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October 1, 2019

Glam Bedroom On A Budget

Do you adore the feeling of sleeping in a completely glamorous bedroom? Do you live your life lusting after all things luxurious, but find yourself lacking the funds to make your home the high class lounge you have always dreamed of? No worries! We are hear to walk you through how you can create the Glamorous Bedroom of your dreams. It is time to fulfill your champagne taste all on a beer budget. Continue reading to check out the totally Glam Bedroom design we put together, following with some tips on how you can create your full glam bedroom without spending a fortune.

our sleep guide glam bedroom design

Our Glam Bedroom Design:

  1. Silver Orchid Crystal Chandelier – Overstock
  2. Metallic Gold – Carson Carrington Gold Mirrors – Overstock
  3. Marisalla Contemporary Champagne Nightstand – Overstock
  4. nuLOOM Double Faux Flokati Sheepskin Rug – Overstock
  5. Solivita Canopy Champagne Bed – Overstock
  6. Glam Blush Fringe Pillow – GDF Studio
  7. Glam Blush Sequin Pillow – GDF Studio
  8. White Faux Orchid – Amazon
  9. Framboise Fringe Shade Table Lamp – Overstock
  10. Adina Grey Velvet Loveseat with Gold Legs – Overstock

Get the Look:

There are a few key elements to creating a luxurious looking bedroom. You don’t have to set foot in a luxurious interior design boutique to get the look. You can take these elements and find them within your own budget to get the look you desire.

Soft Color Palette

glam bedroom color paletteIn order to create a bedroom that looks truly classy and completely luxurious, picking the right color palette is very important. You could have all of the features of a stunning bedroom but if it is all different shades of neon colors it would end up looking cheap and not glamorous at all. Which is why we suggest staying away from overly vibrant or brash colors.

Instead, start with a reliable neutral tone like grey, ivory, or beige. Then you can add in a soft color. We chose Blush, but if you prefer a seafoam, lavender, or whatever this seasons “it” soft color is, the choice is all yours.

Then add in a metallic tone you love that goes well with your other colors you picked. Copper, gold, rosegold, silver, or chrome are all popular. We went with touches of gold in our design because we love how it plays with mirrors and blush.

Play around with this color palette and go hunting for unique pieces and see if certain color combinations grab your attention.

Sometimes it can be easier to find pieces of furniture or art you really love first and then base your color palette off of that. Rather than picking your color palette first and then trying to hunt for furniture that falls into that color scheme.

Flirty Textures

glam bedroom fluffy furry rugLayering luxurious textures is a sure fire way to create a luxurious feel to your bedroom.

Some of the textures we love most are fringe, fur, velvet, and silk because they all immediately provoke feelings of glamour.

We love furry rugs or throw blankets, and textured pillows. The fringe lamp we found is just stunning and adds a little 1920’s boudoir vibe. If you can find just a few statement pieces like that one, it can add a lot of personality without spending too much cash.

Chandeliers & Lamps

how to get the glam look for lessA quick way to make any bedroom feel glamorous is to replace that boring old light fixture with a chandelier. However, chandeliers are notoriously expensive which is one of the reasons they are seen as being so luxurious.

If you can’t change the light fixture over your bed (or if you prefer to keep a ceiling fan in your bedroom) there are also plenty of chandelier style lamps that is a much more cost effective way to give your bedroom that same glam look. Super simple and totally chic.

There are also plenty of chandeliers that are not as expensive. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be crystal in order to be glamorous. There are chandeliers now being created in lots of different materials and shapes. You can be creative with this in order to add your own personality into the room.

Flowy Curtains

glam bedroom without the extra costPlain windows simple don’t scream luxury. That is unless they open up to a gorgeous view of a city skyline. However, if the view outside of your window is any less than totally fabulous then we love the addition of curtains. While it is popular to have floor to ceiling curtains, custom curtain lengths can be very expensive.

However, even by simply adding a set of standard sized window curtains, it will frame your bedroom windows and will make your room feel more glamorous overall. This is another way you can add some of those luxurious textures we were talking about previously.

Extra Seating

how to get the glam bedroom on a budgetIf you have the space for an extra sitting space either at the foot of your bed or elsewhere, it is a fun addition to any bedroom.

We love the look of a velvet tufted chaise lounge. As soon as you lay down on one it is difficult not to feel like a queen in your own castle.

We found this adorable grey velvet lounger that features small crystals in the tufting.

Want to create a reading nook? Easy, simply add a small table and floor lamp and you now have your very own reading corner.

