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Accessory Review Puffy Weighted Blanket

puffy weighted blanket

The famous Puffy Mattress Brand now has come out with their very own Puffy Weighted Blanket. So of course we just had to check it out and tell the Our Sleep Guide Community what we think about it. Keep reading to get all of the details on the new weighted blanket from Puffy and whether or not we think it is a blanket to buy.

Puffy Weighted Blanket At A Glance:

  • puffy weighted blanket 15lb Twin, or 20lb Queen
  • Dual Sided Comfort
  • Cool Cotton Twill Side
  • Warm Soft Mink Side
  • Ceramic Bead Filling
  • Diamond Quilting
  • 101 Night Sleep Trial
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

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Weight Options:

two weighted blankets There are a few different ways that you can increase weight in your weighted blanket. The first is that you can increase your weighted filling (In this case the Ceramic Beads) or you can make the blanket larger overall. Puffy decided to increase their weight by increasing the overall size of their weighted blanket. Meaning that the 15lb option is a twin size blanket, while their 20lb option is a queen size blanket.

Typically we suggest to get a weighted blanket that is around 10% of your body weight. However, with a queen sized blanket, you may find that a lot of the potential pressure you would feel is spread out to the rest of your bed or couch. If this is the case we suggest folding the blanket on in half and resting it on top of yourself. This will apply more of the pressure where you want it – on top of you.


diamond weighted blanketThe cover is dual sided, meaning that on one side it feels like a cool cotton quilt, while the other side has a soft warm mink feel to it. This allows you to flip the blanket to give you a cooler or warmer comfort as you prefer for that moment.  made out of a cotton and polyester blend.

The blanket is then filled with ceramic beads. Some brands use plastic pellets or glass beads instead. We like that Puffy uses ceramic beads as they tend to stay cooler than the other materials. Although overall there are no extra precautions for making this a cool sleeping weighted blanket. So you may find that it sleeps a little warm still.

Care Instructions:

cotton cover The dual sided cover that comes with the Puffy Weighted Blanket, is easily removed and it is washable. Puffy suggests machine washing with gentle detergents and then hang drying. Tumble drying may damage or shrink the cover. If you get a big spill on your blanket and it soaks into the internal weighted section, Puffy suggests spot cleaning without too much water and hanging to dry.

We do like that the cover is removable and washable it makes it much easier to freshen up your blanket nicely.

Puffy Weighted Blanket Value:

puffy review weighted blanketWeighted blankets can be found anywhere now. It truly feels like every bedding company has come out with their very own version of a weighted blanket. Some are filled with fancy materials and cooling zones, while others take a more simple approach. Puffy definitely went for a more simple design. The ceramic beads and cotton side of the cover will help a small amount in keeping the weighted blanket cool, although you might not be able to tell unless you compare it with a glass bead weighted blanket side by side.

We know that weighted blankets tend to be over $100 for adult size blankets. However, with the Puffy Weighted Blanket having such a standard design, we think you could get a better option for the same price.

The good news is that Puffy offers a 101 Night Sleep Trial and a Lifetime Warranty, so if you buy it you will at least get to give it a good try before deciding for sure whether it is a blanket you really want to keep or not.

  • Queen Puffy Weighted Blanket (20lb) – $185
  • Twin Puffy Weighted Blanket (15lb) – $155

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Puffy Weighted Blanket: Overall

The Puffy Weighted Blanket is exactly what it claims to be and that’s about it. It is indeed a soft blanket that comes in two different sizes/weight options. We really like that the cover can be removed for easy washing, this is a benefit that not all weighted blankets have. Other than that this is a rather simple blanket that in made to do one thing, provide a comfortable amount of weight to give you comfort and bring you peace. Nap away my friends.

puffy weighted blanket

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