Best Mattresses for Couples

Sharing a mattress can sometimes cause a few challenges. Especially when there are different preferences between who is sharing the bed. However, when you find the perfect mattress that works great for you and your partner there is nothing that beats both of you getting the necessary rest and relaxation you deserve. Which is why we are offering several recommendations for the best mattresses for couples to find that happy medium for both of you.

best mattress for couples

When it comes to finding an ideal mattress for couples, there are a few things to make sure for focus on. Not only is compatible comfort necessary, but also having a solid, stable bed that will last and offer solid edge support is a must. And when it comes to sharing a mattress having one that works well for minimizing motion transfer and offers an ideal surface for sex are certainly considerations.

There are several mattresses out there that will check some of these requests. But, there are also several mattresses that check all of these boxes. Which are the ones we recommend for obvious reasons.

Below we have our top 10 picks based on our full reviews from every mattress on our site. We can confidently recommend every one of these beds and know couples will not be disappointed.

Our Top 10 Mattresses for Couples by Our Sleep Guide

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  7. Sparrow Hybrid by Nest Bedding | Best Split Comfort Mattress for Couples | BUY HERE!
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  9. Crystal Cove Mattress Review | Best Two Sided Hybrid Mattress for Couples | BUY HERE!
  10. Owl Latex Hybrid Nest Bedding | Best Natural Split Comfort Mattress for Couples | BUY HERE!

New Mattress Buying Guide for Couples by Our Sleep Guide

best beds for couplesBelow we have detailed information on what we look for in buying the best mattresses for couples. Giving you some insight into why we chose the above mattresses. This gives you a better breakdown of the reasoning each of these beds is on our list. As well as more insight into what to pay attention to when buying a new mattress you are sharing.

Further down we also have more details on each of the mattresses we recommend too. Giving you a brief overview of what makes each mattress unique and special. As well as ideal for sharing, especially if you have specific needs. If you are interested in learning more about a specific mattress and want to jump right to it just click on the links found in the table of contents below.

Mattress Buying Guide for Couples: What To Look For In A New Mattress For Two by Our Sleep Guide

Bearaby Sleeper Weighted Comforter Review

Before we jump into more about each of the above listed mattresses we want to start with a few key areas we feel are important in finding the ideal bed for a couple. When sharing the mattress with someone else it can sometimes be more complicated to find something you both love. But knowing where to compromise is a great start.

Above we mentioned a few areas that we feel are great areas to consider when choosing a mattress that is shared. We wanted to take a quick look at each of these areas just a bit more before jumping into more about our recommendations.

Finding The Happy Medium

the benefits of snugglingOne of the most important areas of your new mattress is finding ideal comfort and support for two unique people. Each of us has slightly different preferences and sleeping styles. If you are lucky enough to share a similar preference to the firmness and support of a mattress with your partner it makes it easier.

However, if you share a bed with someone who is much larger or smaller than you, or you prefer sleeping on a firm surface and they prefer soft or one of you sleeps only on your back and the other only on their side, than you have a few challenges to finding an ideal sleep surface. We have several recommendations when it comes to finding a mattress that provides what you both need.

Universally Appealing

If you and your partner are looking for a good compromise that accommodates a large variety of needs there are several really ideal mattresses that work well for the masses. Finding a mattress that ranges between medium to medium-firm feel is usually best for every shape, size and sleeping position.

helix luxe mattress for couples

Finding a universally appealing mattress that offers quality long lasting support with sturdy edges and durable foams is your best bet. We highly suggest getting a hybrid bed that uses quality materials and excellent comfort to work for both of you.

Our favorite hybrids for couples include the Helix Luxe, the original Helix, WinkBed and the Bear Hybrid. Each of these beds uses USA materials and craftsmanship to produce a top notch mattress. Not only do they provide amazing support but also incredible comfort too.

Another amazing universally comfortable mattress is the new TEMPUR-Cloud memory foam mattress too. If you are more of a fan of an all foam feel this one is great for couples that want a bed that conforms to them instead of the other way around.

As you’ll see in our mattress highlights below each of these beds will make for a great choice for any couple looking for the “sweet spot” of comfort and support for mattress choices.

Split It Up

best saatva mattress for couplesIf you and your spouse or partner have very different mattress needs we suggest getting split King mattress. If you didn’t know, a King size mattress is the exact same size as two Twin XL mattresses. Meaning that if you have the space for a King size mattress you can both get the perfect mattress and still sleep right next to each other.

