Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers

Waking up in a sweaty mess is exactly what nobody wants. However, if you are a warm or hot sleeper you may be experiencing this more than you’d care to. In a world full of evolving technology the days of being woken up from overheating are numbered. Especially with so many amazing beds designed to help you sleep cool.

We have found that there are so many cool beds out there that we have a list full of best mattresses for hot sleepers. Below we will not only give you a quick glimpse of which mattresses made our list. But also a brief review of each mattress to help you pick a great cooling mattress for yourself.

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Do You Sleep Hot?

Before jumping into our recommendations it is good to know a little more about if you are truly a hot sleeper or not. Warm and hot sleepers range from young to old, big or small and male and female. Meaning that sleeping cool, or temperature neutral, is important to almost anyone out there. However, there are a few of us that are more prone to throw the blankets off instead of bundling up.

In the style of Jeff Foxworthy, you may be a hot sleeper if…

  • You have a tendency to sleep with only a sheet on, regardless of season.
  • If you set your thermostat at 65 degrees or cooler and still get warm.
  • If you get up in the middle of the night and change your pajamas.
  • You may be a hot sleeper if your constantly washing your sheets because they are sweaty.
  • And you might be a hot sleeper if you constantly wake up HOT!

If you sleep hot than you’ll find our top 10 list of recommendations for cool beds below very helpful. Under this at-a-glance list is some great information on why mattresses sleep hot. And following that is a brief review of each mattress, to give you more insight as well as access to the best and latest mattress coupons too.

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Best Cooling Mattress for Hot Sleepers:



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  2. Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Review | BEST Runner Up |LATEST COUPON HERE!
  3. Avocado Mattress Review | BEST Natural Mattress |LATEST COUPON HERE!
  4. Birch Mattress Review | BEST Luxury Mattress |25% OFF COUPON HERE!
  5. Purple Hybrid Mattress Review | BEST for VERY Hot Sleepers | LATEST COUPON HERE!
  6. EcoCloud Hybrid Mattress Review | BEST for Side Sleepers | $300 OFF CODE: SLEEP – USE HERE!
  7. Bear Hybrid Mattress Review | BEST for Couples & Combo Sleepers | 20% OFF COUPON HERE!
  8. Cocoon Mattress Review | BEST for Budget Conscious | 35% OFF COUPON HERE!
  9. Zenhaven Mattress Review |BEST for Average Weight | $600 OFF COUPON HERE!
  10. Saatva Mattress Review | BEST For Overweight | $600 OFF COUPON HERE!

Why Do Some Mattresses Sleep Hot?

If you sleep hot, that is hard to change. However, when a mattress sleeps hot, that is not going to help your cause. And with so many mattresses out there that do hold heat, it is good to understand what to avoid.

no memory foamWe suggest staying away from all foam mattresses that use either memory foam or poly foam. Some are better than others, but as a good rule of thumb we say, stay away. When all you have is foam on foam the heat gets trapped with no place to go. Which means you’re body is fighting fire with fire.

We also suggest staying away from mattresses that are too soft and slow responding. Even hybrid mattresses that use multiple layers of soft poly and memory foam can be the culprit to ruining your sleep. The more you sink in and the more foam that is on the bed, the warmer you’ll become. So even with a coiled mattress, make sure the foams used above it aren’t going to trap your heat in.

What are the Best Mattress Types for Hot Sleepers?

Now that you know what is less desirable in a cool mattress, it is good to know what is more desirable when it comes to the materials in the best mattress for hot sleepers. We strongly suggest a mattress with a hybrid or innerspring design. This means that a coil system is present and air flow is prominent. Especially when it’s paired with a foam that is breathable as well.

