November 18, 2021

Tips for Sleeping on a Plane

tips for sleeping on a plane

Let’s face it, traveling is exhausting. From waking up early to catch a flight, delays, taxis, long lines, to flight changes. Everything about traveling seems to be a bit stressful and very tiring. Which is why we recommend getting sleep during your travels. This way you get a top up on energy and you are able to make it through the rest of your journey feeling rested. While some folks can sleep anywhere, it is harder for some. Which is why we are going to share our top tips on how to sleep on a plane. So you can get some rest and enjoy your travels a little bit more.

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Dress For Comfort

dress in comfortable clothes instead of fashionable We all want to look nice and put together, especially when traveling. However, if you want to get some rest on the plane, we highly recommend dressing for comfort first and foremost. Traveling is already uncomfortable enough without wearing stiff pants or clinging fabrics. Thankfully with materials like spandex, it is easier to look great while feeling comfortable.

Create a few outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable. Make these items your go to travel outfits. Of course, having easily removed shoes, no belts, etc. also help with getting through security which is a great added bonus. It is nearly impossible to get great sleep on a plane in uncomfortable clothes, so wear something comfy.

Pro Travel Tip: Compression socks are great for proper circulation, avoiding blood clots, as well as avoiding swollen feet.

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Find Your Perfect Travel Pillow Shape

the perfect travel pillowTurns out sleeping while sitting straight up is somewhat difficult for most people, who would’ve thought? Enter the travel pillow, a way for you to comfortable rest your head, avoid neck pain, and get some rest even when sleeping on a plane.

The real trick is finding a travel pillow design that works best for you. There is the classic u-shaped neck pillow, infinity scarf pillows, miniature pillows, and so on. Find a design that is easy to travel with and helps your head rest comfortably for the best sleep possible while on your flight. Click the link below to read about one of our all-time favorite customizable travel pillows.

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Check In Early For Seat Upgrades

check in early for a better seatThis is more of a general travel tip than a sleep tip. However, if you are able to check in early and upgrade your seat. Then you will be more likely to get a seat with extra foot space, or on an aisle that is not full. This will provide extra comfort and the ability to stretch out and get some sleep. Keep in mind that you will not always be able to change seats or get an aisle with extra space. This is simply the nature of traveling sometimes, especially during peak travel times.

However, if you can then we highly recommend doing so. Doing anything you can for a bit of added comfort is always worth the extra effort.

Pro Travel Tip: For all those on the hunt for the best seat for your next flight, try seatguru.com. This website provides you with color-coded seating charts for almost every airline. Giving you the inside scoop on the best seats in the plane you will be traveling in!

Only Pack A Carry On Bag

baggage travel light on planesAvoid the stress and effort of checking your bags. They can get lost or make flight transfer a total headache. Instead, pack less and carry on.

You will be able to sleep better knowing you are not going to have to rush, grab your luggage and rush to another flight. Or stuck waiting for far too long for your checked bag to get unloaded.

The amount of time and energy you save makes it worth packing less stuff, we promise.


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Be Mindful of Alcohol & Caffeine

beware of over drinking alcohol or caffeineYou know what makes it incredibly difficult to get some rest? The urge to use the restroom. Also, being hopped up on caffeine. In general, if you are wanting to take a nice long nap on the plane, watch what you drink. Too much caffeine before your flight and you will be all jittery and unable to get some shut eye. While too much alcohol can also get you in to trouble and restlessly waiting for the seatbelt sign to go off so you can run to the restroom.

For these reasons, and many more, we recommend drinking water on planes. Airplanes are also highly drying, which makes it difficult to stay hydrated. Which is why we suggest sipping on water when needed. Otherwise, you can start drinking all the alcohol and caffeine you like once you get to your final destination.

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Music > Movies

in flight entertainmentA recent upgrade to planes is the in flight entertainment. Lots of movies, tv shows, podcasts, and music that will keep you endlessly entertained. This is a nice upgrade and can help the time to pass while you are waiting to get where you are going. However, it can also be stimulating and make it more difficult to fall asleep.

If you are simply wanting to make the time pass a bit faster, then a movie a great option. However, if you are hoping to get some sleep then we recommend skipping the movie and perhaps put on some relaxing music instead. This will drown out the sound of any crying babies or chatting neighbors so you can get to sleep peacefully.

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Noise Canceling Headphones

noise canceling headphones for the flightNo doubt, these are one of the best investments you can make for traveling with less stress. Noise canceling headphones are ideal for blocking out all the noise on a plane or in the airport. They cut down on all of the disturbances that would have either kept you awake or woken you up after getting to sleep.

Even if you do not want to listen to music or a video, many noise cancelling headphones have features that simply cut out noise so you can rest without outside noise.

Light Blocking Eye Mask

turn out the lights on the planeEven when it is bright and early in the morning, it always seems like the person in the window seat keeps their window wide open in order to light up the entire cabin. If light is something that keeps you wide awake, invest in a nice eye mask that you can travel with.

An eye mask will help to block out any unwanted light. This will make it much easier to sleep on planes. Even midday flights can be full of distractions, by blocking out light and sound you will be forced to relaxed and drift off to sleep.

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Find Your In-Flight Sleep Position

airplane comfort how to sleep on planesSometimes it takes a few tries to discover what your favorite sleep position in on a plane. While some prefer to lean up against a window, others prefer to rest their head on a neck pillow, we have even seen some who can rest their head on the tray table. Find what works for you can allows you to sleep well and wake up with minimal aches or pains. You make even need to try out a few different sleep accessories before you determine what works best for you.

If a neck pillow doesn’t work for you, then you may want to try a tube shaped or mini pillow. Once you find what works for you, stick with it. It will become your new in-flight routine and over time it will become easier and easier to sleep on planes.

Bring a Sweater or Blanket

bring a sweater or blanket on the planeTypically, planes get hot as you are loading and unloading. Then they get rather chilly in flight. This is due to how and when the AC is turned on and off during the flight. However, this typically means you will get hot and the beginning and end of the flight, while you are cold during the flight.

We suggest having a light layer than you can bring onto the plane with you. Small blankets or sweaters are best. You can throw them on to stay warm during the flight and take it off and put it away at the end of the flight when it is time to depart the plane.

This is going to be very helpful when you are ready to take your in-flight nap. Any kind of discomfort, including being cold can make it rather difficult to get to sleep.

Please Do Not Disturb

do not disturb taking naps on planesIf you prefer to sleep over getting a snack or in flight drink, make sure you let someone know. You can politely let your flight attendant know you will not be in need of an in flight drink. Although we have had more success with the help of whoever is sitting next to you. Let them know you will be sleeping and don’t need to be woken up for a drink order. Remember to ask politely and always be gracious even if someone forgets and wakes you up anyway.

Always remember, keep your seatbelt visible. Flight attendants often to required seatbelt checks during take off, turbulence, and landing. If you do not want to be woken up, make sure you keep your seatbelt on and visible for flight attendants. This will help to avoid an unnecessary wake up call.

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Tips for Sleeping on a Plane – Final Thoughts:

Getting some much needed rest can make traveling much easier. When you are on a long flight, you have plenty of time to spare. Making a plane ride the perfect time for a nice long nap. However, it is not always easy to get to sleep on a plane. We hope these tips and tricks help you to get your best sleep possible on your next plane ride.

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