Mattress Review GravityLux by WinkBeds

When it comes the WinkBed brand we love the quality and durability each of each mattress model. While their original WinkBed hybrid may be their most popular mattress the GravityLux memory foam mattress offers something special for those who love an all foam build. This bed dazzles with an array of comfort levels, precision zoned foam for optimal pressure relief and  amazing temperature regulation. Making it another winner from this American made mattress company.

Keep reading for our detailed GravityLux Mattress Review as well as a quick at-a-glance review too. 

GravityLux At A Glance

When it comes to mattress reviews we definitely don’t lack information. However, we do know that some have more time to read than others. Which is why we like to start off with a brief overview of our mattresses. Giving you a quick reference to see the main points of what the GravityLux has to offer before jumping into the more nitty-gritty details.

  • memorylux premiumDesign: Luxury Memory Foam Build: 4 Layers & 12″ Thick
  • Firmness Options: 3 Unique Comfort Levels: Soft, Medium & Firm
  • Temperature Regulation: Minimal Heat Retention
  • Bounce Factor: Very Minimal Motion Transfer
  • Durability: Sturdy & Strong
  • Bonuses: #2 Memory Foam Mattress
  • WinkBed/GravityLux Coupon: $300 OFF Savings: Click HERE!
  • Additional Perks:
    • American Made & Manufactured
    • 120 Night Trial
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Free Delivery & Returns

WinkBeds Mattress Coupon | $300 OFF

GravityLux Video Review

While some like to read mattress reviews others like to watch reviews! Which is why we also have a great video that gives you almost all the same great information but in a different format. So sit back and push play to see the GravityLux in action!

GravityLux Memory Foam Mattress Review

Below we will go through exactly what you can expect from this memory foam mattress. Starting with a deep dive into the materials and construction of the Gravity Lux. Then looking at each comfort option and identifying who each will appeal to. Along with additional sleeping benefits and performance you’ll get. And even the basics of the online mattress process and ordering. Giving you a well rounded and easy to read GravityLux mattress review.

GravityLux Mattress Materials:

First things first. To start, we will take a closer look at each layer that goes into this 12″ all foam mattress. Looking at each layer will help us understand what these foams are intended to do. As well as how they will all work together to optimally perform. When it comes to premium memory foam mattresses you need a combination of great support and amazing pressure relief. Which this mattress provides for a perfectly balanced blend of 4 foam layers.

Gravitylux mattress materials

TENCEL Cover (A):

memorylux coverWorking our way from the top to the bottom means we will start by looking at the cover. The GravityLux features a super soft TENCEL cover that is tufted with 2″ of gel foam. This cover adds an extra level of luxury. As far as covers go TENCEL is a wonderful top layer option. It is a soft, breathable and natural fabric that makes it a fabulous choice to cover this foam bed in.

TENCEL is a fiber derived from Eucalyptus that makes for a high quality durable fabric that that also feels great too. Besides the amazing top cover the GravityLux features durable side panels and detailed edges. Creating a cover  that emphasizes the premium quality of this bed in every aspect.

Not only do you get the premium feel of this fabric but it is tufted with premium cooling gel foam too. This helps wick away moisture and promotes airflow. Keeping the surface cool and comfortable. As well as just plush enough for an added opulent feel that sets this mattress apart.

Patented AirCell Memory Foam (B):

Under the top cover is a new age patented memory foam that is a serious step up from traditional and outdated memory foam. While still providing outstanding pressure relief and shock absorption this dynamic foam performs above and beyond. Contouring to every inch of your body for adaptable support and comfort.

With a slight variation in density, depending on the comfort level you choose, the GravityLux is ideal for all sleepers. Allowing for perfected contouring for all shapes, sizes and sleeping positions. Giving your body plenty of relief from aches & pains.

On top of the great support and comfort provided this new memory foam also allows for cooler sleep with almost zero heat retention. Creating an all foam bed with minimal disturbance from being too hot.

Zoned Progression Foam (C):

Under the proprietary AirCell foam is a one-of-a-kind zoned progression foam with a very unique design. This deep comfort layer is made with precision support in mind. Zoned with 7 areas perfectly targeted for the best weight distribution and ergonomic support. This creates a mattress that will contour perfectly to your body night after night.