The best foams are latex and open cell foams. We have also seen that Polymer in a grid structure, like the one in the Purple mattress, will also keep you sleeping cool. The unique qualities that keep these foams cooler is the fact that they offer ample aeration. Meaning that there are strategical channels and pockets of air within the comfort layers of foam to allow plenty of brethability. If you do prefer the feeling of all foam, than we would highly suggest a latex mattress for cooler sleep.

best materials hot sleepers

Lastly, a mattress that uses a cover that helps reduce heat retention is awesome. We like technology driven covers that use Phase Change Material(PCM) for truly cool to the touch feel. And we also love the natural combination of cotton and wool that inherently keep you cool and dry.

best mattress cover hot sleepers

To determine the best mattress for hot sleepers we look for these materials paired with great designs that feature exceptional air flow along minimal heat retention. Finding the best combination of these attributes is the only way to maintain a temperature neutral sleeping surface throughout the night. Which is exactly what the list of our favorite mattresses below offer.

Best Cool Mattress For Hot Sleepers List:

Below is our detailed list of our top choices for cooling mattresses. We will take a look into what makes each of them ideal for hot sleepers. As well as what makes them exceptional mattresses overall. Don’t forget to use our coupon links too for the best savings!

To get to the mattress you’re most interested in use the table of contents below to jump to your favorite mattress for hot sleepers! Or keep scrolling to read them all. 

#1 – Cocoon Chill Hybrid: Editor’s Pick for Hot Sleepers

What makes a mattress so cool that it makes it to the #1 spot of our list for best mattress for hot sleepers? Well, the Cocoon Chill Hybrid by Sealy is so cool that it has been said by some to be downright cold. Meaning, if you like to get into a cool mattress and keep that cool feeling all night long, than you’ll love the Hybrid Cocoon by Sealy.

cocoon chill hybrid by sealy

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What Makes the Cocoon Hybrid Cool?

cocoon chill hybrid how it coolsIt isn’t just the Cocoon Hybrid, it’s the Cocoon Hybrid Chill, which in this instance the name says it all. Not only are you crawling into a bed that perfectly molds around you. But it also keeps you ideally comfortable. This is quite a feat with a memory foam bed that typically sleeps hot. However, the success of how well this mattress cools makes it a perfect partnering of cozy comfort and just enough chill.

When you have a combination of materials that make it so perfect it is easy to label our #1 mattress for hot sleepers. But how do they make this mattress almost like magic?

This mattress not only offers a hybrid build that uses coils for not only great support but creates plenty of space for air to flow and heat to escape. It also uses solid and supportive memory foam that is covered with a PCM (phase change material) that literally uses the latest and greatest science to absorb your body heat and then instinctively helps you regulate your body heat better.

What Else We Love About the Cocoon Chill Hybrid:

cocoon chill hybrid mattress reviewWhen it comes to the mattresses we love most we always come back to the hybrids. These types of beds give you the best of both a coil and foam mattress by using the best materials from both and combining them together. The Cocoon is special in that it uses memory foam that actually feels like memory foam. Most mattresses (especially online) claim to be “memory foam” but don’t really feel like it.

The Cocoon Chill however, is one mattress that actually has the true feel of memory foam that relieves pressure and molds perfectly to your body. This combine with a coil system ensures you also never feel stuck, never get too hot and have precision support that perfectly pairs with the foam meaning minimal partner disturbance and solid edge support.

One thing we really appreciate about the Cocoon Chill Hybrid is the universal feel that actually feels good! Many mattresses only offer one comfort level and often times they are a little too firm. This true medium feeling mattress truly feels good whether you sleep on your side or your back. Making it great for all sleepers and couples who might have a hard time finding the right compromise. Oh, and the price is ridiculously good too!

Is the Cocoon Mattress for You?

The Cocoon Chill Hybrid mattress is the best at cooling as well as provides an amazing feel that will relieve pressure and give ideal support.  It will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You want the best pressure relieving memory foam hybrid mattress that is ideal for sleeping on your side, stomach or back.
  • If you like a cool to the touch feel that lasts and lasts all night long.
  • If you want an affordable mattress that also offers amazing quality and durability.
  • You like a company that has years of experience and several high quality products that they stand behind 100%.
  • You just want the absolute best mattress for sleeping hot that WILL keep you cool.

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Read our full review HERE or Shop the Cocoon memory foam mattress at CocoonbySealy.com.

