June 17, 2019

Unbiased Mattress Reviews

justin and crystal our sleep guideWhen it comes to finding unbiased mattress reviews you may have a limited supply to choose from. While many mattress review sites claim to be unbiased or honest, how do you really know? This is not only something we struggle to convey in our reviews. But struggle to make clear to those looking for good information.

With so many of our own competitors operating out of large marketing companies that don’t really know the industry or the products. And often times even backed by one mattress brand that sways their recommendations. How do you begin to trust the research you receive?

Below we want to highlight a few key aspects to look at when trying to find the most unbiased mattress reviews. Once you read them it will feel like it was so obvious all along. But sometimes you just need some help when knowing who to trust in the world on online shopping.

Unbiased Mattress Reviews – 5 Steps

  1. Videos – Are you seeing the actual product that is being reviewed? A video gives you a great look at just how the mattress looks, feel and performs. As well as a real life account from the reviewer.
  2. unbiased mattress reviewsPhotos – Is the review full of stock photos found from the mattress brand or real life photos? Real photos give you tangible evidence that this mattress reviewer has had first hand experience with the product.
  3. Variety – Does one brand dominate the recommendations? If you see one brand recommended for every person is it really that great or is this brand and reviewer working together?
  4. Credentials – Who is doing the mattress reviews? Is it a marketing company who has a team of young 20 somethings telling you what to buy?
  5. Originality – Does the content give you any real insight or personalized information?

Below we will go over each of these 5 basic steps in more detail. To help you find the unbiased mattress reviews and weed out the fake mattress reviews that try to confuse you.

#1 – Video Reviews:

unbiased mattress reviews videosWhen it comes to trying out the products even a brief nap can give you a good idea if a mattress is poor or great quality. By offering a video review that not only allows us to talk about each mattress but allow viewers to see it makes a big difference. Even though our experience helps us convey how a mattress feels and performs by you seeing it for yourself via video helps take a lot of question out of the equation.

Even focusing on the mattress opposed to us in the videos allows you to see how the mattress responds. Not only are we able to tell you how it does for edge support, you literally see us sitting on the edge. We don’t just tell you how the motion transfer does, we hop on the bed to let you see just how it does.

We understand in this day and age buying online is the norm. But trying to find unbiased mattress review advice may be another story. And seeing a mattress video review can take a lot of uncertainty out of trusting whether a mattress reviewer has or hasn’t seen the product they are writing a review on.

We try and create a video review for every mattress on our site. Many times we work with the brands to test their products. Other times we buy mattresses to try out to really make sure we can showcase them properly. As well as give detailed information that is accurate and personable. This helps us create unbiased mattress reviews unlike many mattress review sites out there.

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#2 – Personalized Photos:

puffy lux crystal and lilyMaybe videos on YouTube aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. It takes awhile to get over being in front of a camera. (If you want proof check out our very first ever video. It is a Casper review that is still painful for me to watch!) However, there are other ways to ensure that you are relaying accurate information on a mattress review that can be seen by the reader. This comes in the form of photos.

It is true, a picture says a thousand words. And the more of the them the better. By seeing an individuals actual photos of a product not only gives you trust that they have actually seen the product, it gives your a real look at the product.

best mattress avocado

When paid photo shoots are conducted by the mattress companies of course the product looks pristine. Like a carefully created McDonald’s commercial that makes their food look like a premium product you better believe any mattress brand out there is going to make their photos as perfect as possible.

However, we all know that sometimes the actual product falls short of these glorified photo shoots. So seeing a real life mattress image actually taken at various times, like unboxing, sleeping on and reviewing, you know you’ll have a much more likely unbiased mattress review.

It is hard to argue when you have a picture of something to back it up. And, not to mention when the photo also features the reviewer goes a long way too. We make sure each review has our own images featured too. The only time we don’t have images is if we haven’t yet reviewed a mattress or I merely forgot to add them!

