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best helix luxe mattress review

When it comes to finding a luxury mattress that feels like it was made just for you, the search is over. The Helix Luxe mattress by Helix Sleep offers a variety of options offering precise support and comfort for every sleeper’s needs, which means finding that perfect new mattress is easier than ever.

With most online bed-in-a-box mattress brands, it has been about finding one universal feel that works for everyone. However, Helix knew better right from the start. They knew that with so many unique individuals, one mattress doesn’t necessarily fit all, which is why they offer a variety of beds that give you exactly what you need. Keep reading to learn about all the premium Helix Luxe mattress options.

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Helix Luxe At A Glance

Before jumping into the full review of the Helix Luxe we want to give you a few quick highlights. Hopefully, these will help you decide to read on and find out more, or help you confirm that this is the bed for you. Either way, here are a few of the top reasons to consider the Helix Luxe for your new mattress.

  • helix luxe mattress at a glance6 Unique Comfort Options (2 Soft, 2 Medium & 2 Firm)
  • Luxury Hybrid Build: 6 Layers & 14.5″+ Thick
  • Upgrades for Superior Sleep
  • Minimal Partner Disturbance
  • Enhanced Temperature Regulation Properties
  • Durable Edge Support
  • USA Made & Manufactured
  • Affordable Prices & Coupons
  • 100 Night Trial
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Free Delivery & Returns
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Helix Luxe Video Review

Are you more a fan of listening and seeing something for yourself? You’ll certainly be a fan of our Helix Luxe mattress video review than. Also, make sure to scroll down to each of the Luxe comfort options to see our video reviews of specific Helix Luxe options too.

In-Depth Helix Luxe Mattress Review

woman laying on helix luxe

We love the Helix mattress brand. The original Helix offered a great-feeling bed that accommodates everyone, and the Helix Luxe gives you that same accommodating concept but with some great upgrades for a thicker, more premium mattress that really delivers on luxury. Not only that, but the Luxe is ideally supportive, affordable and offers an amazing array of benefits, taking your sleep to the next level.

Below we will get into just how the Helix Luxe will improve your sleep by reviewing every aspect of this mattress. We’ll start with the materials and construction and how the build is differentiated between each Helix mattress option. Then, we’ll go further into the specific comfort level each provides and whom it would be best for, as well as the additional benefits and basics to know when ordering online. So let’s jump in!

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What Makes the Helix Luxe Special?

Before we jump into all of the details, we want you to understand what you’re looking at a bit better. The Helix Luxe mattress is available in 6 comfort levels, each directed at a specific sleeper. Below is a chart that shows each of the different Helix Luxe models, including their name, comfort level, and what type of sleeper each is best suited for. Understanding the basic differences will go a long way when we get into describing these mattresses more in our review.

helix luxe models dusk dawn midnight moonlight sunset

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How Is The Helix Luxe Mattress Made?

alexander hybrid vs helix luxe with handWhen reviewing a mattress, it is always good to start with the materials and build. This way you get a great idea of not only how it is made, but what it is made of. Since there is a direct correlation between mattress materials and structure and mattress performance and benefits, it is good to know the basics first.

Below we will look at each layer of the Helix Luxe Mattress, as well as look into what materials make each mattress a bit different. The Helix Luxe is a thick, luxurious hybrid mattress. It is a whopping 14+ inches thick and is comprised of six ideal layers of foams and coils. Covered with a soft, breathable cover, you’ll be impressed with the perfect combination of comfort and support found in each of the 6 Helix Luxe mattresses.

Helix Luxe Cover:

Each Helix Luxe mattress starts with an Ultra-Cool Premium Pillow Top. The super soft and breathable Tencel cover is just the start of this upgraded cover. The initial feel of this mattress is not only very silky, but also allows for cooler sleep.

helix luxe coverThe technology-driven Tencel fibers create a breathable cover that is ideal for pairing with the layer of premium quilting foam. These added fibers of premium softness create an initial plush feel on top of this mattress. The combination of cooling technology and hotel-like softness gives the cover of this mattress added luxury.

