Mattress Review Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress

bear elite hybrid bed

When it comes to mattresses we love the brands that focus on quality. What is even better is when the brands that have the best quality also offer some amazing price points. This is why we are loving the newest addition to the Bear Mattress line-up, the Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress.

This latest bed to go to market is top-notch in every way, but still very affordable. The quality and durability aren’t the only things worth mentioning either. The comfort of this bed is offered in three ideal firmness’s to accommodate anyone’s sleeping needs. While the details enhance the benefits in every aspect. We are truly excited to share with you more on the name that says it all, the Bear Hybrid ELITE!

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Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress At A Glance

We get that sometimes you don’t want the long winded version of a mattress review. Hence why we like to start with a brief at-a-glance general overview to know what to expect from this mattress. Below is a few bullet points that sum up our much more in-depth review of the Bear Elite Hybrid bed.

  • bear elite hybrid mattress review5 Layers | 14″ Thick Mattress
  • 3 Comfort Option: Luxury Plush, Luxury Firm & Extra Firm
  • Motion Transfer: Very Limited
  • Temperature Regulation: Very Good
  • Edge Support: Very Good
  • FREE Shipping & Returns
  • 365-Night Trial Period & Lifetime Warranty
  • USA Made
  • Financing Available
  • Price Range (Before Coupon): $1865-$2798
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Bear Hybrid Elite Mattress Review

bear elite mattress review

Now that you have seen a brief rundown of this mattress we can really get into the review. Below we will jump right into the materials of this bed to better understand not only how it is made, but how that translates to so much more. Including comfort, motion isolation, temperature regulation and edge support.

As well as go through some necessary details on the Bear mattress buying process. Keep reading to have all your questions answered. And if we left anything out, send us a message and we’d be happy to help answer any of your questions!

What Is The Bear Elite Made Of?

The Bear Elite mattress is a thick hybrid mattress that uses solid steel coils for support and adds layers of comforting and pressure reliving memory foam to create a solid bed that is also very contouring to your body. Below are the materials listed from top to bottom to give you an exact look at what is taking up all the space under this cooling cover.

  1. bear elite hybrid mattress materialsCool-to-the-touch Phase Change Cover with Celliant Fiber Padding
  2. Copper-Infused Memory Foam
  3. Zoned & Cut Comfort Foam: 5 Zones for Pressure Point Relief
  4. Reinforced Edge Coils
  5. 8″ Individually Encased Pocketed Coils
  6. High Density Base Foam

As you certainly see that this mattress uses a variety of quality materials in every inch. However,  the names of each layer may not be as telling about what they are and how they help you sleep. Which is why we are here!

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Cooling Cover:

When it comes to this amazing hybrid bed you’ll surely love the details that go in every layer. Even the quilted cover that offers a cool to the touch feel that keeps your temperature regulated all night long. This smooth yet cool cover also uses Celliant fiber padding to add extra plushness that also is known to help your body recover and heal while you sleep. Making the very top of the bed extra special in so many ways.

Comfort Layers:

Next are the comfort layers that add some great pressure relief and ideal firmness. The first comfort layer is a memory foam layer that is infused with copper. This slow responding dense layer cradles your body to make sure it is supported and cushioned in all the right spots. The copper infusion makes it even better by helping deter heat as well as helps your mattress stay clean with its natural anti-bacterial properties.

Under that is a layer of specialty cut and crafted foam that is zoned for the most optimal support and comfort. This very special layer allows for your body to sink in just enough and in all the right places. As you can see below, the laser cut foam creates little valleys and hills that let you sink in more naturally while still being supported. This is not only amazing for the feel but the aeration also helps keep the mattress cool and comfortable too.

bear elite zoned comfort foam

Support Layers:

We love hybrid mattresses because they offer the best of both worlds. Ideal pressure relief and comfort from multiple layers of foam. As well as a solid coil system that allows for long lasting support, precision comfort and plenty of air flow too. This particular 8″ coil system is heavy duty but also with just enough give to let your body have optimal alignment. Each of these coils is individually wrapped for support that contours to your body.

The edge of this coil system is also reinforced with springs that offer added support for superior edge resistance. Meaning the edge support of this mattress is fantastic and allows for a solid perimeter. All of this sits on top of dense base foam that creates a solid foundation and sturdy surface for these amazing materials to rest.

