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Boll and Branch may be more recognizable for their sheets, but what about the Boll and Branch Mattress? This quality mattress may be new and not as well known, but the craftsmanship may set it apart. With high end components and a luxurious feel this premium hybrid mattress will appeal to many sleepers. Offering one universal feel at an affordable price you’ll certainly want to learn more, so keep reading.

Boll and Branch Co.:

boll and branch missionFounded in 2014, Boll and Branch’s initial mission was to create the best sheets inside and out. By focusing on quality materials that have a trusted and transparent supply chain. As well as straight to consumer model that leaves out the “middle man” for an exceptional value. The concept of working directly with farmers and factory workers to ensure not only the best product but working conditions puts this brand ahead of its time with a true fair trade vision. As well as a level of sustainability, craftsmanship and quality that ensures their products stand above the rest.

Over the years Boll and Brand has been able to expand their brand beyond sheets. By still focusing on the best process and materials to create bedding for every member of the family. As well as towels, robes, blankets and more. And most recently in 2018, the Boll and Branch Mattress that offers a universal feeling luxury hybrid bed great for all sleepers.

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Boll and Branch Mattress Review:

best new mattress 2018The Boll and Branch mattress combines a dual coil system with multiple layers of latex. As well as a bit of wool and poly blended quilting for a just soft enough top. With these 5 layers topped with organic cotton and an ideal feel for all sleepers. This mattress has had top ranks since is introduction in late 2018.

So what exactly makes this mattress so special and one of the best mattress 2018 had to offer? We will be taking a closer look at this mattress to see just what it is made of, how it should perform and what to expect.

Boll and Branch Mattress Materials:

First things first, materials. Understanding what a mattress is made of helps us evaluate how it should feel and perform. So below we will go through each layer of the Boll and Branch mattress to get an inside look, literally, at what it is made of. Starting with top and working our way to the base.

Overall the Boll & Branch bed is a 5 layer mattress that adds up to 13.5″ thick. With dense and durable materials that will weigh 110lbs in a queen size. This hybrid latex mattress certainly will provide a solid sleeping surface with great support in every layer. As well as long lasting comfort you will notice for years to come.

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Comfort Layers:

The top layer of this mattress features a blend of wool and poly. This combination of fluffy and plush lofty fill is the perfect mattress topper. The natural benefits of wool include temperature regulation and breathability. Paired with the soft and resilient poly creates a just plush enough top for great comfort and a cool and cozy start to this mattresses comfort.

graphite infused latexUnder this is the first layer of premium latex. The graphite infused latex takes this naturally responsive materials to the next level. Latex is naturally aerated to sleep cool, but with the infusion of graphite to pull heat away from the body, you’ll sleep as cool as a cucumber. Not to mention the pressure relief, durable and resilient feel that pairs perfectly with the plush topper for great balance.

An additional thick layer of latex follows the graphite infused layer. Giving additional comfort with a layer of natural Talalay latex layer for deep comfort and stability too. This layer is produced to be 7x more breathable than standard latex and produces a very consistent and light latex that is still durable, but airy too.

the combination of these comfort layers provides a cool and comfortable mattress that is also ample in stable support that conforms to your bodies every need. Each layer working in synergy with the others for your benefit.

Support Layers & Cover:

boll and branch comfortWhen it comes to support what is better than a solid coil system? How about a solid coil system paired with a flexible mini coil system for unmatched comfort and support. This is what you’ll get in your Boll & Branch mattress. Directly under the three foam comfort layers is the mini coil system that offer several practical reasons for superior build.

These coils not only provide added air flow but the flexible lower gauge steel also provides flexible support. Allowing you to easily move and never feel the shift of support over time. Each coil is also individually encased for minimal motion transfer. Creating a great mattress for anyone sharing a mattress and desiring as little partner disturbance as possible.

Under these micro coils is the main coil system. These thicker gauged coils are great for long term support and durability. As well as contributing to ample airflow and heat dissipation. They also are individually wrapped for more precise support and durable edge support too. Giving the Boll and Branch mattress a solid support system that not only is ergonomically appealing but also long lasting. Making this mattress one that will surely outlast many other online options.

To top it off this well built mattress is covered in soft and breathable organic cotton. Adding one more fine tuned detail that makes for an exceptional mattress from top to bottom.

boll and branch mattress materials

Boll & Branch Mattress Benefits:

boll and branch mattress comfortNow that you know what this mattress is made of we can get into how that translates to your sleep. How a bed sleeps and performs is typically why we choose it. Typically comfort is the most obvious priority.

But, there are a few other areas that are worth noting when choosing a new mattress too. Below we will go through not only what to expect from the comfort, but other important aspects of the Boll and Branch mattress too.

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Boll & Branch Comfort:

Comfort may be somewhat subjective, but understanding the materials of the mattress, along with the intended firmness, certainly helps give a better understanding of how comfortable a mattress is. The Boll and Branch mattress is a universal feel that should appeal to most every sleeper. The medium to medium-firm feel should fall right in line of firmness levels that will cover the ideal overlap of comfort for the majority of people out there.

Back Sleepers:

boll and branch safeIf you sleep on your back the impressive support and responsive push back of comfort layers will feel great. Allowing you to sink in just enough to relieve pressure points and contour to your spine. Creating an adaptable surface that isn’t too soft or too firm. And great for lumbar support that won’t sag over time.

Side Sleepers:

If you sleep on your side this will also be a great option. Though anyone looking for a softer mattress may find the Boll and Branch to border on being a bit too firm, most will appreciate this feel. The multiple latex layers and mini coils are flexible and let you sink in without the lack of support. Allowing for plenty of deep comfort and your shoulder and hip plenty of comfortable sink.

