July 31, 2019

Mattress Size Guide

When picking out a new mattress for your room or a child’s room you may be debating what the best size is. You may even be looking to upgrade and aren’t completely sure of the benefits of a King over a Queen will have. Maybe you are even trying to give your room more space, but are worried a Twin sized mattress won’t be long enough to accommodate your needs. That is why we have our very helpful and easy to read mattress sizes guide. Below we have the mattress sizes that a child or adult has to choose from and detailed where they will work best.

Available Bed Sizes

Standard Mattress Size Options:

When looking at mattresses sizes most people have a general idea which is best for their needs. However, understanding the difference between each size can help you determine if upgrading to another size would be even better. Realizing not only the space requirements but pros and cons to each size too is important. In this guide, we will go through the six most common and readily available sizes on the market. Including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.

mattress size chart

Mattresses Size Chart:

Twin Size Bed 38″ x 74″ Twin XL Bed 38″ x 80″
Full Size Bed 53″ x 74″ *Full XL Bed 53″ x 80″
Queen Size Bed 60″ x 80″ *Queen Short Bed 60″ x 74″
King Size Bed 76″ x 80″ California King Bed 72″ x 84″
*Wyoming King Bed 84″ x 84″ *Alaskan King Bed 108″ x 108″

* – represents specialty mattress sizes

Specialty Mattress Size Options:

alaskan king mattressThough far less popular there are a few other mattress sizes available. Some that aren’t considered standard but specially mattress sizes are the Full XL as well as the Queen Short. The Full XL is the same width as a Full but has 6″ more in length. While the Queen short has the same width as a Queen size but is 6″ shorter. The most common uses for these two sizes are found in camper mattresses and RV mattresses.

While the other specialty sizes include the Wyoming King mattress size, which is 7′ by 7′. As well as the Alaskan King mattress which is 9′ by 9′. Both large beds and the Alaskan King bed being a VERY large option. Either of these options are much more difficult to find and more than likely will need to be custom made.

With any and all of these unique mattresses sizes finding bedding and mattress protectors is more difficult. Most of which will need to be custom made and typically more expensive.

alaskan king bed

Twin Size Mattress:

Twin Mattress Basics:

mattress sizes guideThe Twin is a mattress most people started out on after they leave their crib or you can often find them in a college dormitory. Coming in at 39 inches wide by 74 inches long, the pricing of Twin mattress usually runs between $200 to $650, depending on the brand and type you want. This makes Twin mattress a bit more affordable to replace. As well as great for a tight budget for those who don’t want to invest in a full-size mattress quite yet.

Best Rooms:

Twin mattresses are great for smaller bedrooms and are commonly used in a few different types of beds. Oftentimes bunk beds will only come catered to Twin size mattresses. This is also true for daybeds and trundles that our popular decorations in many people’s homes. They also are easy to move due to their small size, making them a great pick for someone who lives alone. On top of that, using a Twin mattress leaves plenty of room for other things you may need like a large desk or exercise area in your bedroom. They also are great for singles on a budget that would rather have a higher quality mattress as opposed to a larger mattress.

Best For Who:

mattress sizes guideMost commonly, Twin beds are mostly used for children or teenagers. Twin beds are a great option to move smaller children into once they have outgrown their crib. A Twin bed won’t make your children feel like they have too much open space at night by creating a cozier sleeping space. These can also be good for teenagers or shorter adults. Adults that are around the 6-foot mark may find that a Twin bed isn’t quite long enough to sleep comfortably on. Typically, a Twin bed is also a good choice for an adult who has just moved into their own place or is renting a smaller apartment. The lower price tag also makes the mattress easier to replace for young children who may be accident prone.

Pros & Cons:

Clearly, a Twin size mattress has its advantages and disadvantages. Fitting into smaller spaces or making more room available for other furniture or free space is great. It also is a great option for small children who don’t need to feel overwhelmed by a larger than necessary mattress. They also are more compact and therefore can sometimes be more sturdy due to this.

However, the drawbacks of a Twin size mattress can again be the small size that may feel too small for some. If you are taller or a larger person it can be a little awkward to get comfortable. Another thing to think about is the fact that bedding options may be more geared towards children and adolescence limiting your choices.

