July 30, 2018

Nolah vs Layla

Upgrading your mattress can upgrade your sleep, which can upgrade your overall quality of life. It’s that easy, so start with the Nolah Original or Layla mattress today. Both mattresses are high-quality, made in the USA, and delivered straight to your door. These long-lasting, quality mattresses will support your sleep night after night, using only the best materials to do so. If you want to see what better sleep can do for you, continue reading below for an in-depth review of the Nolah vs Layla mattress.

nolah vs layla

Jump right to the individual reviews for the Nolah Original 10″ and the Layla mattress too. 

Nolah Mattress Overview:

The Nolah mattress brand uses technology to design the ultimate side sleeping all foam mattress. It is an online company based in the U.S., so you know exactly where your mattress is coming from. It uses a proprietary Cooling Nolah Air Foam. This gives you all the benefits of a memory foam, plus cooling properties.

Not to mention it has pressure relief times 4. The Nolah also gives you a layer of Avena Foam, which is similar to latex making it very responsive. This is ideal for changing sleeping positions and durability. Thus, the Nolah has brought together these two foams to be the perfect side sleeper mattress. One night on the original Nolah mattress and you will find the perfect amount of bounce to move from side to side with ease.

If the comfort alone hasn’t convinced you to purchase a Nolah mattress, their efforts to give back will. Nolah mattress company is highly committed to wildlife advocacy. They are partnered with Defenders of Wildlife and a portion of every mattress purchase goes to saving an animal. If you contribute to this cause, they will even send you a postcard with picture and information of the animal that you helped saved! Now you will truly rest easy knowing you helped save an animal life.

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Layla Mattress Overview:

layla mattress reviewThe Layla mattress is the Nolah’s perfect competitor. It is the only other mattress matched for quality and uniqueness. The Layla’s most desirable feature is the fact that it is two sided. It lets you easily decide between medium soft and firm. But it also offers a unique copper infused memory foam.

The copper is important for more support and a cooler surface. It also offers antimicrobials and positive ions that may create healing properties. A mattress that actually heals your body is hard to believe, but one that is double sided for firmness is even harder to believe! And you get it all with the Layla.

The Layla may compare to other mattresses with its free shipping and bed in a box style. But it won’t compare in comfort. The Layla wa perfectly made for the unsure online shopper. You can’t test firmness online, but you can at home with the Layla.

No matter which side you choose, you will still get a very supported sleep with even weight distribution and the coolness of copper. The only thing more incredible about the Layla is it’s incredible price. So quality sleep won’t break the bank.

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Nolah vs Layla – Delivery & Unboxing:

nolah mattress reviewLike any other bed in a box delivered to your door, the Nolah and Layla will require an extra set of hands. The Nolah weighs approximately 75 lbs. so you will want the help. Once the box is where you want to be sleeping, remove the box and the plastic so your mattress may come to life. The off-gassing of the Nolah will be very minimal especially because it is made in the US. If you are sensitive to smells, you may want to open a window for up to 12 hours, but there will be no noxious fumes. This is a perfect time because your mattress needs some time to fully expand anyway.

layla unboxing boxThe Layla is highly similar in that it also weighs 75 lbs. and you should get some help to lift it. It also comes wrapped in plastic, so take it out of the box and remove the plastic, and your mattress will expand. Fortunately, the Layla is also made in the US, so there is no reason to worry about noxious fumes. If you are extra sensitive however, it is okay to open a window. The Layla requires 24 to 48 hours to fully come to life, so there is plenty of time for off-gassing.

When setting up either mattress, you will want a flat, even surface for the foundation. Both mattresses work well on a frame, without or without a box spring. You may use a platform, slatted, or adjustable bed. Just ensure that the bed is the right height and the aesthetically pleasing to you.

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Nolah Mattress Materials:

The secret to Nolah comfort is it’s materials. And no matter which way you like to sleep, the 10” memory foam mattress will give you ultimate comfort! The Cooling Foam and Avena Foam are accompanied by a dense base foam. Finally for the first time ever, the Nolah also brings you a one of a kind viscose cover. This cover is ultra soft and breathable cover is the only online mattress cover with a 365-degree wrap.

In more detail, the cooling memory foam layer is 2” thick and makes up the sleeping surface of the mattress. This material is not temperature sensitive like memory foam, so it will be completely cooler while still contouring to your body. The next layer is a 1” supportive Avena Foam. This organic material is similar to latex giving you the best response and bounce, for keeping you asleep all night. Finally the 7” dense base foam is perfect for durability. You can guarantee this mattress will outlast your sleep!

puffy vs nolah

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Layla Mattress Materials:

The Layla offers 4 layers of comfort that are hard to beat! First, on either side there is a 3” or 1” copper infused memory foam layer. These layers have rapid heat transfer, deep compression support, offer antimicrobials, 3.5 lb. density, and either medium-soft or firm feeling. After, you also get a 2” convoluted air flow layer. This layer has deep convulsions, maximum airflow, and a 1 lb. density. Finally in the center is a 4.5” supportive base foam. This layer offers the core support and a 2 lb. density. Not sure which to choose from? We know.

layla mattress review

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Nolah Mattress Comfort:

nolah mattressThe Nolah takes the best of memory foam and latex to a whole new, cooler level, with the Cooling Nolah Air Foam. This foam is incomparably cooler than memory foam and relieves 4x as much pressure. Talk about a good night’s sleep. Pair that with the responsiveness and bounce of the Avena Foam layer, and you have the most comfort you could imagine. The Nolah will have a universal medium feel with a firmness of about 5.5. This makes it comfortable and ideal for every sleeper.