#2 – Brooklyn Aurora: Runner Up Hot Sleepers

While there are several good options for hot sleepers, coming close behind the Cocoon hybrid is the Brooklyn Aurora. This cooling mattress has been a favorite to many who like a cool to the touch feel that lasts well into the evening, and even morning.  With amazing technology you’ll certainly find this to be a truly cool bed too.

best mattresses that fit into RVs


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What Makes the Brooklyn Aurora Cool?

best mattress for hot sleepersThe Aurora was designed from the beginning to rival all other beds as the coolest of it’s kind. Carefully layered with from top to bottom with enhanced materials to create a truly heat reducing experience.

To start, the cover of the Brooklyn Aurora is infused with TitanCool. This patented technology is a Phase Change Molecule put right into the surface fabric of the mattress to maintain an ideal 88 degree skin temperature. This may not sound as cool as you’d think, but with the average mattress being several degrees warmer, this will feel quite different.

Under the very cool cover is a layer of CopperFlex foam that is also infused with the same TitanCool found in the cover. Together the properties of naturally temperature regulating copper work with the technology driven heat regulator to keep you downright cold and literally pull heat away from your body.

These surface cooling layers are paired with a more responsive TitanFlex comfort foam and a pressure relieving as well as gel infused Memory Foam. These layers are great at adding comfort with minimal heat. They also sit on top of an 8″ thick coil system that ensures any heat that may be captured is quickly dissipated.

Is the Brooklyn Aurora for You?

The details of this luxury mattress don’t stop at the cooling aspects. It is a nearly 14″ thick premium hybrid bed that is available in soft, medium and firm. The price is very affordable, especially with the coupon found below. And the support and comfort are only enhanced by the fact that it also sleeps so cool. The Brooklyn Aurora mattress is certainly an ideal choice for you if….

  • You want a premium, durable and well made hybrid that is super thick and luxurious with quality materials.
  • If you want a very comfortable bed that even gives you the choice of soft, medium and firm feels.
  • You like a very cool mattress that also is durable from all aspects, has minimal motion transfer and comes in at a great value.
  • You want to buy from a company with a solid reputation that has been around for years, and isn’t going anywhere.

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Find all the details and more insight on this amazing bed in our full review found HERE. Also, if you are ready to buy your new super cool mattress shop the Brooklyn Aurora at BrooklynBedding.com.

#3 – Avocado: Best Natural Mattress for Hot Sleepers

We can’t have two in the #1 spot, but, very close behind is our runner up for the best mattress for hot sleepers. The Avocado mattress not only sleeps cool, it does so by using 100% organic materials. Meaning that you are sleeping cooler with materials nature has hand picked to regulate temperature.

avocado mattress for large people

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Just How Cool is the Avocado Mattress?

Again, with this mattress it is all in the details of the design and materials. Carefully thought out from top to bottom, each layer of the Avocado mattress is strategically chosen not only for amazing and long lasting comfort and support, but also ideal heat reduction.

avocado vegan mattress

Starting from the top you get the perfect pairing of breathable organic cotton with a thick layer of organic wool batting. Wool may make you think of a cozy sweater on a fall day, but in all actuality wool is the most ideal material for regulating temperature and wicking away moisture. This means whether you sleep hot, cool or somewhere in between wool works with your body to remain neutral.

Under the amazing natural properties of the wool is a comfort layer of buoyant yet contouring Dunlop latex. This foam is made fro teh sap of rubber trees. When produced, the latex foam is poured into a mold that creates small holes for aeration and heat dissipation. Not only does this keep air flow at a maximum, but the naturally responsiveness of latex also prevents any sleeper from sinking in too far and creating more heat.

Lastly, this mattress again offers a coil system that is key in not only adding support for longevity, but gives any potential trapped heat an escape route. Giving every layer of this mattress a natural resolve to fighting heat in the name of sleeping cool all night long.

Is the Avocado for You?

best mattress for warm sleepers avocaodAvocado, as a whole, is a very green company whose focus is on using the best and most natural materials. Their main goal is to create a bed that is neither hazardous or toxic for any sleeper. They take many steps to be accountable for this and are even GREENGUARD Gold Certified and Organic Certified. Making it one, if not thee, most natural online bed-in-a-box available.

