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original bear mattress review With so many choices mattress shopping becomes harder and harder. However, with the original Bear Mattress it’s actually an easy choice. This 10″ all foam bed in a box is one of the best 3 layer foam mattresses we have tried. Offering a superb medium firm feel with quality materials for a very reasonable price. So affordable this mattress tops our list for Best Mattress on a Budget.

However, this mattress may be cheap in price, but it isn’t cheap in design. And the added benefits it offers range from it’s technology driven Celliant cover to the cooling memory foam. As well as minimal motion transfer and solid edges for a consistent sturdy bed from edge to edge. This mattress goes above and beyond when it comes to finding a new mattress that checks all of your boxes.

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Detailed Bear Mattress Review

Below we will delve into the inner workings of the classic Bear mattress. This brand started with one universal mattress that is still a fantastic option. Though now there are several Bear mattresses, the original Bear is the most affordable and the firmest of the three.

It is also the thinnest bed coming in at a perfect 10 inches thick. This American made mattress is one of the first of it’s kind, in that it incorporates a new age technology that literally uses your bodies energy to heal itself while you’re sleeping. Making it an awesome option for athletes and active people.

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Bear Mattress Materials:

To better understand the Bear mattress it is best to start with the materials. Getting an idea of what’s under the hood allows you to understand how the mattress will feel and perform. We will look at each foam layer below, as well as explain all the amazing benefits of the unique cover too.

Bear Foam Layers:

bear mattress review The Bear mattress is a 10″ all foam bed comprised of three foam layers under its cover. The combination of foams make it very balanced and ideally supportive for all sleepers. The top layer of this mattress is a 2″ layer of Cooling Graphite-Gel Memory Foam. This layer is infused with graphite for cooler sleep all night long. It is also optimal for relieving pressure points too. Making it contouring, but still dense and an ideal top comfort layer.

Under the top layer of foam is another 2″ layer of Responsive Transition Foam. This layer adds more comfort by creating just enough response to easily let you change sleeping positions. It works perfectly with the memory foam to create a very balanced and adaptable feel. This layer is also ideal for deep comfort and makes it easier for side sleepers, larger sleepers and anyone need some extra comfort.

All of this sits on 6″ of High-Density Support Foam. This provides the foundation and long term support and durability of the mattress. This solid layer creates a great base for all the other layers to sit on and work in harmony. All together, these three layers make a comfortable, yet super supportive mattress that will appeal to so many sleepers.

bear mattress materials

Bear Celliant Cover:

bear celliant sheet reviewThe layers of foam are covered in a Celliant infused cover that offers a soft and breathable feel that also has some unique properties too. So just what is Celliant and why is it so special? Celliant is an FDA approved textile that uses the science of infrared technology to use your bodies own energy and turns it into infrared light that is then emitted back into your body.

These infrared lights help your body and muscles by helping create more restful sleep, aid the body in recovery and help you wake up with more energy. It also helps you sleep cooler by pulling your body heat away and reusing it for your benefit.

This miracle sounding material never washes out or wears down. It also works through layers of sheets, mattress protectors and clothes to make sure you will get the maximum benefits the first night and every night after.

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Bear Mattress Comfort:

Now that you know what the Bear mattress is made of it is much easier to look at the essential aspect of comfort and how the layers of this bed translate to your support and personal comfort. The combination of materials of this mattress make a bed that is an ideal medium firm level of comfort.

It is not too firm, but offers a conforming feel that is pliable but still dense and supportive. The contouring top layer of memory foam is quickly balanced by the responsive transition foam underneath. All together creating a mattress that is universally appealing.

bear mattress comfort scale

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being soft and 10 firm. The Bear all foam mattress will come in right around a 6.5 to 7. This often works well for the majority of sleepers, with the occasional exception.

Who Does The Bear Work Best For?

This mattress comes in one universally appealing medium firm feel. Though this mattress should appeal to many it may work better for some sleepers than others. The firmness of this mattress comes in on the slightly firmer spectrum of medium firm. Meaning that it will appeal anyone who likes a more supportive feeling bed.

bear mattress review In particular, this bed will work great for back sleepers. The firmness of this mattress will really appeal to someone looking for firm support that isn’t hard. It certainly allows for ample support paired with just the right amount of contour to alleviate pressure and make a sleeping surface that cradles your lumbar and shoulders perfectly.

The original Bear mattress would also work very nicely  for stomach sleepers too. Again it offers plenty of support and a nice smooth and flat surface that is still just soft enough to keep a nice neutral spine position. So stomach sleepers won’t need to worry about their back bowing, but they also will have a bit of softness to let their body to sink enough too.

