June 12, 2019

King vs California King Mattress Size Guide

When deciding between a King and a California King there are a number of things to consider. There are also many misconceptions when it comes to both of these mattress sizes. We will tell you a bit about each of these sizes and what to expect. As well as who and where they would work best for. Continue reading to learn more in our King vs California King mattress size guide.

king vs california king
King Mattress Basics:

The King size mattress is by far more popular than the California King. Not only is it much more common, but the size is typically more ideal too. Most people think that a California King is larger over all, however, it is actually longer and less wide than a standard King size.

king vs california king

King sizes, also referred to as Eastern King or Standard King, measure 76″ wide and 80″ long. This makes it the same length of a Queen, but 16″ wider. This added width gives you plenty of extra room and is actually the equivalent to two Twin XL mattresses as well. Making this mattress the widest choice of any and the best for sharing, especially with kids or pets too.

A King size mattress is definitely going to need two people to move. Though the foundation or box springs do come split for easier moving and better support. The mattress itself is quite large and cumbersome. Wherever you are putting abed of this size make sure you not only have the room in the space but also in the process of getting it there. Older homes with tighter hallways or lower headers up the stairs can make a King size impossible. However, this size is very common and becoming even more popular with couples. Giving you plenty of selection between mattresses, bedding and accessories.

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California King Mattress Basics:

The California King, or shortened to Cal King, is a mattress that is very frequently confused for its true size. Most people think the Cal King is larger than the standard king in every aspect. However, this is not the case.

mattress size guideTo reiterate, the California King is 4″ longer than the Standard King. But, it is also 4″ LESS wide. Meaning this mattress takes width away and adds length. This makes the overall measurements 72″ wide by 84″ long. Making this mattress the perfect choice for very tall people. Or for a room that is slightly odd shaped and an elongated mattress would fit better.

This size is far less popular than the King size and is very nearly unheard of on the East Coast. The literally implies that it is a a West Coast specific product because that is where it will be most prominent. The California King like the King is going to be a two person job to move. And again like the King will come with split box springs. However, this mattress is much more difficult in finding bedding and accessories for. Though not impossible, much more limited in options than the King size. Most King size bedding and accessories is interchangeable with the Cal King but may not have quite as nice of a fit.

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King vs California King:

Though the California King may not be as popular as the King there is a lot of confusion that surrounds exactly what the difference is. Clearly the biggest thing to take away is the King is wider while the Cal King is longer. Making the California King really only more ideal if you’re exceptionally tall. It also is beneficial if you prefer it’s fit in your bedroom over the standard King. The California King is a little bit more of an obscure size though which can cause some problems. Like finding accessories or bedding, especially on the East Coast. California King beds also may be hard to find in stores to try out.

mattress size guideKing sizes on the other hand offer more width and are much more common and easier to find a variety of styles, brands and accessories for. They are also great for getting plenty of sleeping space for you and your partner. And make a HUGE difference if you happen to share a bed with pets and the occasional kids. Regardless of which option you choose the price point is typically the exact same in most instances. With the Cal king occasionally being a bit more, but nothing significant.

Both of these mattresses are going to make for plenty of comfortable space to stretch out in. However, these mattresses are best in large bedrooms and best on main floor spaces if possible too. If you do live in a smaller or older house or apartment checking to make sure it not only fits your space, but also getting it through your space is a must. Now with mattresses roll packed into boxes getting them to where they need to go is less challenging. However, moving them or getting rid of them you still need to think about too.

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