Gravitylux zoned foam

Atlas Core Foam (D):

When it comes to base foam in an all foam bed you need a dense, sturdy and durable foam that will support the top layers. And this base foam is exactly what the top comfort layers need to perform as well as they can. With the Atlas Core Foam at its base it will help this mattress last for years and years. Providing a durable core that not only gives great support, but also longevity to the overall mattress. Creating one of the most durable memory foam mattresses on the market.

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GravityLux Mattress Comfort:

Gravitylux mattress reviewWe love a mattress that comes with comfort options. And the awesome thing about the GravityLux is just that. While most other memory foam mattresses tend to stop with one standard feel, this bed allows you to choose. The GravityLux Mattress by WinkBeds is available in three different firmness levels. Giving you a choice between an ideally comfortable soft, medium and firm mattress. Allowing you to make sure you find the perfect memory foam mattress for your needs.


If you are looking for a more plush comfort level then the soft GravityLux is going to be the option for you. This feel will come in around a 4 on the firmness scale. Allowing for plenty of sink and contour without loosing out on support. Making this option great for anyone who sleeps on their side. As well as those looking for an ideal medium-soft feel.

This mattress is made to feel like sleeping on a cloud. Reducing any painful pressure points, especially for side sleepers. Using three layers of gel foam for ultimate contour. You’ll surely find yourself snug as a bug in this ideally cocooning mattress option.


Gravitylux mattress by winkbedsThe most popular mattress comfort option is the medium feeling GravityLux. This firmness level hits a “sweet spot” that is an ideal balance of soft and firm. Making this option a great compromise for combination sleepers and couples looking to have it all. This adaptable mattress will make for a blend that will please almost all sleepers.

With this mattress coming in around a 6 on the comfort scale you’ll surely appreciate the feel of this mattress regardless of size, shape or sleeping style. Making this mattress one that you can’t go wrong with.


If you find that you like your memory foam mattress to fall a little on the firmer side than you’ll be very happy with this choice. The firm GravityLux mattress option is going to appeal to anyone who is a stomach sleeper or back sleeper with a more supportive mattress preference. This mattress is anything but hard, and just barely plush enough to adapt to your body while maintaining a solid feel.

This mattress is around an 8 on the firmness scale. Making it a good option for large or heavier people as well. With more solid and dense foam layers to hold up better under more weight and pressure. Making this mattress another great option for a variety of sleepers looking for premium memory foam.

WinkBeds Mattress Coupon | $300 OFF

GravityLux Mattress Benefits:

With the comfort and materials covered it might not seem like there is anything else. However, finding out how a mattress performs in several other key areas really showcases the uniqueness of the mattress. By understanding how it differs from other options in motion transfer, sleeping cool and edge support you will be assured that you’re making the right choice ordering your new mattress.

Motion Transfer:

edge of GravityluxWhen it comes to minimizing partner disturbance you can’t go wrong with a memory foam option. This mattress is a great choice for absorbing any vibrations making motion transfer almost non existent. The foam layers of this mattress are dense and durable making them even more readily apt to soften movement.

One thing to note is that the softest option will offer a bit more give. While the firmer option may be more resilient. Making the soft option the best choice for the least amount of motion transfer. The medium option doing a great job and the firm option still doing very well with maybe just a bit more rigidity and less absorbance.

Sleeping Cool:

With traditional memory foam sleeping cool wasn’t always achievable. Lucky for us the GravityLux mattress is anything but traditional. Using the patented AirCell memory foam for the coolest memory foam mattress you’ve ever tried. This foam doesn’t retain heat like memory foam of the past. Allowing it to be more breathable as well as allow air to flow. Leaving you much more temperature neutral over the course of the evening.

Though an all foam build will have drawbacks compared to a coiled mattress when it comes to sleeping cool, the memory foam mattress by WinkBeds certainly does a good job of trying to break this mold. When it comes to choosing a comfort option you may find the more you sink into the mattress the more heat could potentially be retained. So if you sleep warm the medium and firmer options would be best.

WinkBeds Mattress Coupon | $300 OFF

Edge Support:

Gravitylux edgeMany times an all foam mattress will lack stability when it comes to quality edge support. But, with the GravityLux by WinkBeds mattress you’re in luck when it comes to memory foam plus perimeter support. The overall more durable and sturdy feel of this mattress will go a long way when it comes to benefiting the edge support of this mattress.

By using foam that will stand the test of time means the consistency and feel of this mattress will alter little. As well as provide more solid and stable support rather you are in the middle of the bed or the edge. Allowing for full use of this mattress. It also will ensure that getting in and out of bed as well as the occasional sitting will result in support around the edge that won’t sag or give way. Making the overall mattress more durable and superior when compared to other all foam mattresses.

