August 3, 2018

Oceano vs Crystal Cove

y Today we are going to be looking into the Oceano vs Crystal Cove mattress. Both great mattress options that come from Brentwood Home; a quality bedding company that’s been in the mattress game for quite some time. This L.A. based business prides itself on providing luxury comfort at an affordable price. They even offer a line of eco-friendly linens you can add on to your mattress purchase. And top notch pillows also very affordable. Creating a complete bedroom set that won’t disappoint.

oceano vs crystal cove

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Oceano Overview:

brentwood home oceanoThe Oceano mattress is made to be a luxury hybrid option. They made this mattress to have a plush medium firm feel and provide plenty of pressure relief. The bed is a super thick 14 inches and has a couple of shipping options to choose from.

The premium materials used in the Oceano will keep you cool at night while providing you with a wonderful amount of support. All types of sleepers can fall in love with the Oceano’s clever and comfortable layout of layers.

Crystal Cove Overview:

crystal cove mattress brentwood homeThe Crystal Cove mattress is a two-sided mattress made to give you two different firmness feelings. Depending on which way you flip the Crystal Cove you will have a softer or firmer bed. They made this mattress to accommodate to a large number of sleepers and even uses a combination of latex and foam to create one of its sides. The latex used in the bed gives it a wonderful amount of bounce to keep you from feeling stuck when trying to turn in the middle of the night.

Oceano vs Crystal Cove – Delivery & Unboxing:

cedar mattressThe Oceano mattress and the Crystal Cove mattress both are shipped with care from Brentwood homes. They ship this mattress using FedEx to your home. Like most companies, they offer a free option to choose from as well. The company also offers an updated shipping option as well. This option is a white glove delivery service that will run you around $199. This service will bring the mattresses to your home and set them up for you. White glove services will even remover you’re older mattress if you need them too. The removal will cost you $76 but will make your life simpler.

If you choose to use the white glove delivery service then all you will need to go is set up an appropriate delivery time. The free shipping option, delivers your mattress to you in a sturdy cardboard box. You will have to set the mattress up your self with this option which can be a bit off a hassle. The Oceano mattress itself weighs 135 pounds at the queen option and around 160 pounds at the King. This is due to the materials used in the mattress to make it a hybrid model instead of being completely foam.

Brentwood Homes only uses quality materials in their products. They make their mattresses with pure materials that are safety regulated. The Oceano mattress even has a TENCEL and CertiPUR-US used in it to guarantee the safety of the materials. On top of this these materials are also environmentally friendly. If you notice any off-gassing with either of these options it will be kept to a minimal. Once you unbox your mattress you need to give it around 24 hours to fully air out and firm up.

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Materials And Layer Comparison:

The materials of the Oceano mattress and the Crystal Cover mattress are quality. Both of these options are hybrid and use a combination of foam along with coils to create a unique feel. The biggest difference comes in the fact that one of these hybrid mattresses is flippable. The flippable design of the Crystal Cove gives consumers a little more wiggle room by providing two different firmness levels. In contrast, the Oceano has on firmness level, but every layer of the mattress is targeted towards providing a premium medium-firm feel.

Oceano Mattress Materials:

oceano brentwood homeThe Oceano mattress is made up of 4 layers and is 14 plus inches thick. The first layer of the Oceano is made up of 2 inches of 4-pound density Gel Memory Foam. This layer is made to help distribute your weight while also giving relief to your pressure points. This layer helps the mattress to contour to every inch of your body while isolating any motion that may happen on top of it.

The second layer is a coil layer made up of 2.5 inches of 1353 individually pocketed micro coils. This layer gives you the support you need while giving the bed it’s flexibility. This ensures that you can easily change position during the night without much resistance.

The next layer is 2 inches of 1.8-pound density Airlux foam. The Airlux foam helps with the transition from the top layers to the base layer. The last layer is the base layer made out of a supportive coil system. This system uses 1130 8 inch coils that are each individually wrapped.

This layer gives that mattress durability for years to come while giving you the perfect amount of support. They nicely wrapped all of this in a TENCEL stretch knit cover. They designed this layer to be soft to the touch and has a luxurious feel.

