Mattress Protector Reviews

tuft & needle mattress protectorFor me a mattress protector is like buying a new car and setting up your insurance. It is a no-brainer. By protecting your investment right from the start you not only have piece of mind, but also confidence in using your new purchase. By no means is a mattress or mattress protector the same level of investment as a car, which is even more reason to make sure you get a mattress protector.

Below I will give you not only a little more insight to the importance of having a protector on every bed in your house, but also a great selection of online mattress protector reviews that I highly recommend.

Why Should I Get A Mattress Protector?

Mattress protectors really do what they are so obviously suppose to do. Protect. They are there to protect your mattress investment from the average daily use, and beyond. Mattress protectors keep away unnecessary and unwanted stains, allergens, sweat and dust mites from getting into your mattress. They also protect it from occasional accidents and spills that we are never prepared for.

When it comes to bedding we feel protectors are just as important as sheets. If you don’t have a protector your mattress is vulnerable to collecting unhealthy build-up that can easily be avoided. Making this a necessary that really should be something on every single mattress in your house.

The fact that they are as easy to clean as your sheets makes them so easy to use. The cost savings and added longevity of your mattress goes without saying. And the possible embarrassment or added unnecessary cleaning makes them priceless. Their importance is why we are providing mattress protector reviews for several protectors to help you find the right one. Otherwise you may be spending countless hours cleaning your mattress and never really get that “smell” out.

Which Mattress Protector Is Best For Me?

how to protect your mattress from spills and bugsA mattress protector’s #1 function is to protect your bed. We feel that the best options are water-proof 5-sided options that fully cover your bed and thoroughly protect it. While many of the mattress protectors below cover those basics they also provide several other additional features that set them apart.

Several options offer added cooling benefits that help pull heat away and not add any excess warmth. While other options offer natural materials for a more green choice. And others have added padding to give you a little extra cushion. Most every mattress protector we have reviewed meets requirements for necessary protection a few are a little better than others. Below are a few of our top ranked protectors and what stands out about each. Otherwise, keep scrolling for a full list of our mattress protector reviews.

What Do We Review?

During our mattress protector reviews we are comparing and rating several popular online mattress and bedding brand’s mattress protectors. We are not only testing them to see how comfortable they are, we also look at their overall quality and the materials and value too. We want to make you they not only protect your bed but also offer the optimal in performance for what you are looking for.

Accessory Reviews
Product Description Price Ratings Links
bear mattress protector review by our sleep guide Bear Mattress Protector - A protector with deep pockets that could work on any bed. Keeps the mattress clean of stains, spills and dust and sweat. $75 4.72
winkbeds breathebool mattress protector WinkBeds DreamClool Mattress Protector - Durable and Premium Waterproof Protector. $69 4.7
the organic waterproof mattress protector review by our sleep guide Avocado Waterproof Mattress Protector - Natural and Water Resistant $89 4.68
tuft and needle mattress protector review Tuft and Needle Mattress Protector - Affordable, water resistant, light-weight and breathable must have mattress protector. $50 4.67
avocado mattress pad protector review our sleep guide Avocado Mattress Pad Protector - Organic mattress pad with some protection properties. $199 4.66
buffy plush mattress protector review Buffy Mattress Protector: Natural bed protection $99 4.65
Helix Mattress Review Helix Mattress Protector - Waterproof Protection & Easy To Clean $75 4.64
luxury cooling mattress pad from brooklyn bedding review Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Mattress Protector - High End Waterproof & Cooling Mattress Protector $99 4.63
the layla mattress protector comparison review Layla Mattress Protectors: Essential, Cooling & Full Encasement Protector $49 4.63
bamboo mattress protector by nolah review logo Nolah Bamboo Mattress Protector $99 4.62
purple mat protect logo review Purple Mattress Protector - Waterproof mattress protector that provides comfort and stretch. $79 4.62
leesa mattress protector logo Leesa Mattress Protector - Waterproof Mattress Barrier $55 4.59
casper mattress protector logo Casper Mattress Protector - Waterproof mattress protector that fits up to a 16" thick bed. $85 4.55
Puffy Mattress Protector - Waterproof, but soft and healthy mattress protector. $85 4.52