The top cover of this bed is enhanced by the more durable and solid side panels, emphasizing the different comfort options with a specific detail color to add not only a bit of interest but a distinct way to tell them apart.

The Helix Luxe cover is as logical as it is nice to look at. The side panels offer handles for easy moving and rotating, making this cover detailed in every aspect and very functional. This is just one of the qualities that separates this bed from the original Helix, and why it truly is Luxe.

Upgraded Helix Luxe Cover: GlacioTex

While we love the original Tencel cover that is offered with the Helix Luxe there is also an upgrade that is perfect for anyone who likes an extra cool to the touch feel. The Helix Luxe offers to upgrade to their GlacioTex cooling cover for a small added fee. This cover enhances not only the initial feel of your mattress but helps control your body heat all night long. This innovative technology pulls heat away while you are sleeping. Allowing you to be even more cool and comfortable. For anyone who is a hot sleeper you’ll surely appreciate this upgrade!

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Comfort Layers:

When it comes to the comfort foams in each Helix Luxe mattress, you’ll get something just a bit different depending on which option you choose. This is what makes each mattress unique and provides precise comfort and support for every sleeper.

Below you’ll find that each mattress uses 2 of 3 Helix foams that are perfectly paired for a feel that correlates with your needs, as well as a better understanding of what each foam offers.

  • Sunset Comfort Layers: Memory Plus Foam (Soft Feel) & Helix Dynamic Foam (Lower IFD)
  • Moonlight Comfort Layers: Helix Dynamic Foam (Soft Feel) & Helix Dynamic Foam (Lower IFD)
  • Midnight Comfort Layers: Memory Plus Foam (Medium Feel) & Gel Visco Memory Foam (Medium IFD)
  • Dusk Comfort Layers: Helix Dynamic Foam (Medium Feel) & Memory Plus Foam (Medium IFD)
  • Twilight Comfort Layers: Gel Visco Foam (Firm Feel) & Memory Plus Foam (Higher IDF)
  • Dawn Comfort Layers: Gel Visco Foam (Firm Feel) & Helix Dynamic Foam (Higher IDF)

helix luxe dusk materialsMemory Plus Foam – High Density Pressure Relieving Memory Foam.

Helix Dynamic Foam – Adaptable Contouring Foam for Cushioned Support.

Gel Visco Memory Foam – Contouring Memory Foam for Pressure Relief and Support.

Under the top two layers of comfort foams is another foam layer High Grade Transition foam. This layer creates deep comfort and adds even more ergonomic support. This layer also varies between a soft, medium, and firm density depending on which mattress you opt for.

Regardless, this layer offers a comfortable transition as well as allows your body weight to naturally groove into the mattress, making it ideal for side sleepers or larger sleepers who tend to sink in a little deeper.

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Support Layers:

avocado mattress materialsBelow the specific and unique layers of comfort foam are the base layers. These layers will be identical in all 6 Helix Luxe models. The majority of the support and longevity will be found in the Zoned Body Shape Coil System. This is an 8-inch thick zoned and pocketed coil system.

This 1000+ individually wrapped coils are slightly softer under you shoulder region. And just a touch firmer under your hips. This makes for better spinal alignment and advanced lumber support. The coil system uses reinforced perimeter coils as well. This gives even better edge support and provides a mattress that is solid yet adaptable. Meaning that it works great in every comfort option and for every body.

The very last layer beneath the coil system is a base layer of DuraDense foam. This heavy duty foam component solidifies the bottom of the bed, making a durable and supportive base for the whole mattress. This elevates the feel of the bed as it stabilizes the materials above, creating better longevity and durability. All these materials and layers work seamlessly together to create a mattress that every sleeper will love.

helix luxe materials

If you are interested to see what Helix Luxe model best suits you check out the Personalize Sleep Quiz at

How Will The Helix Luxe Benefit My Sleep?

