March 5, 2024

WinkBeds Mattresses: WinkBed, GravityLux & EcoCloud Hybrid

When it comes to the WinkBeds mattresses there is one thing that is certain. You’ll be getting a bed that is made with superb quality and durability. Between the original WinkBed hybrid mattress and the recently introduced luxury memory foam mattress the GravityLux and the natural latex hybrid EcoCloud, there’s something for everyone.

winkbeds mattresses

WinkBeds Mattresses Reviewed

In this mattress review we are going to compare all of the mattresses made by WinkBeds and go through some key differences to help you determine which bed is the right choice for you. However, this review features all the mattresses more or less at a glance. If you are looking for more details on each of the WinkBed mattresses we suggest reading the full reviews which can be found below.

WinkBed Mattress Review | GravityLux Mattress Review | EcoCloud Hybrid Mattress Review

Original WinkBed At A Glance

  • winkbeds mattress review15″ Mattress | 5 Layers
  • Solid Hybrid Build
  • Durable, Traditional Feel
  • 4 Comfort Options (Soft, Luxury Firm, Firm & Plus)
  • Great Temperature Regulation
  • Very Durable Edge Support
  • Extra Supportive Plus Option
  • Original WinkBed Mattress Review

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Who Would Like the WinkBed?

This mattress is the most traditional of the three options. It uses a very sturdy hybrid construction. Meaning you don’t get just an innerspring mattress or an all foam, but a mattress that has the best of both worlds. Allowing a unique feel and build for superb and long lasting support. Even though this mattress doesn’t lack in the support department it also doesn’t lack in comfort. Giving you four unique options to give you the most ideal firmness.

The Original WinkBed mattress is for you if…

  • Like a more traditional feeling coil mattress that offers great balance and unwavering support.
  • You like a mattress that has very solid edge support and sleeps quite temperature neutral.
  • And if you like a well priced mattress that offers great benefits and will have a long life.

Want to try the original WinkBed Mattress for yourself? Learn more at WinkBeds.com.

GravityLux Memory Foam Mattress At A Glance

  • memorylux by winkbeds12″ Mattress | 4 Layers
  • Memory Foam Build
  • 3 Comfort Options (Soft, Medium & Firm)
  • Features Cool AirCell Memory Foam
  • Very Pressure Relieving
  • Limited Motion Transfer
  • Least Expensive WinkBed
  • GravityLux Mattress Review

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Who Would Like the GravityLux?

This luxury memory foam mattress is ideal for someone who wants a solid feeling all foam mattress. The pressure relief is amazing and the durable yet comforting feel will delight. This memory foam bed is quite a bit different than most other bed-in-a-box all foam beds. The thicker profile coupled with a sturdy build and superior materials elevates this supportive foam mattress.

The GravityLux Memory Foam mattress is for you if…

  • Like a memory foam mattress that offers a dense, durable feel that is available in three ideal comfort levels.
  • You like a mattress that has little to no motion transfer and cooling technology for better sleep.
  • And if you like a very affordable mattress that doesn’t skim on quality and will last for many years.

Want to try the all foam GravityLux Mattress for yourself? Learn more at WinkBeds.com.

EcoCloud Hybrid Latex Mattress At A Glance

  • should i get the ecocloud or the birch mattress13″ Mattress | 5 Layers
  • Latex Hybrid Build
  • Natural Materials
  • Zoned Coil System
  • Responsive & Buoyant Feel
  • Very Cool Sleeping
  • Plenty of Edge Support
  • EcoCloud Hybrid Mattress Review

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Who Would Like the EcoCloud?

If you like a mattress that uses more natural materials but still offers amazing support and comfort you can’t go wrong with the EcoCloud Hybrid. This latex hybrid mattress goes above and beyond most other similar styles out there. By offering 4″ of Talalay latex over the zoned coils you get a mattress that is universally comfortable. As well as won’t hold heat and offers some serious durability.

The EcoCloud Hybrid mattress is for you if…

  • Like a slightly more buoyant feeling mattress that offers an amazing universally appealing comfort.
  • You like a mattress that sleeps super cool and naturally and offers durable edge support too.
  • And if you like a well priced mattress that offers great benefits and will last for many, many years.

Want to try the natural EcoCloud Hybrid Mattress for yourself? Learn more at WinkBeds.com.

WinkBeds Manufacturing Process

The WinkBed Mattress Brand is loved for their transparent manufacturing process. They proudly produce all of their mattresses right here in the USA. Their factories are all located in Wisconsin, where they can keep a close eye on quality. These handmade American mattresses are made with quality materials and known for their comfort and durability.

WinkBeds Mattresses: Comfort For All

Each style of WinkBed will appeal to various sleepers. The great thing about this brand is not only do they offer multiple styles, but they also offer an array of comfort levels too. Giving side, stomach, back and combination sleepers the perfect fit. As well as a great option for every size and shape of sleepers out there.