The benefits of this 100% organic mattress stretch far beyond the cooling aspects. It offers a variety of options between standard and pillow top comfort, and even a green or vegan beds. All these details, plus more, make the Avocado a cooling mattress unlike most others and is a must for you if…

  • You want a heavy duty mattress that is durable and uses high quality materials and construction.
  • If you like the feel of latex and support of coils and want the perfect compromise and ideal comfort.
  • You want your mattress to have eco-friendly materials that are safe and natural. As well as a company that stands behind this philosophy as well.
  • You like a pressure relieving, luxury feeling, cool sleeping high end bed at an affordable price.

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There is lots more to learn about the Avocado mattress, make sure to read our full review HERE. Also if you know this is the bed for you shop the Avocado green or vegan mattress at AvocadoGreenMattress.com.

#4 – Birch Mattress: Best Luxury Mattress for Hot Sleepers

With such great top two picks you’d think that by number 3 you might be getting a less amazing mattress. However, the Birch mattress is one of our all time favorite mattresses because of its long list of details and attributes that make it so premium yet so affordable. With one of those many attributes sleeping quite cool and temperature regulating.

best topper for hot sleepers

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How Does the Birch Natural Mattress Stay Cool?

which mattress is better the birch or eco cloudThe Birch mattress by Helix Sleep is quite similar to the Avocado. This is another latex hybrid mattress that uses a combination of breathable organic cotton and heat regulating wool on the top. However, this mattress uses Talalay Latex instead of Dunlop. As well as offers an optional mattress topper for added comfort and firmness options.

The Birch is also 100% natural, but varies in that it is a little more adaptable and the comfort of the Talalay latex is slightly softer and more consistent, giving you a more luxurious feel. The mattress itself is an 11″ latex hybrid that also has an optional latex topper that would add 2″ if wanted. This allows for more precise comfort as well as the option of shifting your comfort prefrences in the future.

Though the comfort of this bed is different than a Dunlop latex hybrid, the cooling aspects are still the same. The Talalay latex in the Birch may be a bit softer, but it is still ventilated for plenty of airflow. This partnered with the coil system creates little to no heat being trapped. While the many amazing natural benefits of wool and cotton top this mattress too. Creating a very comfortable, supportive and inherently naturally cool sleeping bed. And one of our personal favorites.

Is the Birch Hybrid mattress for You?

The Birch Latex Hybrid mattress is one that offers luxury at it’s finest and most natural. With so many benefits and a custom feel and fit that will work for all sleepers it should delight everyone.

The contouring support, optional topper and innovative use of natural materials makes this mattress an ideal choice for so many reasons. Especially if you want the best mattress for hot sleepers too. The Birch Latex Hybrid Mattress will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You want a solid and durable mattress that offers premium details and design.
  • If you a fan of buoyant, yet comforting latex paired with the support of coils and an optional softer topper to add to the comfort.
  • You want your mattress to have eco-friendly materials that are safe and natural. As well as a company that stands behind this philosophy as well.
  • You like a luxurious mattress that is very affordable and sleeps amazingly cool and comfortable all night.

Birch Mattress Coupon | 25% OFF

There are lots of details that you will find in our full review HERE. Also, shop the Birch Mattress at BirchHome.com.

#5 – Purple Hybrid – Best Mattress for VERY Hot Sleepers

When it comes to sleeping as cool as it gets the best way to achieve that is by removing any heat retaining foam. What? That sounds insane, a mattress with out foam? Well, if you have ever heard of the Purple Hybrid mattress than you’ll know that their Smart Comfort Polymer Grid is foam free and as cool as it gets.

best cooling mattress purple hybrid premiere

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What Makes the Purple Hybrid Mattress Cool?

This amazingly innovative mattress takes sleep to the next level. Offered in three various comforts to perfectly suit your needs. Regardless of which choice you opt for, it will be the COOLEST Mattress you have ever tried. The ability for heat to dissipate and air to flow is maximized and heat retention is a thing of the past.

purple hybrid mattress options

The beauty of the Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier mattresses is the smart comfort Polymer grid. Though the thickness of the grid varies between the 3 Purple hybrid options, the cooling aspects are the same.

