April 13, 2021

Glam Bedroom On A Budget

If you are the kind of gal or guy who just loves their home to feel luxurious, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. Then you are in the right place. For all of those who love glitz and glam, but don’t have a baller budget. We are going to share with you a glam bedroom design on a budget. As well as give all of our top tips on how to create your own glamorous bedroom on a budget.

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glam bedroom on a budget

Our Glam Bedroom Design:

  1. Silver Orchid Crystal Chandelier $192 – Overstock
  2. Kate and Laurel Minuette Decorative Framed Wall Mirror $108 – Overstock
  3. Abbyson Alexis Champagne Nightstand $358 – Overstock
  4. nuLOOM Double Faux Flokati Sheepskin Rug $80 – Overstock
  5. Solivita Canopy Champagne Bed $708 – Overstock
  6. Bantry Glam Fabric Square Pillow Cover with Fringes $35 – Overstock
  7. Ballina Glam Reversible Sequin Square Pillow Cover $35 – Overstock
  8. White Faux Orchid $50 – Amazon
  9. Framboise Fringe Shade Lamp $45 – Overstock
  10. Adina Grey Velvet Loveseat with Gold Legs $560 – Overstock
how to create a glam bedroom on a budget

Get the Look:

When it comes to creating a glam bedroom on a budget, you are going to want to focus on setting the mood with a soft colors and touches of glitz and glam that turn a luxurious bedroom into something absolutely stunning. The following are our tips on how to create a glam bedroom look for your bedroom.

Soft Color Palette

A lot of the glamour elements in a room can come off as stark and cold, which is why we suggest starting with a color palette that is soft and inviting.

This keeps your bedroom feeling like a place of relaxation. Somewhere you can sleep peacefully and comfortably, while still feeling like you can lounge in a feather trimmed robe.

Touches of Glitz

add touches of glitzNext you can add the touches of glitz in order to really give your bedroom that glam vibe you love. This can be in your decorative pieces and furniture picks.

Lighting fixtures are a great place to add a lot of personality into your space. From a chandelier to your bedside lamps. This is a great time to break out your DIY skills and add extra details.

Luxurious Textures

silky luxurious texturesIn order to make your bedroom feel more luxurious, we suggest adding in a lot of glamorous textures. Fluffy rugs, silky sheets, velvet pillows, and so on. These added textures can seriously elevate the vibe and feeling of a bedroom.

We often think of color and shape first and texture can get lost in translation as it often doesn’t translate through photos as well. However, the touch, feel, and look of luxurious textures can really change how your bedroom looks and feels.

Mood Lighting

chandeliers in the bedroomA great way to create a luxurious mood in your bedroom is with fancy lighting. Light fixtures and lamps not only make for fantastic statement pieces in a room. They can also create mood lighting.

By having lamps, candles, chandeliers and so on. You are able to set the tone for your bedroom and make it feel glamorous and romantic. Wall sconces have become increasingly popular in the last year.

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Flowing Curtains

putting flowing curtains in the bedroomIn order to create a glam bedroom on a budget, you are going to want some stunning flowing curtains.

Nothing about a glamour bedroom should feel minimalist or that you spared any expense. Thankfully there are many curtains you can now buy on a budget, that look fantastic.

If you need a custom size, then you may want to consider DIYing your curtains. They are incredibly simple to make and it will cost you a lot less. Skip further down our list for more tips on ways to save.

Statement Mirrors

create a statements mirrorA gorgeous statement mirror can be such a fun and beautiful way to decorate your glam bedroom. Be wary as mirrors can cost a small fortune if you are not looking for a good deal.

Shopping for mirrors on resale and giving them a gilded upgrade is a great way to save some cash. Or else keep your eyes peeled in discount home goods stores.

Fresh Flowers

If you are wanting to really make your bedroom feel extra glamorous, then add a small simple vase of fresh flowers. It does not need to be anything over the top, you can simply add a few stems of hydrangea to a vase. Fresh flowers have a way of making a room feel extra special. It does not even cost very much to do this and it is perfect addition during special times of the year.

Ways to Save:

DIY Glam Updates

try diy projects to stay in budgetWhen it comes to creating a glamour bedroom, a lot of it comes down to the embellishments that take it over the top. These embellishments are often what can make furniture pieces, or décor cost quite a bit more money. If you are able to replicate something you love, or add some elegant glamorous updates on your own DIY style. Then this could save you A LOT of cash.

For instance, you can purchase a framed mirror at a garage sale and gild the frame in gold or paint with gold spray paint. Giving you a stunning glamorous look with the fraction of the price you would spend if you got it at a designer home store.

Purchase Items Secondhand

take your time adding furnitureShopping secondhand is a great way to get your hands on designer pieces that you love at a significantly discounted price. Thrift shopping is a great way to find unexpected pieces of furniture and décor. While online secondhand shopping in places like Facebook Marketplace can be a great resource for hunting down specific things you would love to buy but do not want to spend full price on.

Buy Separate Furniture Pieces – Not full sets

Many modern furniture stores offer bedroom sets. These often include the bed, nightstands, dressers, and so on. All of which match one another perfectly and cost a small fortune. Instead, we recommend doing a bit of mixing and matching. Find a piece of furniture you love at a great price and slowly collect your other pieces as you find them.

This not only gives you a more custom looking bedroom, it can also allow you to save a lot of money. Buying the full matching set often costs more than if you were to collect pieces as you find them at a great price. (Non-matching bedroom furniture also tends to look more high-end as well.)

Shop Online For Deals

shop online when possibleOnline shopping can be such a great resource when looking to design a room in your home. One of the best parts of shopping online is that you get the chance to compare prices from store to store within minutes.

It not only saves a lot of time and hassle; it can also be a great way to hunt down great prices. We mentioned resale and secondhand shopping previously, shopping online allows you to do this while hunting for specific items. Which can also save you a lot of time and money.

Take Your Time & Relax

relaxing in bed take your time looking for furnitureWith so many home makeover shows on TV, we often feel as if we have to fully decorate our living spaces in a single day. Or at least as quickly as humanly possible in one fail swoop. While this makes for really great television, it is not very practical for real life home décor. Instead view redecorating your bedroom and home as a work in progress. It is constantly transforming and changing slowly overtime. This will allow you to find pieces you love on sale, or for resale.

Which saves you money. When you are not forcing yourself to purchase everything all at once, it also allows you to save money and pick out pieces of furniture you really love instead of settling for “well that will do” simply because it is available in your price range.

Glam Bedroom On A Budget:

At the end of the day, you should create a bedroom that makes you feel at home. If you are a glamorous person who wants an even more glam bedroom, then we hope this post help you to achieve just that. All without exceeding your budget. Simply by taking your time and hunting out great deals, you can save yourself a lot of money.

glamorous style bedroom designs

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