The Nolah is enjoyed, even by back sleepers, and the occasional stomach sleeper as well. But if you are a side sleeper, the Nolah is the ultimate bed for you. The Nolah is medium firm, but still soft enough for your hip and shoulder to sink in. The mattress has plenty of dense core support for proper alignment, and the perfect blend of contour and pressure relief. If you are a heavier person, you will still receive all the benefits of the Nolah mattress, but with a medium soft feel.

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Layla Mattress Comfort:

layla mattress reviewWhen it comes to comfort, you can’t go wrong with two sides. Each side is totally unique, but still uses the copper infused memory foam. The medium soft side is highly supportive, but with more cushion. It would be best for back and side sleepers, or those who prefer support with a little extra softness. The other side is firm, perfect for back, stomach, and heavier sleepers. As it states, this side is more firm without the cushion.

With two sides, if one doesn’t feel right, you just flip it over. The Layla is designed with varying amounts and placement of copper infused memory foam to change the way each side feels. Both sides will be contouring and hugging, but with enough freedom to move around with ease. This mattress is a true memory foam feel with the perks of coolness and healing properties from the copper.

There was a noticeable difference between the two sides. The softer side was preferred for side sleeping, while the firm side was preferred for stomach sleeping. If you’re a mover throughout the night, the former side would be best. The memory foam is true to feel and it basically comes down to sleeping on the bed, or in it; on for the firmer side, and in for the softer one.

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Nolah vs Layla – Motion Transfer:

nolah mattress reviewMotion transfer will be the least of your worries when it comes to the Nolah and Layla mattresses. Because they are both memory foam, the motion transfer will be minimal. The Nolah does use the Avena Foam which is a bit more bouncy and responsive, but since it is under the memory foam, it will remove vibrations immediately. Paired with the dense base foam that deadens vibrations quickly, even the lightest sleeper will catch some shut eye.

For all you light sleepers, you will also enjoy the Layla. It’s dense core foam plus transition layers do a great job of absorbing excess vibrations. This means little sleep disturbance and more sleep for you. The Layla is perfect for bed sharers because each sleeper can move freely without waking the other.

Nolah vs Layla – Sleeping Cool:

layla vs loom and leafWith the new, innovative technologies of the Nolah and Layla, sleeping cool must be a big deal. The bottom line, you will sleep cool with the Nolah. The Cooling Nolah Air Foam maintains temperature and doesn’t retain heat, thanks to its billions of pockets. These pockets allow for maximum air circulation and breathability, while dissipating heat all night long. Even the Avena Foam contributes to sleeping cool, since it has the perfect amount of responsiveness. The responsiveness allows you to sleep on top of and not in the mattress, creating less space for heat. Finally, the ultra soft, breathable cover wicks away heat, so you are guaranteed your coolest sleep.

Learn more about the Nolah in our review HERE. Or shop at NolahMattress.com.

The Layla is cool, but since it is all memory foam, takes a close second to the Nolah. The added copper makes the Layla different than other memory foams because copper’s conductive properties take away heat from the body. The metal also acts as a shield to prevent from overheating. If for some reason you do sweat, the antimicrobial properties of the mattress will at least clean your sweat. With the Nolah and Layla, there are so many ways to stay cool.

Learn more about the Layla in our review HERE. Or shop at Laylasleep.com.

Nolah vs Layla – Edge Support:

layla edge supportAlthough you won’t be sitting on the edge forever, you can rest assured that the Nolah and Layla have more edge support than most. With both mattresses, you can use the entire sleeping surface and feel supported throughout. Every inch is dense and sturdy and you can sleep anywhere without feeling like you are falling off the edge. As for sitting, on e again, as long as you don’t sit forever, you should feel more supported than usual. Thanks to the dense core foams of the Nolah and Layla and their higher quality materials.

Nolah vs Layla – Value:

The Layla and Nolah are both priced very well. You can purchase the Layla for $899 for a queen with an additional coupon for $100 off making it only $799. You can purchase the Nolah for $1019 for a queen and before the $125 coupon, which brings it down to only $894.

The value of both of these beds is very good. With the Nolah you get three layers of great materials that make an ideally feeling medium to medium-firm mattress that appeals to many sleepers. It uses the latest technology to ensure a cooler all foam surface as well as good construction and optimal pressure relief. Shop for you Nolah mattress now at NolahMattress.com.

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The Layla is also a great option and may be nice for someone who isn’t sure what feel is best for them. This two sided mattress offers both a medium-soft as well as medium-firm feel all in one bed. The true memory foam mattress is great for relieving pressure. While the copper infusion makes for a cooler surface and other great benefits too. Shop for you Layla now at Laylasleep.com.

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When choosing between these two the price for both will get you a great mattress regardless of which one you go with. It will really come down to the other benefits you are looking for.

Nolah vs Layla – Trial Period & Warranty:

The Nolah offers a 120-night sleep trial plus 15-year warranty. Both of these deals are more than standard of a typical, mattress, so you know Nolah stands behind their product. The Layla offers a 120- night sleeping trial and lifetime warranty, so that does make a difference. If by the unsuspected chance either mattress is not your percent fit, bother companies offer easy and helpful returns and refunds, just don’t forget to try both of the Layla’s sides.

Nolah vs Layla – Summary:

Overall with the Nolah and Layla, you are getting a decently priced, high quality mattress. They will both sleep cool and sleep better than you are used to. If you’re looking to decide; the Nolah is perfect for side sleepers, and the Layla is the best choice for those who aren’t sure or like to have options. Either way, be prepared to catch the best zzzz’s yet.

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