Accessory Review Yaasa Adjustable Bed

Yaasa has added the perfect compliment to their hybrid mattress with the Yaasa adjustable bed. A luxurious bed is brought to a new level with a top of the line adjustable bed frame. The benefits of having a moving and adjustable platform base under you mattress are endless. Not only is your general comfort improved but you also have options available when you are less comfortable too.

yaasa adjustable bedAn adjustable bed is great for anyone who suffers from multiple ailments. Including sciatica pain, restless leg syndrome or any hip and shoulder pain. Not to mention so much more. It also is great for helping with snoring or problems associated with acid reflux. However, the benefits are not limited to just health. Having a bed that moves with you is great for finding a more ideal sleeping position. As well as a space that is easier to read a book or even watch tv from.

Yaasa Adjustable Bed Basics

The Yaasa adjustable bed pairs perfectly with their luxurious hybrid mattress. It also comes with free shipping and a 10-year warranty. A sleek and minimalistic design that still offers great functionality. A wireless backlit remote, 2 USB plugins, wall sliding technology and one-touch flat sleep button. This base is also compatible with most modern mattresses and frames too. If you are interested in the Yaasa adjustable base keep reading for more detailsAlso, to save an extra $100 make sure to use our exclusive coupon, just use code: OSGADJUST.


If you are interested in an adjustable base you can now get the very well priced Yaasa Adjustable Bed & get a FREE Yaasa One Mattress. During the month of September you can get a queen sized Yaasa Adjustable Bed for ONLY $1499 and our Yaasa One mattress is included! And the King size is ONLY $1799. Learn more by clicking the image below or at Yaasa.com.

yaasa one sleep system

Below we will have our comprehensive and detailed Yaasa adjustable bed review. We will go through how it performed for function, value, and assembly. Also, make sure to check out yaasa.com to learn more too.

Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress and base for you! If you have questions or need more insight during your sleeping journey, please feel free to contact us.

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Yaasa Adjustable Base
  • Assembly
  • Function
  • Value

Overall Rating: 4.5

Continue reading below to find out more about how we rated the Yaasa adjustable bed for function, assembly and value. Also,
check out our video review and see how the assembly process went for us too.



The Yaasa Adjustable Bed is currently offered in a queen and king size. The queen is priced at $1499 and the king at $1799. Both come with a 10 year warranty and free shipping too. Making the value of this frame very competitive and coincides with the function, look and assembly of this product. Not to mention, the value of this increases with the use of our exclusive coupon too. Save $100 off your Yaasa adjustable bed with code: OSGADJUST at Yaasa.com.

yaasa studios mattress review

The aesthetic of the Yaasa base gives it a fresh and modern update to a rather mundane product. The function follows the form and works very well creating an easily adjustable sleep surface. The benefits of this base range from it’s wireless remote to the adjustable settings and even to the attached USB plugins.

Also, make sure to check out all the other products offered by Yaasa. Their mattress is a great hybrid bed that is supportive and responsive. They also have a cozy celliant infused blanket. And even a selection of perfectly perfumed candles.



yaasa adjustable base

The Yaasa Adjustable bed offers several options and benefits to correlate to your bodies needs. The head and foot of this bed move independently. This allows you to go from a completely flat surface all the way to a sitting position with or without your legs elevated. As well as every position in between that will allow you to creates the most ideal position for you.

The wireless remote easily adjusts you up and down and offers two pre-set options you can easily program. Or you can use the already programmed anti-snore option and zero gravity option too. The remote also features a flat position that in one touch will bring the entire base flat and ready for sleeping.

The Yaasa adjustable bed also has wall sliding technology. This allows for your bed to move but your nightstand to be in the same spot. This base is also compatible with any mattress that can be put on an adjustable bed. This base is also operational without the legs attached, which allows it to fit into pre-existing bedroom furniture if needed.

yaasa adjustable baseThe look of the Yaasa base isn’t by accident either. This sleek and modern design is just as much for function as it is form. Not having an upholstered covered frame allows for a cleaner sleeping environment. It doesn’t trap dust mites and it’s easy to clean off.

Another thing to note about this base is the ability to easily move it. If you happen to be moving, switching rooms or even just moving it to the other side of the bedroom it is much easier than many other bases that are one solid piece. Once you remove the wooden slats the already assembled base, including the side rails, legs and motor are compact and can easily be moved about. Just reattach the slats and you are good to go.



As you can see in our video of the Yaasa adjustable bed this is going to take a few minutes longer to put together, but really isn’t too long. The biggest thing to note is making sure all the pieces are there before you start putting it together. This base comes in two boxes with about 40+ individual pieces and hardware that you will be putting together.

yaasa adjustable baseYaasa includes easy to follow directions as well as a great instructional video you can find on their site too. For us the best way to go about putting it together was to unbox and take inventory of all that was there. Then just go step by step making sure everything was put together correctly and securely.

To some degree having this such an involved assembly process does leave room for error and the potential of inaccurately attaching pieces. It also has the possibility of getting half way through the process and realizing you are missing a piece that stunts your progress. The pros to assembling this base are in the ability to easily move the boxes as well as have them shipped easier to your door. It doesn’t require freight delivery and will allow you to get your base a few days quicker.

All and all, the assembly process does make you feel more accountable for the operation and proper function of the base. So you want to make sure you are putting it together correctly and have all the pieces needed.



If you are looking for a sleek, modern looking adjustable base to compliment your mattress than the Yaasa is definitely one to consider. The features and benefits make this not only a piece of furniture but a technology driven piece of art. Learn more now at Yaasa.com.


Still looking for some more information? Visit Yaasa at yaasa.com. Also, have questions for us? Please contact us and we would be happy to help you!