Side sleepers may find this mattress is a bit on the firmer side, especially side sleepers who are on the smaller or lighter side. Though, if you are a side sleeper that likes more support or are on the heavier side, than the Bear will be great choice.

This mattress is also going to be a great option for a slightly larger sleeper too. The dense foams and true medium-firm feel will provide a good quality sleeping surface at a very affordable price.

All in all the Bear mattress is a very comfortable bed for the majority of sleepers. It also is one of the BEST affordable mattresses as well. Making it a great value and an ideal bed for kids, spare bedrooms and for first time mattress buyers. Unless you like a truly soft mattress or prefer a hybrid style, this mattress is going to get you a great night sleep.

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Our Bear Mattress Comfort Experience:

bear mattress review

When it comes to our personal experience with the Bear mattress we must admit that the feel and support of this affordable bed impressed us. Most mattresses that come in on the less expensive side, especially all foam beds, tend to feel a bit cheap. But, the original Bear felt very consistent with durable yet comfortable foams that contoured to your body.

The feel is definitely a true medium firm feel, but one that was still pliable and allowed for it to mold to your body. The value of this mattress is incredible and offered a well made American mattress that won’t hurt your wallet but will certainly give you a solid mattress investment that is worth every penny and than some.

Bear Mattress Benefits:

When it comes to the benefits of a new mattress there are plenty. Though a new mattress should provide amazing support and comfort you should also expect it to offer plenty of extras too. Below we will look at what you can expect from the Bear when it comes to minimizing motion transfer, sleeping cool and providing solid edge support.

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Motion Transfer:

original bear bed Before we get into how the Bear does in this category we want to take a moment to explain. Motion transfer is referring to the excess vibrations felt in a mattress when someone moves or gets in and out of bed. If you have ever shared a bed that you can feel every time your partner moves or gets in and out, than you’ve experienced what poor motion isolation feels like.

When it comes to the original Bear mattress and motion transfer, it does a great job at creating minimal partner disturbance with great motion isolation. This all foam bed uses an ideal combination of materials to effectively absorb any vibrations before getting to anyone else sleeping in the bed.

The top layer of durable and contouring memory foam deadens almost all movements immediately. Making mattress very appealing to anyone who is a lighter sleeper. Or for anyone who shares a bed with a partner with a different sleep schedule.

Sleeping Cool:

Another area the Bear mattress excels in is sleeping cool. Most all foam mattresses do have a tendency to hold more heat, but the properties in the top layers of the original Bear help offset it’s heat retention for a more neutral sleeping surface.

bear mattress review

Bear was able to achieve this by first focusing on creating a top layer of foam that has good airflow and the cooling properties of graphite gel. This gel infusion takes the natural properties of graphite to help dissipate heat. The foam also uses a design that creates better circulation and breathability that aides in keeping you cool too.

The middle layer of responsive transition foam also helps contribute to keeping you cool. It not only offers good breathability but the more responsive feel ensures you don’t get stuck or sink in too deep.

Lastly the solid base and overall firmness of this mattress also help ensure plenty of coolness. By keeping you from sinking into the bed your body stays more on the surface which means there is more airflow around you.

To top it all off the Celliant infused cover is the last and best defense for keeping a cool bed. This infusion uses your heat and turns it into infrared rays that are returned to your body to help you recover and repair while you sleep. Meaning your heat is actually being used to improve your sleep and health.

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Edge Support:

bear bed edge

When it comes to edge support there are a few reasons this is important. Having a mattress with a solid perimeter means that you can fully use your mattress while sleeping. If the edges are as consistent as the middle than you can get full use up to every edge. If you have a sturdy edge you also have a mattress that makes getting in and out of bed that much easier. It also means you can occasionally sit on the side or end of your bed and not fear breaking it down, or worse yet not having support and sliding to the floor.

The edges of the original Bear bed do a great job of creating a nice even and consistent surface that allow for a fully usable mattress. Sleeping on this bed you’ll notice no difference where you are sleeping. Making it great for couples who want every inch of their mattress to spread out on. It also uses solid and dense foam that allows for exceptional edges for getting in and out bed and even good for sitting. Making the overall quality, functionality and perks of this mattress high marks.

BearMattress.com Basics:

Now that you know all about what the Bear mattress has to offer it’s good to know what to expect when buying. This mattress is already an amazing value, but there are a few other things to note about this bed in a box. Below we will look at the value, coupons, delivery process and a few other BearMattress.com basics.


best mattress on a budget When it comes to value we can’t emphasize enough what a great deal the Bear mattress is. The price point of this all foam bed comes in at a very affordable point. That combine with the solid and durable layers of foams. Along with amazing sleeping benefits and comfort create a fantastic value.

