Mattress Toppers & Weighted Blankets

Below you’ll find an awesome array of the best mattress toppers and weighted blankets on the market. We have gone through several brands and we have found several amazing options.

When it comes to mattress toppers you’ll want a thick and durable pad that adds adequate comfort. The material may range from slow responding memory foam, to naturally responsive latex. And even more affordable and fine tuned poly foams. Regardless of which material is best for you, the options that we have reviewed are the best ones out there.

We also have several of our favorite weighted blankets. These heavier blankets are great for easing anxiety and helping you sleep sounder and deeper. Though they seem like a phenomenon they are simply a pocketed style blanket with miniature weighted beads that offer unique sleeping benefits. Each brand offers something special and we love them all.

Find our favorite and best mattress toppers and weighted blankets below. And if you need specific help on finding your ideal option, simply contact us and we’d be happy to help!

Accessory Reviews
Product Description Price Ratings Links
organic latex mattress topper brentwood home review 0
brentwood home memory foam mattress topper 0
avocado alpaca duvet logo 0
tempurtopper supreme mattress topper review 0
is the bear pro mattress topper comfortable? Bear Pro Mattress Topper - Celliant Technology paired with Copper Infused Memory Foam $245 0
birch mattress logo helix Birch by Helix - 2" Talalay Latex, wool and organic cotton mattress topper. $250 0
cedar natural luxe mattress topper Oceano Natural Latex Mattress Topper by Brentwood Home - 2" Luxury Dunlop Latex Foam and 100% Organic Cotton Cover Mattress Topper. $269 0
the brentwood home oceano mattress topper Oceano Mattress Topper by Brentwood Home - 3" Luxury Memory Foam, Wool and Tencel Cover Mattress Topper. $229 0
Avocado Later Mattress Topper Avocado Green Mattress Topper $349 0
Avocado Vegan Mattress Topper Review Avocado Vegan Mattress Topper $349 0
avocado alpaca mattress topper review Avocado Alpaca Mattress Topper - Natural & Organic Plush Pillow Topper $449 0
baloo weighted blanket review logo Baloo - Eco-friendly Weighted Blanket available in multiple weights & sizes. $149 0
Helix Weighted Blanket $99 0
Bearaby Weighted Comforter - The Sleeper weighted blanket with zipper option $199 0
The Napper Weighted By Bearaby Blanket Review Bearaby Weighted Blanket - The Classic Napper or Tree Napper chunky knit weighted blanket $249 0
saatva organic weighted blanket review 0
nest bedding luxury weighted blanket logo Luxury Weighted Blanket by Nest Bedding $137 4.78
the bear weighted blanket logo Bear Weighted Blanket - Quilted Comforting Blanket $150 0
yaasa weighted blanket review logo Yaasa Weighted Blanket - Chunky Knit Blanket $249 0
purple and gravity weighted blanket logo Purple Weighted Blanket $299 0
layla weighted blanket review Layla Weighted Blanket $129 0
our sleep guide weighted blanket review Casper Weighted Blanket $169 0
quility weighted blanket review logo Quility Weighted Blanket - Amazon's most popular weighted blanket, affordable and great all year long. $70 0
mosaic weighted blankets review Mosaic Weighted Blankets - A large variety of weights, sizes, styles and designs for all sleepers. $80 0
CMFRT Weighted Blanket Logo CMFRT - Cozy Weighted Blanket $85 0
weighted blanket by puffy mattress brand Puffy Weighted Blanket $155 0
My Pillow Pet Bed My Pillow Pet Bed - Plush pet bed available in three sizes and four color options. $55 4.65
bedjet review BedJet - Bed Temperature Regulating System $299 0