepers. Below each review are a few other recommendations if you are looking for that specific style of mattress too. There are certainly more than one great option in each category.

Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers – Oceano by Brentwood Home

  • oceano vs luftFirmness Level:  5.5 (Medium)
  • 5 Layer | 14.5″ Thick
  • Dual Coil System & Memory Foam Hybrid Build
  • Non-Toxic Materials
  • USA Made & Free Shipping
  • 365 Night Sleep Trial & 25 Year Warranty
  • 15% OFF Oceano Coupon: OURSLEEPGUIDE
  • Oceano Mattress Review & Video

15% OFF Brentwood Home Coupon Code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15

Why Choose the Oceano Mattress?

oceano brentwood homeThe Oceano by Brentwood Home is not only one of the best quality mattresses we have tried but it is the perfect feel for dominant side sleepers. Easily giving it the a top spot for the best mattress for side sleepers. This mattresses is a side sleepers dream.

Just soft enough to relieve every pressure point. But with a combination of flexible micro coils paired with dense yet plush memory foam. Creating perfect balance of contouring cushion that is still easy to move on.

The construction, materials and durability of this bed make it world class. The meticulous details and attention to not only each layer but the overall mattress give it benefits that check every box. The hybrid build allows for plenty of air flow while still isolating motion superbly.

The reinforced and zoned coils create solid edges with optimal lumbar support and ergonomics. Making this a premium mattress that will give ever side sleeper amazing sleep night after nigth.

15% OFF Brentwood Home Coupon Code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15

The affordability of a bed this luxurious makes it feel almost too good to be true. But it isn’t. This mattress comes in at a great price point. That isn’t including our exclusive Brentwood Home coupon. Which can easily be accessed right above for 15% OFF. Allowing you to get the very best hybrid mattress for side sleepers at a steal of a deal.

Read our unbiased Oceano Mattress Review HERE! And buy your new mattress now at

Other Great Hybrid Mattresses for Side Sleepers:

  • Helix Luxe – Our Overall Top Choice for side sleepers, this happens to be a hybrid too.
  • LuuF – A great option with a variety of firmness levels, we love the Plush for a true soft feel.
  • WinkBed – A super solid bed that still offers a great feel for side sleepers, especially the soft.

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Side Sleepers – Puffy Lux

  • puffy lux vs dreamcloudFirmness Level: 5.5 (Medium)
  • 4 Layers | 12″ Thick
  • New Age Memory Foam Build
  • Innovative Materials
  • USA Made & Free Shipping
  • 101 Night Sleep Trial & Lifetime Warranty
  • $300 Puffy Coupon Found HERE!
  • Puffy Lux Mattress Review & Video

$755 Puffy Mattresses Coupon HERE!

Why Choose the Puffy Lux Mattress?

Having a mattress that is ideal for sleeping on your side as well as great for sleeping on your back and stomach may seem impossible. Not anymore! The Puffy Lux is not only the best memory foam mattress for side sleeping, but its design and materials make it great for every sleeping position.

puffy lux crystal and lily

With the foam layers of the Puffy Lux the softest memory foam is in the middle of this 4 layer mattress. The pairing of these multiple foam layers and denser base foam creates a very adaptable and balanced mattress. Allowing for amazing deep comfort and pressure relief that lends itself to side sleepers comfort. As well as supportive enough to accommodate back and stomach sleepers too.

The Puffy Lux mattress features many premium materials and an ideal build that is not only comfortable, but performs amazing across the board. With almost no motion transfer, consistent and dense foams for great edge support. And even amazing technology that allows for minimal heat retention to make a memory foam mattress that sleeps more temperature neutral.

$755 Puffy Mattresses Coupon HERE!

The Puffy Lux comes in at a solid price point, but if you want an even better price click our link above! We have easy access to the latest and best Puffy Lux coupon code. Our relationship with Puffy ensures that we are able to offer the best Puffy promo code so you can save the most on your new mattress.

Read our full review HERE or Shop the Puffy Lux mattress at

Other Great Memory Foam Mattresses for Side Sleepers:

  • MemoryLux by WinkBeds – Available in Soft, Medium and Firm for ideal comfort, the soft is our favorite for side sleeping.
  • Cypress Bamboo – A great option that is also very affordable. We recommend the thicker, softer option.
  • Loom and Leaf – Though very sturdy and durable this bed is plush enough for side sleepers.