Most brands carry Twin size mattresses. However, some of our favorite Twin mattresses include Brooklyn Bowery Mattress & 5 Little Monkeys Sleep System.

Twin XL Size Mattress:

Twin XL Mattress Basics:

mattress sizes guideThe Twin XL is a size of bed that may be a little harder to find and is less known than the Twin model of mattress. The Twin XL also runs lower on the price spectrum at around the $225 to $700 mark. This makes the Twin XL an affordable and easy to replace bed if accidents happen. A Twin XL is the same width as a twin, 39 inches. But is 6 inches longer at a total 80 inches, giving it extra length and benefits. This adds consumers an extra price saving option without having to jump up to the more space consuming full size. The Twin XL still is relatively easy to move around for a single person as well

Best Rooms:

Twin XL beds are actually commonly used by several different organizations. You will often see dorm rooms use this mattress size for college students. You also will see this mattress used in some furnished apartments around college areas. The Twin XL is a good pick for accommodating young adults in booming college towns since most college-aged students don’t have money to go out and buy lots of furnishings. You also may see these mattress used in places like vacation homes that rent out to families. They are also great for any bedroom for a teen that needs extra length but you don’t want to take up too much space. They are also a good option for guest rooms too, especially if you don’t want a bed that takes up a lot of space.

Best For Who:

mattress sizes guideThis bed is a great compromise for saving money while saving space at the same time. It also is a must for parents whose teenagers have outgrown their Twin sized bed. Often times, many teenagers will hit a growth spurt leaving their feet hanging off their Twin sized mattress. The Twin XL’s extra 6 inches is generally just enough to keep taller teenagers comfortable during the night. The Twin XL is also a good option for anybody with grand kids or who are planning to rent out vacation homes. These beds are still cheap while being able to accommodate most families children easily.

Pros & Cons:

Clearly, the positives of a Twin XL mattress are the space-saving option that still accommodates a growing teen or taller person. This bed size is also going to have a more reasonable price tag too. Not to mention that if you put two Twin XL’s together they make a King size. Basically making a King split mattress which is more common for people who use adjustable bases.

A few negatives about this size are that it sometimes may make finding bedding more tricky. Even though this size is more common it is less popular than a Twin or Full size, making options for bedding a little more limited. It also is not going to work for a couple or multiple people. If you do put it in a guest room it would only work for a single sleeper.

If you are looking for a Twin XL mattress check out for of our favorites including the Brentwood Home Juniper Mattress & Love & Sleep Mattress.


Full Size Mattress:

Full Mattress Basics:

mattress sizes guideThe Full sized mattress is the first size that two people may be able to comfortably sleep on. A Full mattress, also called a double, is also the size where many people will start having trouble moving it. For some consumers, they may need another person to properly maneuver their Full-size mattress around their house. A Full mattress is 54 inches in width and 74 inches in length, making it shorter than a Twin XL, but much wider too. The price of a full-size mattress is typically between $450 to $950, depending on which brand you choose.

Best Rooms:

Full beds have several spaces that they work great in. Many businesses even utilize the compact yet sufficient Full size of this mattress. Often times furnished apartments that are looking to save space will offer a full sized bed. This is also a popular choice for vacation homes who want to offer a couple sized bed, but don’t want to foot the bill for multiple Queens. It also is ideal for smaller bedrooms or rooms that you want to put multiple beds in. While a full bed may not be perfect for every sleeping situation, plenty of couples end up using a full-size mattress to start off with. Many parents will also opt to buy a full-size mattress for their teenagers over a Twin XL. This size is also a good option for any guest room that you want to accommodate two people but also want to save a little extra space too.

Best For Who:

mattress sizes guideIdeally, a Full-size mattress can be used by everyone from children to adult couples and everyone in between. However, a Full mattress has been quoted as being the perfect size for a single person. It allows you to sprawl out and roll around during the night without much worry of running out of space. It’s also perfect for pet owners who may feel cramped sharing there Twin sized bed with their dog.

Additionally, young couples may be able to afford the Full size easier than a Queen. A Full sized bed has just enough room for people to sleep comfortably in. Even though couples can use this size, it may feel cramped over an upgrade Queen or even King size instead. It also is not ideal for anyone who is taller. This bed is the same length as a Twin and may not be long enough, even sprawled across.