Now that you know how Helix Luxe is made and what each layer contains you will have a better understanding of how that effects your sleep. Below we will go through how you can expect this mattress to benefit your sleep. First, we’ll look into each comfort option and who they work best for. Then we’ll share what to expect from any option when it comes to isolating motion, temperature regulation, and perimeter support.

How Comfortable is the Helix Luxe Mattress?

helix luxe vsWith six comfort options to choose from and a 14″+ thick build how could this bed not be the most comfortable sleeping surface? There are so many details that go into creating a mattress that is balanced and accommodating to a wide variety of sleepers. Take that and times it by 6. The Helix Luxe doesn’t skimp on details, meaning each mattress is perfected just for you.

From top to bottom you will find that the ample layers of foams partnered with the solid coils and base foam compliment each other for harmonious sleep. The ideal level of plushness and firmness that scales from one end to the other means there truly is something for everyone. This is not a “one size fits all” mattress. Instead, comfort takes priority, especially your comfort.

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Helix Sunset Luxe:

helix luxe sunset luxeThe Helix Luxe Sunset mattress is a great choice for an average to smaller-sized side sleeper who likes a very plush feel. It would also accommodate a smaller-sized sleeper who sleeps primarily on their back or side. It is overall a softer feeling mattress with more contouring support.

Choose the Helix Luxe Sunset if you…

  • Are smaller or more average in size,
  • Mostly sleep on your side or back,
  • And prefer a more plush or soft mattress
helix luxe sunset comfort

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Helix Moonlight Luxe:

helix luxe moonlight luxe light blueThe Helix Luxe Moonlight mattress offers a softer feel but with additional support. This added support is more accommodating to support all sleeping positions, especially for smaller or average-sized sleepers. It is also a fine choice for larger sleepers who like a softer feel and typically sleep on their side, but need added support.

Choose the Helix Luxe Moonlight if you…

  • Are smaller to average in size and sleep in all positions,
  • Or are a little heavier and sleep on your side,
  • And prefer a plush feel with added support
helix luxe moonlight comfort

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Helix Midnight Luxe:

One of the most popular Helix Luxe mattress options is the Midnight. It features support most ideal for side sleepers but with a perfectly accommodating medium feel, creating a more adaptable comfort that isn’t too soft or too firm. The Midnight is great for any-sized side sleeper or a smaller-framed individual who sleeps in all positions.

Choose the Helix Luxe Midnight if you…

  • Sleep on your side and like a balanced feel,
  • Are any-sized sleeper that predominately sleeps on your side,
  • And are smaller-framed and sleep in all positions
helix luxe midnight comfort

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Helix Dusk Luxe:

helix dusk luxe mattress redThe Helix Luxe Dusk mattress is also a very popular option that has the support more ideal for all sleeping positions. Again, featuring a more middle of the road medium comfort, but with added support more ideal for side, back, and stomach sleeping. This bed also offers more ideal support for larger sleepers.

Choose the Helix Luxe Dusk if you…

  • Are average to larger in size,
  • And sleep in all positions and prefer a more medium feel,
  • Or you are smaller in size and like a medium-firm feel with more support
helix luxe dusk comfort

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Helix Twilight Luxe:

helix twilight luxe grey The Helix Luxe side sleeper support with a firmer comfort option is called the Twilight. This support system is ideal for sleeping on your side but offers a slightly firmer feel to keep you from sinking in too much. This is a great choice for larger, heavier dominate side sleepers. It would also work for smaller-framed sleepers who are combination sleepers and like just a bit of a firmer foam feel.

Choose the Helix Luxe Twilight if you…

  • Are a larger or heavier side sleeper,
  • Or you are smaller or more average -sized,
  • But like a firmer to a more medium-firm mattress
helix luxe twilight comfort

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Helix Dawn Luxe:

helix dawn luxe brownThe Helix Luxe Dawn mattress offers firm comfort and supports all sleeping positions. Being the firmest choice, this bed will be great for larger to average-size sleepers who like a firmer feel and sleep in a variety of positions. It will also be a good choice for smaller and more average-size dominate stomach and back sleepers looking for a firmer feel.

