January 22, 2019

Weighted Blanket Benefits

benefits of sleeping with a weighted blanket

There is a lot of hype around what weighted blankets can do for your sleep and mental health. Anytime something gets this much hype it is worth investigating what the truth is. Which is why we wanted to dig deep and see what the real benefits of weighted blankets are. Stick around to see what all the hype is about with weighted blankets, along with how you could find the one that will work best for you and your needs!

Benefits of Weighted Blankets

Weighted Blankets & Anxiety

why you should get a weighted blanket Anxiety can range from slight anxious feelings to being entirely debilitating. Which is why seeking help from professionals is always our first recommended step.

However, there are many coping mechanisms that can help you to manage your anxiety. Weighted blankets can absolutely serve your needs as a coping mechanism for anxiety.

But wait… How could a blanket help you with your anxiety?! Weighted blankets actually creates a deep pressure on the body. There is actually something called deep pressure therapy and it utilizes the sensation that things like weighted blankets create on the body.

The pressure on your body triggers a calming reflex. If you are overwhelmed it essentially lowers the intensity of anything stimulating your system. It puts you in a state of calm and can help ward off anxiety. Helping you to feel calm and relaxed.

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Tool for Coping With Depression

how do weighted blankets help anxiety? Is a weighted blanket going to cure your depression, of course not! No blanket no mattress how great is going to cure depression. However, it can be comforting and help increase serotonin. You heard that right! If your body is capable of producing serotonin, weighted blankets have been shown to signal the brain to pump out serotonin.

It is commonly believed that there is something in our brains when we experience deep pressure like the kind applied by weighted blankets, that it releases these calming feel good hormones like serotonin. This will help you to calm down and get sleep when you need it as well. While you should always refer to your doctor when it comes to your mental health, you might want to ask them what they think of using a weighted blanket.

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Can Weighted Blankets Help With Night Terrors?

how does a weighted blanket work? First and foremost, it is vital to talk to someone to see if there is anything causing your night terrors. However, it is common for children go through stages of struggling with night terrors. For many it is less about any external goings on and simply just

If you or someone you love has a hard time with chronic nightmares or night terrors, it is possible that a weighted blanket could be helpful. The positive affects that weighted blankets have on anxiety can translate to nightmare sufferers also. Many find that using a weighted blanket at night helps to keep nightmares are bay. It can also help to calm you back down in order to go to sleep after experiencing a nightmare or night terror.

Often when you wake up from a nightmare, your heart is racing and you need help calming back down. A weighted blanket can be a helpful tool to get your body to calm down faster in order to get back to sleeping peacefully.

The Difference Between Night Terrors & Nightmares

Can They Help Prevent Panic Attacks?

are there travel sized weighted blankets? This might be a stretch especially if you are on the verge of a panic attack already. However, it is possible that a weighted blanket could take the edge off enough to prevent a panic attack. How would this work? Essentially the weighted blanket applies even pressure to your body.

This deep pressure applied to the body helps the mind to reduce external noise and helps your mind and body to relax. It helps the mind to release feel good hormones that can combat a panic attack. If you struggle with panic attacks and anxiety, we highly recommend talking to your doctor. While things like weighted blankets could be helpful, nothing can or should replace getting professional medical guidance.

Ease Travel Anxiety

what is the best weighted blanket for travel? A weighted blanket can absolutely help to ease anxiety while traveling! Whether you want to use the weighted blanket the night before your flight to help you sleep. Or if you need a weighted blanket on the plane with you to ease anxiety over flying, it can all be eased with a weighted blanket.

However, there is a potential downside to this. Which is, weighted blankets are heavy! Of course, it is in the name. However, if you are wanting to take a weighted blanket on board you need to be prepared to lug that thing around with you. The good news is that there are small weighted blankets created to be used during travel now, it can still be an added annoyance if you prefer to travel light (literally).

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Helps You Fall Asleep Faster

As tired as most of us all are, it can still be a struggle to get to sleep at night. It can take a long time to wind down, relax, and slow down in order to get to sleep. Falling asleep often takes time, and not always time we have on hand.

