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Accessory Review Yaasa Weighted Blanket

yaasa weighted blanket review

Yaasa Weighted Blanket Features:

  • knitted weighted blanket review Knit Design
  • 2 Weight Options
  • 2 Color Options
  • Plenty of Airflow
  • Cotton Yarn Cover
  • Polyester Yarn Fill
  • 1-Year Warranty

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Yaasa Weighted Blanket Options:

decorative weighted blankets The Yaasa knitted weighted blanket comes in two different weight options, the 15lb and the 20lb. With the knitting providing the weight within the blanket, the size will increase with the weight.

The 15lb option is 72″ x 40″. While their 20lb option is 5 inches wider at 72″ x 45″. These are two great weights for these blankets as you should pick a weighted blanket that is roughly 10% of your body weight. Which allows these blankets to work for most adults.

Another option for you to choose with the Yaasa Weighted Blanket is to pick your color. Currently Yaasa’s blanket comes in two different color options, a Cream or Grey color. They are both soft neutrals that should look great in just about every home.

Materials & Construction:

materials and construction of weighted blanket knitted The Yaasa anxiety and stress reducing blanket is different than most. It is not filled with plastic or glass pellets and then quilted like most weighted blankets are. Instead the weight of the Yaasa blanket comes from a very thick chunky yarn made out of cotton and filled with polyester. This extra chunky yarn is then knitted into an adorable chunky knit blanket. The weight for this blanket is provided by the yarn itself.

While the knit pattern is adorable and looks oh so nice as a throw blanket, it serves a function as well. The knit design allows for plenty of airflow throughout the blanket. Traditional weighted blankets tend to hold onto heat. So if you want a weighted blanket that can keep you nice and cool, this may be a great option for you.

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Care Instructions:

yaasa weighted blanket comfort Weighted blankets are notoriously difficult to keep clean. By nature, they are too heavy to be put in a washer or dryer. Yaasa suggests dry cleaning for your best bet on keeping your blanket clean.

We imagine you would be able to spot clean as necessary, however you should always follow manufacturers care instructions for best results. So dry cleaning it is!

Yaasa Weighted Blanket – Value:

the huggable weighted blankets The Yaasa Chunky Knit Blanket is different from many other weighted blankets out there. However, there are a few select blankets that have a similar design, both of which have very similar price points. Of course we are referring to the Bearaby Weighted Blanket, which is made with more natural, breathable materials and is hand made in America. Yaasa’s yarn is filled with polyester and made in China. Although the Yaasa Weighted Blanket still supplies the same deep pressure therapy of a weighted blanket.

  • 15lbs: $249
  • 20lbs: $269

With the price of purchase you will get Free Shipping and a 1-Year Limited Warranty. There is no trial period or standard returns on the Yaasa Weighted Blanket. Be sure to click the link for the latest discounts.

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Yaasa Weighted Blanket – Overall:

We love the knit design for the Yaasa Comforting Blanket. It looks fantastic and comes in two great colors. The knit design also helps to keep you nice and cool while you rest. Which is a great improvement over the traditional style of weighted blankets. We like that it comes in two different weights, a 15lb and a 20lb option as these are the two most often used/needed for adults. The price is high for the materials used in the Yaasa Weighted Blanket when compared to other similar blankets on the market. Overall we still enjoyed the blanket and believe it is a great option for anyone looking for a functional and attractive weighted blanket. Be sure to click the link below to get the latest discounts!

yaasa weighted blanket review by our sleep guide

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