Pros & Cons:

A Full mattress is a good compromise for providing more sleeping space while still allowing more use of a room. It is also a great option for smaller bedrooms or older homes that have limitations for what fits well. Many older homes with second stories have trouble getting anything larger than a Full-size mattress up the stairs, making this the largest option possible. Full mattresses are a popular size and finding bedding or a variety of styles of this mattress are abundant. It also is usually slightly less expensive than a queen too.

This mattress does a great job of working in several situations. However, the shorter length and width do make it less appealing for couples, especially for anyone taller too. Other than that, this mattress has very little cons.

Most brands offer Full-size mattress options, a few of our favorites include the Saatva Innerspring Mattress, the Nolah Original Mattress and Layla 2-Sided Mattress

Queen Size Mattress:

Queen Mattress Basics:

mattress sizes guideThe Queen size bed is one of the most popular sizes you will see used when it comes to adults. The Queen sized mattress measures around 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length. The possible downside to the Queen mattress is that it will take up quite a bit of room. A Queen mattress is also difficult to move by a single person and will likely have to be moved by a duo. A Queen size mattress also can be a little bit pricey coming in around $850 to $1500, depending on brand choice and style.

Best Rooms:

When you book a hotel room you will probably notice there’s always an option for a Queen sized beds. Queen sized beds are largely viewed as perfectly comfortable and can easily sleep two people. Due to this, they are a safe bet for hospitality businesses who have tons of different guests using their room. You also may find that a lot of furniture stores with small amounts of space will display the Queen model for testing. They are great for master bedrooms and guest rooms that can easily accommodate a slightly larger bed.

Best For Who:

mattress sizes guideA Queen size bed is best for couples who want a little more space. This includes couples who have animals who like to take up the bed too. Couples with a small child will also get a lot of use out of this size. Small children can easily join their parents in bed or parents can sleep with their baby while still having plenty of room. Queen size beds are also popular for frequently used guest rooms. Since these beds give a little more space to guests, especially couples. A Queen size bed is also a good option for a single adult who is too tall for the Full option. A Queen mattress can still comfortably fit into an apartment bedroom without consuming all the space.

Pros & Cons:

The queen size mattress is the most popular option for good reason. Size wise it is most ideal for fitting most shapes and sizes, especially for couples. While still not taking up too much space in a room. They also usually work fine in a slightly smaller room too. The best thing about having a Queen size mattress is their popularity makes finding bedding and accessories very easy. You will have many options to choose from.

If you are especially larger or taller this mattress size may feel slightly limited. Or if you share the mattress with your partner as well as multiple pets or children it could get tight fast. However, this mattress size is most ideal for the average couple and bedroom, making it remain the most popular mattress size.

If you are looking for the most popular size than make sure you check out our Best Mattresses page. This lists all our top recommendations that are all available in a Queen size. Our top memory foam pick being the Loom & Leaf and our favorite hybrid being the Oceano by Brentwood Home


King Size Mattress:

King Mattress Basics:

mattress sizes guideThe King size bed is seen as a milestone by many people. The King size is seen as a luxury by many and is known to only fit in master bedrooms of a certain size. A King size mattress will take up a larger portion of the room at 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length. The price tag on a King size mattress is also a bit higher too with most King mattresses costing between $900 to $2,000 or more depending on your brand choice. A King mattress also isn’t going to be moved by a single person, you will need a partner in order to get the King size from room to room.

Best Rooms:

While many places don’t use a King due to their size you will see it in a few places. Most hotel rooms will have an option for a King sized bed. These rooms are usually a lot pricier than normal rooms though and offer a lot more space. Usually, you will even see them tied in with deluxe sweets or master bedrooms in condos. Many mattresses salesmen will often try to talk couples into this size as well. Sadly, this means that King size mattress won’t go well in most apartments or smaller rooms. A King size mattress will generally take up a big portion of the room once placed in a master bedroom, smaller rooms will feel cramped with a King.

Find out what we think is the Best Mattress for Heavy People and make your purchase easy.

