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Accessory Review Leesa Mattress Protector

leesa mattress protector reviewed
Looking to protect your new mattress? Great! We always suggest using a mattress protector in order to extend the life of your new bed. Whether you are hoping to protect your mattress from something as little as dust and dander, or if you need protection from profuse sweating, potty training, spills and more. The Leesa mattress protector truly does it all. Keep reading to learn how the Leesa Mattress Protector can work for you.

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mattress protector by leesa review Leesa has two different fabrics making up their Mattress Protector. The top section is made out of 100% Nylon Mica Fiber. While the sides consist of 100% Polyester. This provides a 5-side waterproof protection around the mattress.

Like most mattress protectors these are not the most breathable materials, however they do get your mattress completely protected. And the long lasting durability and reliability of these materials ensures you’ll use your mattress protector for years.

Protection Level:

leesa mattress protected spills waterproofThe entire purpose into purchasing a mattress protector is to keep your mattress clean and protected for any and all allergens, dust, dander, dirt, spills, or accidents. Although not all mattress protectors protect your bed from all of these things. Some are great for keeping allergens like dust or dander off of your mattress, but are not waterproof. The great news is that Leesa protects your bed from all of these.

The waterproof barrier keeps everything from spills to animal fur and dander out of your mattress. The Leesa Mattress Protector also protects the mattress from all sides, not just the top. So if something spills and goes down the sides, you mattress will still be safe. Making the protection level of this cover top notch.

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soft comfortable protector reviewsLeesa made their mattress protector out of a lightweight performance material. It is soft and doesn’t create too much bulk under your standard sheets. This allows for your sheets to fit comfortably and for you to sleep on your mattress with no bulky crunchy feeling between you and your bed.

For fitting purposes the Twin – Queen sizes fit up to 15″ deep mattress. While the King – California King fits up to a 17.5″ deep mattress. This is great news as it means these mattress protector will comfortably fit most mattresses. They also won’t do anything to alter the feel of your mattress too.


deep pocket mattress protector leesaThis is a great price for a mattress protector. There are a lot of pricey options out there, and Leesa has made a great mattress protector that comes in at a very reasonable price. If you are wanting to protect your master bedroom mattress, or your kids mattresses, at these prices you will be able to get a new mattress protector for the whole family. Leesa also provides a 1-Year Warranty with your new mattress protector.

  • Twin: $55
  • Twin XL: $55
  • Full: $60
  • Queen: $63
  • King: $71
  • California King: $71

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Care Instructions:

mattress protector reviewedNo need to worry about cleanup here. Whether you are doing a standard wash or if you spilled on your mattress protector, the care instruction are just about the same. If there is a large spill or if your mattress protector got very dirty, get as much off of the protector as you can first, brush off debris or clean up the spill as much as you can first. Then simply throw in the washer with up to high heat if you like.

You can even tumble dry on high heat if you prefer. If you find that your mattress protector makes a lot of sound at first, they suggest washing before use in order to cut down on any sound it may make before you use it.

Leesa Mattress Protector:

This is a great standard mattress protector. It may not be full of the latest features or specialty materials that other mattress protectors may have, but it sure does get the job done, and at a great price we might add. If you are looking for a particularly cool sleeping mattress protector, or one that makes little to no noise as you move on top of it, then you may not love this mattress protector. However, if you are simply looking to keep dust dirt and spills of/out of your bed, then this is a great pick.

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the mattress protector by leesa

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