September 14, 2020

Get Over Jet Lag… Quickly

Traveling is full of fun adventures. However, it is hard to have a great time and travel the world when you have jet lag. Feeling exhausted, unable to sleep at night, and feeling/looking tired is no way to vacation. Which is why we created a guide to jet lag and how to help you get over it quickly. As well as some of our top products for preventing jet lag. Keep reading for our top travel tips to get over jet lag, and quickly!

how to get over jetlag quickly

What Causes Jet Lag?

If you know all of the different causes of Jet Lag it becomes much easier to understand and possibly even prevent. While it may be assumed that your flight alone causes jet lag, this is not the only factor into your exhaustion after getting to a new place. There are many other factors that can add to you feeling exhausted and less than your best.

Long Exhausting Days of Travel:

how to get over jet lag quicklyTraveling can be a physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting task. Which all on it’s own can lead to feeling tired and ready for a weeks worth of rest.

It can even be disorienting as traveling and can seem to press pause on the hours going by and disorient your internal clock.If you can split long travel into sections, or find ways to rest in between, this may help to ease the overall stress and exhaustion caused by traveling.

Change In Time Zone:

adjusting to a new time zoneJet Lag is often increased by being disoriented with the time zone you have entered. Not only is a change in time zone confusing to your internal clock, the traveling to get there can also throw off your sense of time as well.

Take into account the time zone you are going into before you get there. Keep in mind what time you are leaving, and the time zone you are entering. Then try to adjust your sleep schedule beforehand accordingly.


how to stay hydrated while travelingTraveling by plane can be especially dehydrating. Not only are you away from your usual eating and drinking schedule. You are also sitting in an airplane that is recycling air. This recycled air is cleaned, but they also remove a lot of the moisture from the air. This is hard on your skin, eye, nose, and throat.

If you are hoping to look and feel wonderful the following day after an especially long flight, you’re going to need to hydrate. We suggest hydrating from every angle. Drink lots of water, avoid caffeine & alcohol as they will dehydrate you further. Also, use moisturizer topically.

We are talking eye drops, face cream, hand lotion, lozenges for your throat. Just about anything and everything possible to keep you hydrated.

Changes In Diet:

why is my diet terrible when travelingYour options for food while traveling can be very limited. Which means it can be very difficult to get food that your body is used to eating. The typical food on planes or available in airports isn’t always the healthiest option. Even if you can find food that your body is used to having, you often end up eating at off hours than your usual schedule.

This can lead to feeling starving, or overeating at times you would not normally be eating food. This alone is enough to throw off your circadian rhythm. Staying up late, or waking up especially early then eating during those hours can throw off your bodies natural system and cause discomfort as well as adding to jet lag.

Changes In Routine:

adjusting to a new scheduleOur bodies and minds love routine. It is what our entire sleep and wake cycle is based off of. Our bodies are used to having a routine of being awake, living out certain activities, and then doing certain things before heading off to sleep in our own bed.

All of this changes as we travel. We are in new environments, doing different activities, at different times of day, and then sleeping in a completely new environment.

The more you can do to create a routine you can travel with, the better. Whether it is your nightly skin routine, or a book you enjoy reading before you fall asleep. Creating a routine you can take with you will help you fall asleep even when everything else in your daily routine has changed.

How To Get Over Jet Lag Quickly:

Now that you know more about what can cause jet lag it is time to help figure out what is best for you to relieve it. Below are several ways to help you get over jet lag from the get go.

Start Adjusting Your Schedule Before You Leave:

clock on bedIf you know you are about to go on a trip somewhere, where you will be entering a new time zone. Then we suggest planning to adjust your sleeping patterns ahead of time.

You don’t have to completely rearrange your sleeping schedule entirely, just start taking naps around the time you will need to be going to sleep at the new location. Or waking up slightly earlier/later than usual, or adjusting your bedtime slightly.

Whatever you can do to start getting your body ready for the change, the better.

Create A Relaxing Travel Routine:

Traveling is stressful, but there are many ways in which you can make it a more comfortable and easier experience.

Find different things that you can bring with you in order to make your travel experience as relaxing and comfortable as possible. Whether that is compression socks and a

Stay Awake Until “Bed Time” At All Costs:

stay awake before going to bed If you have landed in the morning or daytime to your destination, resist the temptation to nap. Of course as soon as you walk into your hotel room or temporary housing, that bed is going to be calling your name.

However, if you nap now it could lead to you passing out. Your body is tried and it is trying to tell you “it’s bed time!” but of course, even if that would be true if you were at home, you are in a new time zone and right now, it is time to stay awake.

This will make it much easier to fall asleep later. The first day you get to a new place is the most vital for re-setting your internal clock. We suggest getting out of the bedroom and trying to stay moving. This will help you to stay awake while you’re adjusting.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol has a habit of making us feel relaxed and fun loving one moment and dehydrated and terrible the next. Even when you don’t over indulge, alcohol can make it difficult to get restful sleep and dehydrate you.

Whenever you are traveling, restful sleep and staying hydrated are to keys to avoiding jet lag. Which is why, even though it makes us sound like party poopers. If you want to feel good and avoid jet lag, avoid the alcohol.

Be Aware Of When You’re Drinking Caffeine

be mindful of what you're eating and drinkingIf you are desperately trying to stay awake until you can go to bed at your new destination. Then caffeine could potentially help you make it to the end of the day. However, we warn you to be mindful of when you are drinking caffeine.