Currently the Bear mattresses range between $695 for a Twin to $1095 for a King. With the most popular size, a Queen, coming in at just $895. Included with this price is also free shipping and returns, a 365-night risk free trial and lifetime warranty. This doesn’t even include the latest coupon which makes this bed crazy affordable.

As you can see from our review above, this mattress does a wonderful job of providing a great sleeping surface. With a contouring yet responsive comfort and sturdy support it’s hard to believe this mattress can offer so much for such an affordable price. But it does and that’s what makes it such a great value.

Bear Mattress Coupon:

As you can see from the value, the Bear mattress is already at a great price. However, with the latest Bear mattress coupon, found below, you’ll get an even better deal. Simply follow the below link to access the best Bear mattress discount to ensure you get not only an amazing price but also the latest promotion featuring two FREE pillows too. Making this mattress almost impossible to pass up!

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bear mattress boxIncluded with your new Bear Mattress is free delivery! This is because this mattress is compressed, rolled and put into a box to conveniently ship directly to you. This means that you get your mattress without ever having to go into a mattress store. Not only are you making your experience a little easier, but also taking out the middle man costs.

Once your new mattress arrives it is up to you to unbox and set it up. But, that process is quite easy. All you need to do is open the box, remove the rolled mattress and roll it out of the initial plastic. Once unrolled allow it to open up and than carefully cut along the seem of the second layer of plastic to let it expand.

Initially it will expand very rapidly. However, it will take several hours for the mattress to fully firm up. Even up to a good 24 hours before it is it’s truest feel. We suggest giving it at least a few hours before sleeping. It not only can expand more but also dissipate any new mattress smells.

The Bear mattress is made of 100% USA environmentally friendly materials. Using only CertiPUR-US certified foams along with water-based bonding glue for a cleaner mattress from top to bottom. So you won’t need to worry about any off gassing or harmful smells being present when unpacking or setting up your new mattress.

unbox lytton

Trial Period & Warranty:

Every Bear mattress comes with a 365-night risk free sleep trial. This time frame gives you a full year to test out your new mattress. This trial period allows you time (and than some) to adjust to the feel of a new bed. And make sure it’s a good fit for you. We always recommend testing a mattress for at least 30 days before making up your mind. Since it takes your body time to readjust to new comfort and support.

However, if after a period of time you aren’t finding your new mattress to work out, no problem. Bear makes the return process easy and simple. All you need to do is contact them to start the process and they will help you from there.

Along with a trial period your new mattress will also come with a lifetime warranty. This mattress warranty allows for any manufacturing flaws or defects to be covered. As well as any unnatural wear too. Again, Bear is helpful with this process to ensure you get top notch service and a great bed.

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If you are looking for more specifics for the Bear trial period of warranty find out more HERE. Or for a helpful tool check out Our Mattress Warranty & Trial Period Guide.

Bear Bed Overview:

bear mattress reviewOverall the original Bear Hybrid is a 10 inch thick all foam mattress. Combining three layers of foam that all bring unique properties to create an ideally medium firm feel with balanced comfort.

The added enhancements from the Celliant cover make the benefits of this mattress go beyond great sleep. It will bring an entire lifestyle improvement. Not only giving you more restful sleep, cooler sleep and enhanced performance, but also minimal motion transfer and solid edges.

To top off an already great mattress is an astounding price point that make this bed a phenomenal value. This mattress is one of the best deals we have seen to date. And comes from a company that knows how to make a great mattress. As well as provide amazing customer service too.

Bear Giving Back:

Another thing about Bear and what makes this company unique and special is their dedication and advocacy for an active lifestyle, especially at a young age. They are so dedicated to this cause that they have partnered with Good Sports. For every mattress sold 1% of the sale is donated to this organization. This contribution goes towards helping children have access to a healthy and active lifestyle. Talk about another reason to sleep even better!

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Also, remember that if you have questions or need more insight during your mattress buying journey, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you!

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 365 Night Trial Period
  • Warranty Lifetime Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $695
  • Twin XL $695
  • Full $895
  • Queen $995
  • King $1095
  • Cal King $1095
Overall Rating


The Bear Mattress Review Mattress might be good for you if…

  • You like a medium mattress with good support and the comfort of memory foam.
  • You are an active person who would benefit from having materials that aide in recovery
  • You like a company that gives back and for every mattress sold makes a donation to Good Sports

Still looking for some more information? Visit Bear at bearmattress.com. Also, have questions for us? Please contact us and we would be happy to help you!

Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! Contact Us. We would love to help you in any way we can.