Best Foam Mattress for Side Sleepers – Tuft & Needle Mint

  • best mattress for side sleepersFirmness Level – 6 (Medium Firm)
  • 3 Layers | 12″ Thick
  • Proprietary T&N All Foam Mattress Build
  • Budget Friendly Mattress
  • USA Made & Free Shipping
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial & 10 Year Warranty
  • Latest Tuft & Needle Coupon Found HERE!
  • Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress Review & Video

20% OFF Tuft & Needle Coupon HERE!

Why Choose the Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress?

Not every side sleeper solely sleeps on their side. With many transitioning between sides as well as their back and stomach finding a mattress that is adaptable and accommodating is ideal. The Tuft & Needle Mint is the all foam mattress that will work for just this type of sleeper.

tuft and needle mattresses comfort

The foams of this mattress are strategically layered to create a well balanced feel that leaves you feeling supported. But still offering a level of deep comfort to easily transition from side to side or side to back. Making this 12″ foam upgraded mattress one that will appeal to anyone who is a combination sleeper with an emphasis on side sleeping.

It also has some amped up characteristics that enhance the overall performance. With foam encasement for added support around the perimeters. Gel and graphite infusion into the top comfort layer for heat regulation. And a universal feel that truly makes every sleeping position as comfortable as the last.

20% OFF Tuft & Needle Coupon HERE!

When it comes to Tuft and Needle the original mattress has really made itself into the niche brand for affordability. The awesome thing about this upgraded option is that it is still very reasonable. Giving you a thick and well made mattress for a fraction of the price of many other similar options. Also, save with the latest Tuft & Needle coupon by using the link above!

Read our Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress Review HERE. And buy your new all foam mattress at

Other Great All Foam Mattresses for Side Sleepers:

  • Nolah Original – This foam combination mattress creates a mattress literally made for side sleepers.
  • Leesa – A great combination of foams that create a medium feel that contours to your shoulders and hips.
  • Brooklyn Bowery – A medium firmness all foam mattress that is very affordable and still quite comfortable.

Best Latex Mattress for Side Sleepers – Zenhaven

  • zenhaven vs spindleFirmness Level – 6 (Medium Firm)
  • 3 Layers | 10″ Thick
  • 100% Natural Latex Foam Mattress Build
  • 2 Sided, Flippable Mattress
  • USA Made & Free Shipping
  • 120 Night Sleep Trial & 20 Year Warranty
  • Latest Zenhaven Coupon Found HERE!
  • Zenhven Mattress Review & Video

Latest Zenhaven Mattress Coupon

Why Choose the Zenhaven Mattress?

When it comes to finding the best latex mattress for side sleepers having an option that is made of Talalay latex, like the Zenhaven is best. This form of latex is slightly softer, more pliable and much more ideal for contouring to your body.

cedar vs zenhaven

Not only does the Zenhaven use three layers of this dreamy latex, it is also two sided. Meaning that one side is slightly softer than the other. Allowing you to have two comfort options in one bed. We prefer the slightly softer side when it comes to sleeping on your side, but both are great.

We love this 100% natural mattress for side sleeping because it lets you sink in just enough, but gives you great support. It also has a wonderful top layer of plush organic wool batting for added comfort and it’s topped with soft organic.

Not only is the this mattress a great latex bed that works great for side sleepers, but it also has several other benefits. The durability of latex creates a solid bed that will last for years. Including a solid and robust edge. Though responsive it doesn’t create much excess vibrations for minimal partner disturbance. And it naturally sleeps cool.

Latest Zenhaven Mattress Coupon

Read our Zenhaven Mattress Review HERE. And buy your new 100% latex mattress at

Best Organic Mattress for Side Sleepers -Avocado (Pillow Top)

  • zenhaven vs avocadoFirmness Level – 6 (Medium Firm)
  • 4 Layers | 13″ Thick
  • 100% Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress Build
  • Sustainable Materials for Healthier Sleep
  • USA Made & Free Shipping
  • 365 Night Sleep Trial & 25 Year Warranty
  • Latest Avocado Coupon Found HERE!
  • Avocado Mattress Review & Video

Latest Avocado Mattress Coupon Automatically Applied HERE!

Why Choose the Avocado Mattress?

avocado vegan mattressIt’s obvious why the Avocado is our recommendation for the best mattress for side sleepers looking for an organic bed. This is the BEST. Hands down one of the purest, most sustainable mattresses you’ll find around. The beauty with the Avocado Green and Avocado Vegan mattresses is that they come in two comfort levels.

