Mattress Review Awara Sleep Mattress

awara sleep mattress reviewNatural and organic mattresses seem to be a growing trend. This hasn’t gone unnoticed and more and more brands are coming to the table. Are all of these brands bringing the same quality and great sleep that you would expect? Or are some a bit less expensive because they aren’t quite the same quality that others are?

One of the newest companies, Awara, has recently introduced their latex hybrid mattress. Bringing a combination of Dunlop latex and coiled support system for ideal comfort and alignment. With a natural cotton and wool quilted cover to finish off this 13″ thick bed. Is the Awara Sleep mattress going to be the bed for you? Keep reading to find out.

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Awara Sleep Mattress Materials & Construction:

awara mattress reviewThis latex hybrid mattress is a total of 13″ thich with two main materials for the core and two more materials for the cover. To start at the bottom and work our way up, we first have the coil system. The base of the Awara hybrid bed uses a 9″ premium 5 zoned coil system. This supportive and heavy duty system creates ideal posture and alignment by using a zoned system to help create better support.

Over the coil system is the 4″ layer of 100% all natural Dunlop latex. This layer is not only great at providing responsive comfort. It also is great at alleviating pressure points, sleeps cool and allows you to easily move while you sleep. This natural material is also very durable and is supportive yet pliable, making it good for all sleepers.

These durable materials are than topped with a moisture wicking plush layer of wool. This not only adds extra softness but also great natural benefits to help keep the bed even cooler and cleaner. As well as works as a natural fire barrier too. The Awara Sleep top layer works perfectly with the organic cotton cover that is breathable and super soft to the touch. All of these layers work together to provide a great sleeping experience. As well as offer a mattress that is greener and healthier to sleep on.

Awara Sleep Mattress Benefits:

Now that you know exactly what is in the Awara Sleep mattress you can see how these materials and mattress build will benefit you. Below you can get a better idea of what to expect for comfort for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers. As well as how it will perform for motion transfer, sleeping cool and the edge support.

  • Comfort Overview:

awara sleep mattress reviewThe Awara Sleep mattress comes in one universal feel. A feel that most would consider a medium-firm, also known as a luxury firm. This option typically works best for the majority of sleepers. With a few exceptions depending on your sleeping style, size and preference. One thing to keep in mind with any latex hybrid mattress is how the materials will affect the feel.

With latex you will have a much more responsive foam than the slower responding counterpart, memory foam. This is great for anyone who doesn’t like feeling more cocooned and who also changes sleeping positions frequently.

Another quality that latex offers is a more durable feel that is slightly denser than poly or memory foam too. This can be translated a bit to the feel and how “soft” it may come across. Because it is made of the sap of a rubber tree you have a foam that is more resilient. Though it contours to your body it will never be super soft and will always offer support. This is an awesome quality to have, but may be difficult for anyone who likes a super soft feel to adjust to.

The addition of the wool quilting does help add a more plush feel to the surface. And the smooth cotton makes it soft to the touch. But if you are use to sleeping on a memory foam mattress or a hybrid that uses poly or memory foam, it may take awhile to adjust too. However, the Awara Sleep mattress will be worth it!

  • Comfort – Side Sleepers:

awara sleep mattress reviewIf you are a side sleeper who likes a more supported feel than you will certainly like the feel of a latex hybrid. However, if you prefer something that is softer or more cocooning it might be difficult for you to adjust. The latex is thicker, at 4″, but because it is more resilient it might feel less contouring to your shoulder and hip.

The zoned coil system does help you sink in a bit more where needed. And the buoyancy of the foam certainly helps you easily switch from side to side. Overall, most side sleepers should like the feel of the Awara Sleep mattress, but if you like the feel of memory foam or a truly soft mattress, than you may want to check out other options.

  • Comfort – Back Sleepers:

The Awara Sleep mattress will be great for back sleepers. This mattress is firm enough to properly support you and the latex is dense and durable to help hold up for the long haul. The feel is an ideal medium-firm level of comfort that is preferred by most back sleepers. It also is great at relieving pressure and provides a great surface that doesn’t let you sink in too far. The zoned coils also benefit back sleepers and keep your alignment ideal too.

  • Comfort – Stomach Sleepers:

This mattress will also work quite well for stomach sleepers as well. The materials provide a dense and supportive feel. The latex especially does great at pushing back underneath you, which will ensure any stomach sleepers won’t have a bowing back. The coil system also helps keep proper support and ergonomics to create a solid core that won’t alter with time. Providing a solid and consistent surface that works best for stomach sleepers.

  • Comfort – Combination Sleepers:

If you sleep in all, or multiple positions you should appreciate the Awara Sleep mattress plenty. The best part about this mattress for combination sleepers is the responsiveness that almost helps you move from position to position. It also is going to adjust to all sleeping positions quite well. It will help alleviate pressure points in all positions and contours to you just enough. Again, unless you really prefer a soft feel or like the more cocooning feel of memory foam, this mattress will be ideally comfortable.