The grid is very open, creating large pockets of air. This creates almost no trapped heat, thus almost eliminating any heat retention at all. When paired with a coil system that offers the equal amount of airflow you will never have to worry about a sweaty mattress experience again.

Between the least expensive 11″ Purple Hybrid 2 mattress, the most popular 12″ Purple Hybrid Premier 3 mattress and the zero gravity like 13″ Purple Hybrid Premier 4 mattress you’ll have plenty of cool sleeping options to choose from.

Is the Purple Hybrid for You?

best mattresses for back painNot only are each of these mattresses superior for cooling, but also offer plenty of other amazing benefits. With each model you get great pressure relief, as well as top marks for isolating motion and offering solid edge support. Overall the Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier mattresses are amazing beds from every aspect.

The Purple Hybrid is one of the coolest sleeping mattresses, literally! This unique, adaptable and pressure relieving mattress will keep you cool and dry all night long. The ample support, comfort options and innovative technology are the best for hot sleepers looking for relief. It will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You want a durable and well made hybrid that is uses unique, one of a kind materials that will perfectly adapt to your body.
  • If you want a very comfortable bed that offers various feels ranging from a luxurious medium soft with the 4, to a medium-firm feel in the 2 and the most popular medium feel in the Purple.3.
  • You like a very cool mattress that also is durable from all aspects, has very minimal motion transfer and solid edge support.
  • Purple is a great company that offers amazing customer service, technology driven solutions and a solid reputation and brand. 

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There are lots of details that you will find in our full review HERE. Also, shop the Purple Hybrid Mattress line at Purple.com.

#6 – EcoCloud Hybrid: Best Mattress for Hot Side Sleepers

As you can see from our list of best mattresses for hot sleepers, latex hybrid mattresses do great in this category. They are not only super durable, ideally comfortable and supportive, but also do an amazing job of regulating temperature. Which is why the EcoCloud latex hybrid mattress by WinkBeds is also on our list. However, this mattress, unlike the Cedar and Avocado, uses Talalay latex for a slightly softer feel.

ecocloud winkbed best for hot sleepers

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Why is the EcoCloud Hybrid a Cooling Mattress?

ecocloud by winkbeds latex hybrid mattressThe great thing about this mattress is the fact that you get a more ideal feeling latex hybrid mattress for side sleepers without loosing out on any benefits. The biggest one is sleeping cool. This is a rarity for side sleepers who like a softer mattress. Typically meaning a softer mattress means further into the bed you sink and heat up.

With the EcoCloud you sink in just enough to relieve pressure, but not so far that you are engulfed. Regardless, the materials of this mattress offer cooling, or temperature regulating, properties from top to bottom. Using the natural benefits of cotton, wool, latex and breathable steel coils. You really can have it all with this mattress.

Is the WinkBed EcoCloud Hybrid Mattress for You?

The Eco Cloud mattress is an amazing latex hybrid bed ideal for side sleepers as well as a great cool bed. This rare find is not only natural but one of the few latex hybrid mattresses that is more contouring and softer. Using a Talalay latex layer that is not only crazy comfortable but zoned for perfected support. The WinkBed EcoCloud Hybrid will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You want a naturally cool bed that offers an optimal medium feel perfect for every sleeping position, but even more ideal for side sleepers.
  • If you like a contouring, pressure relieving feel that is also balanced by a buoyantly supportive feel too. All for a very affordable price.
  • And if you like a company that has years of experience with providing solid, durable beds and the best customer service for 100% satisfied sleepers.

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Get the scoop on the EcoCloud Hybrid in our full mattress review HERE. Or get yours today and shop the EcoCloud mattress at WinkBeds.com.

#7 – Bear Hybrid: Best Mattress for Couples & Combination Sleepers

If you love the feel of a slightly more contouring foam, but still need good airflow and heat dissipation, the Bear Hybrid will be a great option. This mattress has not only an amazing universal comfort that many will love, but uses a combination of technology driven materials for a cool surface. Not to mention the Celliant infused cover that not only helps pull heat away, but uses it as energy to help your body recover while you sleep. If that isn’t cool than we don’t know what is!bear hybrid mattress

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How Does the Bear Hybrid Mattress Sleep Cool?