We suggest finding a mattress line that offers a large variety of comfort choices. Like the Helix or Helix Luxe that offers 13 unique feels between the two. Also, the Solaire by Saatva is an impressive Airbed mattress that offers split comfort with each side having 50 adjustments for the most perfect feel. Ensuring that you both get the best mattress for you.

Otherwise, if you want different feels but one uniform mattress we suggest the Nest Bedding Signature Hybrid. The King size version of this mattress allows you to have the foams adjusted per each side to offer individualized comfort that is under the cover.

Flip It Over

Another option that may appeal to you is trying a mattress that offers dual comfort with a two-sided flippable bed. These mattresses come with slight variations of feel on each side of the bed. Allowing you to experience two unique feels that give you more options on finding the perfect compromise.

cedar vs crystal cove reviewWe specifically love the unique build of the Crystal Cove by Brentwood Home. This mattress not only offers two slightly different firmness levels on each side, but also uses two unique comfort foams. You can choose either one side that offers the medium feel of a memory foam hybrid. While the other side offers the feel of a medium-firm latex hybrid mattress. A unique and clever design that really gives you two great options.

Two other options that give you some flexibility with two firmness options are the Nest Bedding Signature Series double sided memory foam mattress and the Layla Hybrid dual sided coil and copper infused memory foam mattress. Both offer two distinctly different comfort levels on each side of the mattress to help you choose the perfect feel and support.

Do Not Disturb

which mattress is better at isolating movement winkbed or helixNot only is finding a mattress that is ideally comfortable and supportive for both parties high priority, but also finding a mattress that helps minimize partner disturbance and motion transfer too.

If you have ever tried a water bed you know that this bed is the epitome of motion transfer. Creating vibrations and literal waves that move every inch of the bed with every toss and turn. This is exactly what you DON’T want in a mattress you share.

Which is why we like to make sure that every bed we recommend is easy to move on, but also offers great motion isolation for very minimal partner disturbance. Giving all couples a mattress that they don’t have to worry about getting in and out of or even changing sleeping positions on.

Time To Get It On

favorite mattress for sexLastly, an area to remember when searching for a mattress that is for partners who are also romantic is what other activities take place on your bed. If you and your spouse are intimate finding a mattress that works well for that is also something to consider. This is clearly not the sole purpose of your mattress, but it may be one to factor in.

Check out our Best Mattresses for Sex page if you are curious how this effects your mattress selection too!

Why Listen To Us?

winkbed mattress reviewBefore jumping into our recommendations of best beds for couples, we want to give you some insight into who we are. We are not only mattress reviewers, but as a real life couple who have different sleeping preferences. Justin is a dominate back sleeper who likes a true medium firm feel. While I, Crystal, am a dominate side sleeper who also occasionally sleeps on my back and stomach. I also prefers a true medium feeling mattress.

Even though our comfort preferences aren’t as far off as some couples, finding a mattress that gives us both what we want is a little easier said than done. Our list of mattresses offers several of our personal favorites that worked very well for us and know would be a great compromise for other couples who are looking for a great universal feel. We also feature several options that would work well for couples who are looking for a bed that gives them each what they want.

Our Top 10 Mattress Choices for Couples Recommendations:

Below is a brief snippet of our top selected best mattresses for couples. Each mini review gives you a few highlights of each mattress. As well as what makes them ideal for sharing. Along with some highlighted information you’ll also find links to the latest coupons for great savings and a link to our full review of each mattress too.

#1 – Editors Pick & Overall Best Mattress for Couples: Helix Luxe

best mattresses for couples

As you can see from the image above there are 6 different Helix Luxe mattresses to choose from. Each is focused on providing it’s unique and accommodating feel. Ranging from soft to firm and everything in between. Curious which of the 6 Helix Luxe mattresses would work best for you and your partner? Take the Helix Sleep Quiz to find out what they recommend.

Take the Helix Sleep Quiz HERE!

Why Is Helix Luxe Best For Couples?

helix luxe best mattress

If you are sharing a mattress and have different needs we think the Helix Luxe Dusk and Midnight are right up your alley. After sleeping on both of these luxury mattresses we felt that they offer an ideal medium feel that does a great job of accommodating side, stomach and back sleepers in a variety of sizes and shapes.

While if you are a couple looking for an overall softer feel they also have the Helix Luxe Moonlight and Sunset. And if you like a firmer feel than the Helix Luxe Twilight and Dawn would be right up your alley. Regardless of which option you find to be the most compatible for both of you the mattress is overall very well made.

