June 16, 2024

4th of July Mattress Sales

With warmer and longer days comes a more relaxed schedule. The sound of crickets and the glimmering flicker of fireflies lull us to sleep. That is they lull us to sleep if we have a comfortable mattress. However, if you don’t, than we have the solution for you. Buying a new mattress during the 4th of July mattress sales is the perfect time to upgrade your sleep. And we can help you find the perfect bed.

made in AmericaThroughout the year the mattress industry has been known to have amazing sales during Black Friday, Labor Day and Memorial Day. However, 4th of July is becoming just as popular to offer some amazing savings and deals.

Which is why we want to share with you some of our very favorite 4th of July Mattress Sales. Bonus, all of the brands you’ll find on this page are also made right here in the USA! Keeping business right at home, where it should be.

BEST 4th of July Mattress Coupons

Looking for the best discounts and savings on your favorite brand? Follow the link below and use our coupon codes to make sure you get the best price. For those without coupon codes, simply click the link and it is automatically applied!

WinkBeds Mattress $300 OFF Coupon HERE! Brentwood Home 10% OFF Code: OSG10 Helix Mattress 30% OFF Coupon: MEMDAY30 Avocado Mattress 15% OFF Coupon HERE!

$600 OFF Saatva Mattress Coupon HERE! Brooklyn Bedding 25% OFF Coupon Bear Mattress 35% OFF Coupon Puffy Mattress Latest Coupon HERE!

Tuft & Needle Up to $800 OFF Mattress Coupon Big Fig Mattress $450 OFF Coupon Layla Mattress $200 OFF Coupon Nest Bedding 20% OFF Coupon

35% OFF Nolah Mattresses Coupon Purple Mattress $900 OFF Coupon HERE Cocoon Mattress 35% OFF Coupon Tempur-Pedic Latest Coupon

Exclusive Our Sleep Guide Savings

If you have a few extra minutes and want to save even more this 4th, give us a call! The Our Sleep Guide showrooms offer added savings to our guests on our top brands. Save up to an additional $300+ just by a quick phone call!

Our Austin location can be reached at 512-465-2714 and our Houston location at 832-653-6587. We have the BEST savings you WON’T find online. Not only do we offer the best prices you’ll find anywhere we can also help answer any question you may have too. We are here to help!

Austin Showroom: 512-465-2714

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Our 14 Favorite Online July 4th Mattress Sales

Below we have our 14 favorite mattress brands with the best July 4th  mattress sales. Included is a brief snippet on each mattress brand and their mattresses. If you want to access the full mattress review, simply click the mattress name to read our in-depth and unbiased mattress reviews of each. Also, find the most up to date and best mattress coupons for each brand too. We know that these brands will not disappoint and you will find you new online mattress quickly and easily!

#1 Winkbeds – $300 OFF Automatically Applied

winkbed mattress memorial day coupon Durable and solid are just a few words that describe the Winkbed mattresses. The original WinkBed is thick and sturdy mattress that focuses on the details to ensure one of the best mattresses you’ll find in a box. The Winkbeds mattress is available in four firmness levels. Ranging from a Plush, Luxury Firm and Firm feel. As well as a Plus option that uses slightly denser foams to accommodate plus size sleepers too.

While if a luxury memory foam mattress is what you want than you’ll surely love the GravityLux by WinkBed. Offered in three comfort levels this bed will check all your boxes. And if you want a more natural option the EcoCloud Hybrid offers a superb feeling latex hybrid bed that is another fabulous choice.

Regardless of which Winkbed you opt for you will have amazing materials, solid USA construction and a bed that will last and last. Along with 120 night sleep trial period as well as a lifetime warranty. Winkbed knows you’ll surely love their beds and what makes it even better is their labor day savings for a steal of a deal.

WinkBeds Mattress Coupon | $300 OFF

You can get our #1 Best Mattress & #1 Best Mattress for Heavy People for $300 less. By using the most up to date Winkbeds coupon, found in the link above, you’ll get the best price on this super thick mattress that is sure to delight. Making these mattresses another awesome option for one of the best Labor Day mattress deals.

