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Two sides are arguably better than one. But, take it one step further with a two sided mattress that is also made sustainably. With benefits that offer a great sleeping experience night after night, how can you go wrong with the EcoSleep mattress? This new mattress, introduced by the well established online mattress brand, Brooklyn Bedding, may be for you.

ecosleep mattressThe natural components of the EcoSleep mattress will make this a flippable mattress unlike most others. Featuring a combination of Joma wool, natural latex and steel coils. As well as an organic cotton cover to top it all off. This two sided latex hybrid mattress offers two varying degrees of comfort, with one medium side and one firm side. Appealing to a large variety of sleepers looking for a healthy and green sleeping experience.

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We are going to take a closer look at the EcoSleep mattress and how it will benefit you. From an in-depth look at each layer of materials. To how the comfort will work in every sleeping position. As well as several other benefits that you can expect. Along with the details for the overall buying process. Giving you an unbiased yet personal look at this new and appealing sustainable mattress.

EcoSleep Mattress Materials:

Before we get into how this mattress feels and performs, it is good to get familiar with the materials and construction. Allowing us to understand how these particular materials translate to benefiting sleep. Below we will go through each of the 4 layers of this 11″ mattress, starting with the cover and working into the core of this flippable hybrid mattress.

ecosleep mattress materials

Cover & Comfort Layers:

Each side of this two sided mattress features a soft and breathable organic cotton cover backed with a quilted layer of Joma wool. The layer of wool not only adds a layer of plushness, but also inherent properties that neutralize temperature and wick away moisture. The wool even provides a natural fire barrier too. Giving you a great feel all year long and works for hot as well as cool sleepers.

birch talalay latexThe comfort layers of this mattress use 100% natural latex that is great at relieving pressure but offers a more responsive feel over memory foam. Allowing you to never feel stuck and easily turn or change positions. Since it is naturally aerated, it ensures a very minimal amount of heat gets trapped. This foam is naturally resilient and durable, so it won’t break down as quickly as many other foams. Allowing the feel of the mattress to change very little over time.

With this double sided mattress you will have one side that features two 1.5″ layers of latex creating a medium feel. While the other side offers one 1.5″ layer of latex that is more of a firm feel. Allowing you to get the same great benefits of the latex on both sides, but with a different level of firmness that appeals to a variety of sleepers.

Core Support Layer: 

mattress coilsThe core of the EcoSleep mattress uses a 6″ steel Ascension coil system. These recycled coils are encased to ensure minimal partner disturbance. All while providing great precision comfort and support. Allowing your body to get proper alignment and lumbar support regardless of which side you opt for.

The great thing about coils is not only their long lasting and durable appeal. But also the fact that they offer plenty of airflow to allow heat a place to escape. Creating a mattress that sleeps cooler all night long. These particular coils are also recycled to add yet another element of sustainability to this mattress.

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EcoSleep Mattress Comfort:

The great thing about the comfort of the EcoSleep mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is that you get two firmness options in one bed. The beauty of having a flippable mattress with two distinct feels is easily accessible options. This is great for allowing this mattress to work for a variety of sleepers.

The build and materials of this mattress create a well supported latex hybrid mattress. The comfort layers will offer some pressure relief but with a more buoyant and responsive feel. Giving you a feeling of pushing back opposed to sinking in. This is unlike the feeling of memory foam. Making this hybrid mattress very comfortable but also feeling slightly more resilient which in some instances may be confused for feeling firmer.

Side Sleepers:

For side sleepers the medium side of this mattress is going to appeal much more. The double layer of latex will create much better pressure relief and deep comfort that side sleepers need and desire. The 3″ of natural latex are plenty for allowing your shoulders and hips to sink in for an ideal feel and alignment.

Stomach Sleepers:

Unlike side sleepers, if you prefer sleeping on your stomach, you will more than likely gravitate towards the firm side. The more rigid comfort of the firm side will still allow for your body to sink in enough. But not so far that you feel your back bowing. Giving the firmer side of this mattress a better fit for dominate stomach sleepers.

Back Sleepers:

Back sleepers will appreciate both sides of this mattress. The great thing about latex hybrid mattresses is there responsive nature that allows them to relieve pressure by gently pushing back. This is most obvious for back sleepers. It really just comes down to which side appeals to you more when it comes to the EcoSleep mattress.

Combination Sleepers:

If you sleep in all positions and you are more average to smaller framed, the medium side is definitely the side to go with. The great thing about the medium feel of this mattress is that it really easily adjusts and works for every sleeper and position. With a great responsiveness that uses durable and dense materials that are still pliable. Giving you just enough cushion and support in every sleeping position.

Larger Sleepers:

If you’re a heavy person looking for a new mattress, you may want to look at a mattress with a thicker coil system. Though this mattress may offer some materials that are known to be more substantial the build lacks a density that would be good for long term use if you are a larger person. Also, both sides may feel a bit softer than if you are smaller to more average is size. We would recommend looking for a more substantial mattress if you are larger sleeper looking for a new mattress.

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EcoSleep Mattress Performance:

When it comes to the materials of a mattress these key components can translate to so much more than just comfort. How a mattress performs in other areas is also very important for overall comfort and enjoyment. Below we will look at how the EcoSleep works when it comes to partner disturbance, sleeping cool as well as perimeter support.

