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September 9, 2019

Duvet vs Comforter: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to Duvets and Comforters it can get a little confusing. These titles are often times used interchangeably, when in fact they are different. So what are those differences and which one is better? Keep reading Duvet vs Comforter to find out, and to figure out which one is best for you. As we go through all the details of what characterizes a comforter and what separates it from a duvet.

difference between comforters and duvets

What is a Comforter?

duvet vs comforter

A comforter is a thicker, top blanket for your bed. Often containing a filling that is sewn together between a decorative top facing fabric and solid inside facing fabric.

A comforter is one solid piece. This allows them to be made with decorative features like tufting or quilting. As well as keeps the padding or fill from shifting too.

Comforters tend to be the heaviest and warmest part of your bedding. As well as more of a statement piece that offers more choices for color, trendy or classic styles and personality to include in your bedding.

What is a Duvet?

duvet vs comforter

A finished duvet consists of two major parts, a duvet insert and the exterior duvet cover. The exterior cover is removable and typically zips, ties or buttons around the insert. It almost functions like a large pillowcase. Sen closed on three sides and open on one to put the duvet insert into.

While the duvet insert itself is similar to a comforter, offering a thick and warm fluffy section, it is plain in style and color. Again, a duvet functions like a pillow. It is covered by a “case” that adds the decoration and style. Often times where the confusion comes in with a comforter vs duvet is when a duvet insert is referred to as a comforter.

Duvet vs Comforter – How Are They Different?

Again, these two bedding accessories sound very similar. The biggest difference with these two thicker covers that are on top of the bed is their construction. A comforter is one solid piece. While a duvet is two separate pieces.

Though you could easily use the insert of a duvet like a comforter on it’s own. And you could cover a comforter with a duvet cover. The number of pieces and design of each does vary. Making them distinct and different.

Benefits of Comforter

comforters for kidsComforters are typically rather dense. This makes for a rather warm top cover. Many people prefer a comforter over a duvet because they tend to have a very thick luxurious feeling to them. Comforters also typically have a fluffier appearance than a lot of duvet options out there, this is typically due to quilting or tufting.

Even Distribution of Comfort

Since comforters are sewn together into one big cover, the distribution of filling and warmth tends to be very even. If you don’t invest in a nicer duvet and cover you may find that they shift around a lot. You will not have this issue with comforters.

Cheaper Than New Duvet + Cover

If you are designing a bedroom from scratch, meaning you do not have any existing bedding or duvet insert, then a comforter is often a cheaper option than purchasing both a duvet and a duvet cover.

benefits to having a comforter

So if you’re decorating a guest room, child’s room, or a teens room moving out for the first time. Then you might lean toward getting a set that often includes a comforter. Rather than investing in a duvet and cover plus sheets.

Specific Design

Often times there are adorable comforter designs that you may not be able to find in a duvet cover option. If you are really set on that specific design then it is a benefit to go with the comforter in this situation.

On top of this, most comforters come with a complete set. Meaning you don’t get just the comforter, but also decorative pillows and sometimes sheet sets too. Meaning everything matches and you don’t have to try and sheets, pillows, etc. Making it easy, simple and less expensive for a fully designed bedding.

Down Side to Comforters

Difficult to Clean

comforter overly filling washing machineThe biggest issue we find with comforters is the difficulty of cleaning. Since they are often thick and heavy, most comforters cannot fit inside of a washing machine. If you try to stuff your large comforter into the wash you will likely end up with a big mess.

This leaves you with the options to either spot clean or drag your comforter to the dry cleaners. Neither option being ideal. We suggest at the very least using a flat sheet between you can your comforter to keep it as clean as possible.

Limited Comfort Options

With comforters you are limited on comfort + style combinations. If you find a thickness and warmth level you love with one comforter, you will not be able to keep that comfort with you if you decide to change up the style or design of your bedding.

Benefits of Duvet

Variety of Comfort Options

why duvet covers are better than comfortersDuvets come in a wide range of warmth options and filling choices. Different types of filling range from down, synthetic down alternative, polyester, or even wool.

Once you find a comfort that you are happy with, if you decide to redecorate, you don’t have to get rid of that comfort. Instead you get to keep that comfortable duvet insert that you love while simply swapping out your decorative cover.

Easy To Change Style

With a duvet cover you can easily change up your style without changing your comfort level. You will be able to save money by only needing to replace your duvet cover, which tends to be cheaper than buying a whole new comforter.

Easy To Clean

easy to wash duvet coversDuvets are much easier to clean. Typically when you sleep with a comforter you use your top sheet as a protective layer between you and your comforter. However, this won’t help you if your dog jumps on top of your comforter with muddy paws. While with a duvet you can simply take off the cover and throw it in the wash.

Since you can wash your duvet cover as regularly as you wash the rest of your sheets, you no longer need a top sheet to protect your top cover from getting dirty. So you can say goodbye to getting tangled up in your top sheet.

More Hygienic

better hygiene with clean sheetsWith duvet covers being so much easier to clean on a regular basis, they tend to be the more hygienic option.

By washing on a regular basis you are keeping nasty germs from potentially building up and creating issues like clogged pores and acne. By cleaning you duvet cover often you can also lower your seasonal allergies and help your bedding last longer.

Just how often you should be washing or changing your sheets? Check out our article A Guide To Changing and Washing Your Sheets to find out.

Down Side to Duvets

Potential Shifting

annoyed with changing sheets on duvetWhen it comes to duvet covers the only issues you may run into is with the cover. Sometimes putting your duvet in and out of it’s cover can be cumbersome and annoying.

Look for covers that have good options for holding onto corners. (Like ties) Or else you may find your duvet trying to swim around inside of its cover. Which will turn into your duvet turning into a wrinkled up ball inside a corner of your cover instead of a comfortable top blanket.

Where to Buy?

Buffy comforter thick and softWhether you are a comforter or duvet person you’ll have plenty of great options available. We love some of the upscale options found from and California Cotton.

And if you are a nature enthusiast than you will appreciate the 100% natural options found at Or the amazing natural Buffy Breeze or Buffy Cloud Comforters that offer a naturally clean and super breathable option at

And if you want to get the best price we suggest the super cute comforter designs and affordable choices found on

Duvet vs Comforter: Final Thoughts

When picking between the two it honestly comes down to preference. While we love duvets for ease of cleaning and redecorating options, comforters often feel extra dense and durable without any shifting. If your bedroom is always in a state of redecoration as the seasons change, then we suggest a duvet for you. It is so much easier and less expensive to change out your duvet cover than it is to swap out for an entirely new comforter.

However, you may find that your dream design only comes in comforter form. The world is your oyster and thankfully, both are great options. Either way we hope you end up with the most comfortable bed of your dreams.

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