   #2 Helix – Up to 25% OFF Automatically Applied

helix luxe vs bear hybrid restingIf you are a sharing the bed with a partner and you have a hard time compromising on feel, than Helix is going to be a great brand to check out. Offering three amazing hybrid beds you’ll find something for everyone for a perfect fit. The original Helix mattress offers 7 comfort options. With soft, medium and firm choices for all sleepers as well as the Helix Plus, a bed just for big and tall sleepers.

The premium hybrid, the Helix Luxe is offered in 6 comfort options. With solid materials that offer the right balance of support and comfort you’ll find this dream inducing bed to be your quick new favorite. Ranging from soft to firm and everything in between, you’ll surely love the Helix Luxe if luxury and affordability are on your list.

Lastly is the Birch by Helix. This all natural latex hybrid mattress is a great option for anyone who wants a green mattress that is still super comfortable. Combining Talalay latex with steel coils and topped off with wool and organic cotton creates a truly amazing sleep surface.

Helix Mattresses Coupon 30% OFF Code: MEMDAY30

If it isn’t obvious the Helix and Helix Luxe take the #1 & #2 spot for the Best Mattress for Couples. Both of these beds offer great support and specialized comfort. Both of these mattresses come in at average price points, but when you can use the latest Helix Mattress coupon you can get either for an even better price. Just follow our link above to access the best Helix mattress coupon code.

#3 Avocado – $11% OFF Avocado Coupon OSG

avocado vegan mattressIf you want a Certified Organic mattress with details for days, the Avocado Green Mattress and Avocado Vegan Mattress are for you. Both of these latex hybrid mattresses offer amazing materials and qualities from top to bottom. With either mattress you have the option between an 11″ medium-firm feel or a 13″ upgraded luxury plush medium feel.

There is also the super premium Avocado Organic Luxury mattresses too. Offered in a Standard Luxury or a Plush Luxury, these high-end beds take comfort and quality to the next level. And if you are looking for quality on a budget than make sure to check out the Avocado Eco Organic mattress too. All these beds are the best of the best.

The only difference when ordering between the green and vegan mattress is the use of wool in one and not the other. Creating a mattress that is completely natural as well as free of any animal or animal byproduct. Creating not only a completely organic, but also vegan mattress for the most critical eco-friendly enthusiast. These key details are exactly why this mattress is our #1 Best Natural Mattress. And it’s naturally cool sleeping qualities also put it at #2 for Best Cooling Mattresses.

Avocado Mattresses Coupon | 15% OFF

It is hard to go wrong when ordering an online mattress with such exceptional qualities. Especially when it comes in at a great price. However, you can also utilize the latest and best Avocado mattress coupon too for additional savings. Simply follow the link above to purchase your new natural mattress and use the Avocado coupon code to save big! This is certainly a fan favorite as well as our favorite best Labor Day mattress coupon.

#4 Brentwood Home – 10% OFF with Code: OSG10

brentwood home latex hybrid mattress Save BIG with 10% OFF all Brentwood Home mattresses. Including their most popular memory foam hybrid mattress, the Oceano. The awesome two sided memory foam and latex hybrid mattress, the Crystal Cove. Their affordable and durable BH Latex Hybrid mattress. And the ideally thick and plush budget friendly mattress, the Cypress Bamboo.

Each and every Brentwood Home mattress comes with a 365 night trial, 25 year warranty and exceptional customer service. The quality, care and durability of these mattresses set them apart from many brands. With many natural and organic features for a healthy and sustainable mattress and process. Several of the Brentwood Home mattresses have top ratings in our books. Making each of them a great choice.

10% OFF Brentwood Home With Code: OSG10

To top it off we are able to offer an exclusive Brentwood Home mattress coupon for 15% OFF. Saving you a good chunk of change on whichever Brentwood mattress you go with. Just follow the link above as well as input our code at checkout to take advantage of our Brentwood Home promo code. And our best Labor Day mattress sale.

#5 Brooklyn Bedding – 25% OFF Coupon Automatically Applied

aurora best mattressThe Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses are a steal with their 25% OFF coupon! Take advantage of the 25% off site wide sales on their thick, luxurious Aurora hybrid mattress. Or get a great deal on their most popular Brooklyn Signature hybrid mattress. Looking for a latex hybrid? Than try out the Bloom by Brooklyn Bedding. Or try out their technology advanced Spartan hybrid mattress to help aide in recovery.