Choose the Helix Luxe Dawn if you…

  • Sleep in all positions and you like a firmer feel,
  • As well as are a larger or above average-size sleeper,
  • Or if you are a smaller sleeper but like a firm feel and sleep mostly on your stomach
helix luxe dawn comfort

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Also, not sure if the Helix Luxe or original Helix is for you? Check out the Helix vs Helix Luxe comparison review. The Helix will offer the same 6 comfort options, but at a more affordable price. 

Our Helix Luxe Comfort Experience:

With all the Helix Luxe comfort choices every, option had its appeal. However, choosing the best option for us was a toss up between the Midnight and Dusk. Justin likes to sleep on his back primarily, whereas I sleep primarily on my side, but occasionally switch to my back or stomach. We also both like a more medium to medium-firm feel. So we opted for the Helix Dusk Luxe mattress to see how it accommodated both of us, and we weren’t disappointed.

helix luxe mattress review

The support was optimal without feeling limited to a certain position. It did a great job relieving pressure on my side but also worked great when on my stomach and back. The multiple foam layers still made it easy to let my shoulders and hips sink in, but still offered plenty of support. Justin was able to feel plenty of relief in his shoulders, back, and neck while on his back.

The added upgrades that the Luxe features really did make a difference. The plush yet dense layers of foam make this mattress much more accommodating. This was especially true for providing more balance and contour. The zoned coils also help to create more optimized and flexible support. Even the premium quilted cover elevated the overall feel.

Overall, we were very impressed with this mattress and how it checked all of our boxes. It definitely feels like an upgrade from the original Helix, being very comfortable, yet not sleeping hot and offering minimal partner disturbance. It also is a solid and durable bed that is affordable and comes from a brand that really knows what makes a good mattress.

Will I Disturb My Partner Moving on the Helix Luxe Mattress?

hand on a helix sunset When it comes to having a mattress that minimizes motion transfer the Helix Luxe will do great. This hybrid mattress has several elements that create limited movements, making for hardly any partner disturbance.

The well-thought-out design and materials make for enough buoyancy to move easily, but keep the movement isolated. By using a coil system that features individually wrapped springs, you get bounce without transference, keeping most movements fairly contained.

The addition of several layers of thick comfort foams also help absorb movement, limiting the motion transfer and making it a great bed for partners with different schedules, pet owners who share their bed, or lighter sleepers looking for no disturbance.

Will I Sleep Cool on the Helix Luxe Mattress?

grabbing the helix handleWhen it comes to the Helix Luxe mattress, it really does do a great job of checking all the boxes. Another one of those boxes is temperature regulation. Considering most sleepers don’t like waking up in a pool of sweat, having a mattress that sleeps cooler is always welcomed. This luxury hybrid bed certainly makes sure to incorporate several materials to ensure pleasant sleeping all night long, with no interruptions caused by overheating.

Each Helix Luxe mattress is encased in a super breathable and cool cover. The ultra soft and natural appeal of Tencel not only makes for a plush and silky finish, but also helps keep things cool. By being ultra breathable and naturally cooler, you’ll find the cover never traps heat on the Helix Luxe mattress.

The foams used in the Helix Luxe mattress try to combat excess heat by using newer generation memory foams that are less likely to hold heat than traditional memory foams. And, like any hybrid mattress, the benefits of a coil system are plentiful for allowing heat to dissipate. By having plenty of airflow between the coils, any heat that may be absorbed in the foams has a place to escape, making this mattress a great option for anyone looking to avoid overheating.

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How Solid is the Helix Luxe Mattress?

With any durable mattress, perimeter support isn’t something you really need to worry about. That couldn’t be any truer than with the Helix Luxe. The solid and robust build of this bed creates an edge that supports quality sleep, as well provides a sound place to sit.

The coil system of this bed uses reinforced, weight-resistant springs around the edge. This helps with the added stress that usually comes with force and weight put on the edge of your bed. Pairing these durable coils with dense and consistent foams makes for a mattress that offers evenly delivered support and comfort.

