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October 13, 2019

Create The Best Studio Apartment Bedroom

One of the first adjustments to living in a loft apartment is the conundrum of the bedroom. Having your bedroom open to the rest of your home can be exposing and uncomfortable. (Especially if you forgot to make your bed this morning.) Sleeping in wide open spaces can also be disorienting and difficult. In order to get the best sleep in an open concept floor plan is to find a way to define your bedroom space without walls. Keep reading how to create the best studio apartment bedroom to discover all the ways we found to do just that.

make your studio apartments useable

Define Your Bedroom Space

the best storage options for studio bedroomsIf you happen to live in a studio space, or have a home set up that makes it difficult to determine where your bedroom starts and your other rooms begin. Then we highly suggest finding a way to define your bedroom space.

Whether it is by curtains, a change in height, open shelving, an area rug, or what have you. It is just as important to feel that separation of space in order to feel a change in environment when it is bed time.

Open Shelves

open shelving dividerCreate a faux wall with open shelving units. This not only adds extra storage space to your home, it also gives the illusion of a wall without completely cutting off the spacious feeling of the home.

In order to keep everything looking tidy, we suggest getting shelving that fits bins or baskets that you can put a number of different useful things from cleaning supplies to extra bed linens.

As well as typical shelved items like books and knickknacks.

Curtains & Canopies

create a bedroom space in a studio apartnentLooking for a bit of privacy? Try room dividing curtains or a canopy. If you want to close off your bedroom to guests you can simply close the curtains to hide your bedroom away.

Or a bed with a canopy works just as well. This is also a great way to feel cozy and closed in at night. Shut out the rest of your apartment while you sleep, simply close up the curtains and snuggle up. An added benefit to this strategy is that it will help retain heat in the winter. This is a common issue with loft and studio apartments in the winter. The wide open spaces can make it difficult to stay cool.

Room Dividers

room dividers are a great way to define spacesWe love a good fold up room divider. Not only can they be totally adorable and add a lot of fun character to your apartment, they are also compactable and can be put away if you want to open up the house. Or put back up when you want to hide your messy bedroom from guests. They come in all different styles, colors, and sizes. So you can pick one that is perfect for you and your home.

Area Rugs

create space in a studio apartmentIf your home is smaller, you may not want to make it seem even smaller with the use of room dividers, curtains, or shelving units. While they are all wonderful for separating spaces, it can make your loft apartment seem less spacious. One way to keep the open layout while also defining the space of your bedroom is with an area rug.

Pick out a large area rug around the size your want your designated bedroom space to be.

Then place all of your bedroom furniture on top of the rug. It really is as easy as that. It will define the limitations of the bedroom area without cutting down on the space of the apartment.

Height Changes

define and create space in a loft bedroomHaving elevation changes within your studio apartment is a great way to create the illusion of different spaces. While some places my have this built into the space, most do not. However there are several different ways you can implement this strategy. One easy way to do this is with a loft style bed.

A loft style bed is not only a great solution for giving your bedroom it’s own dedicated space, but it can also give you added usable square footage underneath your bed for an office or lounge area.

Bedroom Storage

Another common struggle with bedrooms in loft style apartments is the lack of storage. Typically in a studio apartment you will have little to no closet space. Since the bedroom is typically where one keeps their clothes. we have a few suggestions on how to store your clothes and other bedroom items without a closet space.

Under Bed Storage

loft apartment style bedroomThere are now plenty of beds that come with drawers or dedicated storage space underneath the bed.

Some beds my have more space than others, but when storage is lacking, any place to put things is better than no place at all. Personally, we like beds with built in pull out drawers. This is a great place for storing linens, towels, and delicates.

Large Nightstands

lots of storage important in apartmentsIf you have the extra space, we highly suggest getting large night stands for your loft apartment bedroom. You probably don’t need much on your nightstand. Maybe a book or journal, some hand lotion and a lamp.

However, you can use that extra storage space for other things. If you live nice and minimally a large enough nightstand could serve to hold all of the clothes that you store folded. No more need for a dresser.

Hanging Exposed Wardrobe

ways to define spaces in bedroomsWhile an exposed wardrobe isn’t for everyone, it can be a fun way to store/display your clothes. It can even serve as a partial room divider if you wish.

With minimalism on the rise, having a small wardrobe full of only the clothes you really love is a fun way to store your clothes. Why hide them when they are so fun to look at.

Want to know how to get the most out of your minimalist space? Check out our page How To Maximize Your Minimalist Bedroom to learn more.

Headboard Storage

create storage space in your bedWe love headboard for loft style apartment bedrooms. It feels secure and if you’re not backed up against a wall, it allows your to sit up and have something to lean against. If you get a headboard with storage you get even more space to put your things.

You can get a headboard where all of the things you are storing are on display, or you can find some that discretely tuck away your personal items. It is all up to you and your personal preference.

If you really minimize the amount of things you need by your bedside, then a headboard with added storage can even replace your need for bedside tables. This is a huge bonus if you’re working with a smaller space.

Want more tips for how to design a bedroom in tight spaces? Check out our post Small Bedroom Hacks.


turn a wardrobe into a headboardIn the past having a piece of furniture to hold all of your clothes was much more common. However, wardrobes are making a coming back in popularity.

This is a great alternative for closets or open concept wardrobes. You can often find some with shelves or cubbies for folded items and shoes as well.

If you wanted to choose an entirely closed off wardrobe space (unlike the photo we chose) This is a great option to create the sensation of a completely separate room for your bedroom.

Studio Apartment Bedroom

Open style apartments are often stylish and popular in big cities. However, it can be a challenge at first to set your own sleeping space. We hope these different tips on room dividing and storage helps your to carve out your space for you bedroom, and stay organized in order to stay clean.

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