All of the Brooklyn Bedding mattress options come with a 120 night sleep trial. As well as a 10 year warranty. By manufacturing their own mattresses each Brooklyn Bedding bed you get great materials and construction at a very reasonable price. As well as several options that will surely help you find the most ideal bed for you. Many of these mattresses have fallen in our best of lists. A few that are featured are the #1 Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers, the Brooklyn Aurora and multiple beds on our Best Mattress on a Budget.

Brooklyn Bedding Coupon | 25% OFF

The Brooklyn Bedding line is a great online mattress company that offers affordable beds. But they also offer some great discounts. With each mattress you can take advantage of the latest Brooklyn Bedding coupon. Saving you even more on your new mattress. Just follow the link above to access the latest Brooklyn Bedding discount.

#6 Bear – 35% OFF Automatically Applied

bear mattress review If you’re an athlete and you want a mattress to help your body recover, Bear offers three great choices. Both feature an innovative Celliant infused cover that is revolutionizing sleep. This infrared technology driven cover helps your body recover and repair while you sleep.

You can either go with the thick and super comfortable Bear Hybrid mattress. Offering layers of solid yet contouring foam combined with flexible coils for great pressure relief, great heat dissipation and amazing support.

The latest addition to the Bear line up is the Bear Pro. This all foam mattress is a 12″ thick more medium feeling mattress that is great at relieving pressure and delivering on comfort. With a solid build and durable foams you’ll like how this mattress contours to you while offering ideal ergonomic support too.

Lastly is also the original Bear mattress. This all foam option uses layers of memory foam and poly foam to create a 10″ thick all foam bed that is on the firmer side. Giving you a solid feel and a very affordable price point.

Bear Mattress Coupon | 35% OFF

These bed-in-a-box mattresses both come in at great price points. Allowing you to have an ideal feeling all foam or hybrid mattress perfect for athletes, anyone suffering from muscle soreness and pain or sleepers looking for a some added benefits while sleeping. The best part is that you can utilize the latest Bear mattress coupon code to make these mattresses even more affordable. Just follow the Bear coupon link above when buying your new Bear mattresses.

#7 Tuft & Needle – Latest Coupon Automatically Applied

tuft and needle originalIf you have a tight budget but still want a great mattress you have several great choices with the Tuft and Needle mattresses. This brand was found on appealing to the budget minded sleeper looking for a great mattress at a reasonable price.

The original Tuft and Needle is a 2 layer 10″ foam mattress that fits this profile perfectly. While the slightly softer and thicker 12″ and 3 layer Tuft and Needle Mint comes in under a $1000 but is still a great option for those sticking to a stricter mattress budget.

They have even taken it a step further and added the newest mattress, the Tuft and Needle Hybrid. Though this mattress does start to get a bit more expensive, it is still a great value and amazing medium feeling bed.

Up to $800 OFF Tuft & Needle Coupon HERE!

Though it is rare to see the original Tuft & Needle mattress on sale, you will find offers for the Tuft & Needle Mint mattress. Just follow the link above to get the best Tuft and Needle Mint mattress coupon. As well as take advantage of additional offers, like free pillows and sheets. These deals make Tuft and Needle one of the best Labor day mattress deals you’ll find.

#8 Saatva – Latest Labor Day Coupon Automatically Applied

saatva mattressesWhen it comes to finding a mattress that is the epitome of affordable luxury than any of the mattresses from Saatva will be for you. This line features a wide array of options that use amazing materials and construction for a superior bed that also comes with free white glove delivery.

Saatva offers several mattress styles that will check anyone’s needs who is searching for a new bed. Their traditional and solid built innerspring mattress the Saatva Classic, is a fan favorite that is durable and sturdy. While their super luxurious memory foam mattress, the Loom and Leaf, will leave you obsessed with sleeping. And if you want a 100% natural all latex mattress is what you want than the super awesome two sided Zenhaven will check all your boxes.

Not to forget the newest Saatva mattresses, the 100% adjustable Solaire Airbed that is a personalized mattress that offers 50 unique comfort levels. As well as the heavier duty, the Saatva HD, an upgraded version of the original Saatva ideal for plus size sleepers. And their most recent addition is fittingly the Saatva Youth Mattress, the newest member made just for kids.