It is easy when getting on a plane or starting your regular routine before traveling to grab a cup of coffee or caffeinated drink. Before you do so, take note of what time you will need to be going to sleep at you destination.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid caffeine around 6 hours before you intend on going to sleep. This way the caffeine has more than enough time to work it’s way out of your system before you are trying to go to sleep.

Create A Travel Sleep Routine

By doing certain activities before bed as a nightly routine, you can send signals to your brain that it is time to go to sleep. Try to create a routine that you can do at home and on the road.

That way even when the rest of your routine is completely off, you will still have a similar nightly routine. This will help you to signal your circadian rhythm to adjust, even if your internal clock is trying to tell you it isn’t time to sleep yet.

Stay Hydrated!

stay hydrated during air travelWe cannot stress how much staying hydrated while traveling is going to help you feel like you usual healthy well slept self. It is difficult for your body to feel good and function properly when it is all dried up.

Wearing moisturizers and drinking lots of water will help you to remain comfortable as you travel. It will also help avoid painful headaches and a general sense of feeling haggard or run down. This is also the best beauty tip of all time. Stay hydrated!

Take A Warm Shower After Traveling:

Once you get to wherever you will be staying, if you can, take a warm shower and freshen up. You are in a lot of public spaces when traveling, and it is make you sweat and feel in general funky.

Taking a warm shower accomplishes a few different things. The first is that it of course gets you feeling fresh and clean. Secondly it will surround you with moist warm air, which can help calm and soothe your airways that have been dried out by the plane.

Then of course there is the fact that a shower can give you the sensation that you are refreshed and ready to start your day, or evening. This can make it easier to stay awake until bed time.

Check out our post Top Rated Sleep Masks to find the best masks for blocking out unwanted light and getting the best sleep anywhere.

Avoid Blue Light In Evenings:

avoid blue light for better sleepHaving trouble falling asleep at your new bedtime, even though you stayed up all day and you feel exhausted? Avoid your phone or other blue light emitting devices. Often times the first thing you do when you can’t sleep? Turn on your phone to check the time and perhaps even find some entertainment while you lay in bed.

This is a sure fire way to make it near impossible to go to sleep. The blue light emitted by your phone triggers signals in your brain that the sun has risen and that it is time to wake up! Smartphones and other devices like tablets and laptops also emit blue light and are full of endless entertainment.

Your brain will have no reason to try and put you to sleep if it believes there is sunlight and it is being stimulated by entertainment from your devices. So put them away and find another way to try and lull yourself to sleep.

Wanting to try Blue Light Blocking Glasses? Check out our post Can Blue Light Blocking Glasses Help You Sleep? to learn more!

Favorite Jet Lag Preventing Must Haves:

Below are several great products to help keep you feeling your best before, during and after your travel. Ensuring that your jet lag is kept to a minimum and you’re feeling ready to go whether you are on a plane for two hours or twelve.

Avocado Organic Mini Pillow

Bring a little bit of organic luxury with you as you travel. The Organic Mini Pillow from Avocado is the perfect size for your carry on. Which means you can bring the comfort of an Avocado Pillow with you, wherever you go.

avocado mini pillow perfect for travel

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Eye Drops – Travel Hydrating

Tired itchy red eyes are a common side effect of air travel. We suggest keeping calming and hydrating eye drops on hand for your flight. This will help prevent or treat tired itchy red eyes caused by the constant dry air.

visine eye drops for traveling

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Aquaphor – Multipurpose Hydrating Balm

Skin healing ointment, fragrance free. This heavy duty ointment can be used just about anywhere you can chapped and dry. It can also help protect the skin. I use it as a lip balm to protect my lips from getting dry in the first place.

aquaphor ointment for hydration

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Infinity Travel Pillow

Looking for a fashionable travel pillow? We have the perfect one for you. The Infinity Travel Pillow can be used in a great number of different ways and is much more chic than your standard u-shaped travel pillow. This pillow is so versatile, it will help you sleep no matter how you prefer to cuddle up on a plane.

traveling jet lag preventing products

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Que Travel Water Bottle

There is no need to purchase expensive plastic water bottles while traveling. Bring this compact water bottle everywhere you go and refill while traveling. This way you can stay hydrated in style and without spending more money. Since it can compact down into a smaller size it is lightweight and easy to travel with as well.

water bottle for traveling

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Compression Socks

Swollen feet and hands are common in air travel. Standing in long lines doesn’t help either. Compression socks are a travelers best friend. This way you can hit the ground running the next day without struggling to fit into your favorite pair of shoes.

compression socks for air travel

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Silk Eye Mask by Parachute

A luxurious way to block out unwanted light. Like when the person in the window seat decides to look out the window and fill the entire cabin with glaring sunlight when you’re trying to take a much needed nap. These are also helpful for ever night use as well. The silk is gentle on your skin and is very comfortable. Definitely a great travel must have.

top products for preventing jet lag

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L’Occitane Lavender Hand Cream

Prevent dry stiff and chapped hands with a hand cream. The natural lavender scent of this hand cream also acts as a soothing aromatherapy on the go.

lavender hand cream for traveling

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Seaweed Night Cream – Mario Badescu

Use this enriching face cream day or night to protect and nurture your skin. Packed full of ingredients that will keep your skin hydrated and healthy during your travel. So you can start your day in your new location feeling refreshed and moisturized.

face moisturizer for traveling

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Hydrating Face Mist

This face mist has hyluronic acid which is a humectant, which means it helps retain and draw moisture to the face. It is the perfect refreshing spray to bring life back to your skin.

face mist for air travel

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