If you are a dominate back or stomach sleeper, this is an ideally comfortable mattress for you. However, if you are a hot back or stomach sleeper you are really in luck! The Bear Hybrid is not only perfectly supportive and comfortable, but also offers several layers that will ensure you won’t be waking up in a sweaty mess.

top bear mattress for edge and side supportThe best part of this traditional hybrid mattress is the top cover. Using a technology driven fabric that features an infusion of Celliant, your new Bear hybrid mattress uses your natural energy to help you sleep better, recover faster and regulate temperature. This amazing cover is paired with a Hyper-soft cooling gel foam for amazing plushness that doesn’t get hot.

Additional comfort layers of foam help keep things cool by offering better air flow and heat dissipation than traditional foams. And the main support system of pocketed coils creates plenty of space for any possible heat retained a place to escape. Creating yet another amazing mattress options to add to our list for best mattress for hot sleepers.

Is the Bear Hybrid Bed for You?

The Bear Hybrid mattress is a rare find and a gem of a bed. This super thick bed not only offers a feel that will delight, but offers sleeping benefits that check every box. Including providing a temperature neutral surface that pulls the heat away and uses it to help your body to recover. Along with super solid edge support and crazy coupons to make this mattress a solid value. It will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You want a perfectly balanced medium-firm mattress that helps your body rest and recover better night after night.
  • If you like a mattress that checks all the boxes and offers minimal motion transfer, solid edge support and temperature regulation for comfortable sleep all night long.
  • And if you like a well made USA bed that is super budget friendly and comes from a company that has a solid reputation and brand recognition for quality mattresses.

Bear Mattress Coupon | 35% OFF

We love this mattress for so many reasons. See our experience for yourself in our Bear Hybrid Mattress Review found HERE. Also, make sure you take advantage of the latest Bear coupon when shopping at BearMattress.com.

#8 – Cocoon – Best for Hot Sleepers on a Budget

Though we don’t always recommend memory foam for hot sleepers, we’ll make an exception for the all foam Cocoon by Sealy mattress. The cooling aspects of the cover and foams still make this a great option for anyone looking to sleep cool, especially if you are determined to have a foam mattress. The Cocoon is not only cool to the touch but also a top affordable mattress and one of our favorite memory foam beds.

cocoon by sealy mattress

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What Makes the Cocoon Mattress Cool?

best mattress under $500Looking for the best cool foam mattress? There aren’t a lot, but the Cocoon, or Cocoon Chill bed is one we would consider a better cooling memory foam mattress. The Cocoon mattress is a popular online bed with is made by the trusted mattress brand, Sealy. With a solid reputation and solid build, this bed makes for a good all foam option.

This mattress offers a unique cool to the touch cover that helps pull heat away from your body. The fact that the this mattress also uses top of the line dense, breathable foams ensures you are perfectly cocooned, but never stuck in a the bed surrounded by heat too. Giving you a cooler than average foam mattress.

With this mattress you also get a reputable brand to back it. As well as the option of two comforts to find the perfect fit. All wrapped in a box and delivered right to your door.

Is the Cocoon Mattress for You?

The Cocoon mattress is a great cooling and relieving pressure that is perfect for the sleep savvy person who likes the latest trends. It will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You want a pressure relieving memory foam mattress that is ideal for sleeping on your side, stomach or back.
  • If you like a cool to the touch feel that is still at an affordable price.
  • You like a company that has years of experience and several high quality products that they stand behind 100%.

35% OFF Cocoon Mattresses Coupon HERE!

Read our full review HERE or Shop the Cocoon memory foam mattress at CocoonbySealy.com.

