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September 3, 2019

12 Ways To Sleep Better Away From Home

Staying overnight in unfamiliar places, no matter how nice and homey, can be disruptive to your sleep. We are going to help you find the best ways to get the most restful sleep ever, even when you are sleeping away from home. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a total homebody there are ways to make anywhere you go feel like a home away from home. Below you will find our top 12 tips on how to sleep better away from home.

How to sleep better away from home

1) Travel In Comfort

how can i sleep better on airplanesIf you are traveling a long distance to get to the new place you will be sleeping, then it is important to try and get some sleep along the way. Traveling is exhausting, even if you are doing so in the morning or middle of the afternoon. So we suggest getting some sleep on the bus, train, or plane no matter what time of day. Travel pillows and blankets can make this a whole lot easier.

If you want the most innovative and accommodating travel pillow, check out the Infinity Travel Pillow. We really like its unique shape that can be used in so many different ways to really work for you.

Airplanes also get notoriously chilly but traveling with a sweater or blanket can be bulky and obnoxious. Which is why we like compact blankets like this one from Bosa. It’s light enough to carry in a small bag easily, while also providing warmth and comfort during your travels.

2) Don’t Underestimate Ear Plugs

earplugs to block out noise and sleep betterNew places have new sounds. Whether you are house sitting, staying in a hotel, or even moving into a new space, these different noises can be alarming or distracting. Which is why we suggest packing a comfortable set of earplugs. When it comes to earplugs there are now options for noise reduction and noise canceling.

We like the set from All One Tech. It is great because it comes with two pairs that each feature unique options and a carrying case too. Just be sure that the earplugs you purchase are comfortable and that they are safe to use overnight. Meaning they are not too small for your ears and instead are easy to get out.

3) Pack Your Pillow

bring your favorite pillow with youWhile you can’t pack up your entire bed and take it with you (no matter how much you wish you could) you can however take your pillow with you. The familiar scent of home along with the exact comfort level you are used to is a sure fire way to help you get some sleep.

Pillows vary widely in style and comfort. Trying to get used to a new style of pillow takes time and might make it difficult for you to get to sleep right away. By bringing your own pillow, you will be providing yourself with the comfort you’re used to having at home. Preventing any unwanted pains in the neck.

If you need a little help getting your pillow to fit into your suitcase, try putting it in a Vacuum Storage Bag and sucking all of the air out. This will compress your pillow, allowing you to travel with it more easily. And a bonus, it will also keep it nice and clean during transit.

We love the original Space Saver Bags that even come with a hand pump just for travel purposes.

4) Use An Eye Mask

When you sleep away from home, you don’t always have as much control over your surroundings. You may also be sleeping in a different time zone and want to take a nap midday.

eye masks help block out unwanted lightWhen you can’t control your surroundings, like the person in the window seat of a plane leaving the window wide open letting the sun will the entire cabin with light, this is a great time to pull out an eye mask. These are a great solution to keeping things dark no matter where you are.

We like the Asutra Silk Sleep Mask because it is made out of 100% hypoallergenic silk and has a bit of lavender in the filling. Giving it a gentle sleepy scented effect. As well as a gentle amount of weight to keep any light out along with an adjustable strap for the perfect fit.

5) Invite Familiarity

bring your favorite book with youIf you have a go to book or music that you enjoy before bed, or simply that puts you in a great mood, bring it along for the trip. Having that familiar comfort with you in an unfamiliar space will make you feel more comfortable.

Plus having something to do before you go to sleep can be a nice way to entertain yourself. This is where technology like a tablet or e-reader that we would normally suggest to put away before bed, might actually help you to get some much needed rest.

6) Bring Creature Comforts

make it smell like homeBring some comforts from home with you. Whether it is a cozy blanket, your favorite old sweatshirt, or even a well loved photo, take it with you to this new space. Just make sure it is something that brings you comfort and happiness. This will make it much easier to relax and feel at home.