Whether you prefer sleeping dead in the center or being right on the edge, you won’t notice a difference in quality or consistency, letting you and your partner enjoy the entire sleeping surface. This adds assurance that the Helix Luxe accommodates the occasional sitting time on the edge too, allowing you to use your mattress in full without feeling unsupported or that your edge will loose viability.

What Can I Expect When I Order A Helix Mattress?

Now that you know more about this unique mattress and just how many mattress options are available, now is the time to buy! Luckily, online mattress shopping couldn’t be easier. Between offering free delivery right to your door, a great trial period and warranty just like you’d find from any mattress brand, it’s simple. All you have to do is choose the Helix Luxe that is best for you and wait in anticipation a few days. Below is exactly what you can expect.

Helix Luxe Mattress Value:

helix luxe mattress review redLike most upgrades there is an added cost, but with the Helix Luxe it is well worth it! This mattress is a super thick and premium hybrid bed that offers an array of comfort and support options. This allows for a feel that is personalized just for you. While the most popular size, a queen, comes in at $1849, you might initially think it is a bit expensive. But, for a premium mattress that is thicker than average that will offer solid sleep for years, it is actually a great value.

With every Helix Luxe mattress you also get free shipping and returns, along with a 100-night sleep trial period and a 15-year warranty. These features add even more value to this great- priced bedroom must-have. With so many options and generous upgrades, this mattress will ensure years of great sleep that is priceless.

What Is The Best Helix Luxe Mattress Coupon?

Currently Helix is offering $250 off the queen and king size Helix Luxe models. Which you can quickly find by following the coupon link below. This savings is automatically applied and allows you to get the standard Helix savings.

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mattresses for stomach sleepersHowever, we also offer an exclusive Helix coupon that allows you to save up to $400 OFF your new Helix mattress purchase. All you have to do is give one of our showrooms a quick call. Not only can we give you any personalized help you need on making sure you select the right Helix Luxe for you. But we can also share our exclusive codes to ensure that you will get the most savings on your new mattress.

On top of that you also will get two free pillows! This means that you are getting a truly luxurious mattress at an even more affordable price point. Give us a call in Austin at 512-465-2714 or in Houston at 832-653-6587. Not only can we help you save more, but you also help our business too!

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Does Helix Sleep Have Financing?

If the Helix Luxe is a bit more than you anticipated spending or you are looking to finance, no problem. Helix Sleep has you covered. Offering you not one, but two options for financing a new mattress, Klarna offers a no interest option that eliminates any excess fees if paid within 6 to 12 months. Or, Zibby offers alternative financing to anyone who has a low or no FICO score, giving you a few options to start getting better sleep sooner than later.

Get all the details on the Helix Luxe financing options available and get approved today HERE!

How is the Helix Luxe Delivered?

helix packaging You won’t have to worry about any hidden or added delivery fees with your new Helix Luxe. Each mattress comes with free shipping within the US. Each bed is made to order and then expertly compressed, rolled, and packed. Then, you bed ships directly from the manufacturer via Fed-Ex Ground to arrive at your door in about 6 to 10 days, making the wait the hardest part.

How Easy is the Helix Luxe to Set-Up?

After your mattress is dropped off, then it is in your hands to get set-up. Luckily, the process is simple and won’t take long at all. All you need to do is bring the box inside to whichever room you will be putting it in. The boxed mattress will come in a 16″ x 16″ x 48″ box, but will vary in weight depending on size. As you can see below, a second set of hands will be helpful when setting your new Helix Luxe up.

Helix Luxe Mattress Weight:

  • helix luxe mattress boxTwin – 50 – 60 lbs
  • Twin XL – 50 – 60 lbs
  • Full – 80 – 90 lbs
  • Queen – 90 – 100 lbs
  • King – 100 -110 lbs
  • Cal King – 100 – 110 lbs

As soon as you get the bed to where you will need to unbox, just open the box, slide the roll packed mattress out, carefully unroll, and cut the plastic away. Then, position your quickly expanding mattress on the frame. Initially it will take shape quite quickly, but it is a good idea to let it air out and firm up for at least a few hours before sleeping. Better yet, 24-hours if you can wait, to ensure the most ideal feel and little to no lingering fumes.

setting up your new helix luxe mattress

This American-made product won’t have a ton of odors and mostly just non-toxic “new” mattress smells, if any. But, if you are more sensitive to fumes, simply open a window or leave the room while the smell dissipates.