The Helix Luxe is 14″ thick and is made up of 5 layers. Combining a solid coil system with enhanced coils around the perimeter paired with 3 layers of durable yet super contouring foams that makes a premium mattress that provides superior balance like no other mattress we’ve tried. Creating the perfect pairing of comfort and support that works with your body and not the other way around.

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Learn more about this mattress in our Helix Luxe Mattress Review to see why it is perfect for you.

#2 – Best Mattress for Couples on a Budget: Original Helix

best mattress for couples

If you love the idea of the Helix Luxe but it’s a little out of your price range we have the next best thing. The runner up to our #1 pick for the best mattresses for couples is another Helix Sleep mattress. The original Helix mattress is a also a hybrid bed offered in 6 ideal feels, but comes in at a very affordable price point.

Take the Helix Sleep Quiz HERE!

Why Is The Helix Mattress Best To Share?

This mattress also features 6 unique and ideal comfort levels to ensure you get a bed that works for both of you. Not only will you have a variety of mattresses that work very well for sharing a bed. But, if you have the option of having a King size mattress the Helix is the absolute best bed for getting a split King bed.

best helix mattress review

Meaning that if you and your partner want and need very different feels that you can each get a Twin XL mattress and put them side by side on your King frame or base and you will have the look and overall feel of a King size mattress but with personalized comfort.

Similar to the Helix Luxe the original Helix mattresses are offered in the soft options known as the Moonlight and Sunset. The most popular medium options are known as the Helix Midnight and Dusk. While the firmest options are knows as the Helix Dawn and Twilight.

This mattress is also a hybrid. With a total of 12″ and 4 layers you’ll get a combination of an 8″ thick coil system paired with 2 layers of premium comfort foams. It is also great for providing minimal motion transfer, sleeping cool and providing good edge support. As well as really coming in at a price point that is hard to beat.

Helix Mattresses Coupon 30% OFF Code: MEMDAY30

Learn even more about this USA made hybrid bed in our detailed Helix Mattress Review. And if you are curious how it compares to the Helix Luxe check out our comparison review, Helix vs Helix Luxe.

#3 – Best Custom Comfort Mattress for Couples: Solaire Adjustable AirBed by Saatva

best mattress to share

If you and your spouse want one bed but two completely adjustable sides you won’t even consider any other bed. The completely personalized Solaire AirBed by Saatva gives you one mattress with two sides that offer 50 levels of precision comfort. With a luxurious combination of memory foam, latex and air chambered support, you’ll feel like this bed was literally made for you.

Latest Solaire Mattress Coupon

Who Would the Soliare Be Best For?

This mattress is an investment, but your sleep is a huge part of your life and investing into it may be well worth it. This mattress is the best option for couples who have very different needs from a mattress. If you are a back sleeper only who likes a firm mattress and your spouse is a side sleeper who needs a soft mattress finding a happy compromise with one feel is pretty unlikely.

solaire adjustable airbed by saatva

Which is where an AirBed that offers two sides of custom comfort is the perfect solution. The Solaire by Saatva is an awesome bed that not only uses premium materials but also the latest technology to create a bed that will give you and your partner exactly what you need.

Another special aspect of this mattress is that even the Queen size Solaire offers independent customization. Most other mattresses that may offer “split comfort” are only available in a King size. Which for anyone who either likes a Queen size or only has room for a Queen size mattress won’t benefit.

The only downfall we see with this mattress is the fact that you do have to invest more up front. However, the long term benefits are priceless.

Latest Solaire Mattress Coupon

Looking for custom comfort on both sides? Read our Solaire Adjustable AirBed Review to see just how it works.

#4 – Best Mattress for Heavy Couples: WinkBed Plus

best mattress for heavy couples

If you are on the heavier side, or even if only one of the sleepers in the bed is larger, the WinkBed Plus is going to give you an amazingly comfortable and supportive bed at any size. This is our overall #1 pick for Best Mattress for Heavy People. But, we also think it is also one of the best mattresses for overweight couples out there. We aren’t larger, but even as an average sized couple we LOVE the sturdy support of the WinkBed Plus bed.

WinkBeds Mattress Coupon | $300 OFF

Why Will Couples Like The WinkBed Mattress?

best mattress for heavy couplesLike we mentioned above, this mattress is ideal for larger people, but it will be especially awesome for couples. The feel of this mattress is substantial, but still super accommodating. The fact that WinkBeds offers four amazing feels, including an option specifically for large sleepers, really makes this brand stand out for couples in general.