Weighted blankets can actually help you to fall asleep faster than without one. This is because of the hormones released whenever you lay under a weighted blanket. It helps promote relaxation and help to ease your mind and body into a good place for sleep. By getting into this relaxed place faster, it is much easier and faster to fall asleep.

Great for Kids

treat anxiety naturally Children often have a difficult time self-soothing and getting to sleep. On night where we adults might just feel a bit restless, they are going to depend on their parents for that comfort in order to help them get to sleep. Kids under a certain age have a hard time understanding when they feel tired, instead they go full speed until they pass out.

A weighted blanket can help calm anxiety, increase a sense of being calm and relaxed, while also fighting off nightmares. All of this combined makes a weighted blanket ideal for kids. Just make sure you use an appropriately sized weighted blanket for your child.

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Soothes Sleepers with Autism

best blankets for anxiety Before weighted blankets were mass marketed and popularized, people with autism were already using them as a tool to stay calm. The deep pressure therapy is helpful when the outside sensory overload becomes too much.

Something about the weight of the blanket is helpful for shutting down the overload. Often weighted blankets are used to reduce anxiety and help calm you down. It works very much in a rather similar way for many neurotypical people.

Not Just For Sleep

sleep deeper with a weighted blanket While we focus on the many benefits a weighted blanket has on your ability to get to sleep, it is wonderful to use in many other ways as well. I personally love using my weighted blanket on the couch while watching tv. It is also a nice break if I don’t want to sleep but just need a few minutes to relax my mind and body.

A weighted blanket is also ideal for when you are starting your day off slowly, relax with a cup of coffee and read a bit. Or perhaps your child is having a tantrum and needs help calming down. Just like a big tight hug can calm their nerves, so can snuggling with a nice weighted blanket. There are a lot of great uses for a weighted blanket and it doesn’t have to be with the end goal of falling asleep.

How to Pick The Perfect Weighted Blanket:

Picking out your ideal weighted blanket can seem overwhelming. There are so many different styles, weights, and prices ranges out there that it is hard to know where to start. With these three simple tips, it should get you at least headed in the right direction.

1) Select Your Ideal Weight

choosing the weight of your blanket The ideal weight for your weighted blanket is going to greatly differ depending on your preferences and your own body weight. If you have a very petite frame or you are new to using weighted blankets, then you may want to stick with a lighter weight. While larger people or people who are already accustomed to using weighted blankets, may want to use a much heavier weighted blanket.

Our general rule of thumb for adults is to recommend a blanket that is generally around 10% of your body weight. This is a good ballpark range to get you into a weighted blanket that should give you the right pressure without feeling any discomfort.

2) Pick The Style/Material

what style weighted blanket do you want? There are all kinds of weighted blankets on the market these days! You can find small blankets for kids, handknit weighted blankets, styles for staying cool, while others are made for couples. You also should consider if you prefer a blanket made with glass bead filling, plastic bead filling, no filling at all, fuzzy cover, cotton cover, organic materials, etc.

Determining your specific wants and needs whether it be aesthetically pleasing, staying cool, small enough for kids, heavy enough for larger adults, or what have you. There is a weighted blanket style out there for just about everyone!

3) Determine Ideal Budget

Weighted blankets can cost you a pretty penny. However, there are a lot of great affordable options out there. If you need help finding the style of blanket in the price range you are looking for, we would be happy to help. Go to our Contact Us page and let us know what you are looking for. We would love to help you find a blanket with everything you are looking for.

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Weighted Blanket Benefits – Final Thoughts:

At the end of the day, weighted blankets are not a cure all. However, they can feel that way because of how surprisingly helpful they can be in so many different situations. If you are struggling with anxiety, disrupted sleep, stress, insomnia, etc. a weighted blanket could truly help in all those situations. Many people with autism and children find weighted blankets to be especially helpful too. Not only for getting to sleep but for calming the senses when the world and external stimulus is just too much. Overall, we hope that having more information on the benefits of weighted blankets along with how to get the best one for you is helpful to you. Whether you are considering buying one for yourself or a loved one, or you are simply curious!

Head over to our Contact Us page, and send us a message with what you’re looking for. We would love to make you a personal recommendation, as well as answer any questions you may have!