Mattress Review Saatva HD Mattress

saatva hd edgeLet’s be honest, the original Saatva is a great option for heavy people. But, Saatva has outdone themselves and are introducing their latest addition, the Saatva HD Mattress. A bed specifically made for big people looking for a luxury mattress.

This innerspring mattress combines coils and dense foam layers to work precisely for figures ranging between 300 to 500 pounds. Creating a mattress that relieves pressure, sleeps cool and offers long lasting support for the larger person.

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Saatva HD Luxury Mattress – Materials:

When it comes to making a mattress that will outlast all others you have to have the right materials. By combing the perfect blend of solid support and balanced comfort you make a mattress that is not only going to last for years, but provide a premium feel too. Below you will see exactly what goes into the 15.5″ thick Saatva HD bed that sets it apart.

Saatva HD Comfort Layers:

saatva hd top of bedThe very top of this mattress is an organic cotton pillow top. This soft and plush topper adds a luxury yet natural feel and finish. It is even enhanced with Guardin, an antimicrobial treatment for a cleaner and healthier mattress. With details including hand tufting to make sure this mattress stays secure and in place for the best long lasting performance.

Under the pillow top is the first foam comfort layer. A thick and responsive layer of 2.5″ of firm Talalay latex readily responds to the bodies movements as well as alleviates pain, pressure and stiffness. This naturally buoyant material is also very durable, making it an ideal material for long lasting comfort and support. The latex in this mattress is also zoned in 5 areas for precision comfort. It is also hypoallergenic and naturally aerated for cool sleep too.

Below the latex layer is a combination of dense and contouring memory and comfort foams. Working together to provide a deep layer of adaptable and balanced comfort. As well as enhanced pressure relief and even weight distribution. With CertiPUR-US certifications for additional top standards to make sure the Saatva HD luxury matress is as safe and natural as can be.

Saatva HD Support Layers:

saatva hd materialsSupport is not something to take lightly when it comes to mattresses for larger people. This is why the Saatva HD uses a 12.5 gauge coil system for to ensure that you have a solid and durable foundation. By using a higher gauge steel than the average coil system this mattress is 25% stronger. Meaning better ergonomics and sleeping posture even under more weight.

This coil system also features a few unique features. Including 17 gauge helical wire for minimized motion transfer. As well as patented zoned spinal wires for added lumbar support. All of this es even encased in a high density foam encasement. This creates a solid and sturdy edge for not only a fully usable sleeping surface but sitting too. Allowing all sleepers to get in and out of bed easier as well as a long lasting durable feel.

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Saatva HD Mattress – Comfort:

When it comes to the comfort and firmness of this mattress you can’t go wrong. The medium-firm, or luxury firm feel of this bed will work great for almost all heavy people. By providing stable, yet flexible support along with dense premium foams you get a luxury mattress perfected for overweight sleepers.

The level of detail in this mattress creates a maximum feeling of pressure relief that is surely ideal for anyone with joint of back pain. It also is just plush enough to allow for side sleepers to have their shoulder and hip rest with no pain too. Making it all around a great feeling mattress for any sleeping position.

This mattress is intended for larger sleepers, however, many sharing a mattress will find that this is not only a great bed for bigger people, but also works for more average sized sleepers too. Though it is a bit firmer feeling, the support will be great and the foams will still conform.

Saatva HD Mattress – Benefits:

When it comes to the additional benefits of sleeping on the Saatva HD mattress there are plenty. Again, the details in the design of this mattress make it top notch.

Motion Transfer:

saatva hd girl in bedUndisturbed sleep is something we all love, but sometimes it can be hard to get. Especially when it comes to being a bigger person, or people, on a mattress. A shift in movement may create some disturbance. However, when you have a mattress that takes this into consideration it makes it a lot easier.

The Saatva HD uses a variety of methods to create great motion isolation. By using a helical wire threaded into the coil system this helps keep motion from moving between the coils. With the addition of the dense layers of foam above the coils you have much of the surface vibrations quickly absorbed and deadened. Creating a mattress that is not only heavy duty, but also great for limited partner sleep disturbance.

Sleeping Cool:

saatva hd mattress cornerMany times sleeping warmer goes hand in hand with being a larger person. By creating the best cooling mattress as well as the best mattress for heavy people you can have it all with the Saatva HD. To make sure this mattress is one of the coolest beds available Saatva has strategically designed the layers of this bed to do just that.

