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In this DreamCloud mattress review, we cover the ins and outs of this luxury bed. DreamCloud is a hybrid luxury that came out in early 2018. DreamCloud is a coil and memory foam combo bed that comes in right around $1300. This brand new bed has one universal feel, comes shipped for free in a box, and has a lifetime warranty. The Dreamcloud Mattress also has a full year, or 365 night trial period,  and has 8 layers from cover to base, making it 15″ thick.

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DreamCloud Reviews:

dreamcloud mattress

DreamCloud offers a coil system for the support and foundation. It will then have several layers of comfort foams, including several layers of memory foam & one layer of latex. These will relieve pressure, evenly distribute weight and provide ideal comfort for many sleepers. The DreamCloud bed will also adapt well to all sleeping positions and should be good for sleeping cool. It also is designed to have minimal motion transfer, decent edge support, and ideal comfort.

The cover of this hybrid has a soft cashmere fabric. This material is smooth to the touch. Under this are several layers of various foams to create a medium firm feeling. These layers combine latex and several varying memory foams with a coil system to create a 15″ mattress. The coil system provides good support while allowing the varying foams to contour and respond to your bodies every move. This creates a more balanced support, good alignment, and comfort.

*We do want to note that it is 15″ thick and only weighs 94 pounds. Many hybrids that we have tried that are this thick tend to be quite a bit heavier.

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DreamCloud Mattress – At A Glance:

DreamCloud only has one comfort choice. This medium firm feel should appeal to many sleepers and work well for all sleeping positions. The combination of several memory foam layers along with a thin layer of latex should provide a very pressure relieving surface.

The foams are several inches thick and make the top 5.5″ of the bed comprised of all comfort foams. You should sink in just enough but the foams should be dense enough to allow you to not sink in too much. The number of comfort foams may almost border on too much. Mostly because these types of foams will be more likely to sag earlier than later.

staged room with a bed

A benefit of having a hybrid with so many layers of foam is isolating motion and minimizing any disturbances by partner movement. These several various layers are slow responding foam that will help reduce any vibrations. However, these many layers of heat retaining memory foam may come at a cost. Because there are so many layers of memory foam you may find yourself stuck more easily. As well as getting a bit warmer while you sleep.

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DreamCloud Mattress – Delivery Process:

dreamcloud bagThe DreamCloud is shipped for free in a box or also comes with an upgraded white glove delivery service. This upgrades service does cost an additional $149. However, if you aren’t up for the heavy lifting and also want the debris removed it may be the way to go.

If you opt for the traditional “bed in a box ” delivery style the very first thing you need to do with your DreamCloud mattress is to take it out of the box and get it set up. It should show up right at your door in a fairly compact 94 lb box. Getting it to where it needs to go may take two sets of hands.

Once you get it to where you’ll be sleeping it should only take a few minutes to get it out of the box and plastic and watch it come to life.

How Long Does DreamCloud Take to Expand?

Its more than likely that  the DreamCloud will take at least 24+ hours for it to fully expand and firm up, but you should be able to sleep on it in a few hours.

DreamCloud Mattress – Off Gassing:

baby on a mattressDuring the unboxing process, you may notice some off-gassing but it should hopefully be fairly minimal. With most boxed mattresses there will be a little bit of smell initially. It is important to note that this is NOT a USA made product. This bed is made overseas and shipped to the US.

This may impact the off-gassing and odor since it is rolled up in plastic and sitting in a box much longer than many of its USA made counterparts. This may also affect how long it takes to fully expand too. Once it is allowed to unroll and take shape it should dissipate. It should be fine within several hours, but if you are more sensitive to certain smells letting it breath at least 24 hours would probably be a good idea.

DreamCloud Mattress – Comfort:

dog sitting on a bedThe DeamCloud hybrid takes a coil system and specialty foams to create a bed that will be comfortable and supportive enough for most everyone. This 15″ bed should work fine for every sleeping position. It will have a solid innerspring core combined with several inches of memory foams and a layer of latex foam too.

The DreamCloud will be good for back sleepers, allowing enough support and enough sink to alleviate pressure and make a sleep surface that cradles your lumbar and shoulders. The DreamCloud will also work well for a side sleeper too, allowing plenty of cushion to allow shoulder and hip and to sink in. This bed is even okay for stomach sleepers, even with the top several layers of comfort foam the coil system has plenty of support to keep your back from bowing.

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DreamCloud Mattress – Motion Transfer:

glass of wine sitting on a bedSince it’s a hybrid, the DreamCloud uses individually wrapped pocketed coils for the core support system and covered with several inches of foam.  It have a bit of vibration when moving but shouldn’t be disruptive. The coil system individually wraps each coil in fabric, which alone will greatly reduce any motion transfer.

It also utilizes memory foam for the majority of comfort layers, and memory foam is not responsive and great at deadening motion. The foams will absorb the majority of vibrations and make for very minimal motion transfer to be felt. The DreamCloud should be good for anyone who shares a bed because of this, there will be little disturbance when getting in and out of bed.