Best WinkBed for Side Sleepers

best winkbeds for side sleepersOne thing that most side sleepers need most is pressure relief. It is the reason why many side sleepers enjoy soft beds. However, if they are too soft it can lack the support needed to keep your spine in alignment. WinkBeds has a few options that both do a great job at balancing pressure relief and support.

The GravityLux Mattress is an all foam bed with memory foam on top. This bed is by far one of their most pressure relieving options. While it has a medium firmness level overall, the top layer of memory foam adapts to side sleepers shoulders and hips. Giving this bed a cushioning feel that is great for anyone sleeping on their side. The Lux comes with several comfort options we would stick to the softer ones for side sleepers.

winkbeds comparison reviewThe Original WinkBed also has a few comfort options that are great for side sleepers. Whether you like an extra soft feel or you’re a side sleeper that prefers more support. We suggest trying their Softer or Luxury Firm comfort option. The firmer options would likely be too firm for predominately side sleepers.

While the EcoCloud works well for a lot of side sleepers, we did find that the GravityLux and softer Original WinkBeds were simply a bit better at providing pressure relief. However, if you like a more responsive feel, the EcoCloud is great for side sleepers.

Best WinkBed for Stomach Sleepers

top winkbed for stomach sleepersStomach sleepers above all other sleeping positions benefit from a firm and supportive mattress. If a mattress is too plush or soft a stomach sleepers hips will sink into the bed allowing the back to bow out of alignment and causing discomfort. Which is why we chose the Original WinkBeds Luxury Firm, Firm, or Plus size options for stomach sleepers. If you are a petite the Luxury Firm option may do the trick however if you are heavier you may find that the Luxury Firm is too soft.

They Firm and Plus comfort options are great for providing large amounts of extra support making sure you do not sink into the bed, but instead that the sleeper remains supported on top of the mattress. Which is exactly what you want as a stomach sleeper.

The GravityLux also has a firm options, while an all-foam would not typically be our first pick for stomach sleepers, we did find that the Firm option works rather well for stomach sleepers. It provides a good amount of support for the hips and lower back.

Best WinksBed for Back Sleepers

top winkbed for back sleepersBack sleepers do best with a true medium firmness option on a mattress. Although, preferences do range with this option. We found that all of the beds by WinkBeds are supportive and pressure relieving enough to keep most back sleepers comfortable. So if you like a softer option the GravityLux or Softer Original WinkBed. We especially like the EcoCloud option for back sleepers. It has that just right medium firmness level.

The Talalay latex adapts to the shape of your back allowing you to be supported without too much pressure. Although you could really do any of these mattresses, so pick according to your personal comfort preference.

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Best WinkBed for Plus Sized Sleepers:

winkbed plus for heavy overweight peopleWe don’t always get into the details of how weight can effect how a mattress will perform for you. However, if you weigh on the heavier side of the spectrum, then a bed is going to feel very different to you than to other lighter sleepers.

In fact there can be all sorts of discomforts standard mattresses can give you if you’re plus sized. From getting that “bottoming out” feel here you can feel the base layers, or zero edge support, to feeling like you’re stuck in a marshmallow.

WinkBeds wanted to put an end to that and create a mattress specifically designed to give optimal comfort to their plus sized sleepers, the Original WinkBeds – Plus. This is a reinforced, more supportive version of their original mattress. They beefed up the zones around the edge and made the mattress overall more supportive. It still have a comfortable softer feel but it is adapted for heavy sleepers. So you can get that same comfort in a bed that will last.

Best WinkBed for Combination Sleepers:

winkbeds comparison edge supportThis is always a difficult category to determine when you are looking at a group of high quality beds with different feels. Comfort is absolutely subject to opinion. Some love it firm, others like it soft, some warmer, some cooler. However, if we had to pick a mattress that was most likely to be comfortable for the largest amount of people and work the best for combination sleepers, than we would have to pick the Original WinkBed in the Luxury Firm options.

All of these mattresses from WinkBeds are so high quality and feature different comfort benefits that we went over early. The Original WinkBed in Luxury Firm however is certainly a crowd pleaser. It provides cushioning support that honestly works well with just about every sleeping position for folks of all different shapes and sizes.

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Who Wins? WinkBeds Mattresses by Benefits

Each of the WinkBeds mattresses offers it’s own unique feel as well as features and benefits. But, just how do they do when compared to each other? Below we will take a look at a few specific areas that sleepers look at when choosing a new mattress. Some of these sleeping benefits may be more or less important to you. Which may help you find out which WinkBed is best for you.

Best WinkBed for Sleeping Cool

ecocloud hybrid by winkbedsWhen you are looking to determine which mattresses sleep cooler than others, it is all in the construction and materials of the mattress. The EcoCloud uses especially cool Talalay Latex and a hybrid construction. As well as temperature regulating wool and breathable organic cotton.

The Talalay Latex is naturally aerated allowing heat a place to escape and not get trapped in the bed. The hybrid construction allows plenty of airflow through the center of the bed, giving heat yet another place to escape. Wool is superb for sleeping cool too. Since it offers natural temperature regulation and wicks away moisture. Making this mattress ideal for hot sleepers.

