Mattress Review Alexander Signature Series Flippable Mattress

nest bedding flippableWhat is better than a thick and luxurious memory foam mattress? How about a thick and luxurious flippable memory foam mattress! Well, you’re in luck. Nest Bedding’s Alexander Signature Series Flippable mattress features two sides of comfort. A medium memory foam on one side and a luxury firm side on the other. Giving you two feels in one double sided mattress.

This 13″ thick dual sided mattress takes any guess work out of ordering online. By allowing you to get two beds in one. By using a solid base foam in the core of this bed and laminating various comfort foams to either side you get a two sided mattress. Each of these sides will appeal to various sleepers. It also comes in at a great price point, making it a great fit for so many.

Below we will go through the details of this mattress. Giving you a detailed and through look into the materials and construction. As well as great insight into the comfort and sleeping benefits you can expect. And any details about this brand your overall buying experience.

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Alexander Signature Series Flippable Materials:

When starting the review process it is always nice to start with the most objective information. This happens to be the materials and build of a mattress. By understanding what a bed is made of allows us to have a better idea of how it should and will objectively perform.

Core Layer:

new nest bedding mattressWith a double sided mattress your layers maybe set up slightly different than in a one sided mattress. Whether it is all foam or a hybrid the foundation or support of this bed is sandwiched in the middle. Providing a dense and solid core that provides stability and support for both sides of the mattress.

The Alexander Signature Series Flippable mattress by Nest Bedding uses 7″ of luxury firm base core right in the center of the mattress. This provides a solid and durable core that will provide necessary support. As well as work with the comfort foams to perform as intended. It also is where the long term durability and structure of the mattress are. Creating years of great sleep.

Comfort Layers:

new signature series two sidedEach side of the core features varying comfort foams to give them a unique feel. Distinguishing between the medium feel and luxury firm feel. The medium feel side offers three layers of foam above the core. Starting with 2″ of Transition foam, than 2″ of Gel Memory Foam and finishing off the top with 1.5″ of CoolFlow Plush Quilting Foam.

The luxury firm side, may be a bit firmer feeling and only offers 1 layer of comfort foam over the core. Similar to the medium side there is 1.5″ of CoolFlow Plush Quilting Foam. Creating just enough softness, but an overall noticeably firmer feel.

Each side features an organic cotton cover. This naturally breathable and soft feel creates the perfect finish to the cover. Around the edges of the mattress a more solid ad durable tan fabric is used. To make this mattress feel solid, stable and ready for years of comfortable sleep.

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Alexander Signature Series Flippable Benefits:

Now that you’ve seen what this mattress is made of you’ll have a good idea how it benefits your sleep. Below we will take a closer look at how the comfort of each side will feel. As well as which sleepers each side will be best for. Not to mention how it will perform for motion isolation, temperature regulation and edge support.


When it comes to finding ideal comfort having a mattress with two sides is better than one. This allows you to find the most ideal firmness level without even having to leave your house. Regardless of your sleeping position, size or shape you will have a bed that accommodates your comfort needs and desires.

alexander signature series flippableThis all foam bed offers balanced and adaptable comfort layers of foam over a firm core. Creating two feels on either side that most everyone will find appealing. The medium side offers three varying layers of foam that make for a middle of the road feel. Coming in at a true medium feel that is best for side sleepers and back sleepers looking for just a bit more plushness.

By using a thick layer of memory foam over a deeply contouring transition foam you will have plenty of give on the medium side. And than top it off with a thick quilted cover and you’ll have an ideal medium feel. Letting you sink in just enough to easily relieve pressure while sleeping on your side or back. Even working great for large and heavy people looking for a medium to medium-soft feel.

While the other side is noticeably firmer offering only one layer of comfort foam over the core foam. This creates a luxury firm feel that is truly ideal for stomach sleepers and back sleepers wanting more support. It also will be a great side for heavy sleepers too. Making both sides of this bed a great fit for all sleepers.

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Motion Transfer:

nest bedding signature seriesIt is hard to go wrong with an flippable foam mattress when it comes to isolating motion. Regardless of which side this mattress is on the motion transfer will be minimal. However, the comfort foams of the medium side may absorb a bit more movement. But even on the luxury firm side partner disturbance will be limited. Making this mattress a great choice for couples, anyone who shares a mattress, whether with a furry friend or human.