Best For Who:

mattress sizes guideA King size bed has a lot of great uses for a standard home. Many couples with multiple children will enjoy a King size bed. A King mattress can easily sleep a couple and two small children without much problem. This bed is also great for multiple pet households. Couples who are larger will also enjoy the extra width a King size mattress provides. Additionally, a King size mattress is great for couples who like to sleep with some distance. The extra inches can make hot summer nights together a little more bearable by providing extra breathing room.

Pros & Cons:

Clearly, the added space a King provides is its greatest benefit. As long as you have the space to accommodate this bed, it is a nice upgrade for couples. Especially for families, pets who sleep with you and anyone who likes having the extra room. This size is also going to be popular and finding necessary bedding won’t be hard to find.

However, there is an added price that comes with this mattress which may be seen more the accessories and bedding than the actual bed itself. Making this upgrade more of an investment than initially planned. This bed also is going take up space, so if you don’t have a larger room a King size may take up more than planned. It is a whopping 16″ wider than a Queen while still having the same length. So don’t fall under the misconception that a King is longer than a Queen, it is ONLY wider.

If you are looking for a super King size mattress check out these durable and well-made beds that are some of our favorites. The Cedar by Brentwood Home, the Luft Hybrid, and Bear Hybrid

California King Size Mattress:

California King Mattress Basics:

mattress sizes guideThe California King size is a popular symbol of wealth. The California King is the longest mattress size made and isn’t commonly used in most places. It also has several misconceptions about its size attached to it. It is longer than a King, but not as wide.

So overall it is 4 inches longer at 84″ but also 4 inches less wide at only 72″. The California King is also as difficult to move on your own as a standard King. The prices of the California King will range from $900 to $2,000.

Best Rooms:

The California King isn’t commonly used by many establishments. On the west coast, you will find some luxury or bigger hotel rooms that use the California King. The size is also popular with all athletes and can be seen in plenty of music videos along with the King size.

The California size is also barely seen on the east half of the U.S. while it is popular in California and the western states. You also won’t find many furniture stores that let you try out the California King over the normal King size mattress.

Best For Who:

mattress sizes guideThis California King does have its uses in the home. The California King is great for rooms that are longer than they are wider. The bed cut’s 4 inches off the width of a normal King bed, and in some rooms can be a breath of fresh air. The California King is also wonderful for anyone who falls into the taller spectrum of consumers. It’s added length may not seem like much, but the extra 4 inches can make a difference to anyone who is exceptionally tall.

Pros & Cons:

This mattress is definitely good for people who are taller and need more length than width in a mattress. It also works great for rooms that may have a more elongated or unique shape. In many instances, people do need to understand the tradeoff of added length and subtracted width.

This size, next to the Twin XL, may have the greatest limitations when it comes to options available. Especially in certain areas of the country, primarily East Coast. It also may pose a challenge for finding bedding and what is available will have a higher price tag. This mattress is sometimes confused with the King size, so understanding what each offers is important.

If you need extra length in your mattress, take a look at some of our favorites California King mattresses. The Brooklyn Aurora, the Zenhaven and the Cocoon Chill by Sealy.  

Mattress Sizes Guide: Summary

When picking out what mattress size is right for your needs to be sure to take everything into account. Each mattress size you go up also increases the price. Each mattress is also bigger than the last and a Queen can easily take up the majority of a small room. Mattresses bought for children above Twin will also start to have more adult-targeted designs. While Full mattresses do have kid-friendly accessories, you won’t really see that once you go to a Queen model.

Be sure to also take into account your life plans. Do you need something bigger than a Twin if you’re on your own? Maybe, you just had a baby and can’t sleep with your partner due to the limited space. If you’re a parent with a growing teen then you may even need to consider the fact that a Twin sized bed just isn’t going to cut it. You also need to keep in mind if choosing a California King that it isn’t a very common size and the actual measurements. Most mattress companies do have financing available, still, make sure to pick a size in your budget.

Regardless of your choice, we hope our mattress sizes guide helped answer any questions or cleared up any confusion you may have had as well as giving you more insight into which size would be appropriate. If you are looking for some more specifics on mattress sizes check out our other guides including the Twin vs Twin XL Guide, the Full vs Queen Guide and King vs California King Guide.

Our Sleep Guide is here to help you in your mattress and bedding buying journey. If you have any questions about mattress sizes, mattress options or anything related to bedding or sleeping, feel free to Contact Us