Accessory Review Puffy Weighted Blanket

puffy weighted blanket review
The Puffy brand is well known for their cloud like comfortable mattresses. However, Puffy makes way more than just beds. They have their own sheets, blankets, bed frames, pillows, and of course a weighted blanket. Today we are going to review the Puffy Weighted Blanket, so you can determine whether or not it is the right fit for you. Keep reading to get all the details on what makes this blanket special.

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Puffy Weighted Blanket At A Glance

  • Weight Options: 15lbs or 20lbs
  • Size Options: Twin (48”x72”), Queen(60”x80”), or King (80”x87”)
  • Dual Sided Comfort
  • Free Shipping
  • 101 Night Sleep Trial
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Latest Pricing Found HERE

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Materials & Design:

how is it made?Overall, the Puffy Weighted Blanket’s design is rather simplistic. However, there is a certain feature that we really do enjoy. Which is the dual comfort cover. One side of the cover has an extra soft mink like fleece material. It is a great side to snuggle up with when you need a bit of help staying snuggly and warm.

While the flip side of the same cover is made with a cooler cotton polyester blend, it is smooth to the touch and is better for when you are trying to stay cool. This material has been certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®

Unlike most weighted blankets that are either filled with plastic or glass beads. The Puffy Weighted Blanket is filled with ceramic beads in order to provide the weight to this blanket.

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Weight & Color Options:

what are the weight and size options for the puffy blanketAs far as weight goes, the Puffy Blanket has two weight options and three size options. You can pick between a Twin, Queen, or King size. The Twin and Queen weigh 15lbs, while the King weighs 20lbs.

When it comes to the Puffy Weighted Blanket, variety is not their strong suite. While it is a solid quality blanket, there are not a lot of customizations you can make to it. If you don’t mind about the color of your cover or getting a specific size to weight ratio, then this blanket will work well for you. Puffy blanket only comes in the light silvery grey color.

Is Puffy Weighted Blanket Comfortable To Use?

is the weighted blanket by puffy comfortable?If a blanket is not comfortable to use, is it even a blanket? All jokes aside, the Puffy Weighted Blanket is absolutely comfortable. We love that the cover has two different textures, which allows you to flip the blanket to feel cooler or warmer. It is also a rather soft cover material which absolutely adds to comfort as well.

The weighted aspect of the pillow is rather comfortable as well. Puffy quilts their interior blanket to ensure that it is evenly weighted throughout the blanket. This also adds to the comfort of this blanket. Most weighted blankets tend to keep you rather warm as the weight wrap around you and leaves little space for heat to escape. This is something to keep in mind with just about any traditional style weighted blanket.

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Is Puffy Weighted Blanket Easy To Keep Clean?

is it a washable blanket?We always look over care instructions when reviewing weighted blankets as it is something that often goes unthought of until you spill something on it or it needs freshening up. Not all weighted blankets can be washed, however the Puffy Weighted Blanket is washable. The weighted internal portion of the blanket can be machine washed at home. They recommend washing on a cool gentle cycle. Avoid heat and be sure it is completely dry before continuing use.

The cover is easily removed to make washing as easy as possible. Simply remove and machine wash on a cool gentle cycle with gentle detergent. If at all possible, we recommend only washing the cover unless something seeps through and gets onto the internal blanket as well.

Why Should You Buy The Puffy Weighted Blanket?

can you remove the cover?The Puffy Weighted Blanket is going to be a great purchase for anyone looking to buy a weighted blanket. They have some great standard sizes/weights that should work well for most adults and couples as well. Whether you are looking for a twin size to use on the couch, or a blanket to fit a Queen or King size bed to sleep with throughout the night. You are going to be able to find a Puffy blanket that works for you.

We love the extensive 101 night sleep trial period that Puffy has on their blankets. This really allows you to try out the blanket and really know whether or not it is the ideal weighted blanket for you. It also allows you to purchase with the security that if you don’t love it, you can return it!

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Puffy Weighted Blanket – Value:

puffy weighted blankets can help you sleepThe prices for the Puffy Weighted Blanket is rather on point with many competitors. As the size increases, the better the value for these weighted blankets. If you are looking for a King size weighted blanket, then this is going to be a rather great deal for you. Don’t forget that you also get free shipping, a 101 Night Sleep Trial, and a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

  • Twin: $149
  • Queen: $179
  • King: $199

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Puffy Weighted Blanket Review – Overall:

Overall, the Puffy Weighted Blanket is a great option for anyone looking for a traditional style weighted blanket. Especially if you like the weight and size options that they have available. If you are really hoping to get a specific size or weight that they do not have available, then this may be a miss for you. It is a comfortable weighted blanket with a convenient dover that is soft, and washable. It also comes in rather reasonable prices for a weighted blanket. Which also makes this a great option for many looking to not spend too much.

what makes the puffy weighted blanket unique?

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