Mattress Review Nolah Evolution Comfort+

Looking for a superior mattress for plus size sleepers? Look no further than the Nolah Evolution Comfort Plus. This 14″ thick hybrid mattress features dense, yet comfortable foams over a solid coil system. The Euro-top comfort adapts to your body to sooth aches and pains and relieve pressure. While the zoned coils are perfectly placed to give added support in the lumbar region. The quality and details of the Nolah Comfort+ mattress make it hard to believe that it can be so conveniently shipped right to your door, but it can!

nolah comfort plus hybrid mattress

Nolah Evolution Comfort+ at a Glance

We have lots of amazing info on this top rated mattress for larger sleepers. But we know that sometimes you want to get straight to the point. Below we have a quick overview of the Nolah Comfort Plus mattress. You will quickly see that that this hybrid bed a sturdy and adaptable build along with superior comfort creating the ultimate ideal feel for heavier size sleepers.

  • Nolah Comfort Plus Evolution Mattress ReviewDesign: Classic Hybrid Build: 6 Layers + Quilted Cooling Cover & 14″ Thick
  • Firmness: Solid yet contouring Luxury Firm Feel for 300+ lb sleepers
  • Heat Retention: Great Temperature Regulation
  • Bounce Factor: Minimal Motion Transfer
  • Durability: Overall Very Support & Long-lasting
  • Bonuses: #2 for Large Sleepers
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  • Additional Perks:
    • American Design & Assembly
    • 120 Night Trial
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Free Delivery & Returns

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Nolah Comfort Plus Hybrid Mattress Review

nolah comfort+ hybrid mattress for larger sleepersWhile a brief outline may be enough to start your mattress buying process we know that a full in-depth review is necessary to get all your questions answered. Below we will go through the ins and outs of this plus size sleeper mattress. Looking into the design, comfort, motion transfer, heat retention and plenty more.

As well as the basics of buying this online mattress and what to expect from that process. While we don’t want to make it a novel to read we still want to give you a solid mattress review, so set aside about 3 to 5 minutes to learn more!

Nolah Evolution+ Design

This hybrid mattress is designed to give amazing support and comfort to sleepers who are 300+ pounds. Simply put a hybrid mattress uses a main support system of steel coils paired with multiple comfort foams on top to give you the best of an innerspring and foam mattress. This particular hybrid mattress is made with even more substantial materials to best suit larger sleepers.

The 8″ thick HD Max steel coils are zoned to offer ample support right where you need it most. While the comfort layers of foam offer a variety of dense, breathable and pressure relieving foams that work together to help larger bodies find the most ideal combination of comfort and support. Below is a view of the layers offered in the Nolah Evolution Comfort+.

Nolah Evolution Comfort Plus Mattress Materials

Nolah Plus Mattress Feel & Support

nolah comfort+ hybrid mattress materialsThe Comfort+ mattress by Nolah is made of strong materials that also mold to you body. Intentionally designed to give a larger sleeper the feel of a high-end hotel-like sleeping experience. Giving anyone who is around or above 300lbs an ideal luxury firm, or medium firm feel.

This comfort is most ideal for the majority of sleepers and styles. It creates just enough softness to let side sleepers sink in plenty. While at the same time offers amazing lumbar support and a high enough density for back sleepers to enjoy as well.

Another great thing about the Nolah Plus mattress is that even though it is made with heavier bodies in mind it is still a great option for couples where one is more average size and the other larger. The comfort of this bed really does a great job of still being conforming and adaptable with just a more solid feel that works great for so many.

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Nolah Comfort Plus Heat Retention

Nolah Hybrid Mattress for Plus Size SleepersWhen it comes to mattresses it’s hard to find one these days that isn’t designed to combat overheating. This is again no exception and actually takes sleeping cool to a new level. Between the coils that help dissipate heat and foams made of more breathable materials there are several other attributes too.

Including an organic cotton cover that also has the cooling property of ArcitTex. As well as the top layer made of the most breathable and cooling quilting available. And even the added detail of the gusset around the edge of the bed being made of a durable yet ultra breathable material to allow extra heat dissipation right at the surface.

All of the efforts made to keep this bed cool do not go unnoticed and do a great job of ensuring even the warmest sleeper a comfortable night.

Bounce Factor

While a little bounce is always good for easy movement you don’t want your mattress rocking like a water bed. The Nolah Evolution Comfort+ creates a sturdy bed that while offers an ease of moving and using it does not create excess motion that transfers to all four corners.

The design and materials help attribute to the limited motion transfer. By using pocketed coil system to minimize excess vibration along with multiple dense foams to absorb motion. Working together to out perform other hybrid style mattresses. Making this a great choice for larger sleepers who worry about disturbing their partners while sleeping.

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When it comes to the Nolah Mattress for Plus Size Sleepers the durability and longevity is must. Creating a mattress to adapt and optimally perform for many years means using materials that go the distance.

While all of Nolah’s mattresses offer great integrity and durability, the Hybrid Comfort+ takes it up a notch by using even more sturdy coils and denser foams. Making sure that this mattress will last regardless of size or weight.

Nolah Evo Comfort+ Pricing

Nolah offers several mattresses at a variety of price points. The thicker and more durable Evolution Comfort Plus mattress comes in at the same pricing as their Evolution Hybrid Mattress.

Varying in price between $1049 for a Twin and up to $1889 for a King. While the most popular size, the Queen, comes in at $1749. Included in the pricing is a 120-night sleep trial, free shipping as well as a lifetime warranty. For the latest savings make sure to click the button below!

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nolah evolution comfort+ mattress

Additional Nolah Mattress Perks

With your new Nolah Evolution Comfort Plus mattress you will also get Nolah’s standard trial period. This time allows you to “test drive” your mattress. If you are not 100% happy with your new bed you have 120-days to return your mattress. This bed also comes with a lifetime warranty too.

On top of that this bed has no additional shipping fees attached. It comes straight to your door roll packed in a fairly sizable, but manageable, box. It also has a few additional perks like free pillows! As well as financing options if needed too.

Nolah Evolution Comfort Plus Overview

nolah comfort+ hybrid mattress for big and tall sleepersWhile there are certainly several online mattresses to choose from we can say that Nolah has always been a brand that offers a great quality mattress. The Nolah Evolution Comfort+ is no exception. This mattress is carefully designed to offer supreme support and comfort to larger sleepers. It is made with integrity and thoughtfulness that can be seen in every layer of the bed.

If you are in the market for a new mattress and you are a little on the heavier side, choosing a mattress like the Nolah Comfort Plus will be a great choice. Not only will this bed feel good but will last for many years as well. The price point also offers a great value that allows you to get a great bed with out over paying.

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Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 120-Night Trial
  • Warranty Lifetime

Current Pricing

  • Twin $1049
  • Twin XL $1119
  • Full $1609
  • Queen $1749
  • King $1889
  • Cal King $1889
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