This is especially great for side sleepers. The standard Avocado mattresses are only 11″ thick and are a true medium-firm feel making them less ideal for side sleeping. But, the Avocado Pillow Top is 13″ thick and those added 2″ come directly from a double up in the latex in this mattress.

Though this durable and supportive mattress is more responsive and the Dunlop latex is dense, the 4 inches of latex foam combine with the thick layer of wool batting creates an organic mattress that will accommodate side sleeping too.

With the Avocado Pillow Top you’ll have a mattress you know is healthy for you and the environment. As well as really checks the boxes when it comes to getting great rest. With so many benefits this mattress can really be recommended for every sleeper.

Latest Avocado Mattress Coupon Automatically Applied HERE!

Read our Avocado Mattress Review HERE. And buy your new 100% organic mattress at

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Specific Concerns

Do you have specific concern when it comes to your mattress. We know that you prefer side sleeping, however, is it something more specific you’re looking for? Are you a side sleeper that suffers from hip pain or shoulder pain? Or do you sleep warm and want the coolest mattress possible? Whether you are a larger side sleeper or a side sleeper who also sleeps on your back, we have the best mattress fir side sleepers for you just below.

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Shoulder Pain – LuuF Hybrid (Plush)

  • luft mattress review vs helix luxeFirmness Level – 4.5
  • 5 Layers | Plush, Luxury Firm & Firm Feel
  • Traditional Hybrid Mattress Build
  • Very Durable Materials
  • USA Made & Free Shipping
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial & 10 Year Warranty
  • Latest LuuF Coupon Found HERE!
  • LuuF Hybrid Mattress Review & Video

25% OFF LuuF Mattresses Coupon Code: HOLIDAY25

Why Choose the LuuF Hybrid Mattress?

If you are looking for a thick and durable hybrid mattress that is great for side sleeping than the LuuF is one for you. This well made bed offers three comfort levels with two being ideal for a variety of shapes and sizes, including larger people.

luft hybrid mattress vs helix luxeThe LuuF hybrid mattresses are available in a three comfort options. The luxury firm is a great choice for side and combination sleepers. Giving ample support ideal for contouring to your shoulder and hip.

However, if you happen to have more shoulder and hip sensitivity than the Plush option will be even better. This  more forgiving feel still offers plenty of support but with a truer soft feel that will alleviate pressure and joint pain sleeping on your side.

Both beds offer zoned coils that work with your body for precise flexible support. And the comfort layers vary just slightly to offer great deep comfort and enough plushness for complete pressure relief for your shoulders and hips.

Other benefits include a naturally cooler mattress with plenty of air flow. Great motion isolation from every material as well as very durable and solid edges for unbelievable perimeter support. Overall a mattress that delivers in every area. This hybrid is our choice for the best mattress for side sleepers on the bigger side.

25% OFF LuuF Mattresses Coupon Code: HOLIDAY25

To top off the already amazing qualities of this mattress is the fact that it is super affordable. Most solid hybrid mattresses come in hundreds of dollars more. And that is before the generous LuuF Mattress coupon accessible through our link above. Saving you quite a bit on this solid mattress.

Read our in-depth LuuF Mattress Review HERE. And buy your new thick and durable mattress at

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Hip Pain – Helix Original

  • helix vs purpleFirmness Level – Custom
  • 4 Layers | 6 Custom Options
  • Traditional Hybrid Build
  • Perfected Comfort for ALL Sleepers
  • USA Made & Free Shipping
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial & 10 Year Warranty
  • Latest Helix Coupon Found HERE!
  • Helix Mattress Review & Video

Take the Helix Sleep Quiz HERE!

Why Choose the Original Helix Mattress?

helix mattress reviewMany times it is difficult for side sleepers to find the perfect level of comfort partnered with ideal support. However, with Helix Sleep you always get the perfect amount of support for side sleeping. As well as your preferred level of comfort, or firmness too.

With their six options, three of which are solely dedicated to side sleepers, you get to choose between the Sunset, the softest side sleeper mattress from Helix. The Midnight, the medium level of comfort for side sleepers and the Dawn, the firmer level of comfort for side sleepers. All made to contour to your shoulders and hips with ease and give you more choice in preference.

This more compatible level of comfort is exactly what is needed for side sleepers who happen to have hip or shoulder pain. Because you get the proper support along with a comfort level that you choose. Creating a balanced and adaptable sleeping surface that happens to also provide good motion isolation, solid perimeter support and a true memory foam feel over the coil system.