All in all, the Bear Elite Hybrid mattress is made of several amazing layers of materials with thoughtful details. Working together to provide amazing support that is complimented with ideal comfort too.

What Are The Bear Elite Comfort Options?

What do we like most when it comes to comfort? Well, we certainly like quality, which the Bear Elite Hybrid is. But, we also like options. Which is awesome to have three perfected firmness options. The NEW Bear Elite mattress comes in a softer feel called a luxury plush, the most popular and medium feel called the luxury firm. As well as a true firm options called the extra firm.

While all of the options provide amazing support the differentiating feels allow for a more precise comfort for all sleepers. Allowing a variety of needs and dominate sleeping positions to be perfectly complimented. While the luxury firm may be the most popular and most adaptable, the luxury plush is ideal for side sleepers. And the extra firm is perfect for back sleepers. Making each choice the perfect choice depending on your needs.

Which Firmness Option Is Best For Me?

While we just discussed the three comfort options offered in the Bear Elite Hybrid it might be tough to choose which is best for you? Which is why we are going to go through each feel in greater detail to help you pinpoint which will be the most ideal choice for you.

Luxury Plush

Side sleepers get ready for an ideal feel! The Bear Elite luxury plush is an optimal comfort level for side sleepers. While the support is fabulous you get enough cushion and pressure relief for side sleeping but not a bed that you sink too far into. This perfect compromise of plushness and support makes this a great bed for anyone who likes their bed just a tad softer.

This mattress is more of a medium-soft than a true soft. Meaning that it comes in just below a true medium feel. We have found this to be a great firmness level that gives you a more hotel-like feel without being too extreme on the soft end. We anticipate this mattress definitely being one on our list of best mattresses for side sleepers.

Luxury Firm

The luxury firm option is going to probably be the most popular comfort choice of the three. This mattress offers a feel just a tad firmer than a true medium. Making it supportive in all the right places yet contouring too. The fact that his mattress offers cut comfort foam will really elevate it’s ability to relieve pressure regardless of which sleeping position you are in.

This mattress will accommodate pretty much all sleepers. Making it perfect for combination sleepers and couples who need a bed that will be ideal for different sizes and sleeping styles. The luxury firm feel of the Bear Elite does a great job of really providing a luxurious feel that also feels solid and substantial.

Extra Firm

If you like a mattress that is a true firm feeling mattress, but still comfortable, this is the one. While the name may call it “extra” firm this mattress is still great for back and stomach sleepers who like a firmer surface that still contours just enough of their body. This mattress is very sturdy but not so much that you would call it uncomfortable or hard.

The Bear Elite extra firm does a great job of providing a strong surface that is ideal for anyone looking for more support. Which also includes heavier or larger sleepers who want a mattress that is more durable and supportive but also comfortable. Don’t let the name fool you on this one, it might be firm, but it is still amazingly comfortable.

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Bear Hybrid Elite Benefits

We know that the bread and butter of any mattress is finding the perfect comfort. However, when buying a new mattress there are a few other areas to consider as well. The other benefits we look at in a new mattress are the motion isolation, the temperature regulation and the edge support. All of which help you sleep more sound and comfortably. Below is how you can expect the Bear Elite to perform in these areas.

Motion Transfer:

With the Bear mattresses you really get a line-up of beds that focus on great quality and build. Which is why when we come to the added benefits it is hard not to brag about how great they are. With the Bear Elite you get everything we already love about the Bear beds and than some.

With motion isolation you’ll notice that this bed knocks it out of the park yet again. The individual pocketed coils do a fantastic job of providing precision support that doesn’t result in excess movement. While the dense yet comfortable foams readily absorb excess movement and prevent it from traveling. Meaning that this mattress allows you to move freely but without disrupting your partners sleep. Whichever comfort option you choose the motion isolation will be great.

Temperature Regulation:

More Coming Soon!

Edge Support:

More Coming Soon!

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Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 365 Night Trial
  • Warranty Lifetime Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $1865
  • Twin XL $1998
  • Full $2132
  • Queen $2398
  • King $2798
  • Cal King $2798
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