The very top of this mattress features breathable cotton to make sure the surface stays dry and cool. Under this is naturally aerated and cooler sleeping Talalay latex. This naturally occurring foam is not only super durable and long lasting but is much cooler than memory foam or poly foam. Giving the top layer of comfort a jump start to better sleep.

Any mattress that is a hybrid bed featuring a coil system will also sleep cool. The airflow between the coils guarantees that you won’t be stuck sleeping on a solid piece of heat retaining foam. Making any heat that potentially is retained a place to easily dissipate and move away from your body. Giving you a well made mattress that is one cool bed too.

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Edge Support:

saatva hd mattress reviewThe Saatva HD matress shines yet again when it comes to edge support. The reinforced perimeter uses extremely dense foam to create solid edges around the mattress. Giving any sleeper plenty of usable sleeping space that doesn’t vary in feel or support. As well as an easier time getting in and out of bed.

This ensures that even extra weight that is placed on the edges of the bed doesn’t create sagging or a lack of support. Giving you years of use that doesn’t show with a drooping side.

Saatva HD Mattress Basics:

Below is what you can expect with any purchase made through Saatva, including the Saatva HD mattress.


best mattress for heavy peopleThe value of the HD by Saatva is quite good. Though this mattress is higher priced, the build, materials and quality justify it’s higher price point. With the most popular size, a queen, coming in at $2674 for the mattress only. There is the option of including a foundation for an additional price too.

Saatva HD Mattress Coupons:

Saatva strives to offer the best pricing possible on all their mattress options. Though it is rare to see coupons typically offered on the Saatva, Loom and Leaf, Zenhaven, Solaire or the Saatva HD there are some occasions when they do offer promotions.

The link below will ensure that any savings, coupon codes or promotions currently offered by Saatva will be applied to your mattress purchase. Though we can never guarantee a set dollar amount saved we can guarantee that you will get free white glove delivery as well as mattress removal.

Latest Saatva HD Mattress Coupon


Saatva also offers financing that is readily and easily accessible on each product page. They are partnered with Klarna to provide low APR financing offers that allow you 24 months to pay off your new mattress. Giving you more power to purchase when you need to. With instant approval in minutes, you’ll be able to get your new Saatva HD before you know it.


saatva mattress reviewOne of the best things with any Saatva HD, or any Saatva mattress purchase, is the free white glove delivery and set-up. This means you don’t have to lift a finger when your new mattress comes. Other than to point the way. Your mattress is made to order upon purchase and then sent to a local third party delivery service. Though it may take a bit longer than the average bed-in-a-box to get your new mattress, it is worth it.

Once your mattress is made and sent to the local delivery team they will contact you to conveniently schedule the delivery or your new mattress. As well as remove your old bed if needed too. Making the delivery of the Saatva HD luxury mattress super simple and you’ll never have to worry about unboxing this online mattress.

Trial Period:

best mattress for big peopleThe Saatva HD hybrid mattress offers a 120 night sleep trial period. This nearly four month long period will ensure that you’ll love your new mattress or you can easily return it. Though the mattress will be refunded in full you will be responsible for paying a $99 transportation cost for removal. So do keep that in mind.


The generous 20 year warranty that comes with this mattress will make sure that it lasts for many wonderful years of sleeping. The durable materials and premium construction will certainly stand the test of time. And if for some reason there is a manufacturing defect or error than you are covered. With any issues quickly remedied to make sure you are sleeping on the best mattress for large people out there.

More to Come!

Our Sleep Guide is looking forward to reviewing the Saatva HD mattress very soon! Though we know that Saatva has exceptional mattresses and customer service we can say that this mattress is going to be a fantastic addition to their line up. Make sure to check out the other Saatva mattress reviews. Including the original Saatva mattress, Loom and Leaf memory foam mattress, Zenhaven natural latex mattress and the Solaire adjustable airbed.

If you have questions for us, please feel free to contact us, we’d be delighted to help!

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free White Glove Delivery
  • Trial Period 120 Night Sleep Trial
  • Warranty 20 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $1574
  • Twin XL $1687
  • Full $2074
  • Queen $2674
  • King $2974
  • Cal King $2974
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