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birch mattress review

Buying a new mattress can sometimes be more challenging than you’d like. Especially with so many online options that you aren’t necessarily able to try prior. However, the Birch Mattress is one of the few that really delivers on quality, comfort and value. Making this a mattress one that we can really get behind for almost every sleeper.

By combining the naturally comfortable and supportive layers of Talalay latex with a solid steel coil system you get ideal balance and support. With just enough added plushness with a top layer of 100% organic wool covered in organic cotton. And if this isn’t the perfect comfort for you, there is also an additional topper that makes changing the firmness of this bed as easy as can be. Keep reading to get all the details in our thorough Birch mattress review.

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The Birch Mattress: At A Glance

If you don’t have time to read a full review, no problem. Below we sum up our detailed mattress review in just a few lines. Each section goes in much greater detail below, but we will quickly lay out the must knows of what the Birch latex hybrid mattress offers.

  • birch by helix sleep11″ Latex Hybrid Build | 4 Layers + Cover
  • Medium-Firm Comfort
  • 2″ Optional Topper | Medium Comfort With Topper
  • Motion Transfer: Minimal
  • Sleeping Cool: Very Good
  • Edge Support: Solid
  • 100% Natural Materials
  • 100-Night Sleep Trial
  • 25-Year Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Price Before Coupon: $1249- $2549
  • Latest Birch Coupon: HERE

Birch Hybrid Video Review

Looking for a detailed review but would prefer to watch opposed to read? Just click “play” below and see our complete Birch video review. Not only get all the same great information, but see the bed as close to first hand as you can from a screen.

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In-Depth Birch Mattress Review

birch talalay latexWhen it comes to looking at each mattress we strive to focus on providing unbiased mattress reviews, honest feedback and helpful insight. Below we will go through several details of the build of this bed. Along with our experience and insight when it comes to the sleeping benefits you can expect.

As far as hybrid latex mattress reviews go the Birch mattress may be similar. But we will go through specifics on what makes it unique and different. As well as potentially one of the best latex hybrid mattress options you will find. Keep reading our in-depth Birch mattress review below to learn the ins and outs of this natural latex mattress.

Along the way if you have any questions about the Birch mattress you can certainly contact us. As well as jump over to BirchLiving.com to see the bed for yourself too.

What Is The Birch Mattress Made Of?

The Birch mattress uses some of the finest and most durable materials you can find when it comes to constructing a mattress. Not only are these materials long lasting and resilient but also sustainable and natural. Making this bed not only a healthy choice for you, but the environment too. Below we will go through each layer of this hybrid mattress so you know exactly what you’ll be sleeping on.

birch mattress materials
Comfort Layers:

birch pillow and mattressHaving a natural mattress makes for not only a non-toxic and sustainable bed, but high quality too. The Birch mattress features two of the best natural comfort materials that can be used in a mattress. By pairing 100% natural Talalay latex with organic wool you get two thick and adaptable layers.

Right under the soft and organic cotton cover is a thin layer of wool. This specific wool layer acts as a natural fire barrier. Under this is another layer of wool that is a thicker comfort layer. This Birch wool is not only adaptable and plush but holds it’s shape for long lasting wear. It also is naturally temperature regulating and wicks away moisture. Creating a great top layer.

Under this is a thick, durable and responsive layer of Talalay latex foam. This natural latex is responsive but also great for relieving pressure points and evenly distributing weight. The process of making Talalay latex ensures a nice consistent and lighter feeling latex. Allowing for a feel that is durable yet not quite as dense for even better contour. All together these comfort layers work to provide a great balanced feel.

Support Layers: 

birch mattress coilsWhen it comes to support using a coil system is ensures long lasting as well as flexible support that adapts to your bodies needs. The Birch mattress uses individually pocketed coils that are manufactured right in the USA. These coils not only support the body for proper spinal alignment and ergonomics but also offer other benefits.

With reinforced steel around the edges the perimeter of the mattress has solid and stable edge support. While the individually wrapped coils ensure minimal motion transfer ideal for partners sharing a bed. They also create plenty of air flow for sleeping cool. And the long lasting durability of steel will keep the mattress performing optimally for several years.