The Plus WinkBed uses thicker gauge steel coils as well as uses anti-sag technology foams. They also add a layer of latex for added durability and buoyancy to create a bed that is intended to stand for plus size people, but I think of it more as the WinkBed Plus some!

WinkBeds Mattress Coupon | $300 OFF

Learn more about the best bed for heavy couples in our WinkBed Mattress Review.

#5 – Best Split Hybrid Mattress for Couples: Sparrow Hybrid by Nest Bedding

best split comfort mattress

If you are a couple sharing a King size mattress and looking for split comfort, the Signature Hybrid by Nest Bedding may be the mattress of your dreams. This mattress allows you to choose between soft, medium and firm. But not just overall, but on each side of the bed. Meaning neither of you have to compromise, but instead get exactly what you need and want.

20% OFF Nest Bedding Coupon HERE!

What Makes the Signature Hybrid Ideal For Couples?

sparrow mattress motion transferThis hybrid style mattress offers a solid coil system covered with contouring foams to create ideal balance. With a variety of comfort you can surely find a feel that you and your spouse can compromise on. But the great thing is that you don’t have to if you opt for the Split Comfort King and Cal King option.

This bed is one of a handful like this. Meaning that very few beds offer this kind of split customization within the bed itself. Offering you a more precise feel. The biggest drawback as that this is only available in a King and Cal King sizes. But, with over half of couples sleeping in this size, it is super awesome for so many who share a bed.

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If you can fit a King size mattress in your room and want split comfort, than your love learning more in our Sparrow Hybrid by Nest Bedding Mattress Review.

#6 – Best Mattress for Active Couples: Bear Elite Hybrid

best universally comfortable mattress

Looking for a universally appealing mattress that does a great job for 99% of sleepers? We suggest the amazing comfort and support the Hybrid from Bear offers. This mattress may only come in one firmness level, but they did a darn good job of finding that sweet spot that truly does work for so many. Making it one of the best beds for couples, especially if you are a couple with an active lifestyle too.

Bear Mattress Coupon | 35% OFF

What Makes The Bear Hybrid Special?

The great thing about this mattress is that there are so MANY great things about it. The design of this bed features a very well engineered mattress that truly does a great job of finding an adaptable feel that will accommodate so many. By having a solid coil system paired with responsive and conforming foams you get an ideally medium firm bed.

bear hybrid edge support

Let’s just say that Goldilocks would have no reason to get out of this bed. It isn’t too soft, too firm, nor too hot or too cold. It also happens to be an amazing price point and offers a super special cover that uses the FDA approved material, Celliant.

If you haven’t heard of this fiber it is truly amazing. It literally uses turns your bodies own heat into energy to help repair and heal your body while you sleep. All of this is done with Infrared technology and helps you not only sleep great, but wake up feeling better and ready to tackle the day. Learn more about on how Celliant works to see if it’s for you.

Bear Mattress Coupon | 35% OFF

Learn more about this amazing bed and our favorite bed for athletes in our Bear Elite Hybrid Review.

#7 – Best Memory Foam Mattress for Couples: TEMPUR-Cloud by TEMPUR-Pedic

best memory foam mattress for couples

When it comes to finding a memory foam bed that makes a great compromise for two people the latest bed-in-a-box introduced by TEMPUR-Pedic is a fabulous choice. The new TEMPUR-Cloud is an all foam mattress that combines the NASA made memory foam that Tempurpedic is known for. But, they have made this mattress more adaptable not only for consumers, but to be able to fit into a box too.

Latest Tempur-Cloud Mattress Coupon

Which Couples Will Like the Tempurpedic Cloud Mattress?

unboxing the Tempur-CloudThe TEMPUR-Cloud was introduced in early 2020 as the very first TempurPedic mattress that can be compressed and drop shipped. Giving them their first official direct to consumer bed. Though you can buy a variety of Tempur-Pedic beds online, all others can only be shipped by using a white glove delivery service and cannot be compressed to fit into a box.

This new bed not only gives you access to a mattress that you can get faster, but also at a more affordable price point. The newest mattress from this well known brand has made some adjustments to the typical feel they are known for. The TEMPUR-Cloud has some density to it, but it is balanced by a slightly softer, more responsive foam that gives this mattress a more universally appealing feel.

Latest Tempur-Cloud Mattress Coupon

Learn about this new bed in a box in our TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress Review.