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  • Motion Transfer:

awara mattress reviewWhen it comes to motion isolation you will certainly have less than a mattress that features memory foam. However, the density of Dunlop latex and the orthopedic innerspring coils in the Awara mattress will help you from tossing and turning. Allowing you to sleep better and tossing and turning less. In turn making motion transfer less of a worry.

However, when you are moving about or getting in and out of bed you may notice some vibrations. These materials are great for so many things, however, they do add a little extra buoyancy that may disturb your partner if they are more sensitive. However, for this style of mattress, it is very common and there should be no more motion transfer in the Awara bed than any other latex hybrid.

  • Sleeping Cool:

awara mattress reviewWhen it comes to sleeping cool latex hybrid mattresses certainly have the upper hand. The materials featured from top to bottom all help you sleep cooler… and naturally. Meaning that they have inherent properties that aren’t some kind of man made additive that may or may not keep heat at bay. But proven materials used in history because of these amazing benefits.

Cotton is breathable and wool regulates temperature as well as wicks away moisture. Making a cover that is super comfortable in many ways. Latex is also naturally aerated to allow for heat to escape. It also is beneficial to have some buoyancy that helps you never feel “stuck” which can result in a build up of heat. And the coils not only give support but also are great for any possible heat retained to be dissipated and released. Making the Awara Sleep mattress a cool sleeping bed for the entire night.

  • Edge Support:

awara mattress reviewThe edge support of this mattress should allow a great surface for sleeping. Giving you a consistent and dense, durable feel that will not change whether sleeping on the edge or in the middle. This makes it great for couples who use the full bed. As well as anyone who likes sleeping closer to the perimeter. Edge support also gives a good indication of the longevity and durability of a mattress. And with the materials in the Awara hybrid latex you shouldn’t have to worry about either of those.

Awara Sleep Mattress General Information:

  • Value:

awara mattress reviewConsidering the advertised  materials of this mattress, the value comes in at a relatively affordable price point. Prior to any Awara Sleep coupons, discounts or promotions, it comes in at $1499 for a queen. Ranging from a Twin size up to a California King and prices adjusting accordingly. With this price also comes free shipping and returns. A 365 night trial period and a forever warranty. Find out about all these added perks below.

Additionally, Awara Sleep also offers financing too. Using Affirm during your checkout process gives you access to 0% financing for up to 24 months. Making this purchase even smoother.

One thing that does make us wonder about this mattress is the pricing. Almost all other latex hybrid mattresses range a bit more in price. However, all of those are USA made products and certified sourced materials. With Awara being apart of the Nectar family we are still unsure if this mattress is made overseas and shipped to the USA like the Nectar and Dreamcloud. Potentially making it certified, but not to the stringent guidelines as those mattresses made in the states.

  • Delivery:

When it comes to the shipping and delivery of your new mattress you won’t be paying anything extra. This mattress is compressed and shipped in a box. Arriving right at your door for easy transition from box to bed. It will be shipped roughly 2 to 5 days after your order is placed and should arrive within 2-3 days after that. Giving you a window of about 4-8 days to receive your mattress.

  • Trial Period:

awara mattress reviewEach Awara Sleep mattress comes with a 365 night sleep trial period. This gives you a full year to test out the mattress and see how it works for you. This means you have plenty of time before committing to your new mattress. If for some reason you aren’t enjoying your new latex hybrid mattress all you need to do is contact Awara. They will arrange to have your mattress picked up and donated. And you will receive a full refund.

  • Warranty:

With your new mattress also comes a forever warranty. This warranty policy is simple. If there are damages or flaws in the mattress over the course of its wear, Awara will gladly take care of it. Any defects, major indentations or damages will be covered keeping you sleeping great whether it is in a few months or in 20 years.

  • Customer Feedback:

Because the Awara is still so new there isn’t much Customer Feedback yet. However, once there is we will be adding more information soon! One thing to note about this mattress though is that it is from the same company that brought you Nectar and DreamCloud. Considering that both of these brands are made in China we are curious to see exactly where the Awara is manufactured and materials are sourced from.

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Our Sleep Guide is here to help you find the best mattress possible. We will be adding more to this review in the near future. But, if you have any questions about the Awara, or any other mattress, feel free to Contact Us. We’d be happy to help!

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Awara Sleep Mattress Rating
  • Delivery & Unboxing
  • Comfort
  • Motion Transfer
  • Sleeping Cool
  • Edge Support
  • Value
  • Materials
  • Trial Period
  • Warranty

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping & Returns
  • Trial Period 365 Night Sleep Trial
  • Warranty Forever Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $1200
  • Twin XL $1300
  • Full $1399
  • Queen $1500
  • King $1700
  • Cal King $1700
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