All of this sits on a durable layer of base latex foam. Giving you solid stability and a uniform surface so all the other layers can properly rest for the best support and comfort.

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How Comfortable Is The Birch Mattress?

The Birch mattress makes it easy to choose by offering one universal feel. The medium-firm feel is the most popular feel that offers the “sweet” spot for mattress comfort. While covering needs for almost all shapes, sizes and sleeping positions. The materials combine to make a supportive, responsive and contouring comfort that many will find appealing. Not only that, but also you can sleep more sound knowing that you are on a healthier and more sustainable mattress too.

long mattress birchSleeping on your back will be great. The responsive yet contouring feel of the latex gently cradles you, while the support of the coils is ample. And the just enough plushness in the wool creates good lumbar support and an ideal surface to evenly distribute your weight.

Stomach sleepers will also appreciate the dense and durable feel this mattress provides. Again, the combination of materials will work well for creating a consistent and supportive feel that allows your body to be contoured too without stressing or bowing your back. Making it a great option for those who tend to turn downwards while sleeping.

Many side sleepers will also enjoy this mattress. Although a few may find that it may not be quite as soft as they would like to relieve pressure in the shoulder and hip. The great thing about the Birch is the option of including an additional Birch pillow topper that will take this mattress from a medium-firm feel to a medium feel. Making it perfect for side sleepers and anyone else who needs just a bit more plushness.

As far as heavier sleepers go, you really can’t go wrong with materials that are stronger and more durable than most. The steel coils create awesome support and the durable latex is dense and long lasting. Even the wool comfort layer easily maintains it’s shape and feel with a natural resiliency. Making the comfort of this mattress a great choice for heavy people.

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Our Birch Mattress Comfort Experience:

birch living mattress comfortThe materials of the Birch mattress really created a very consistent feeling bed that was super appealing to both of us. The Talalay latex was both contouring and responsive. While also still being just slightly softer and more pillowing that the Dunlop counterpart. The medium-firm feel adapted to most sleeping positions. With side sleeping being better after we added the removable Birch mattress topper.

The support was also ideal creating proper support and plenty of give and push back. All the materials felt strong and resilient while still molding to the curves of our bodies. The performance of the materials also made this mattress more comfortable beyond just feel. Making it great for maintaining a nice temperature neutral feel, limiting partner disturbance and providing good edge support too.

How Else Will My Sleep Improve With The Birch Latex Hybrid Mattress?

Like many natural hybrid latex mattresses the Birch offers ample benefits. With the comfort and materials being top notch you’ll also notice other important factors that are key to buying the perfect mattress. Like isolating motion, temperature regulation and perimeter support that we will focus on below.

Motion Transfer:

baby on mattressWhen you think of latex hybrid mattresses you may think you’ll get a lot of bounce. Though the materials may be responsive they have minimal vibrations that travel over to your partner. The individually wrapped coils create support that isn’t interconnected.

Meaning the pressure put on them will stay on them and not venture to the other side of the bed. This paired with thick latex and wool comfort layers create a surface that has bounce, but with limited disturbing bounce.

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Sleeping Cool:

birch by helixOne thing that is certain when it comes to latex hybrid mattresses is how cool they sleep. The materials all have their own unique ways of ensuring limited heat retention and plenty of breathability. Making the Birch mattress a top contender as one of the best cooling mattresses.

The organic cotton cover is not only soft but breathable and naturally more temperature neutral. Wool is known as a temperature regulator as well as wicks away moisture. Latex is aerated as well as responsive to ensure never getting stuck or holding heat. And coils create plenty of space for air flow and heat dissipation. Creating layer on layer of cooling and neutralizing materials perfect for a mattress that is sure to sleep cool.

Edge Support:

birch edgeAnother great advantage of the materials found in the Birch are how durable they are. Alone, each of these materials is resilient and strong, meaning together they create a very long lasting and reliable mattress. This helps ensure that you not only get a supportive and comfortable mattress for the long haul but also great perimeter support.