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The original Helix might lack some of the upgraded benefits that the Helix Luxe may offer. However, if you are looking for a variety of side sleeping options at a more affordable price the Helix is a fabulous option that will provide exactly what you need. Especially when you can click the link above to save even more with the latest Helix Sleep coupon.

Read our full and detailed review of the Helix Mattress HERE! Or visit to see this affordable hybrid mattress for yourself.

Best Mattress for Side & Back Sleepers – Helix Luxe (Moonlight & Midnight)

  • helix luxe mattress reviewFirmness Level – Custom
  • 6 Layers | 6 Custom Options
  • Luxury Hybrid Build
  • Thick, Durable & Premium Mattress
  • USA Made & Free Shipping
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial & 20 Year Warranty
  • Latest Helix Luxe Coupon Found HERE!
  • Helix Luxe Mattress Review & Video

Take the Helix Sleep Quiz HERE!

Why Choose the Helix Luxe Mattress?

The premium hybrid Helix Luxe proved to be not only comfortable and supportive, but great for anyone who sleeps on their side. Especially when they have three comfort options made just for side sleepers. We can’t say enough about the Helix Luxe and how they offer something for everyone. Making it work whether you are solely a side sleeper, a combination sleeper and regardless of your size. Hence, why it is also our #1 pick for best mattress for side sleepers.

helix luxe mattress comparison birchThis creates a mattress that not only is great for side sleeping, but literally one that will fit every side sleepers preference. Whether you like a soft, medium of firmer feel the support and deep comfort of this mattress will still appeal to your pressure relief needs.

The ample build of this mattress uses a variety of comfort foams paired with a solid coil system. Creating flexible support that is solid and long lasting. As well as a more premium feel with all the layers above. Making a luxury hybrid mattress that is one of the best mattress for side sleepers out there.

Up To $200 OFF Helix Mattress Coupon Automatically Applied HERE!

Luxury is usually associated with a high price tag. Luckily this premium mattress comes in at quite an affordable price. Though it may not be a mattress with those on a tight budget, it certainly isn’t overpriced either. To make this mattress even more valuable use the coupon code above to get the latest Helix mattress discount.

Read our full and detailed review of the Helix Luxe HERE! Or visit to see this amazing mattress for yourself.

Best Mattress for Heavy Side Sleepers – WinkBeds (Plus)

  • winkbed mattress reviewFirmness Level: 4, 6, 7 & 8
  • 6 Layers | Soft, Medium-Firm, Firm & Plus Feel
  • Luxury Dual Coil & Memory Foam Hybrid Build
  • Most Durable and Solid Mattress
  • USA Made & Free Shipping
  • 120 Night Sleep Trial & Lifetime Warranty
  • Latest WinkBeds Coupon Found HERE!
  • WinkBed Mattress Review & Video

$300 WinkBeds Mattress Coupon Automatically Applied HERE!

Why Choose the WinkBed Mattress?

If you are a larger sleeper than you want a mattress that is more durable than the average bed. This will not only help with longevity, but also comfort and support. The awesome thing about the WinkBed original hybrid mattress is that it is a super well made bed that offers four comfort levels, all which would still work fantastically for a plus size sleeper.

Though they have designed the WinkBed Plus specifically for larger people, the other WinkBed options may work better if you are a true side sleeper. With this mattress we would suggest the Luxury Firm feel for heavier side sleepers. This bed comes in around a 6 on the firmness scale, meaning it will feel more like  4.5 to 5 for a larger frame.

It still comes with a dual coil build, enhanced perimeter support and dense and durable foams. Though the foams may not be quite as dense as they are in the Plus option, you will still get a super solid bed that may be more ideal to sleep on your side. And the price is amazing. Giving you a truly great bed at a very affordable price point.

$300 WinkBeds Mattress Coupon Automatically Applied HERE!

Read our detailed review of the WinkBeds Mattress HERE! Or visit to see super durable mattress for yourself.

Best Cooling Mattress for Side Sleepers – Brooklyn Aurora (Soft or Medium)

  • oceano vs brooklyn auroraFirmness Level: 4
  • 5 Layers | Soft, Medium or Firm Feel
  • Luxury Hybrid Build
  • Comfortable & Best Cooling Mattress
  • USA Made & Free Shipping
  • 120 Night Sleep Trial & 10 Year Warranty
  • Latest Brooklyn Bedding Coupon Found HERE!
  • Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Review & Video

20% OFF Brooklyn Bedding Coupon!

