April 22, 2024

Top Sleep Products For Athletes

When you work your body hard, it is vital that you get the rest you need in order to continue maximizing your performance. Rest helps your body to recover so you can get back in the gym tomorrow and training harder than ever. Which is why we are going to share our top sleep products for athletes or anyone who works their bodies to the max and need a bit of extra help getting the sleep their bodies deserve. If that sounds like you, then stick around to find great products that will keep you rested and ready to perform.

top sleep products for athletes

Bear Mattress Pro Topper

bear pro mattress topperWe love the Bear Mattress brand for athletes because they utilize a material made with Celliant Technology. Their mattress pad is not only a great way to add an extra layer of comfort, but it is also covered in this Celliant textile.

This material uses infrared to direct the energy from your body heat back into the body. This is said to help support quick recovery time. All so you can rest up and get back into the gym, court, or wherever you are working out as quickly as possible.

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ChiliSleep Mattress Pad

chili sleep mattress padWhenever athletes are trying to create the optimal sleep environment for ideal recovery, temperature is vital. Which is why we highly recommend ChiliSleep to anyone, especially if they are particular about temperature.

This unique device hooks up to a mattress pad or blanket in order to control the temperature of your bed.

This allows you to heat or cool your mattress to the perfect temperature and keep it at that temperature all night long. Which means you will no long fall asleep cold and wake up hot and sweaty. Instead, you will be sleeping throughout the night comfortably.

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Yaasa Weighted Blanket

yaasa weighted blanket great for athletesWith all the stress you put on your body, it can take a toll. Stress and anxiety can make it very difficult to get to sleep at night. While working out later into the evening can mean you need a few hours to cool down before bed.

However, a weighted blanket can help with all of this. Blankets like the Yaasa Weighted Blanket help to lower stress and anxiety so you can get to sleep quickly.

Whether you use this blanket as you sleep, or just when resting on the couch it does amazing things when it comes to helping your body to let go of stress and instead release hormones like oxytocin and serotonin instead. Not only is this great for sleep, but it can help with recovery as well. We particularly like the Yaasa weighted blanket because it looks great and allows for lots of airflow to avoid overheating.

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Curfew Sleep Products

great sleep products curfew cbdCBD products are great for those who are doing extra hard workouts. This is because it can help reduce cortisol levels, increase REM sleep for better recovery, as well as calm the central nerve system. All of which athletes can need a bit of extra help with in order to get great sleep.

Making the Curfew Sleep Products ideal for athletes who need better sleep. The Curfew Blanket and salve feature a topical application of CBD. While their tincture can be used sublingually. If you need help letting go of the mental and physical stress of hard workouts, the Curfew CBD products for better sleep could be a great option.

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CBD Pillow

cbd pillow memory foamAnother great addition to any athlete’s bedroom is a CBD Pillow. It is good to remember that these products are THC Free and legal in the US. This pillow is another great sleep product for athletes because it is has a coating that gives you a very low level of CBD as you are falling asleep.

What makes this pillow even better is that it is also a genuinely comfortable pillow. The loft size is ideal for back and side sleepers, while it can also be adjusted to work nicely for stomach sleepers as well. It is a soft memory foam filled pillow that stays cool and is very comfortable to sleep on. The CBD Pillow memory foam fill is CertiPUR-US and Greenguard certified, so you can rest easy knowing it is a healthy pillow to sleep with.

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Saatva Lineal Adjustable Base

saatva adjustable bed for athletesIf you are putting your body through the ringer on the regular, then it is about time you get yourself an adjustable bed frame, like the Lineal Adjustable Base from Saatva. This sleep product is ideal for athletes because it can adjust your resting or sleep position. This means if you need to elevate your legs, you can do that. If you need to elevate your upper body to avoid snoring, you can do that too! The zero gravity is a position really loved by many also.

In our opinion one of the best reasons to get the Saatva Lineal Adjustable Base if you are an athlete is to get better blood flow. The different sleep position do well with this, however we are really talking about the massage options in this particular adjustable base.

Many of the high tech adjustable bed frames these days come with massage features. This can be a great way to add extra relaxation and recovery into your time in bed.

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Snoozy Bath Soak With Magnesium Flakes

gym bodies sore muscles sleepy bathNothing soothes the body mind and soul quite like a nice warm bath. A bath soak with salts can do wonders for aching muscles. The salt helps to reduce inflammation which can lower aches and pains while speeding up recovery time. Many athletes swear by taking baths for comfort and healing.

The great news is that this is also a wonderful practice for getting to sleep. Taking a bath and using products like the Snoozy Bath Soak with Magnesium Flakes can help relax your mind as well as your body, making it ideal to do before bed. This particular bath soak from Reed + Gwen also features magnesium flakes which can help you get high quality sleep as well!

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Our Top 7 Mattresses for Athletes

bear hybrid mattress

What is a bedroom without a bed?! These are our top mattress picks for athletes. If you live a very physically active lifestyle and you need a bed that will get you the rest you need in order to continue performing at your best, these are the mattresses we recommend for you!

  1. Bear Hybrid Mattress | BEST Overall | BUY HERE!
  2. Bear Pro Mattress | BEST for Side Sleepers | BUY HERE!
  3. Original Bear Mattress | BEST for Stomach Sleepers | BUY HERE!
  4. Spartan Mattress | BEST Luxury | BUY HERE!
  5. Propel Mattress | BEST for Combination Sleepers | BUY HERE!
  6. Molecule 1 Mattress | Latest Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  7. Molecule 2 Mattress | Latest Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!

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Top Sleep Products For Athletes – Final Thoughts:

Everyone needs great sleep in order to keep going. However, if you are an athlete, then getting sleep can be the difference between doing well and doing great. We hope these sleep product recommendations help you to keep improving and upping your game. Recovery is the key to avoiding injuries and continued growth. Which is why we hope you get your best sleep possible every night.

Send us your questions! Contact us with any questions you have or if you are just looking for a product recommendation. We would be happy to help out in any way we can.