Trial Period & Warranty:

Each Helix Luxe mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial period. The trial period ensures plenty of time to test the mattress out. Make sure to give the bed at least 30 days before making up your mind, though. It does take time for your body to adjust to a new feel and support regardless of what mattress you choose.

As far as the warranty goes, the 15-year prorated warranty covers any manufacturer defects or flaws, as well as any unusual wear or sag that is not typical of the natural life of the bed. Helix Luxe still has a great customer support team in place to help with any needs during the life of your Helix Luxe, as well as help you during the trial period if you have questions or need to exchange or return your mattress.

For specifics on the Helix mattress trial period and warranty, learn more at Or, for a helpful tool, check out Our Mattress Warranty & Trial Period Guide.

Helix Bases & Frames:

helix adjustable baseIf you are wondering what your new Helix Luxe mattress will be sitting on, you have a few options that you can include with your purchase. If you already have a frame or base that you plan on using, great! But if not, Helix offers a few choices to compliment your new mattress.

If you want a more basic frame and foundation combination, then you are covered. Both are sold directly and can be shipped with your mattress to create a full set. The Helix metal frame comes in every mattress size and ranges from $150 to $175 and the Helix foundation is also available in every size and ranges between $200 to $325.

Now, if you are looking to elevate your sleeping experience, quite literally, then the Helix Adjustable Base may be for you. This superior support system offers head and foot elevation along with preset settings for a weightless, zero- gravity feel, as well as your own personalized settings that remember your preferences. It even has USB ports and adjustable legs to really dial in on the luxury feel. The adjustable base is offered in Twin XL, Queen, King and Cal King options and run between $895 to $1695.

Check out all the bases and frames not at

Helix Mattress Accessories:

helix mattress protectorIf you are looking to really complete your bedroom and top off your new mattress with complimenting accessories, Helix has those too. With a variety of pillows, sheets, and mattress protectors, you can round out your new mattress purchase. We personally think that every new mattress should be protected with a mattress protector. They not only keep your mattress clean, but also are an easy way to protect your investment. Helix offers a great mattress protector that works perfectly with the Helix Luxe. Check it out HERE.

They also have a few pillows that offer some of the same technology and personalized support and comfort capabilities that make them unique. Between the Helix Adjustable Pillow and the Ultra Cool Adjustable Pillow, you’ll surely find a perfect feel. Both can be found HERE.

Lastly, what good is a new mattress if you don’t have the soft and silky sheets to emphasize the look and feel? The luxury TENCEL sheets by Helix are available in two colors and every size. This additional bedding must-have is not only extra soft but also moisture-wicking for cooler sleep, as well as sustainable-produced. Learn more and purchase your Helix TENCEL sheets HERE!

Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! If you have questions or need more insight during your mattress buying journey, please feel free to contact us.

Check out this article for the best hybrid mattress reviews. If you want to see what options are available for all foam, see some of our favorite memory foam beds too.

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • Warranty 15 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $1199
  • Twin XL $1449
  • Full $1749
  • Queen $2049
  • King $2499
  • Cal King $2499
Overall Rating


The Helix Luxe Review Mattress might be good for you if…

  • You want a super thick and luxe hybrid mattress that has multiple comfort choices for an ideal feel.
  • You like solid support and minimal motion transfer, a cooler sleeping surface and solid edge to use.
  • You like your original Helix but want the upgraded, more luxurious and durable feel of the NEW Helix Luxe.
  • You want a mattress with a solid brand and reputation as well as sufficient warranty and amazing customer service.

Still looking for some more information? Visit Helix at Also, have questions for us? Please contact us and we would be happy to help you!

Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! Contact Us. We would love to help you in any way we can.