#9 – Zenhaven: Best Mattress for Hot, Average Weight Sleepers

The Zenhaven by Saatva is a bed that really goes above and beyond to make a nearly perfect latex mattress. It also is 100% natural from the thick layers of Talalay latex to the organic cotton cover. If you are looking for a high quality, 2-sided premium latex than you’re looking at the right bed. Especially if you like natural beds that sleep cool and are easily better than the best cool memory foam mattress, by a long shot.

zenhaven mattress review

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What Makes the Zenhaven Cool?

zenhaven bed in a staged room

This latex mattress has a nice soft and buoyant latex that is pliable and pressure relieving. It uses the highest quality materials and process to ensure the greenest outcome and most consistent feel. The latex provides comfort, cooling and perfect response, the true properties only a natural rubber of latex can produce.

The cover of the mattress is organic cotton with an organic New Zealand wool quilting. The combination creates a natural fire barrier, moisture wicking as well as super soft. This mattress keeps it simple with a combination of natural latex, organic cotton and wool to create one of the best natural mattresses.

Is the Zenhaven for You?

The Zenhaven is the perfect name for this mattress that will help you find your sleeping zen. And our top pick for the cooling all foam category. The Zenhaven is an amazing 100% natural mattress with so many great features. It is comfortable, very durable and priced just right. It will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You want a mattress that allows you to choose your preferred level of firmness. And is as easy to change your mind as it is to just flip your mattress over.
  • If you want a very high quality, durable 100% Talalay latex foam mattress. That has ample support and optimal pressure relief that will even be delivered and set-up for you.
  • You like the naturally aeration and cooling properties of latex. Along with a perfect bounce and added benefits of organic cotton and wool.
  • You would like a mattress that comes from a company with a well known reputation and brand that also has a substantial warranty too.

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Read our full Zenhaven mattress review or Shop the Zenhaven mattress at Saatva.com.

#10  – Saatva: Best Mattress for Hot, Overweight Sleepers

baby on a saatva mattressThe Saatva is a very durable and solid mattress doesn’t have just one coil system, but two. Giving it amazing support that is flexible and contouring but ideal for proper alignment in every sleeping position. The top notch materials and construction make it usable from every inch and maintains a consistent feel. The superior support allows for less sinking in which is ideal for sleeping cool.

Latest Saatva Mattress Coupon

What Makes the Saatva Mattress Cool?

The Saatva is available in either 11.5″ or 14.5″ and uses the same materials with the only difference being the base coils are shorter in one than the other. The dual coil system is combined with premium layers of foam for a balanced feel without being too soft. This is ideal for stomach sleepers and any sleeper who likes solid support. There is also a layer of memory foam to create just enough pressure relief without feeling stuck or sinking in, making this another great contender.

Is the Saatva for You?

Overall the Saatva is a premium, innerspring mattress that uses very durable materials to create a ideally comfortable and cool traditional style mattress. The Classic Saatva mattress be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You want a solid, well-constructed mattress with durable materials that won’t break the bank.
  • If you like a traditional feeling mattress that comes in two comfort options that will both work great for hot sleepers.
  • You want a mattress that keeps you cool, has durable edges and is hand delivered right to your bedroom.
  • You would like a mattress that comes from a company with a well known reputation and brand that also has a substantial warranty too.

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Read our full Saatva matress review or Shop the Saatva mattress at Saatva.com.

How to Shop for a mattress if you’re a Hot Sleeper:

Below our a few key things to look for in a mattress if you sleep warm or hot. Most mattresses out there claim to be “cool sleeping mattresses” but there may be a few things that will help you figure out which will work best for you. As well as helped us determine which mattresses made the cut for our recommendations for the coolest sleeping beds.

layers of a bed

The Firmer, The Better:

This might not be what you’d like to hear if you are a hot sleeper who likes a nice soft mattress. However, the firmer the mattress, the less you’ll sink in and the cooler you’ll stay. This is just plain physics, the less of our body surface that is being enveloped by the mattress the more of it will be exposed to air circulating around you.

If you are a warm sleeper who prefers more comfort, I would suggest a mattress that has a combination of coils and latex. However, your best bet is a mattress with those materials and a slightly firmer feel too. Below we go through why these materials are preferable for hot sleepers.

