Best Memory Foam Mattresses 2024

best memory foam mattress

Not all memory foam mattresses are created equal. You will have plenty of sub par brands that are over priced and underwhelming. And that is what we WON’T be talking about. We are only bringing you the best memory foam mattresses that we have tried ourselves and can confidently recommend.

Below we have our top 10 memory foam mattresses. Each of these beds are all foam and primarily use memory foam for their comfort layers. These contouring and pressure relieving mattresses each have distinct qualities that set them apart too. Rather you are a side sleepers, a warm sleeper or just want the best of the best, we have the perfect pick for you.

Our 10 Best Memory Foam Mattresses 2024

  1. Loom & Leaf Mattress Review | Latest Discount Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  2. GravityLux by WinkBeds | Latest Discount Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  3. Cocoon Mattress Review | Latest Discount Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  4. Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress Review | Latest Discount Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  5. Bear Pro Mattress Review | Latest Discount Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  6. Nolah Original Mattress Review | Latest Discount Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  7. Cypress Mattress Review | 15% OFF Coupon Code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15 | BUY HERE!
  8. Layla Original Mattress Review | Latest Discount Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  9. Nolah 12″ Mattress Review | Latest Discount Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  10. Bear Original Mattress Review | Latest Discount Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!

List of the Best Memory Foam Mattresses by Our Sleep Guide

Below is our detailed list on the above recommendations for all the best memory foam mattress options. Each will have a few more details about the beds we put in the top 10. As well as links to reviews, coupons and to buy. If you want to jump to a specific brand, just use the table of contents below.

#1 – Loom & Leaf by Saatva: BEST Overall

When it comes to memory foam finding a luxurious and durable option isn’t that hard. The Loom and Leaf by Saatva is a well made all foam bed that is great at relieving pressure and contouring to your body. With ample layers of dense foam that is just plush enough you will love the feel of this premium memory foam mattress option.

loom and leaf best memory foam mattress

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Why Choose The Loom and Leaf Mattress?

This mattress is a favorite memory foam mattress for so many reasons. The Loom and Leaf mattress by Saatva is an ultra-luxurious memory foam mattress that gives you a premium sleep surface for an affordable price.

best memory foam mattresses

This 12″ thick all foam mattress uses high quality, dense foam layers and a meticulous design. Along with top notch construction that creates a contouring and just responsive enough mattress. The quality of this bed paired with it’s two amazing comfort options creates a sturdy bed that is also very comfortable.

Not only that, but the Loom & Leaf bed is a a great deal that you would find in stores for quite a bit more money and not even get the same detailed qualities. It has features & benefits that check all the boxes and definitely deserves top credit in our best memory foam mattresses category.

To top off all of that, this mattress even offers FREE white glove delivery and free removal or your old bed. Giving you an exceptionally awesome perk with this purchase.

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Want to learn more about this bed? Read our full Loom & Leaf Mattress Review. Otherwise head over to Saatva.com to make this bed yours.

#2 – GravityLux by WinkBeds: BEST For Couples

If you are looking for that happy medium memory foam feel, the GravityLux by WinkBed will be a great compromise. This mattress not only comes in three ideal levels of comfort, but the medium feel of this bed is one of the most ideal memory foam options for couples needing to find the right feel for both of them.

best memory foam mattress for couples

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What Makes The Gravity Lux Mattress Different?

memorylux mattressIf you want the newest luxury memory foam mattress than you’ve come to the right place. This mattress is currently holding the last spot on our list for the best memory foam mattresses, but we can’t imagine it won’t quickly climb up the ranks. This brand new 12″ thick memory foam bed by WinkBeds is pairing the latest technology with amazing comfort for premium memory foam.

With not one or even two options, but three comfort options, you’ll surely get exactly what you want. The patented AirCell memory foam of this mattress will have you sleeping comfortable all night long. Offering cool sleep with zoned support layers to make sure every inch of your body has the perfect amount of support and pressure relief.

Why Is The GravityLux The Best Memory Foam Bed For Couples?

memorylux mattress by winkbedsWhen it comes to finding a memory foam mattress that is best for couples we have to say that the GravityLux is a great choice. This memory foam bed is available in three comfort options. However, the medium feel is a perfect compromise for every sleeper. Which means couples will get an ideal feel they can both agree on.