The Original WinkBed is also a hybrid mattress. However, the Original WinkBeds has not just 1 but 2 layers of coil systems. The large one and a mini coil layer closer to the top. Which means even more airflow throughout the bed. It also has a layer of cooling gel memory foam on top to keep the bed cool on top.

Learn more about the original mattress on our full Original WinkBed Mattress Review.

Best WinkBed for Edge Support

wink beds edge supportWe feel that the EcoCloud and Original WinkBed will appeal to those looking for more solid edge support than the GravityLux. This is for a couples reasons, starting with the zoned coil systems. Having reinforced coils around the edge of a mattress really gives the sleeper far more support around the edges.

The fact that the GravityLux is an all foam mattress simply means that while it has loads of pressure relief, it will have less support around the perimeter of the bed. Although, if you prefer the overall feel of an all-foam bed, we would say that the GravityLux does have some of the best edge support we have seen from an all-foam bed.

Best WinkBed for Motion Isolation

memorylux mattress by winkbedsWhile hybrid mattresses have plenty of cooling and supportive properties, they do cause a bit of motion transfer. Even when they are individually pocketed, like they are with the WinkBed and EcoCloud. One amazing materials for deadening motion in its tracks is memory foam.

The GravityLux has loads of motion isolating memory foam and no coil system to be found. Making it rather impeccable for deadening excess movement throughout the mattress. Making this a great bed for couples or anything with disruptive sleep partners.

If you are really hoping to get a hybrid mattress that is better than most at isolating movement, then the Orignal WinkBed might be for you. Since they pocketed the coil system and topped it with memory foam it is much better than a traditional bouncy bed would be. However, GravityLux is a clear winner in this department.

View the full GravityLux Mattress Review to see what else we love about this mattress.

Best WinkBed for the Eco-Conscious

review on the ecocloud mattressWinkBed is already wonderful at creating quality product with great materials in American factories but they wanted to bump it up a notch and create a sustainable, eco-friendly mattress made out of natural materials. Which is how the EcoCloud came to be.

The natural Talalay Latex is a coveted material for natural beds. It is low impact on the environment mixed with it’s buoyancy, breathability, and pressure relieving properties make it wonderful for using on mattresses.

They even topped it with organic cotton and use recycled steel springs for the coil system. This is one of the top natural mattresses that are sure to please every Earth Loving sleeper out there.

Head to the EcoCloud Mattress Review to learn more about what we love about the EcoCloud bed by WinkBeds.

WinkBeds Mattresses Basics:

Below are a few of the basics that come with each WinkBed mattress. The added perks that typically come with online bed-in-a-box mattresses vary between brands. So it is good to know the basics of what to expect with your new mattress. The below basic information is applicable to each and every WinkBed mattress.

Great Features With All WinkBeds:

  • Free Delivery
  • Free Returns + 100% Refund
  • Full Replacement Lifetime Warranty
  • 120 Night Trial Period
  • Handmade in Wisconsin
  • All WinkBeds are Adjustable Base Compatible
  • Optional White Glove Delivery & Set Up
  • Optional White Glove Removal Service

WinkBed Prices: 

These prices do not reflect any current promotions or our WinkBed coupon! Click the button below for our latest WinkBed Mattress Coupons. However these prices do include free ground shipping, 120 Night Trial and a Lifetime Warranty.

WinkBeds GravityLux EcoCloud
Twin Size Mattress: $1049- $1249 $1099 $1299
Twin XL Size Mattress: $1149 – $1349 $1199 $1399
Full Size Mattress: $1299 – $1499 $1399 $1499
Queen Size Mattress: $1599 – $1749 $1599 $1799
King Size Mattress: $1799 – $1999 $1799 $2199
Cal King Size Mattress: $1849 – $2049 $1799 $2199


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Best WinkBeds Mattress for Value:

winkbeds mattress reviewAll of the mattresses by WinkBeds fall into the realm of luxury quality and prices. However, the great news is that the quality of the mattresses really do match up with the prices and they also have fabulous customer service. We do have our eyes on one mattress that we find to be especially worth the price.

The Original WinkBeds, it is such a great bed and gives such a luxurious feel. You have 4 different comfort levels to choose from to be sure it is the exact right mattress for you. We find the Original WinkBed gives you the most mattress for your money from the WinkBed mattresses.

WinkBeds Mattress Review: WinkBed, GravityLux, & EcoCloud – Final Thoughts

If you haven’t picked it up already, we are big fans of the WinkBeds Mattress Brand. They create high quality comfortable beds that are handcrafted in America and made to last. With a reputation like that, it would be hard not to love them. We love that they are getting into the natural mattress realm with the EcoCloud. Whether you like an extra soft or extra firm bed or perhaps that just right feel in between, there is going to be a comfort WinkBeds mattress for you.

winkbeds mattress review

Still have lingering questions? Or want a personal recommendation? Feel free to Contact Us and we will help you in anyway we can.