GravityLux Mattress Basics:

Now that you know all the details of this amazing premium memory foam mattress let’s jump into the logistics of buying your new online mattress. The process is as simple as choosing your ideal comfort, adding the perfect size to the cart, applying our coupon code and than buying. The hard part will be waiting for your new mattress to arrive. A few more details about this process are below. Giving you all the pertinent information of what your new mattress comes with.


gravitylux mattress comfortWith a luxury memory foam mattress you may be willing to pay a lot. However, you don’t have to pay a lot for quality craftsmanship, amazing materials and the sleeping benefits you’ll get with the GravityLux memory foam mattress. You will get a mattress that is a great value, with every penny you pay being worth it. This premium mattress will result in better sleep with comfort and support that will last for years and years.

The most popular mattress size, a Queen, comes in at $1799. With standard mattress options that range from Twin to Cal King with pricing that will vary accordingly. You will also get free shipping and free returns with your new mattress too. And a very substantial 120 night sleep trial and true peace of mind with a lifetime warranty too.

GravityLux Mattress Coupon:

The value of this mattress is even better when you can add, or subtract, the latest Winkbeds GravityLux Mattress coupon code too. Below is a link to access the latest and best GravityLux discount to ensure the best pricing. This premium memory foam mattress will be truly luxurious, but you won’t have to pay an inflated price for the quality and high end build of this mattress.

WinkBeds Mattress Coupon | $300 OFF


When it comes to financing more and more online mattress brands are offering easy access to make payments on your new mattress. With the GravityLux by Winkbeds being one of them. With simple and easy access to a variety of payment options you’ll be able to have your new mattress sooner than you anticipated. Learn more about the financing option ran through BREAD at WinkBeds.com.

Delivery Process:

winkbeds boxWhen buying a mattress online the buying and delivery process may be even easier than you knew. With a few clicks of your mouse you’ll have a new mattress on it’s way in a few minutes. The hardest part may be the waiting. With each mattress handmade upon order right in the USA you will have to wait about 2 weeks before getting your new bed. However, once it arrives on your doorstep it will only take a few minutes before it is set-up and ready to go.

The mattress will be in a fairly compact box, compared to the actual size of the mattress. However, this box will be a little heavy and having two people to move it helps.

Once you have it in your room simply take out the roll packed mattress and unroll, position it on your bed, cut off the plastic and watch it expand.

It will appear to rapidly expand. However, this mattress will take a few hours to finish expanding completely. As well as several hours to air out any new mattress fumes that were trapped in the plastic. There aren’t any toxic or harmful fumes, but a few scents will likely dissipate during the initial unwrapping.

If you are more sensitive to smells, simply crack a window or just leave the room for a bit. It is a good idea to just let it sit out for awhile before putting bedding on. And though you can certainly sleep on it the first night. Do keep in mind the foams will firm up over the course of the first 24 hours.

WinkBeds Mattress Coupon | $300 OFF

Trial Period:

With your new GravityLux luxury memory foam mattress from WinkBeds you’re covered for 120 nights to try it out. This allows you four months to test and adjust to your new mattress before committing. This trial period is just the right amount of time to test the bed. It is certainly recommended to allow your body a few weeks to adjust to the updated support and comfort. However, if you aren’t finding your new bed to not work as well as it should, no problem. WinkBeds will allow for returns that will refund you 100% of your purchase price.


One thing that is undeniable with any WinkBed’s mattress is the quality and durability that you’ll get. Which is why the lifetime warranty may seem generous but 100% coincides with the life expectancy of this mattress. Their no sag technology as well as third party durability testing ensures that your new mattress will last and last. And if it doesn’t, than they will be happy to replace your mattress. Simple as that.

WinkBeds Mattress Coupon | $300 OFF

Make sure to also check out the other WinkBeds mattresses; the EcoCloud Hybrid and the WinkBed Hybrid. If you need any help deciding on which Mattress by WinkBeds is the right choice for you, certainly feel free to ask. We will happily help answer any questions you may have. Just contact us and we’ll reply as quickly as we can. Our Sleep Guide wants to make sure you get the best sleep possible.

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 120 Night Sleep Trial
  • Warranty Lifetime Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $1199
  • Twin XL $1299
  • Full $1599
  • Queen $1799
  • King $1999
  • Cal King $1999
Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! Contact Us. We would love to help you in any way we can.