Accessory Review Yaasa Weighted Blanket

Yaasa says their weighted blanket is the “blanket that hugs you back” and we couldn’t find a better way to describe how a weighted blanket feels. The reason why weighted blankets are so popular is that it simulates the deep pressure we get when embraced in a loving hug. It helps to release oxytocin in the brain and makes us feel safe and relaxed. Which is ideal when drifting off to sleep. In this post we are going to review the Yaasa Weighted Blanket and give you all the details on what makes this blanket unique.

yaasa weighted blanket review

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Yaasa Weighted Blanket At A Glance

  • Weight Options: 15lbs, 20lbs
  • Color Options: Mist, Twilight, Ivory, Sand
  • Hand-Knit Design
  • Free Shipping
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Latest Pricing Found HERE

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Materials & Design:

yaasa knit weighted blanketEven at first glance, anyone can tell that it is a rather unique weighted blanket unlike the mass majority seen on the market today. This is because unlike traditional style weighted blankets that are quilted with beads, the Yaasa weighted blanket is knit.

They made thick yarn filled with 100% recycled polypropylene fibers. This is wrapped inside of a 100% cotton tube in order to create the signature Yaasa yarn. This extra thick yarn is then hand-knit together in order to create their blanket. This design not only looks beautiful, it also has some create comfort features, like allowing for plenty of cooling airflow throughout the blanket.

Weight & Color Options:

twilight, sand, ivory, mist color options

The weight to size ratio works a little differently with a knitted weighted blanket than with other blankets. In order to size up in weight, the blanket will also increase in size.

This is the only way to go up in weight with a knit blanket of this style. You can choose between a 15lb or 20lb blanket. The 15 pound option is 72″ x 49″, while the 20 pound blanket is 78″ x 55″. This makes these blankets perfect for individual use, although some couples may be able to share.

We love the color options that Yaasa has for their weighted blankets. While they are all rather neutral, the tones are very aesthetically pleasing in our opinion.

Twilight is a dark charcoal, Sand is a warm beige, Ivory is a creamy off white, and Mist is a beautiful light gray color. These simple neutral in their fun texture will look gorgeous in any home.

Whether you prefer to use in on the couch, in the bedroom, it will look more like a decorative blanket than it does a utilitarian blanket that helps you sleep. Although, it does both well.

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Is The Yaasa Weighted Blanket Comfortable To Use?

One of the major benefits of picking a knit weighted blanket, is that they are rather comfortable to use. The knit design allows for loads of airflow.

yaasa weighted blanket

When you have more airflow, the cooler you will sleep at night. One of the most common complaints we get about a traditional style weighted blanket is that they are often rather warm to sleep with. This is only natural as you are essentially getting wrapped up like a burrito.

However, the knit style weighted blankets like the Yaasa weighted blanket, have found a way to wrap you up, apply pressure, and allow for airflow.

Which makes this blanket ideal for anyone who tends to heat up at night or whenever they sleep. It is also a great option in the summer when you want the comfort of a weighted blanket, without getting too warm.

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Is The Yaasa Weighted Blanket Easy To Keep Clean?

yaasa weighted blanket close upThe Yaasa Weighted Blanket is thankfully easy to keep clean. Spot cleaning will be the most convenient. However, if you do need to do a full wash, then Yaasa suggests machine washing on a cold delicate cycle.

Be sure to avoid bleach and use a gentle detergent. Then to dry, simply lay flat in a well-ventilated area of your home. Allow your blanket to dry completely before you continue use. Avoid ironing or using a dryer as the heat can damage the blanket.

To sum it all up, wash on cold or delicate cycle and lay flat to dry. So simple, and straight forward to keep clean. Use a sheet in between yourself and your blanket to keep it extra clean.

What Makes The Yaasa Weighted Blanket Special?

gorgeous knit weighted blanketThe hand-knit design of the Yaasa weighted blanket is truly what makes this blanket so unique. Most other blankets are designed as quilted with a weighted glass bead or plastic bead interior. Depending on the materials used, this can end up being a rather warm blanket to sleep under.

The knitted Yaasa blanket allows for lots of airflow which helps to keep its user nice and cool throughout the night. Whether you are using your blanket in bed overnight, or just to snuggle with on the couch it is a great.

Yaasa Weighted Blanket – Value:

extra weighted blanket in ivoryIf you were to compare the prices of the Yaasa weighted blanket to more traditional style weighted blankets, in comparison it may look expensive. However, this is very different than that style of weighted blanket, and it adds a lot of value in comfort and appearance.

When you compare this blanket to others like it, the price is right on point. This is nearly exactly the price of other brands that make very similar style weighted blankets. Keep in mind that shipping is free with purchase and you also get a 1-year warranty. Be sure to click the button below for latest pricing and deals.

  • 15lbs Blanket – $249
  • 20lbs Blanket – $269

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Yaasa Weighted Blanket Review – Overall:

Overall, the Yaasa Weighted Blanket is a beautiful and very comfortable weighted blanket to have. We love the hand-knit yarn look, it is very pretty and looks stunning wherever you put it in your home. The style not only looks great, it also keeps its user cool by supplying an abundance of airflow. All of this on top of the blanket being easy to keep clean and you have got yourself a winner in our eyes.

15 and 20 pounds

If you have any further questions about the Yaasa Weighted Blanket or anything else, send us a message. We would love to hear from you and help in any way we can.