Statement Mirrors

luxurious wall artMirrors have a beautiful way of adding light to your room. There is also nothing quite like having a lovely full length mirror to check your outfit in. While we LOVE the look of an oversize mirror, we know that they can also be rather pricey. Even if you can’t afford an extra large mirror, we still love decorating with them.

We chose this gold decorative mirrored wall art. The small mirrors are a fun way to add a bit of shimmer to your bedroom.

Silky Sheets

eli and elm whitney sheetsFeeling luxurious in your bedroom goes beyond just the decor. Having luxurious feeling sheets goes a long way to amplifying that glam feeling in your room.

We suggest finding sheets like Eli & Elm Tencel Sheets. We love the sateen finish, it’s sheen looks and feels extra luscious while still being an affordable set of sheets.

If you really want to go over the top, monogramming your sheets is an extra fancy touch to your sheets. In order to save some extra cash, buy your sheets and then have your sheets monogrammed by an individual.

If you can’t do it yourself and you don’t know anyone personally who knows how to, you can always find someone on shops like Etsy.

Want more sheet reviews? Check out our page Sheet Reviews to see all of the latest and greatest sheets around.

A Floral Touch

get those glam touchesFlowers are beautiful, we love them but they never last long. While Oprah can afford to have fresh flowers at her bedside everyday, not everyone can be as glamorous as Oprah.

The good news is that the Faux Flower industry has made leaps and bounds forward in looking realistic. We love orchids, but if you don’t have a green thumb it can be difficult to keep them alive and the cost of replacing flowers and plants adds up quickly.

Orchids are totally glam which is why we love this faux orchid plant. No more worries of how much sunlight or water. Which means you can keep it on your nightstand whether or not it get the right amount of light or too much breeze from the AC. Score!

Are you a total plant lover? Then you’ll love our post Best Indoor Plants & Flowers for Bedrooms.

Ways to Save:

Add Your Own Details

save money diy your own glam tufted bedIf you find a tufted ottoman that you like but it could use a little makeover, add some of those fun details yourself. You could paint the legs a metallic color or add crystals to the centers of the tufts. All of a sudden you have turn an average ottoman into a totally glam furniture piece.

There are dozens of ways you can add your own glam details to your room. Our biggest tip for DIY is learn how to do it right. (Quality is more important than glitz) If you know how to reupholster a piece of furniture, then go for it.

However if you do not know how, then we suggest learning how to do it properly instead of breaking out the hot glue gun. With how to DIY videos all over the internet the good news it is totally free to learn how to do something yourself.

All it takes is some patience and some googling skills. And maybe some great hacks found on Pinterest.

Mix Up Pieces

Never feel like you have to buy a complete matching bedroom set. This is typically more expensive anyway. Instead, hunt for individual and unique furniture pieces that you love and go well together. This makes collecting your bedroom furniture much easier and more cost effective.

Hunt Online

online shopping saves moneyIt is easy to hunt for sales and resale opportunities online now. You can hunt for deals while lounging on the couch at home.

One tip we have for this is if you find an item that you love and you want to hunt for the best possible price, take the name and the SKU number and search for it online. Sometimes you may find the exact same item at a discounted price on a different website or someone posting it up for resale.

Keep in mind that it is all about hunting for the best deals. You can always look at those pricey brand name stores your love to get inspiration. Then look for similar items elsewhere, it might not be exactly the same but lots of stores create knock offs or take inspiration from those stores for their own designs. Keep your eyes open for those deals.

Relax & Take Your Time

don't buy everything all at onceIf you are wanting to redecorate your bedroom RIGHT NOW, you will likely end up spending a lot of money unnecessarily. Instead, we suggest waiting and collecting different additions to your bedroom as you find them in a price range that you can afford. This also gives you time to save money for pieces of furniture you really love. There is no reason you need to have a fully decorated bedroom tomorrow, take your time in order to find the right pieces for the right price.

Glam Bedroom On A Budget:

We hope after reading this you find that it is completely possible to curate your own Glam Bedroom, even on a tight budget. Even if you are not a DIY Queen, there are always deals online and ways to buy things at a discounted price. It is also easier than ever to hunt for deals online so you can shop from anywhere. Remember that you don’t have to update your entire bedroom immediately. You can always update as you go, whenever you find furniture you love for an even better price.

glamour bedroom without breaking the budget

Did you redecorate? We want to see it! Send any photos or comments to us through our Contact Us page. We would love to hear from you.