Mattress Review Nolah Evolution Hybrid

nolah evolution luxury firm mattress review

Quality, Comfort and Affordability are just a few adjectives that describe the Nolah Evolution Hybrid Mattress. Not to mention durable, supportive, cooling and the list goes on and on. This bed is one that really checks so many boxes when it comes to buying a new mattress.

This 15″ thick bed is available in three ideal comfort options to match with anyone’s sleeping style. With the luxury firm choice being the most ideal middle of the road feel that will even please a couple with completely different firmness needs. This bed is one that we highly recommend and if you’re in Texas come into one of our mattress showrooms and try it first hand!

Nolah Evolution Mattress at a Glance

We have lots of amazing info on this top rated mattress for larger sleepers. But we know that sometimes you want to get straight to the point. Below we have a quick overview of the Nolah Comfort Plus mattress. You will quickly see that that this hybrid bed a sturdy and adaptable build along with superior comfort creating the ultimate ideal feel for heavier size sleepers.

  • inside the nolah evolution hybrid mattressDesign: Classic Hybrid Build: 6 Layers + Quilted Cooling Cover & 15″ Thick
  • Firmness Options: 3 Feels including Plush, Luxury Firm & Firm
  • Heat Retention: Great Temperature Regulation
  • Bounce Factor: Minimal Motion Transfer
  • Durability: Overall Very Support & Long-lasting
  • Bonuses: #6 Best Mattress Overall, #3 Best Mattress for Couples
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  • Additional Perks:
    • American Design & Assembly
    • 120 Night Trial
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Free Delivery & Returns

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Nolah Evolution Hybrid Mattress Review

Nolah Hybrid Evolution MattressWhile a brief outline may be enough to start your mattress buying process we know that a full in-depth review is necessary to get all your questions answered. Below we will go through the ins and outs of this plus size sleeper mattress.

Looking into the design, comfort, motion transfer, heat retention and plenty more. As well as the basics of buying this online mattress and what to expect from that process. While we don’t want to make it a novel to read we still want to give you a solid mattress review, so set aside about 3 to 5 minutes to learn more!

How is the Nolah 15″ Hybrid Designed?

The Nolah Evolution mattress is a hybrid mattress meaning that it combines a coil system with several layers of comfort and support foams. This combination allows for amazing support that you can easily move on and doesn’t get too hot. As well as the benefits contouring foam that alleviates pressure points and hugs your body for the best sleep.

Below you can see just how many layers go into this 15″ thick mattress. The Evolution Hybrid by Nolah uses a solid zoned coil system to emphasize lumbar support and thoughtfully layers aperfect balanced variety of foams to create an exceptional bed.


nolah evolution hybrid mattress materials

Which Nolah Evolution is best for you?

nolah 15 evolution hybrid bedThe Nolah Evolution Hybrid is offered in three comfort options. Starting with a Plush feel that will be the softest option. This firmness is ideal for dominate side sleepers as well as smaller than average sleepers as well. This feel uses slightly softer foams that cradle your body more and allow your shoulders and hips to sink in even better.

The most popular option is the luxury firm feel. This comfort is just a tad firmer than medium. Making it adaptable to almost all sleepers and sizes. This option is great for couples as well as combination sleepers. Allowing you to get a gentle firm feel that still allows for plenty of pressure relief but also ample support.

The last option is the firm feel. This is a truer firm feel that is ideal for dominate back and  stomach sleepers. While still offering plenty of comfort the feel is more sturdy and offers denser foams that won’t allow your body to sink in too far.

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How does the Nolah Hybrid do with Heat Retention?

nolah evolution bed in a boxWhen it comes to temperature regulation we always love hybrid mattresses. By design they offer great heat dissipation through the coil system, allowing limited trapped body heat. This mattress also has a breathable gusset around the edges to allow the any trapped heat to easily escape. The Nolah Evolution also uses a variety of materials in the comfort layers to help minimize heat as well.

The cooling cover starts right at the heat source by drawing heat away from the body. Right under the cover the quilting also works to pull heat away as well, giving you two materials working in tandem to help you stay cool. While the patented AirFoamICE infused with graphite is the comfort foam that actively cools the body just enough to keep it comfortable all night long. All together making this a cool bed.

What is the Bounce Factor of the Nolah Evolution?

Motion transfer is certainly less of an issue with most mattresses these days. With new age hybrid style beds you always get an ideal combination of springs and comfort foams. The foams help lessen any excess motion. While the coils are individually wrapped to ensure vibration does not travel throughout the bed.

The Nolah 15″ Evolution does a great job of making sure that you have just enough bounce to easily move on the bed. But not enough to disturb your sleeping partner. Making this bed great for couples and anyone sharing a bed.

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Is the Nolah Evolution Hybrid Durable?

Absolutely! We love the quality and durability of the Nolah mattresses. The Evolution hybrid in particular uses the best materials to create this long lasting mattress. The steel coils create a sound foundation while the dense comfort foams partner together perfectly to not only provide comfort, but long lasting support as well. This bed offers 15 inches of well designed and constucted materials to create a solid mattress choice.

nolah evolution mattress review new

What is the Nolah Evolution 15 Pricing?

While Nolah has many mattresses at various price points, the Nolah Evolution is the creme-de-la-creme, making it a bit more than their other more modest offers. However, comparably speaking to several other brands out there the quality of this mattress this bed is incredibly affordable. This luxury mattress is 15″ thick and well under $2,000 in the King size. Making it a steal in the queen size.

The Nolah Evolution 15 mattress starts at $1049 for a Twin and goes up to $1889 for a King. While the most popular size, the Queen, comes in at $1749. Included in the pricing is a 120-night sleep trial, free shipping as well as a lifetime warranty. Making this mattress an unbelievable value! For the latest savings make sure to click the button below too!

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Are there Purchasing Perks with Nolah Mattresses?

nolah evolution a look insideWhen it comes to your new Nolah Evolution mattress you will also get trial period. This time allows you to “test drive” your mattress with an allotted time to sleep on it before you decide to keep it. If you are not 100% happy with your new bed you have 120-days after you receive it to return your mattress. It also comes with a lifetime warranty as well.

Not only that but this bed has no additional shipping fees included – it is free shipping. It comes straight to your door roll packed in a fairly sizable, but manageable, box. Not only do you get all of this with your new mattress, but also some amazing FREE pillows! Also, if needed Nolah offers financing options too.

Nolah Evolution Hybrid Mattress Overview

If you are ready to evolve your sleep to new levels than you are ready for the Nolah Evolution Mattress. This super thick 15″ mattress is unbelievably comfortable and supportive. Using fantastic materials from top to bottom to create an affordable luxury mattress. This bed will have you running late because you are too comfortable!

Not only does this bed do amazing for comfort but also offers so much more. Cool sleeping with great temperature regulation, minimal partner disturbance, long-lasting durability and the highest quality materials. It also comes in at an astounding price point. Making this luxury mattress available for everyone.

nolah evolution luxury firm mattress review

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Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 120-Night Trial
  • Warranty Lifetime Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $1049
  • Twin XL $1119
  • Full $1609
  • Queen $1749
  • King $1889
  • Cal King $1889
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