Motion Transfer:

When it comes to minimal motion transfer and partner disturbance this mattress may not be for you. The coil system of this bed is quite flexible. And when paired with the more buoyant latex together they do create quite a bit of vibrating movement.

There are several latex hybrid brands that we have tried that do a great job of isolating motion. However, with the two sided build along with the 6″ Ascension coil system in the EcoSleep you do have responsiveness that borders on distracting.

If you are less sensitive to partner disturbance or motion than you’ll enjoy this bed. However, if you are a light sleeper, have a different sleep schedule from your partner or just want very minimal motion transfer, you’ll probably want to go in a different direction.

Temperature Regulation:

A great quality about the EcoSleep mattress, and latex hybrid beds in general, is there ability to sleep cool. The properties of each material individually are great assets to a cool mattress. But put them all together and you have a mattress from top to bottom comprised of heat dissipating layers that make for a cool bed.

Starting with the breathable cotton cover and pairing it with a temperature regulating and moisture wicking wool quilted batting. Than using comfort layers of natural and naturally aerated latex for a responsive and airy foam. And finally a coil system in the core that has ample airflow to help eliminate any possible heat retention too. All in all making a mattress that will appeal to all sleepers, but hot sleepers especially.

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Edge Support:

When looking at the perimeter support of a mattress there are two points of interest. Edge support for sleeping and edge support for sitting. Sleeping clearly takes precedence since that’s the main function of a mattress. But, since sitting is a secondary function it is good to look at that as well.

With the EcoSleep mattress the edge support the sleeping surface is quite consistent and reliable. The coil system creates a uniform feel with resilient layers of latex that go smoothly right up to the edge. All in all making for a mattress that has little to no difference whether you are sleeping in the center or edge. Giving you a fully usable sleep surface.

When it comes to sitting on the edge you will find this mattress to perform just fine. Though it might not have the support of hybrid builds with thicker or reinforced coils it has more than the standard all foam mattress options too. Giving you an edge that can be used for occasional sitting that will still feel solid and stable.

EcoSleep Mattress Basics:

Now that you know what you can expect from the materials, comfort and performance of this mattress what about the basics? How much will this mattress cost? What’s included with the price? And just how does this online mattress shopping experience work? Below we will cover all these inquiries as well as a few other notable basics when it comes to the EcoSleep by Brooklyn Bedding mattress.


The great thing about this mattress is that it is like getting two mattresses in one. With two sides of comfort this reversible mattress sets itself apart. Not only that, but this mattress is quite affordable. With most other latex hybrid mattresses you’ll find a price point that might be a little out of your desired range, but the EcoSleep comes in at a great value.

For the most up to date and latest pricing it is always best to check EcoSleep.com directly. But currently, the most popular size, a Queen size mattress, is just $1249. This includes a 120 night trial, free shipping and returns as well as a 10 year warranty. This price alone is a good value for this two sided 11″ mattress.

EcoSleep Coupons:

As mentioned above the EcoSleep bed is already at a great price point. However, with the latest EcoSleep coupon, found below, you will get this mattress for an even better price. Making not only the value increase, but the extra cash in your pocket. Make sure to follow the link in order to access the best Ecosleep by Brooklyn Bedding mattress coupon.

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Delivery & Unboxing:

When it comes to online shopping the convenience makes purchasing so easy. With the click of a button you will have a new mattress being made right in the USA that will then show up at your door in just a few days. Not only that but you don’t have to pay extra for delivery with this mattress either. The EcoSleep mattress will be compressed, wrapped in plastic and put into a box that will make it a breeze to set up upon arrival.

All you need to do is move the box to your bedroom. Take the roll packed mattress out and cut away the plastic. Step back and watch it expand before your eyes. Initially this process looks like it only takes seconds, but, it is good to let the mattress not only breath but take some time to firm up too.

It is also good to let the mattress breath for a few hours after unwrapping too. Not only are there a few plastic wrap smells that may linger, but new mattress smells in general too. This mattress is natural, so though there won’t be any hazardous or noxious fumes, you may notice a few odors that are more natural. With the EcoSleep mattress you may want to wait a day or two before making up your mind on the comfort. Since it will slightly change within that first day or two.

Trial Period:

With all online mattress purchases you have a trial period to test drive your new mattress. With the EcoSleep mattress you will have a 120 night sleep trial. Allowing you a sufficient amount of time to see if this mattress is a good fit for you. Typically it will take your body anywhere between several days to several weeks to adjust to a new mattress. But, if after a good chunk of time this mattress doesn’t feel like a good fit, no problem. Free returns as well as a full refunded can be requested in that first 120 day period.


Purchasing any mattress will include a standard warranty. With every EcoSleep mattress comes a 10 year manufacturers warranty. This warranty will cover any manufacturing flaws or defects. As well as abnormal wear with regular use. This warranty is prorated, so if you have questions or concerns check out the warranty page at EcoSleep.com.

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Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 120 Night Sleep Trial
  • Warranty 10 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $899
  • Twin XL $949
  • Full $1149
  • Queen $1249
  • King $1499
  • Cal King $1499
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