Memory Foam Mattresses

puffy vs tuloMemory foam mattresses are probably one of the most popular and desirable foams that people gravitate towards when buying a new bed. It is actually a visco-elastic polyurethane foam that has specific properties that are more sensitive to pressure and temperature.

This foam is associated with a conforming feel that molds to your shape. With the help of the warmth of your body temperature the foam quickly adapts. It also has a slower reaction time for better pressure relief too.

But, not all memory foam mattresses are equal. The densities will vary anywhere from less than 1.5lbs/ft cubed to 8lbs/ft cubed. This will make a huge difference in quality, weight and firmness.

Our memory foam mattress section focuses on mattresses that use memory foam as the main comfort layer(s) of the mattress. And either use no other foams for the comfort layers or very minimal. Giving you a great look at what memory foam mattresses are available and that we recommend.

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Find your Perfect Mattress Below

Below you will find our list of mattresses we have tried along with links to each review to get an in depth look at each of these beds and how they may work for you. If you want to skip the detail reviews and take a quick look at our condensed reviews side by side, check out our Mattress Comparison Tool. This allows you to select your favorite mattresses and see how they compare next to each other.

*The below pricing references the cost of a queen size mattress and does NOT reflect any coupons or discounts.

Mattress Reviews
Mattress Materials Feel Price Ratings Links
loom leaf mattress review Memory Foam Relaxed Firm & Firm $2,099 4.76
gravitylux by winkbed Memory Foam Soft, Medium of Firm $1,599 4.71
bear pro mattress logo Memory Foam Medium-Firm $1,295 4.69
cypress brentwood home Memory Foam or Hybrid Medium & Medium-Firm $599 4.67
puffy-lux-logo Memory Foam Medium Firm $1,795 4.66
cocoon chill mattress Memory Foam & Poly Foam Soft & Firm $949 4.65
puffy mattress Memory Foam Medium Firm $1,150 4.65
layla mattress review Memory Foam & Poly Foam 2 Sided - Soft & Firm $999 4.63
novosbed mattress review Memory Foam Soft, Medium & Firm $1,099 4.61
silk snow mattress review Memory Foam Soft-Medium $900 4.58
sweet zzz affluent rest mattress review Memory Foam Medium Firm $1,099 4.58
eluxury mattress review Memory Foam Medium Firm $680 4.55
muse mattress review Memory Foam Soft, Medium & Firm $950 4.53
amerisleep as1 mattress Memory & Poly Foam Firm $1,199 4.43
Memory & Poly Foam Medium-Firm $1,299 4.43
amerisleep as3 mattress Memory & Poly Foam Medium $999 4.43
amerisleep as4 mattress review Memory & Poly Foam Medium-Soft $1,699 4.41
amerisleep as5 mattress Memory & Poly Foam Soft $2,099 4.41
Memory Foam Combo Adjustable $999 4.35
nectar mattress review Memory Foam Medium Firm $850 4.31
puffy royal logo Memory Foam Medium-Firm $2,695 0
zoned by brooklyn bedding Hybrid Medium $1,249 0
alexander signature series flippable mattress Memory Foam Medium/Luxury Foam $1,699 0
tempur-cloud logo Memory Foam Medium-Firm $1,999 0