Bringing as many familiar sensations as possible will help to make your new environment feel a bit more comfortable and like home. If you use a linen spray or essential oils at home, try taking them with you. Having those familiar scents will help you calm down and get some much needed rest.

7) Cozy Up With A Weighted Blanket

bring your favorite cozy blanketWhile weighted blankets may not be the most convenient to travel with, they sure are amazing tools for stress reduction. If you are house sitting a car ride away. Or if you can manage the extra weight in your suitcase. Then we highly suggest going the extra mile and taking a weighted blanket with you.

If anxiety or stress of a new environment is getting to you, then a weighted blanket will definitely help you get to sleep faster and get better sleep overall.

We love the cute and perfectly sized Bearby Napper weighted blanket. These super cute chunky knitted weighted blankets add the perfect amount of homey comfort with amazing benefits too.

Curious just how weighted blankets work? We suggest visiting our guide on The Benefits of Weighted Blankets to learn more.

8) Sip Herbal Tea

herbal tea soothes the soul making it easier to sleep away from homeWhen you’re in a new uncomfortable environment it is important to create your own relaxing setting so you can get the best sleep possible. One way to help yourself feel extra relaxed, is with a nice cup of herbal tea. Drinking a warm cup of tea is soothing and helps to ease nerves.

We love the Nighty Night Tea by Tradition Medicinals because it gives an extra boost of sleepy feelings. Making it much easier to fall and stay asleep through the night.

9) Stay Hydrated

sleep better away from home by staying hydratedStaying hydrated is a great tip for getting better sleep and travel in general. However, when we travel (especially by plane) staying hydrated become more of a challenge. So if you are traveling to this new place you’re sleeping in, make sure you drink plenty of water.

If you’re going on vacation then be aware of how much alcohol you’re drinking. Too much can severely dehydrate you and make it much more difficult to sleep. If you do drink, make sure you hydrate before, during, and after.

Why is alcohol so disruptive to your sleep? Find out more in our article Why Alcohol and Sleep Don’t Mix 

10) Keep The Room Dark

block out all light that you canSometimes in new spaces you’re limited to what you can do with the space around you. However, if you can, try to make your room as dark as possible. Close all blinds, curtains, turn off all lights, even flip the alarm clock if you have to.

Lights are distraction and will keep you awake longer than you need to. However, if you often need to use the restroom or get up in the middle of the night try to keep your phone next to you or take note of the closest light next to you. This way you’re not trying to stumble through this unfamiliar space that in now as dark as you could make it.

11) Meditate Before Bed

meditation can help you sleep when you're not at homeThis is a great tip if stress or anxiety is what is keeping you awake. However, even if this new environment is not giving you anxiety, meditation may still be a great tool for you to use in order to get to sleep faster.

If you tried watching a favorite show or reading your favorite book and you’re still struggling to get some shut eye, then meditation might be worth a try. If you want to learn more about how to meditate and what kinds are best for sleeping, check out Meditation for Sleep, Anxiety, and Healing.

12) Adhere To A Regular Sleep Routine As Best You Can

stick to your sleep routineOne reason a new space can be so disruptive to our sleep is because we allow the new environment to alter our go to nightly routine.

This alone can be enough to throw off your sleep schedule. Making it very difficult to go to sleep and get up in the morning. Sticking to your routine isn’t always easy especially if you’re having to adjust to other peoples schedules. However, do whatever you can to bring your routine along with you.

Ways To Sleep Better Away From Home Overview

Overall the best way to get some sleep away from home, is to make it feel as much like home as possible. Fill your new space with as many sensations and feelings of home as you can. Also make it as sleep friendly as possible by shutting out disruptive sights and sounds. It is helpful to stay hydrated and take naps during your travels to and from this home away from home. This way you not only will be well rested once you get to this new space, but also once you get back home as well.

wake up well rested away from home

If you have any tips on how you manage to sleep better away from home we would love to hear from you. Contact us with your helpful tips and we’ll gladly add them to our guide!