Materials Matter:

What a mattress is made of will make a big difference when it comes to how well it will breathe and allow heat to escape and keep you comfortable all night long. Many mattresses will infuse different gels into the foams to try and off set the heat build up. However, using materials like coils and naturally aerated latex that have space built in for heat to escape are going to be your best solution. Also, the materials in the cover can make a difference too.

Coil and Hybrid Mattresses:

mattress springsMattresses with coil systems are great for hot sleepers. The core of this mattress uses springs that have plenty of free space around them. This will allow air to flow and heat to dissipate easily. Coil and from sinking in too much. A  coil system is going to be the best heat eliminator for a hot sleeper.

This paired with a heat eliminating foams, specifically latex and latex alternatives, make for a supremely cool mattress. Making sure you pair the coil system with the proper comfort foams ensures that not only will heat dissipate, but less heat will be created to begin with.

To learn more about the pros of Coil Systems visit Step 3 in our Mattress Guide.

close up of a mattressLatex Mattresses:

Latex is another material that will work best for hot sleepers. Whether Dunlop or Talalay, latex is naturally aerated and allows for plenty of air to flow. Out of all the foams used for mattresses this is going to hold the least amount of heat by far. It also is more responsive and easier to move in. The quicker it is for you to move the less likely you are to get trapped in the warmth of one sleeping positon.

100% Latex would really be the only all foam mattress we would recommend for warmer sleepers. Again, when paired with a coil system, this combination does wonders. Both the Zenhaven and Spindle are 100% natural latex mattresses that are both durable and supportive. Each features a different type of latex and you can learn about the differences in our Zenhaven vs Spindle Comparison Review.

Coil & Latex Combo Mattresses:

The best of both worlds would be a coiled mattress with only latex comfort foams, also known as the hybrid latex. These beds have sturdy, strong heat dissipating coil systems. That are than paired with the perfect pressure relieving and cooling layers of latex. These mattresses are not only going to be comfortable and very supportive, but also be great for hot sleepers. Combining the coolest materials for temperature control and heat dissipation into one mattress will be the best for even the hottest sleepers out there.

This option is also superb for anyone who wants a more natural mattress too. Almost all the materials used are organic, natural or recycled to make for an environmentally sound as well as durable and long lasting bed. Giving you several premium yet healthy options for the best mattresses for hot sleepers.

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Coil & Latex Alternative Combo Mattresses:

Allergic to latex? Want the feel of latex but with additional cooling properties? The Brooklyn Aurora hybrid is cool to the touch as well as cool all through the night? This super comfortable bed is not only easy to move on, ultra supportive and even comes in three comfort options. But, it is so focused on making sure the mattress stays cool all night and that it has garnered our #1 spot for the best cooling mattress.

This responsive foam has the durability, breathability and comfort of latex. As well as an ultra durable and supportive coil system. This patented latex alternative foam has even been upgraded to have added TitaniumGel and TitanCool. These added ingredients draw heat away and create the ultimate breathability. This mattress is THE mattress to get if you are a truly warm sleeper. Especially if you need of a good night sleep that allows you to stay ideally comfortable ALL NIGHT!

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Memory Foam:fans near the bed

Many people like the feel of traditional memory foam mattresses, or at least the idea of memory foam. However this material is going to be one that you may want to avoid if you sleep hot.

This foam warms with your body heat more than any other foam and is also slow responding. If you are set on a memory foam mattress make sure you focus on finding one that tries to incorporate copper infusion or cooling gels. As well as punched holes to help dissipate heat or pairs it with a layer of latex too. A few options that would be okay if you don’t sleep too warm are the Layla mattress or Puffy mattress.

Mattress Cover:

Another important material to look at if you are someone who sleeps hot is the cover on top of the mattress. Incorporating breathable cottons and naturally moisture wicking wool are great options. These materials are not only natural but even prove to be better than man made counterparts.

Keep an eye out for mattress covers that aren’t breathable and moisture wicking so they won’t add to your warmth. When looking at mattress materials in general make sure you pay attention to all the details so you know what you’re getting.

Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! If you have questions or need more insight during your buying journey, please feel free to contact us.