Stomach Sleepers:

If sleeping on your stomach is preferred, again this bed has you covered. The materials are contouring but resilient making sure you never will have too much bow in your back while on your stomach. The comfort level really does a marvelous job of integrating an ideal feel that will work for the vast majority of sleepers, including combination sleepers who may find themselves in every sleeping position over the course of the night.

Bigger Sleepers:

And, if you are a larger sleeper rest assured this mattress will be a good fit for you too. The durable dual coil system and two layers of latex make this mattress one that can accommodate more weight with less break down. Making the comfort of the Boll and Branch mattress one that will really check so many sleepers needs.

boll and branch mattress

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Motion Transfer:

boll and branch motion transferWith any mattress making sure partner disturbance is at a minimal makes everyone a happy sleeper. Motion isolation can sometimes be associated with hybrid and latex mattresses. However, the design and materials of the Boll & Branch bed do a great job of making this a huge misconception. This latex hybrid mattress uses dual coils that are both pocketed, or individually wrapped. Keeping them free of being intertwined ensuring they don’t feel your partner move.

The multiple latex layers are responsive but light, airy and stable for limited motion transfer. The dense properties of latex also help give it a bit of bounce but bounce that doesn’t travel. Paired with the thick layer of fluffy quilted wool and poly over top creates a surface that muffles and deadens initial motion. Making this latex hybrid mattress one that will not create any excess movement or noticeable partner disturbance.

Sleeping Cool:

boll and branch best mattressWhen it comes to latex hybrid mattress you never need to worry about a hot mattress. The materials are intended for the coolest bed from top to bottom. And the Boll and Branch is exactly that. By using very thought out layers to make sure each aspect creates a cool mattress that will even be pleasant on the warmest summer night.

Not to reiterate the materials of this mattress, each layer has its job when it comes to sleeping cool. From using the natural temperature regulation of wool and breathable organic cotton. The aerated comfort latex layers, one with graphite to pull heat away. And two coil systems for ample airflow and heat dissipation. Creating a perfect pairing of components for naturally cooler sleep. This mattress checks yet another box when it comes to what most people need in a new mattress.

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Edge Support:

boll and branch edge supportWith layers that are stable, sturdy and supportive you will benefit from great edge support too. The Boll and Branch offers a thick mattress that uses a solid build from top to bottom that creates a fully usable sleep surface. When a mattress has great consistency and stability you are able to enjoy the bed from every angle. Allowing you to sleep in the middle or right up to the edge with a no change in feel or support.

When it comes to perimeter support it is also nice to know that getting in and out of bed will feel supported too. Sitting up and having an edge that can easily hold your weight and make getting in and out of bed with ease is a great aspect of a mattress too. This also shows how stable the edge is for sitting too. Though mattresses are best suited for sleeping we all sit on the edge from time to time. And having a mattress that doesn’t collapse under you is always preferred.

Boll and Branch Mattress Basics:

So now that you know how this mattress should perform and how it is built lets get into the logistics. Just how much is this mattress, what comes with it and what can you expect from Boll and Branch as a company. Below we will briefly go through the more basic aspects of ordering this online bed-in-a-box.


value button on a keyboardThe exact, and most up to date pricing of each size of the Boll and Branch mattress can be found below the review. But, when it comes to price it may be more important to look at the value opposed to just the dollar figure. Value gives a better insight to whether or not this mattresses price is in line with the build, comfort and benefits.

The Boll and Branch’s most popular queen size mattress comes in at $2,500. This is a price point that makes this mattress more expensive than most online competitors. Though you do get a great mattress with details in every layer, the price will be out of many sleepers budgets.

This mattress has a good value, but with so many other great latex hybrid options coming in under $2000, it makes it hard for the value of this mattress to compete. When you order the Boll and Branch latex hybrid mattress you will get free white glove delivery. As well as free removal of your old mattress. This does help the value of this mattress.

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If you are sure that the Boll & Branch bed is for you but it might be out of your mattress budget they do offer financing. Ran through Affirm, you have the option of paying your new mattress off over the course of 3, 6 or 12 months. This option can be completed at BollandBranch.com when purchasing your mattress. Making it not only super easy, but very convenient too.


When you order your new Boll and Branch delivery is not only included, but removal too. And to make this transaction sweeter it is white glove delivery. Meaning all you need to do is schedule the time that works best for you. As well as point the way once they arrive to where the mattress will go. But other than that, no work for you other than to enjoy and put your bedding on once it is dropped off.

Trial Period:

When purchasing a new mattress online you typically get a safety net to try it out before committing. This is in the form of a trial period. With the Boll & Branch mattress you’ll get 100 nights to sleep on this bed to see just how it works. During that time if you feel that this mattress isn’t a good fit, no worries. Your mattress can be returned for free with a full refund issued. One thing to note is that most mattresses do take a few weeks to break in. So, Boll and Branch does require a minimum of 30 days before requesting a return.


With any mattress, online or not, a warranty is usually in place to cover any manufacturer defects for flaws. The Boll and Branch mattress comes with a 10 year limited warranty. This ensures that any such defects are covered. To learn more visit the FAQ section at the bottom of the mattress page at BollandBranch.com.

Boll & Branch Mattress Coupon

Check out more about this premium latex hybrid mattress at BollandBranch.com. Also, feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions you have too!

Boll & Branch Mattress Rating
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Boll & Branch Mattress Overview

The Boll & Branch luxury mattress is a durable and solid build featuring a universal comfort that should work for many sleepers. Thick and well made that feels high end and will appeal to many shapes, sizes and sleeping styles.

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free White Glove Delivery
  • Trial Period 100 Night Trial Period
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $1800
  • Twin XL $1950
  • Full $2250
  • Queen $2500
  • King $2900
  • Cal King $2900
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