Sleeping Cool:

Though memory foam mattresses typically sleep a little warmer, the Alexander Signature Series two sided mattress will have a few things that keep it from heating up too much. The firmer side is a great option for cooler sleep. By allowing you to stay above the foam and not sink in too much. This creates less heat retention as well as allows more of your body to be exposed to airflow.

While the medium side will let you sink in a bit more, heat retention will hopefully be combated. By adding a gel infusion to the top layer of memory foam. As well as using a transition foam that is more breathable will help you stay cooler.

Edge Support:

signature series flippable edgeMany all foam beds tend to lack support around the perimeter. With thinner profiles and foams that lack durability you may find this to be the case. But, with the thicker and more substantial Alexander Signature Series Flippable mattress you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The edges maintain a solid feel that allow you full use of the mattress.

Sleeping from center to edge will provide the same support and comfort. While getting in and out of bed will feel stable beneath you too. Even providing a perimeter more durable for sitting on occasion. This double sided mattress will be a winner for edge support.

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Nest Bedding Mattress Basics:

Nest Bedding offers several mattress options. Giving you a variety of styles, prices and materials. Even though the mattresses will vary what you get with each bed should be the same. When it comes to the logistics of this bed-in-a-box brand you’ll find that their finely tuned customer service and smooth process makes your purchase as easy as possible. Below is what to expect once you decide to purchase this mattress. Along with some inside information on the value and Nest Bedding coupons currently available too.


best mattresses on a budgetWhen it comes to value the price plays a role, but it isn’t the only thing to consider. Above we reviewed the highlights and benefits of this mattress and below we list the most up to date pricing for every size. How these two factors correlate is how you determine value. From our perspective the value of this mattress is great.

With the most popular size, a Queen, the Alexander Signature Series Flippable Mattress is $1699 before coupon. Even without the latest Nest Bedding savings the price for a two sided, thick and durable all foam mattress is great. Giving you a supportive and comfortable sleeping surface that can flipped, rotated and evenly broken in for years of great use.

Nest Bedding Coupons:

When it comes to finding the best Nest Bedding mattress coupons we have you covered! Below is a link that features the most recent and up to date Nest Bedding promo code. We strive to ensure that our readers have access to the best mattress coupons. If you aren’t sure if the Alexander Signature Series Flippable bed is for you, don’t worry. We offer many other reviews and coupons for nearly every brand we review.

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Delivery & Unboxing:

brooklyn bowery vs love and sleepWhen it comes to buying a mattress online their are certainly many conveniences that come with it. The free delivery and compact shipping of your new mattress are just two of them. With modern technology mattresses are now able to be compressed, rolled and readily boxed for easy shipping right to your door. Allowing you to take the reigns on the very easy set-up process.

When your new boxed mattress arrives all you need to do is get it to where it needs to go. Remove the rolled mattress from the box and than carefully cut open. Your new bed will quickly take shape and expand rather rapidly. Though this is initially quite quick it will take a bit of time for full expansion. So letting your mattress firm up for several hours, as well as air out, is a good idea.

Typically with roll packed mattresses you will also notice a few new mattress smells. These are typically a combination of smells from the plastic wrap combine with the fresh materials in the bed. These aren’t harmful but can be a bit off putting. So if you are more sensitive merely open a window or step out of the room. These smells should dissipate fairly quickly and allow you to enjoy your new mattress in no time.

Trial Period:

mattress warranty & sleep trialWhen it comes to trying a new bed you’ll surely have a very good idea if you like it or love it within a few weeks. However, Nest Bedding offers a full year to test their online mattress. By giving you a 365 night sleep trial you will certainly have time to change your mind again and again.

But, with a solid and thick double sided mattress you will more than likely be sleeping on your new Alexander Signature Series mattress for much longer than a year. However, if it isn’t your cup of tea, no worries. Returns are fast, easy and FREE as well as give you a 100% refund.


mattress warranty & sleep trialWhat is better than a lifetime warranty? Not much! The Nest Bedding Signature Series Flippable Mattress comes with just that. A limited lifetime warranty that covers any manufacturer flaws or defects. As well as any abnormal wear or sagging from normal use.

Though this warranty is prorated and coincides with the expected life of the mattress, you rest sound with assurance that your mattress is covered.

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Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 100 Night Trial Period
  • Warranty Lifetime Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $1049
  • Twin XL $1249
  • Full $1449
  • Queen $1699
  • King $1899
  • Cal King $1899
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