Mattress Review Solaire Adjustable AirBed by Saatva

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When it comes to luxury mattresses you’ll surely hear the brand Saatva. Between their durable innerspring Saatva Mattress, premium memory foam Loom and Leaf mattress and their 2-sided natural Zenhaven 100% Latex Mattress they have it all. Well, so you thought. But, with the recent introduction of the Solaire Adjustable Airbed, now they have it all.

This still new Saatva family member has something for everyone. Between the comfort layers of memory foam and latex. Adjustable and ideal support of the vulcanized air chambers. And the customization to ensure both sides of the mattress are perfect for any sleeper, what more could you ask for?

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Below we will go through the details of the design of this fully adjustable and perfectly accommodating mattress. As well as what to expect for comfort and how it will adapt to every body. As well as the other multiple benefits you’ll get from this innovative bed. And, we’ll even go through the basics of what is included with the purchase of a Solaire Adjustable Airbed by Saatva.

Solaire Adjustable Air Bed Materials:

solaire by saatva close upFirst things first, just what is this mattress made of and why is it so unique? Unlike most other mattresses that are supported with dense foams or coils the Solaire is not. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t get superior support. Especially when topped with premium layers of comfort foams to ideally contour to your body. And than wrap it in an organic cotton cover for a velvety soft finish.

Airbed Support:

saatva solaire mattress materialsWhat makes this mattress truly unique is the support, or core, of this mattress. The Solaire adjustable air bed uses an inflatable vulcanized air chamber. This multi-directional box is designed for precise and even support that adjusts to fit anyone’s needs. With over 50 firmness settings to adjust to find just the right amount of comfort and support.

On top of this is a moisture barrier to protect the internal parts of the chamber from any moisture that could cultivate bacteria. Making the mattress cleaner and healthier. Above this protective layer is one of two comfort foams.

Comfort For Days:

The Gel-Infused Memory Foam contours to your body all while emphasizing the support. This CertiPUR-US labeled foam also helps keep the temperature neutral for consistent and deep sleep. Over this is a zoned layer of Talalay Latex. This soft yet responsive foam is sectioned into 5 zones for ideal pressure relief and lumbar support. This naturally occurring material also adds to the elimination of heat, making this mattress sleep very cool.

An added cushion comes from the Organic Cotton Pillow Top. This thick topper is soft and breathable and adds an added feeling of luxury. Creating an amazing mattress with the finest details down to the gold trimmed edges. As well as providing an amazing sleeping surface that is designed for everyone.

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Solaire Adjustable Airbed Comfort:

solaire best airbed mattressWhen you have complete control over the precision of comfort in your mattress you can’t go wrong. The Solaire air bed offers 50 unique and ideal variances of comfort and support. Making this mattress easily fine tune to any sleepers exact needs. Regardless of if you sleep on your side, back or stomach you will find the perfect feel.

It may be the best thing about his mattress – perfect comfort. And not just for one sleeper, but for any sleeper and on both sides of the bed! The air chamber design is carefully crafted to allow for each side of the mattress to adjust independently. Making the Solaire the ideal solution for couples, especially who have different needs and preferences.

This 100% personalization combined with the balanced and harmonious comfort layers makes for a magical sleeping experience. Which is why the new Solaire by Saatva will be hard to compete against when it comes to comfort.

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Solaire Mattress Sleeping Benefits:

You can easily see how the detail to design and construction creates comfort for every sleeper, but what about the other benefits? How well does this mattress isolate motion? Will it sleep cool? And just how durable are the edges? All aspects that are important in helping get a good night sleep.

Motion Isolation:

solaire adjustable airbedAs far as isolating motion goes it is certainly a different kind of mattress with some unique qualities. The combination of foam comfort layers with the independent air chambers should allow for minimal partner disturbance. The fact that this mattress offers split air chambers makes it even harder to detect any partner motion. Making it a great bed for minimizing motion transfer for couples.