Not only that but this bed has virtually no motion transfer. And it sleeps fairly temperature neutral. The solid and durable foams give you a uniform and consistent sleep surface. Allowing you to use every inch of this bed. Giving it even more reason to work for a large variety of people, including couples.

To top it off the price is awesome too. We already know this bed is going to truly be one of the best memory foam mattress options out there. But to add to the already great bed you can save big with the latest GravityLux by WinkBeds coupon found below too.

WinkBeds Mattress Coupon | $300 OFF

Learn more in our full review of the GravityLux by WinkBed Mattress. And find the latest pricing and buy your new bed at WinkBeds.com.

#3 – Cocoon: BEST For Hot Sleepers

If you want a memory foam mattress that offers a cool to the touch feel, solid durable layers of foam and two comfort options, the trusted brand Sealy has the bed for you. The Cocoon by Sealy is the bed in a box that will check every box. Pressure relieving comfort, long lasting support, one of the rare cooler sleeping memory foam beds and a price that will knock your socks off.

cocoon by sealy mattress

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Why Choose the Cocoon Mattress?

best mattress under $500Affordable, solid and durable don’t always go hand in hand. With so many affordable memory foam options you usually don’t get the solid feel that ensures long lasting quality. But, with the Cocoon memory foam mattress the proof is in the pudding. This all foam bed will give you a 10″ thick mattress that sets itself apart from so many others.

Giving you a build that isn’t much different, but somehow offers denser foams for a feel that while still comfortable and contouring is also reliable and sturdy. Making this mattress a great value that will last for years and years.

As well as amazing support that will allow for great spinal alignment and ergonomics. You also get the choice between a softer and firmer option. Make sure you upgrade your sleep with this top budget friendly mattress, the Cocoon by Sealy, and get the latest savings using our coupon link found below.

Read our full review HERE or BUY your Cocoon mattress NOW at CocoonbySealy.com.

The Cocoon mattress is a solid and dense all foam bed that is great for someone looking for slightly firmer comfort. It will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • If you like a true dense memory foam mattress that is solid medium-firm or medium-soft feel.
  • If you want a memory foam mattress that you don’t feel stuck in and can ride on top of the mattress for better air flow and support.
  • You like a mattress with a great value that you can rely on for years and years to come.

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#4 – Tuft & Needle Mint: BEST For Combination Sleepers

We know this is the best memory foam mattresses list. And technically the Tuft & Needle Mint isn’t a memory foam bed per say. However, this proprietary blend of foams makes it just as pressure relieving as memory foam with some serious upsides that make it stand out as a great option for anyone looking for a memory foam, or all foam mattress.

tuft and needle mint best all foam mattress 2020

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What Makes The Tuft and Needle Mint Different?

Technically the proprietary foam found in the Tuft and Needle Mint isn’t called memory foam. But, lucky for us it is actually better than memory foam. The T&N foams in the Mint mattress are a special blend of pressure relieving more airy foams that leave us with the benefits of memory foam without the negatives.

tuft and needle mint comparison

This 12″ thick three layer mattress is a great bed to deliver on providing a balanced all foam mattress that is a little thicker, a little more premium and a little more solid than most others. But it isn’t thicker on the price tag.

The affordability of this upgraded mattress makes it a great option for so many sleepers. Working ideally for almost every shape, size and sleeping position the Tuft & Needle Mint will surely impress.

Make sure to follow the coupon link below to get the best deal on this mattress. Along with free shipping, a 10 year warranty and a 100 night sleep trial. You can have it all when it comes to the best online memory foam mattresses.

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Find out all the ins and outs of this all foam bed in our Tuft & Needle Mint Review. Also, jump right over to TuftandNeedle.com to purchase your new bed now!

#5 – Bear Pro: BEST For Athletes

If you are looking for a memory foam bed that perfectly hugs your body will giving you ideal support this is a great option. However, it doesn’t stop there. This mattress is ideal for an active body not only because of the great construction. But also because it features the amazing healing technology of Celliant.

bear pro best memory foam bed for athletes

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Who Would Love The Bear Pro Mattress?

bear hybrid comfortMaybe the better question is why wouldn’t you love the Bear Pro memory foam mattress? With a 12″ thick ideally compatible medium feel this bed is great for the vast majority. And, this bed comes with some serious perks that make this bed unique. In short, this bed may be like finding the fountain of youth as far as mattresses are concerned.