Why Choose the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress?

brooklyn auroraOne of the biggest issues for side sleepers is finding a cooling mattress too. With most mattresses being a bit softer you tend to sink in more. Which can result in heat retention that is less than desirable. However, when our top mattress for sleeping cool also is a great option for side sleepers it’s a win win.

The Brooklyn Aurora is a thick hybrid mattress that is available in three comfort options. With both the soft and medium making amazing choices for side sleepers. You’ll have a very balanced mattress that is the perfect blend of contour and buoyancy. As well as ample support from a pocketed coil system for durability that will last.

The perk of this mattress is the well detailed aspect of added cooling properties. Giving each layer careful consideration for providing a cool bed for every sleeper. Including side sleepers who tend to feel a little more in the bed than most other sleepers.

20% OFF Brooklyn Bedding Coupon!

Not only is the mattress an ideal option for side sleepers but hot side sleepers at that. Making it a priceless option. However, you don’t have to pay and arm and a leg for this bed. You can get this online mattress for a steal when you follow our coupon link above.

Read our Aurora Mattress Review HERE. And buy your new cool hybrid, the Aurora, at

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers on a Budget – Cypress Bamboo (Medium)

  • cypress bamboo mattress reviewsFirmness Level – 5
  • 3 Layers | Medium or Medium-Firm Feel
  • Memory Foam Mattress Build
  • Most Affordable All Foam Mattress
  • USA Made & Free Shipping
  • 365 Night Sleep Trial & 25 Year Warranty
  • 15% OFF Cypress Bamboo Coupon: OURSLEEPGUIDE
  • Cypress Bamboo Mattress Review & Video

15% OFF Brentwood Home Coupon Code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15

Why Choose the Cypress Bamboo by Brentwood Home?

With so many mattresses to choose from you may be tempted to pay more than you’ve budgeted for. However, if you have a tight budget but still want high quality as well as an ideal mattress for side sleeping the Cypress Bamboo by Brentwood Home is the answer.

Gel foam cypress bamboo mattress reviews by our sleep guideThis very affordable memory foam mattress features three layers of premium foam. With two comfort options available you can opt for the medium 13″ mattress of the medium-firm 11″ mattress. Though I would have to say the 13″ model will be better for side sleeping, both are good choices.

The two layers of comfort foams allow for more than adequate deep comfort for relieving pressure. And the base foam is plenty supportive to together provide an adaptable mattress that will check many boxes. Allowing this to wrap up our recommendations for the best mattress for side sleepers.

15% OFF Brentwood Home Coupon Code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15

To reiterate, the price of this mattress is almost unimaginable. With a price point of under $600 for a queen before our exclusive coupon you’ll be very happy with your new mattress. Just follow the link above to access an additional 15% off you Brentwood Home mattress.

Read our Cypress Bamboo Mattress Review HERE. And buy your new all foam mattress at

Best Mattress by Brand for Side Sleepers

There are certainly several popular online bed-in-a-box brands that have built their own reputations over the last 5 years. Brands that initially started with one universal mattress that was meant for every sleeper.

However, many of these brands have drastically changed their approach to this idea by offering multiple mattress options. But, with multiple options which is the best mattress for side sleepers? Below are our recommendations for several of the most popular online mattress brands.

Best Purple Mattress for Side Sleepers – Purple Hybrid Premiere 4

When it comes to the Purple mattresses you’ll get the unique feel of a polymer grid. This innovative design is great for relieving pressure and sleeping cool. However, when it comes to the four mattresses offered by this brand which is the best Purple mattress for side sleepers? We’d have to say that the Purple Hybrid Premiere with the 4″ polymer grid is the winner.

new purple mattress

This is by far the softest Purple mattress and offers a 4″ thick smart comfort grid over a flexible yet solid coil system. This combination makes an ideal mattress for side sleeping. With optimal pressure relief, especially for your shoulders and hips, to help you take your sleep to the next level.

Coming in at 13″ thick it is the thickest Purple bed. Though this bed is going to appeal to side sleepers, the price tag is definitely steep. But, with so many benefits can you really put a price tag on better sleep?

Latest Purple Mattress Coupon HERE!

Read our Purple Hybrid Premiere 4 Mattress Review to get more insight. Also, visit to learn more about this zero gravity like bed. 