The Birch uses reinforced coils around the perimeter. This extra edge support means that the durable layers on top won’t take any extra wear over time too. Creating more solid and durable edges that allow for full use of the mattress for sleeping.

As well as a mattress that you can easily get in and out of. And even an edge you can occasionally use for sitting too. With stronger edges your mattress will last longer, wear better and allow for a consistent sleeping surface too.

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Have Questions About the Birch? Call Us and We’d Be Happy To Help!

Our Online Mattress Showroom, located in Austin, Texas, is here to help. Even if you aren’t able to visit our showroom, our Mattress Guides can still help answer any of your questions over the phone. On our floor we currently have the natural and very appealing Birch Mattress. As well as the Birch Mattress Topper. If you would like some more insight into any of the Helix Mattresses, including the Helix Luxe, original Helix and Birch, we can provide you with some much needed guidance and advice. Call us today at 512-465-2714, we’re here you you!

Birch Mattress Buying Basics

With every mattress you buy online you typically have a few basics that are included. Below is what you can expect to be included with your Birch Mattress purchase. As well as quick reference to our view on the value as well as Birch Mattress promo codes currently available.


sleeping on a birch mattressThe Birch Mattress is quite affordable for a well made, durable and premium material mattress. This bed is available in all standard sizes, ranging from Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal King. The prices do adjust in accordance to size, but each reflecting a great value. This USA handmade mattress showcases premium materials with detailed construction. Superior support and comfort, which makes it a great value and a latex hybrid mattress we would strongly recommend.

The most popular size, the queen size Birch mattress, comes in at $1699. This price does not include the current Birch Mattress discount, which you will find below. However, this price does include free shipping & returns, a 100 night sleep trial as well as 25 year warranty. Giving you not only a great bed but great perks and customer service too.

Birch Mattress Coupons:

The great thing with the Birch mattress price is the fact that it gets even better. Follow the link below to access the Birch mattress coupon. This savings makes this mattress even more affordable and an even greater value. The Birch mattress discount code may change from time to time, so make sure to take advantage of it before it changes. Regardless we will always have access to the latest Birch by Helix coupons.

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birch mattress boxWe know that sometimes your body is in need of a mattress before your wallet is. That is why it is so great that so many brands offer financing if needed. Birch is not different. By offering two financing options, one through Klarna as well as one through Zibby, every shopper should be able to purchase their new Birch mattress. With options that allow you to pay as low as $26 a month. Jump over to BirchLiving.com to get more details on this process.

Delivery & Unboxing:

When buying a mattress online it will most likely arrive in a box right at your door. Though it is hard to believe it can hold a mattress, there it is! All you need to do is get it inside, take the rolled mattress out of the box and cut the plastic away.

Initially this mattress should spring to life pretty quickly. Especially with these particular materials. You may notice a bit of a natural and new mattress smell, but certainly nothing toxic or harmful.

Any mattress in a box should be given several hours to not only fully air out, but also expand properly. You can sleep on it the first night, but it may firm up just a tad in the first 24 to 48 hours. All in all, the delivery and unboxing process is quite simple though.

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Trial Period & Warranty:

With your new mattress you will also be give a 100 night sleep trial. This period of time helps you make sure that this is the right bed for you. Any new mattress will take a few weeks to adjust to. But, if you aren’t adapting to your new mattress or just feel it isn’t the bed for you, no problem. Returns are free and you will be fully refunded as long as you return your bed within the 100 day trial period.

And as far as you warranty goes, each Birch mattress comes with a 25 year warranty. This ensures that any defects or flaws in the manufacturing end are covered. As well as any unnatural wear that occurs with normal use. Though there are a few provisions as far as prorating and what is considered normal wear or excessive sagging, this warranty is more than substantial.

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Our Sleep Guide’s full Birch mattress review will be up soon! In the meantime check out the sister mattresses, the original Helix and Helix Luxe. As well as all our mattress reviews. And, if you have any questions for us, contact us, we’d be happy to help!

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 100 Night Trial Period
  • Warranty 25 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $1249
  • Twin XL $1299
  • Full $1499
  • Queen $1699
  • King $1999
  • Cal King $1999
Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! Contact Us. We would love to help you in any way we can.