$600 OFF Saatva Mattresses Coupon

Each Saatva mattress is well made, comes with a longer than average warranty and 120 night sleep trial. Not to forget that free white glove delivery as well as removal, a serious perk with this brand. Make sure to follow the link above to save the most on any of the Saatva mattresses this Labor day!

#9 Nest Bedding – Latest Labor Day Coupon Automatically Applied

alexander signature hybrid mattress reviewNest Bedding offers a large variety of mattresses. With their most popular Alexander Signature Hybrid, a thick and durable hybrid build. Along with the Signature Series Flippable memory foam mattress that offers two ideal feels in one all foam bed. Along with a Latex Hybrid model that features a natural build and durable long lasting materials. And even their more budget friendly Love and Sleep mattress that will certainly check the boxes of anyone on a budget.

Each of these options offers some unique qualities that make them great for so many sleepers. The Signature Hybrid option offers split comfort while the two sided option in the Signature Series Flippable mattress make both options great for couples. And the offering of both organic and natural mattresses allows Nest Bedding to appeal to anyone wanting a more sustainable mattress.

20% OFF Nest Bedding Coupon HERE!

Each bed also comes with a lifetime warranty as well as a 100 night sleep trial period. All of these mattresses also feature savings too. With the latest Nest Bedding mattress coupon available right above. This coupon is good for almost any Nest Bedding mattress. Though the Love and Sleep is also included this mattress is currently discounted bu $100 opposed to $200.

#10 Cocoon – 35% OFF Coupon OSG35

cocoon chill mattress reviewWhat better way to describe a memory foam mattress than by calling it a Cocoon. The idea of this slow responding foam contouring around you makes for the perfect imagery. This Sealy brand, Cocoon offers just that. A memory foam mattress that is as cool as you can get, with the Cocoon Chill.

The Chill Cocoon is available in a soft and firm feel. Giving you two great options when choosing your new memory foam bed-in-a-box. Both of these beds offer a nice dense and durable feel associated with memory foam. And the great thing is that both come in at a good price too. Both of these beds can be found on either are Best Mattress on a Budget and Best Memory Foam Mattress pages.

35% OFF Cocoon Mattress Coupon HERE!

With the Cocoon mattress you’ll surely be getting a great price. But, with the latest Cocoon mattress coupon you can make it even better. You can either use our exclusive Cocoon coupon code, or follow the link above to see if Cocoon is currently offering a better promotion too. Either way you’ll be saving money with another best Labor Day mattress sale.

#11 Nolah – Latest Coupon Automatically Applied

nolah original mattress reviewIf you are looking for an all foam mattress with side sleepers in mind, take a look at the Nolah mattresses. With two all foam mattresses you get options that range from soft, medium and firm, a one sided or two sided mattress and less and more expensive. Regardless, both mattresses feature some great proprietary foams that offer several benefits for all sleepers.

The Nolah Orignal is a 10″ all foam mattress featuring new generation foams. Specifically made to be one of the best online mattresses for side sleeping. This three layer bed offers an ideal medium feel for pressure relief and beyond adequate support. This mattress offers one feel that will appeal to many sleepers. With a universal medium to medium-firm level of comfort that will accommodate all sleeping styles. And at a great price point.

The Nolah Signature mattress uses 4 layers to create a 12″ mattress. This bed also happens to be a flippable mattress. Meaning that you get two sides of varying comfort. While one side offers a medium-soft feel the other is firm. Making each side appeal to very different sleepers. This mattress may also appeal to side sleepers, but is also a great option for stomach sleepers wanting an all foam mattress too.

Nolah Mattress Coupon | 35% OFF

Regardless of which Nolah mattress you go with you will get a great price. Especially when you take advantage of the latest Nolah mattress coupon, found right above. These savings will help keep the cost in check and allow you to get your new mattress at the best price.

#12 Layla – Up To $200 OFF Automatically Applied

layla mattress reviewThe Layla mattress offers some unique qualities that make this 10″ all foam mattress stand out from the rest. The Layla bed offers two sides of comfort. With one side being a medium-soft feel and the other a firmer feel. Giving you plenty of options all in one bed. This all foam bed is a great affordable bed with minimal motion transfer and a true memory foam feel.