Best Casper Mattress for Side Sleepers – Casper Wave Hybrid

If you are contemplating buying a Casper mattress but you’re torn which one will be best for side sleeping, you’re in luck. Almost all of the Casper mattresses are on the medium side, so you should find that most of them will work for you. However, if you are looking for the softest of the five Casper mattresses we suggest the Casper Wave Hybrid.

casper wave best side sleepers mattress

The reason we suggest this option for side sleepers is because it not only will offer the softest feel with the most layers of comfort foam. It also is a hybrid which means the support system is made of coils. Coils are not only more durable and allow for more even wear, but they also are great for side sleepers who switch from side to side. They provide flexible support that moves with you as well as assist you when moving.

Combine with more technology driven foam layers you get a feel that is practically made for side sleeper. Along with other benefits like cooler sleep, motion isolation and more durable, long lasting materials. Though, like the Purple 4, this mattress is the most expensive option from Casper.

Latest Casper Mattress Coupon HERE!

Read our Casper Wave Mattress Review to get more information. You can also find out more about this bed at

Best Tuft and Needle Mattress for Side Sleepers – Tuft and Needle Hybrid

We must admit, it’s a bit of a toss up when it comes to selecting the best mattress for side sleepers from Tuft & Needle. We happen to find the Tuft and Needle Mint mattress really does a great job of providing a very balanced all foam mattress that works for all sleepers. But, if you are strictly a side sleeper looking for a plusher feel, than the Tuft and Needle Hybrid will probably appeal to you more.

This is the newest addition to the Tuft and Needle line up and similar to both the Casper Wave and Purple Hybrid Premiere, it’s also the most expensive. However, with any T&N mattress affordability is priority and this bed is still well below the price of both the Purple and Casper mattresses. Making it a great option for anyone on a budget looking for a medium feeling bed ideal for sleeping on your side.

20% OFF Tuft & Needle Coupon HERE!

Learn more about the Tuft and Needle Hybrid in our Mattress Review. And make sure to visit to buy your new Mint or Hybrid today!

Best Leesa Mattress for Side Sleepers – Leesa Legend

Looking for a Leesa mattress that fits the bill for side sleeping? Similar to the Tuft and Needle mattresses, it’s a bit of a toss up. The original all foam Leesa is right at a 6 on the comfort scale. Meaning it will work for most side sleepers. However, if you like your mattress more medium to medium-soft, than the Leesa Legend is going to be your pick.

value for the luxury leesa legend mattress

It’s almost ironic that every popular brand has come out with a softer hybrid mattress in 2019 to 2020. They also happen to be the thickest and most expensive options they carry too. Which is yet again the case with the Leesa Legend mattress. This 12″ thick dual coil hybrid mattress uses a variety of flexible and contouring materials to create support with gentle comfort.

Here’s what we think. If you’re on a budget, the original all foam Leesa mattress will certainly work for you. If you want a more elevated pressure relieving comfort with other upgrades, like cooler sleep, better durability and precision support than the upgrade to the Legend is a good choice.

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Best Saatva Mattress for Side Sleepers – Loom and Leaf

loom and leaf motion transferWhen it comes to the Saatva Mattresses you know you’re going to get a solid bed. This is great. However, for side sleepers they may be a little too solid. However, if you like a contouring yet durable feel than we suggest opting for the Loom and Leaf mattress. This memory foam mattress uses dense and sturdy layers of foam to create an upscale all foam mattress.

The luxury firm comfort may be on the edge of the spectrum when it comes to optimal comfort for side sleepers, but, it is one option that will really appeal to combination sleepers who more or less occasionally sleep on their side. Or dominant side sleepers who happen to prefer a firmer than usual surface that is still plush and accommodating.

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Did YOU Find Your New Mattress?

helix luxe mattresses

When it comes to finding the best mattress in a box for side sleepers you can see your options AREN’T limited. We have seen so many amazing mattresses over the years that each year a new bed takes the number one spot. Our best mattress for side sleepers 2019 happened to be the Oceano. And before that the best mattress for side sleepers 2018 happened to be the LuuF.

All of these mattresses are still ideal for side sleepers, which is why they are still in the top ten. However, when you have a brand that offers so many options you literally have the best soft mattress for side sleepers and the best firm mattress for side sleepers from the same brand. Giving the Helix Luxe mattress the edge and our newest winner for the best mattress for side sleepers in 2020.

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