The Oceano’s cover has a layer of wool batting under it. This layer is made to be breathable while adding an additional layer of softness to your mattress. The layer is made to be durable on the sides and even naturally wicks moisture away.

Does the Oceano luxury hybrid sound right up your alley? Learn more at brentwoodhome.com

Crystal Cove Mattress Materials:

The Crystal Cove mattress is intelligently designed as a two-sided mattress. Each side of the mattress has a different feel to it with one side being firmer than the other. The gentle firm side of the mattress is made with only latex to provide pressure relief and bounce. This comfort layer is 2 inches of Dunlop latex that is naturally aerated. This helps to make this mattress cooler than most other choices out there. This layer also gives you plenty of support while still letting you sink in. It also works great for most sleepers too.

The other side is slightly softer and is considered the luxury plush side. 1 inch  of Flow Foam is placed over a 2″ layer of Charcoal Infused Memory Foam. This side of the mattress is made to help relieve pressure while still being breathable. The added charcoal will give you a healthy slumber that aides in cooling and purifying. And both foams are great for just enough hug. This side will be perfect for all types of sleepers and positions since it’s an ideal medium firm feel.

The middle layer that is the core of the mattress is made of 8 inches of thick coils. These provide the majority of support for the bed. This layer is also made to help promote spinal alignment and is made with the ideal amount of ergonomics. It also works to distribute weight fairly across the mattress to give you the ideal amount of support. The coils rests in the middle of the bed in order to help make the mattress flippable.

crystal cove mattress review

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Oceano Mattress Comfort:

oceano brentwood homeThe Oceano mattress has a medium feel to it that is almost a perfect 5 on the ten-point firmness scale. This makes the Oceano mattress perfect for just about any type of sleeper or position. The mattress provides pressure relief and a flexible amount of support to accommodate your sleeping style.

The bed itself even has a velvety feel to it thanks to the soft top layer of wool. The coils layer will also provide you with the perfect amount of support to keep the bed from being to firm or too soft. On top of all of this, the Oceano keeps from running too hot during the night.

This mattress is perfect for all types of sleepers and even works well for edge sleeping. Heavier sleepers can also enjoy this bed since it’s made with solid materials and a strong foundation. You will also find that there is a good amount of lumbar support for back sleepers. Side sleepers will also love the amount of sink this mattress allows for. In fact, unless you are a stomach sleeper that prefers a firmer bed, you will be able to easily get comfortable on the Oceano mattress as well.

Learn more about the Oceano Mattress in our in-depth Mattress Review or at BrentwoodHome.com.

Crystal Cove Comfort:

dreamcloud vs crystal coveThe Crystal Cove mattress is made to give you the ability to choose between to firmness levels. This mattress has a softer and a firmer side to help make this product accessible to all types of sleepers. It even features a combination of latex and foam on one side to give it a wonderful amount of bounce while still having the soft foam feel. They made the softer side purely of foam so it will perfectly contour to your body to give you a soft and comfortable night’s rest.

Whether your a stomach, side, or back sleeper you can sleep wonderfully on the Crystal Cove mattress. Just flip it to the side that will best support your sleeping style and relax.

Learn more about the Crystal Cove Mattress in our in-depth Mattress Review or at BrentwoodHome.com.

 Oceano vs Crystal Cove – Motion Transfer:

Both the Oceano mattress and the Crystal Cove mattress help you sleep undisturbed my motion. Both mattresses use their combinations of coils and foam to isolate motion vibrations. This makes both mattresses a great pick for anyone easily awoken when their partner gets in or out of bed at night. No matter what type of sleeper you are you will appreciate the lack of movement while you are sleeping.

 Oceano vs Crystal Cove – Temperature Regulation:

oceano brentwood homeLike with most hybrid mattresses the coils in the Oceano let heat dissipate more easily. The mattress also uses open cell technology in its top layer to help air flow more freely. This helps stop heat retention and to keep heat away from your body.

There is also an airFlux layer to help things out even more. They made the cover of the Oceano mattress with TENCEL that is an incredibly breathable material.  The support layer of the mattress also helps keep things cool by controlling just how far you sink into foam each night.

The Crystal Cove like the Oceano is a hybrid mattress with coils. This helps keep things cooler than an all foam mattress. On top of this, the mattress has some other features to keep it from getting too hot during the night.