#3 – Variety:

unbiased mattress reviews varietyThis is another easy way to determine how reliable someone claiming to have unbiased mattress reviews goes. Many times you’ll find “best of” lists and pages that feature recommendations of mattresses depending on what you are looking for. For example, if you want a cool mattress for a hot sleeper you may want a Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers bed. Or if you are a side sleeper you’ll want one of the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers.

The lists go on and on and sometimes you’ll find brands that crossover multiple lists. I know, we have a few really awesome recommendations that makes sense on multiple pages. However, there are a few mattress review sites out there that you’ll find the same 4 or 5 mattresses on every one of these lists. Giving you little variety and little unbiased and honesty. We know, a mattress that is great for side sleeping is usually softer. So why would the same mattress also be good for heavy people needing a more substantial bed? It isn’t.

This is why when looking at a mattress review site and see the same few mattresses pushed, it probably isn’t as unbiased as you are hoping. Though we clearly work as affiliates with most brands featured on our site, we strive to offer outstanding integrity. Giving you what our personal, yet well educated, recommendations are for any sleeper. As well as stress anyone contacting us directly for personalized help in choosing the best mattress.

#4 – Credentials:

Crystal and JustinJust who are these so called mattress reviewers anyway? Most seem to be emerging SEO specialists and online marketing tech savvy individuals. NOT mattress industry individuals who decided to painstakingly learn how to navigate the online world (YES, I am referring to myself!).

Justin has owned a mattress store for 10+ years. I was his free labor in both sales and delivery. Yes, you read that right, I was his delivery crew for about three years. At least until I was 6 months pregnant with our first daughter and the looks from customers started becoming uncomfortable for both of us. But, both of us shared in a deep knowledge of the mattress world before Casper even existed.

These years of combine experience has allowed us to not only know mattresses. But more importantly the people who are buying them. We know what people are often looking for in a mattress. And we can tell you which of these online brands really provides exceptional products.

Have you ever gone to a mattress review site and found no “About Us” page? Sometimes you’ll find one but they often times feature an online marketer talking about how their own mattress buying experience turned them into an expert. You won’t find that on our About Us page. You’ll find a married couple who have varied and tried and true experiences that make for truly unbiased mattress reviews.

#5 – Original Content: 

Many online mattress reviews are going to be pretty similar when it comes to reviewed content. You’ll find information on comfort, support and materials. And typically references to motion isolation, sleeping cool and durability. Along with other topics that are fairly ordinary and expected. Similarly our own mattress reviews contain much of this information too. These are clearly the areas people are interested in knowing more about before making a mattress buying decision.

using my baloo weighted blanketOne thing we make sure is clear is that each of our reviews are written by us. We don’t have a team of expert writers putting our mattress reviews together. Though we have a few contributing writers and a few extra hands to help with the workload as well as various skills this is one area we won’t waiver on. We feel it is our duty to write each mattress review ourselves. As well as insert the objective analysis of each mattress in conjunction with our thoughtful opinion.

This is a job we take seriously and feel very proud and happy to help so many find the right mattress for them. This may make our job a little harder, but we want to make sure our content is original as well as provides honest and unbiased mattress reviews. We know this approach not only allows us to stand out from so many other sites, but also creates a standard that is rare to find.

It may be harder to detect who creates original content and who doesn’t. But some mattress review sites go as far as literally copying and pasting content. Even images and videos that are a huge red flag. The biggest tell tale is finding inconsistent writing, images and videos on the same site. As well as broken English that lacks personality.

About Our Sleep Guide:

Who We AreOf course everyone is claiming they are the most honest and genuine, but Our Sleep Guide strives for transparency and integrity. We believe that unbiased mattress reviews are hard to come by. But if you know what to look for you can easily see which review sites offer the best insight and information.

If you have any questions, need recommendations or would like to learn more about Our Sleep Guide, please contact us. We are always happy to help!

Crystal & Justin