DreamCloud Mattress – Sleeping Cool:

couple in a dreamcloud bedThe DreamCloud has a few features that will aid in keeping it  cooler. The coil system allows for support as well as plenty of air circulation and breathability. A mattress with a coil system is going to be a better option for warm sleepers than an all foam one. This is because you will get plenty of air flow and heat dissipation that you won’t get with foam bed.

The bed also has several memory foam layers as well as a layer of latex. Some of the memory foams are infused with gel that helps dissipate heat. However, with the 5.5″ of foam on top and almost all of that being memory foam, you may get a bit more heat retention, especially over time. The latex layers is naturally aerated and will also help alleviate overheating, but that is under several inches of memory foam.

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DreamCloud Mattress – Edge Support:

dreamcloud closeup with logoThe edge support on the DreamCloud hybrid should feel stable and create a solid, edge to edge usable sleep surface. The pocketed coils provide the necessary support to give the entire mattress a solid foundation, including the edges as well. When sleeping on the DreamCloud, you are able to feel a consistent feel across the entire top of the bed. As far as sitting on the edge goes, there is a little less support, but is solid enough for minimal sitting use.

DreamCloud Mattress – Value: 

DreamCloud is currently priced at $1,199 for a queen size, this price does reflect the current discount as well. It also comes with free delivery, a 365 night sleep trial and has a lifetime warranty. There is also the option to upgrade to white glove delivery for an extra $149.

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Materials & Construction:

As you can see below the DreamCloud mattress is made of 6 layers of foam and a coil system. It isd 15″ thick and has about 5.5″ of foam over an 8″ coil system with another 1.5″ of foam underneath.

measurements and dimensions*There is a question of the durability and density of the materials based on the overall weight of the DreamCloud. It’s 15″ and only weighs 94 lbs, in a queen size. Several other hybrid mattresses that we have tried that are close to this height tend to weigh quite a bit more. For example, both the queen size 14.5″ Saatva and 14″ Luft weigh 120lbs and the queen size 14″ Oceano by Brentwood Home weighs 135lbs. This discrepancy may be due to a lighter, less durable coil system or less dense foams, and possibly both.

foam layers

Trial Period & Warranty:

The DreamCloud Mattress has a 365-night sleep trial. This trial period allows for more than a sufficient amount of time to see if it is a good fit for you. And for some reason it isn’t it should be easy to return.

Everlong Warranty: This warranty covers any defects in the materials and construction for the first 10 years and will be replaced if any of these occur. After 10 years, the warranty will recover the repair and recovering of the mattress and potentially replace if needed. This does not apply to body impressions that are less than 1.5″ thick. This warranty does go above and beyond many competitors and shows DreamClouds long-term commitment.

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DreamCloud Mattress- Customer Feedback:

“Mattress is comfortable as promised. Shipping was fast. Easy to set up.” – Calvin H.

“My wife has noticed how ever since DreamCloud I am out like a baby. I sleep very well. Never wake up sore or uncomfortable. I feel like I could probably run a marathon when I get out of bed and never used to. I give 4 stars because my wife does not like it as much as I do. She does like the cashmere cover.” – Peter S.

“Apparently it takes a few months to actually adjust to the mattress for each body, but I love it. It is great. I fall asleep fast and wake up in the morning and have not rolled around. I feel comfortable in my bed. It’s a nice addition to my home.” – Samantha S.

“Yep, DreamCloud is amazing. I can’t stop raving about this mattress. If you don’t believe that it can change the way you sleep, try DreamCloud. You won’t regret it.” – Charles V.

DreamCloud Mattress – Customer Complaints:

Some have absolutely loved their new DreamCloud while others have had less ideal experiences…

“Worst mattress ever. This was a terrible purchase and it’s such a huge mattress. No one needs a zillion layers of memory foam that weighs 5 tons. Whole thing felt like overkill to make you think you are getting better sleep or something. It’s comfortable but nothing special.” – Gary V.

“Honestly don’t know why there are so many good reviews this mattress did not work for me. I sent it back. Their customer service took it back no questions asked.” – Daniel P.

“This mattress is fluff on fluff. I think they could cut it in half. My wife ordered it but we returned it. There’s no need for all of that foam and springs and whatever else they say is good for you.” – Jack F.

“Sorry DreamCloud, you weren’t for my dreams. Sure, this is an affordable solution for a luxury mattress. But the it is advertised as a medium to firm and it felt so soft. If anything this mattress is too soft and I felt like I was sinking into a cloud… that I couldn’t get out of!” – Lily C.

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DreamCloud Mattress Rating
  • Off Gassing & Delivery
  • Comfort
  • Motion Transfer
  • Sleeping Cool
  • Edge Support
  • Value
  • Materials & Construction
  • Trial Period
  • Warranty

Overall Rating:

The DreamCloud mattress has been a favorite to many since introduced. The appealing price point for this thicker mattress does have its advantages. However, when you get into the details is it the best option for the price? That’s up to you to decide.

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 365 Night Trial Period
  • Warranty Everlong Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Full $1299
  • Queen $1399
  • King $1599
  • Cal King $1599
Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! Contact Us. We would love to help you in any way we can.