With four layers of foams working together you create a medium feel that is contouring but still just responsive enough to never feel stuck. This ideal support and comfort works for a larger variety of sleepers and offers a very balanced feel that is ideal for an active body. However, this mattress has some great restorative properties in not only the cover but the top foam layer too.

How Does The Bear Pro Mattress Helps You Recover?

bear pro best mattress for combination sleepersThis bed is great for athletes or active individuals not only because of the construction of this mattress but also for it’s specific materials that literally help your body heal. To start this cover has an FDA approved Celliant cover. This unique fiber converts the bodies natural energy into infrared light that it emits into your body while you sleep.

This amazing technology literally helps your muscles heal faster and recover quicker while you sleep. This helps your body not only feel great but also perform better too. Celliant is also known to regulate temperature and promote more restful sleep. Giving you a cover that offers more than most.

Besides the cover, this mattress also uses a top layer of copper infused foam. The benefits of copper offer so many awesome natural benefits. Not only is copper naturally anti-microbial for cleaner sleep, but also naturally regulates heat for cooler sleep. On top of those attributes copper is also known as a conductor of energy. This energy has been known to repair tissues and help oxygenate blood.

Bear Mattress Coupon | 35% OFF

Get all the facts of this memory foam bed in our Bear Pro Mattress Review. Also, get the best and latest discount on this mattress at BearMattress.com.

#6 – Nolah Original: BEST For Side Sleepers

When it comes to the best memory foam mattress for side sleepers the Nolah is hard to beat. Especially since that is the goal of this bed from day 1. It offers a great amount of support but with the ideal comfort to work best for dominate side sleepers. This means great pressure relief for your shoulders and hips.

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Find out more about this bed in our Nolah Mattress Review. And get the latest pricing and shop at NolahMattress.com.

#7 – Cypress by Brentwood Home: BEST For Back Sleepers

If you are looking for an affordable memory foam mattress that comes in either a perfect medium or medium-firm feel ,the Brentwood Home Cypress is a great option. This bed actually is available in an all foam option as well as a hybrid. Giving you 4 unique mattress choices that all offer the same amazing pressure reliving memory foam comfort layers.

best memory foam mattress on a budget

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Why Choose The Cypress Mattress?

Looking for an affordable memory foam mattress that still checks all the boxes? Look no further than the Cypress Bamboo by Brentwood Home. This amazing all foam mattress combines three healthy layers of foam for either an 11″ or 13″ mattress perfect for all your sleeping needs.

Choose between the slightly firmer 11″ model for great stomach and back sleeping. Of upgrade to the 13″ medium feeling model for great pressure relief while side sleeping. Either option offers superior materials and construction with every dollar of this mattress being more than worth it. Don’t forget to use the coupon link below to save even more on your new already amazing priced memory foam mattress.

10% OFF Brentwood Home With Code: OSG10

Find out which option is best for you in our Cypress Mattress Review. And get the latest pricing and shop at BrentwoodHome.com.

#8 – Layla Original: BEST 2 Sided Flippable

Looking for a memory foam bed but not sure if you want something firmer or softer? Why not try a two-sided mattress that offers both options in one. The original Layla uses copper infused memory foam for a special feel that offers a soft side and firm side. Giving you a mattress that adapts to whatever your needs are.

Learn more in our Layla Mattress Review. And get the latest pricing and shop at LaylaSleep.com.

#9 – Nolah 12″ Signature: BEST For

More Coming Soon!

Find all your answers in our Nolah Signature Mattress Review. And get the latest pricing and shop at NolahMattress.com.

#10 – Bear Original: BEST On A Budget

We love the Bear Pro mattress for it’s slightly softer feel and amazing Celliant cover. However, the original Bear memory foam mattress is great if you like a slightly firmer feel and a more affordable price point. This 10″ all foam bed is a great deal if you still want the impressive Celliant cover option but are looking for a cheaper mattress.

Find out more about this bed in our Bear Mattress Review. And get the latest pricing and shop at BearMattress.com.

Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! If you have questions or need more insight during your mattress buying journey, please feel free to contact us.