The latex used in the mattress provides a nice amount of bounce. This combined with coils gives you the support and bounce you need to keep from getting stuck in the foam while sleeping. The mattress also uses graphite gel to help cool things down even further for you.

Oceano vs Crystal Cove – Edge Support:

oceano brentwood homeThe Oceano mattress provides you with a sturdy surface to sleep on. You will find that no matter where you choose to sleep on this mattress you will have a good amount of support. This even rings true if you love to sleep on the literal edge of the bed. You won’t notice yourself sinking off the side during the night with the Oceano and every inch of the mattress will have the same wonderful amount of support. The mattress may not be the greatest for long-term edge sitting though and will give weigh if used for much more than getting ready for work in the mornings.

The Crystal Cove mattress also does a wonderful job with edge support. From edge to edge the Crystal Cove will give you the same wonderful amount of support. This mattress is fully usable for those who love to sleep on the edge thanks to its supportive coil system. You can even use the Crystal Cove mattress for limited amounts of edge sitting. This is perfect for people who sit on the edge of their bed to put on their shoes.

Oceano Mattress Value:

The value of the Oceano mattress is out of this world. The materials combine with the superior construction make this hybrid far and above most other brands. The comfort is ideal for side and back sleepers and the benefits are ample. Making this mattress a great deal for the price Not to forget our 15% off coupon too which makes it even more affordable.

The Oceano mattress comes delivered to your home completely for free. Or you can opt for a white glove service for an additional $199. Along with this, the mattress features a 25-year warranty to help give you peace of mind. The mattress comes in the following sizes and prices:

  • Twin – $995
  • Twin XL – 1195
  • Full – $1295
  • Queen – $1495
  • King – $1995
  • Cal King – $1995

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brentwoodhome essentials
Crystal Cove Mattress Value:

This Brentwood Home mattress is also and exceptional value. The appeal of not only having two sides with different firmness options, but completely different materials makes this mattress like no other. The Crystal Cove is in a league of its own when it comes to providing options. Giving you the support of coils with the comfort and benefits of latex and memory foam in one bed.

Again, our exclusive 15% off coupon is good on the Crystal Cove too, making the prices even better. This clearly a Brentwood Home mattress as well and features the same shipping and warranty. However, the bed is priced differently than the Oceano and comes in the following sizes:

  • Twin – $895
  • Twin XL – $895
  • Full – $1095
  • Queen – $1295
  • King – $1695
  • Cal King – $1695

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brentwoodhome essentials
Oceano vs Crystal Cove Value:

The same company made both of these mattresses with the same standards of quality. They have the same shipping options and the warranty for both is 25 years. That being said, The Crystal Cove does run around a $100 cheaper than the Oceano. That’s still not a huge difference in value making these mattresses have pretty equal footing in this section.

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Oceano vs Crystal Cove – Additional Information:

Brentwood Homes is a trusted company that offers amazing customer support in case you run into a snag. The company offers a sleep trial warranty on both of these mattresses so you can get a feel for them before completely committing. Both the Oceano and Crystal Cove feature Brentwood Home’s impressive 365-night sleep trial. If either of these options doesn’t work out the return process will be hassle-free for you as well. The company will even work with you to find a mattress that perfectly meets your sleep needs if things aren’t working out.

Oceano vs Crystal Cove – Summary:

oceano brentwood homeBoth the Oceano mattress and Crystal Cove mattress are made by Brentwood Homes and have the same great quality put into them. This makes it a little difficult to choose between the two products.

They both come with the same shipping options, warranty, and sleep trial from Brentwood Homes. And share the same customer service options and have only a $100 difference in there pricing. They also both have the option of paying more for a white glove delivery service that will make set-up a breeze. This makes picking between the two a little bit harder than normal

The review really boils down to which mattress you feel will better fit your needs. The Crystal Cove is flippable giving it more versatility. While they made the Oceano to be a luxury hybrid choice.

The Crystal Cove mattress does feature a unique latex and foam blend that gives the bed additional bounce. The Oceano mattress uses graphite gel that has healing properties to it. Whichever choice you make out of these two mattresses remember that Brentwood will work with you to find the perfect fit if things don’t quite work out.

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