#8 – Best Two Sided Hybrid Mattress for Couples: Crystal Cove by Brentwood Home

best flippable mattress

Maybe two beds in one would be the best compromise? We suggest the Brentwood Home two sided hybrid, the #8 best mattresses for couples. The Crystal Cove is also featured as our top pick for overall best flippable mattress. Making this a great option for couples who aren’t quite sure what would be the best compromise.

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Should You Choose the Crystal Cove Mattress?

When it comes to flippable two sided mattresses there are some things to consider. Sometimes a flippable mattress features two sides that are exactly the same. This helps increase the life of a mattress. While others will give you the same materials with two drastically different feels. This is okay but not necessarily that beneficial if you don’t ever sleep on one of the sides.

crystal cove sleeping on pillow

The amazing thing about the Crystal Cove is that it offers a durable coil system in the center and than gives you two comfort options. However, both range between medium to medium firm, but one side offers the more responsive feel of latex. While the other side offers your the more slow responding feel of memory foam. Both do great at relieving pressure, sleeping cool and providing an accommodating level of comfort.

However, the materials have their own appeal that make each side super appealing, yet unique. Another awesome thing about this mattress is the price point. This mattress offers several premium qualities but comes in at a super affordable price. Use our coupon link below to get your Crystal Cove today!

10% OFF Brentwood Home With Code: OSG10

Learn about this amazing two sided mattress in our detailed Crystal Cove Mattress Review.

#9 – Best Natural Split Comfort Mattress for Couples: Owl Latex Hybrid by Nest Bedding

If you like the idea of a flippable mattress but are more interested in a all memory foam bed, than the Signature Series Flippable mattress by Nest Bedding could be a great choice. This all foam bed features a medium and firm memory foam feel that is great for providing dense yet contouring pressure relief. With two feels in one bed you’ll surely find the right fit for both of you.

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What Couples Will Like The Owl Mattress?

how comfortable is the owl nest bedding mattressIf you are a couple who wants a natural mattress but you’d like your own individual firmness the Owl latex hybrid by Nest Bedding is for you. Similar to the Nest Bedding Sparrow, this mattress offers split comfort in the King and Cal King sizes. While you still have one solid bed, you get the feeling of two unique beds for sleeping.

This is ideal for couples who struggle with finding a compromise. Now you don’t need to. This natural mattress partners buoyant yet pressure relieving latex with solid and individually wrapped coils. This creates amazing support and a bed that naturally sleeps cool too. It also offers minimal motion transfer and a price tag that is still very affordable.

Another awesome thing about this Nest Bedding Owl mattress is the comfort guarantee that it comes with too. This mattress offers a replacement of the comfort foam during the life of the bed. Meaning that if the initial comfort isn’t a good fit they will send you a different firmness level. Or if you like your comfort but find you could use a refresh to give you a new bed feel you can have them send a replacement comfort layer later on.

20% OFF Nest Bedding Coupon HERE!

Check out this two sided mattress review of the Signature Series Flippable bed by Nest Bedding.

#10 – Best Two Sided Natural Mattress for Couples: Zenhaven by Saatva

best natural mattress for couples

Another double sided favorite is the 100% natural and all latex double sided bed, the Zenhaven. This mattress uses four layers of Talalay latex foam that combine together to provide a durable but responsive feel. Paired with organic wool and cotton to give you an all foam bed that is unlike any all foam bed you’re use to.

Latest Zenhaven Mattress Coupon

What Makes The Zenhaven Different?

cedar vs zenhavenAs already mentioned this mattress is an all latex foam bed. However, what really makes this mattress stand out along with it’s natural properties, is the fact that it is also a flippable, two sided mattress. Which means that you can sleep on both sides of this mattress. One side offers a luxury plush feel while the other is a gentle firm feel. The luxury plush feel is a true medium while the gentle firm is a medium firm feel.

Which means both sides are very accommodating and won’t have much difference in comfort and allow you to really use both sides. This mattress is a great investment that will truly be a great bed for any couple looking for a natural mattress that uses only latex foam.

This mattress is also great for maintaining a nice temperature neutral sleeping surface. As well as a very durable edge and fairly minimal motion transfer. This mattress is an investment but will be a a long lasting and super well made for years of great sleep.

Latest Zenhaven Mattress Coupon

See how it may benefit your sleep in our Zenhaven Mattress Review.

Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! If you have questions or need more insight during your mattress buying journey, please feel free to contact us.