Sleeping Cool:

When it comes to sleeping cool how can you get any cooler than sleeping on air? The support of the air chamber means no trapped heat in this core. Along with the comfort layers that have been carefully thought out to eliminate, or at least drastically reduce, heat retention too. Top it off with a breathable and natural cotton cover and you have a very cool bed. Making for a cool mattress for even the hottest sleeper.

Edge Support:

The build of this mattress may have you questioning the edge support. But, don’t worry. This was another detail not forgotten. Around the perimeter of the Solaire Adjustable Airbed is Power Edge Enclosure. This reinforced perimeter keeps the air chamber snuggly in place. As well as offers a solid edge for optimal use of the mattress. Not only does this edge keep the mattress durable and sturdy, but also helps hide any valves or hoses, keeping the design of this mattress aesthetically pleasing.

This enclosed perimeter works with the consistent and durable top comfort foams to create a smooth surface. This also creates a fully usable sleeping space from side to side and end to end. Ensuring the edge support is as good as any other bed out there.

See how the Solaire Airbed by Saatva compares to the Sleep Number Airbed in our side by side Solaire vs Sleep Number Review!

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Solaire Adjustable Airbed Basics:

So, what exactly does this mattress cost and what comes with it?


Though the Solaire might be at a higher price point you certainly are getting a great value. With ideal comfort, support and luxury this mattress is truly a premium product. Even at a higher price point you are getting every penny’s worth of satisfaction. This mattress will give you years of great sleep and ensure it with it’s ample warranty too.

  • Latest Solaire Mattress Pricing: Buy Your NEW Solaire at Saatva.com
    • Twin XL – $2,147
    • Full – $2,895
    • Queen – $3,045
    • King – $3,595
    • Split King – $4,294
    • Cal King – $3,595
    • Split Cal King – $4,395


saatva mattress reviewNo worries about setting up this mattress. With the free concierge delivery service you won’t have to lift a finger other than to point the way. Not only is the mattress brought right to your room, it is also set up. Making sure everything is working correctly and in place. You can even have your old mattress removed at no additional fee. Making this process as easy as can be and FREE!

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Trial Period:

tulo liv mattress reviewWith any Saatva mattress purchase, including the Solaire, you get a 120 night trial period. This 4 months of free sleep lets you decide if your new mattress is the perfect fit. We highly doubt you’ll experience anything less than amazing sleep, but if you do, no worries. Free returns are also included. Making your purchase fail proof.


Along the same lines, all Saatva mattresses also come with a 25 year warranty. This ample and lengthy product warranty makes sure you get the best and longest lasting mattresses out there. If there are any flaws, defects or issues that arise, no problem. Saatva is there to help take care of you and your mattress.

customer support woman

Customer Feedback:

We have no doubt that the customer service provided by Saatva will be outstanding. With their 24/7 customer support you’ll always have help at hand. And we know the product is a great choice. However, we still want to know what real sleepers have to say. Since this mattress is still so new, we will be adding to the customer feedback in coming weeks.

Solaire Adjustable Airbed Pros & Cons:

With any mattress you will have positives and negatives. Which is why we are here to help you figure out which mattresses pros out weight the potential cons. With any air bed there will be some factors that you should consider. Below are some of the specifics to remember when contemplating whether the Solaire Mattress by Saatva is for you.

  • Pros

    • Dual, Adjustable Comfort
    • Solid Support & Premium Comfort Layers
    • Unique Design for Precision Support
    • Temperature Neutral Surface
    • Limited Motion Transfer
    • Solid Perimeter Support
    • Amazing Brand & Customer Service
    • 120 Night Trial & 25 Year Warranty
  • Cons

    • Noise From Motor
    • Higher Price Point
    • Part Replacement

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Our Sleep Guide is adding more to this review soon! So make sure to check back. Also, if you have any questions about this mattress or any other, feel free to Contact Us, we’d be happy to help!

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free White Glove Delivery
  • Trial Period 120 Night Trial
  • Warranty 25 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $N/A
  • Twin XL $2147
  • Full $2895
  • Queen $3045
  • King $3595
  • Cal King $3595
Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! Contact Us. We would love to help you in any way we can.