If you want an upgrade there is also the Layla Hybrid. This recent addition to the Layla family is also a two sided mattress but uses a coil center for better precision support and just enough responsiveness. It also allows for a bit more air flow for cooler sleep and a slightly thicker profile. Regardless, both mattresses use the same great copper infused memory foam that offers some great added features.

Copper is beneficial in so many ways. From the natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities. To its ability to pull heat away from the body. Even some arguing its ability to help the body naturally heal, this all foam mattress may be a great addition to your bedroom. With the two appealing mattress options this brand will appeal to so many. And the affordable price makes it even better.

BEST Layla Mattress Coupon HERE!

This price is already a great deal, but when you can utilize the most up to date Layla mattress coupon you save even more. Allowing you to get this amazing flippable mattress for a great deal. With the Layla coupon code its like you get two mattresses for the price of one. How can you go wrong with that?

#13 Big Fig – $400 OFF Coupon Code: LATEST COUPON

helix nightfall vs big figIf you are looking for the best mattress for heavy people the Big Fig mattress is surely one that will come up. This niche mattress brand focuses on finding the top mattress for large people by offering a very durable and solid hybrid build. This thick bed offers multiple layers of dense foam over a solid coil system for a perfect mattress for bigger people.

The Big Fig not only offers an ideal mattress but also a stronger than average foundation and durable steel frame. This ensures the support and long lasting durability of this mattress. The details to the little things in the Big Fig mattress don’t go unnoticed. Making it not only a great mattress for overweight people but also the average size sleeper looking for a high quality and thick hybrid mattress.

$450 Big Fig Mattress Coupon Code HERE!

a top choice for Mattress for Heavy Sleepers is worth every penny. But why pay every penny when you have the ability to save money and get free white love delivery with the latest Big Fig Mattress coupon. By following the link above to purchase your new Big Fig you will also be accessing the latest Big Fig mattress coupon code.

#13 Purple – Labor Day Coupon Automatically Applied

new purple 3 mattressIf you want a mattress that is not only great for relieving pressure but also sleeping cool, any of the Purple mattresses are a great choice. This beloved brand offers some of the most unique mattresses out there. With their one of a kind polymer Smart Comfort Grid you get a feel unlike any traditional mattress.

The original Purple mattress uses this polymer grid layer with an all foam base. This creates a universal feeling 10″ mattress that will appeal to many. However, they also have the Purple Hybrid & Purple Hybrid Premier mattresses that uses the same polymer smart grid but with a coil base, for a unique hybrid mattress. This new hybrid offers three various comfort options appealing to all sleepers. With that also comes varying thickness in the bed as well as prices that adjust accordingly.

$900 OFF Purple Mattress Coupon HERE!

Though this mattress isn’t for everyone, who will love it is anyone who is a hot sleeper. Both of these models are great cooling mattresses. Providing us with 2 cool beds to feature on our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers page. But, just because you may be desperate for cooler sleep doesn’t mean you should pay more than you need to. Just follow our link above to ensure you get the latest Purple mattress coupon and promotions that are available.

Molecule Mattress Coupon

2023 Best 4th of July Mattress Sales – Coupon List:

  1. Winkbeds – $300 OFF: Automatically Applied
  2. Brentwood Home – 10% OFF with Code: OSG10
  3. Helix – Up to 25% OFF: Automatically Applied
  4. Brooklyn Bedding – 25% OFF Labor Day Coupon: Automatically Applied
  5. Avocado – 11% OFF with Code: OSG
  6. Bear – 35% OFF with Code: Automatically Applied
  7. Tuft & Needle – Labor Day Coupon: Automatically Applied
  8. Saatva – Labor Day Coupon: Automatically Applied
  9. Nest Bedding – Labor Day Coupon: Automatically Applied
  10. Cocoon – 35% OFF with Code: Automatically Applied5
  11. Nolah – $125-$300 OFF: Automatically Applied
  12. Layla – $200 OFF: Automatically Applied
  13. Big Fig – Labor Day Coupon: Automatically Applied
  14. Purple – Labor Day Coupon: Automatically Applied