April 15, 2021

Create The Best Studio Apartment Bedroom

When you first move into a loft style apartment, everything is rather simple and easy to get to. The open space is not much different than most open concept houses these days. Which takes little to no adjustments. Then comes the bedroom. Trying to sleep in a wide-open space can take some adjusting. Which is why we are going to share our top tips on how to define space and make sleeping in a studio apartment feel more natural and comfortable. Along with a few other tips on how to set up a studio apartment in a way that feels comfortable and will help you get the sleep you need.

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create the best studio apartment bedroom

Define Your Sleeping Space

define different living areasOf course, one of the main complications of making a studio space feel like a home, is the complete lack of defined space. When your bedroom is in the same area that you entertain and cook in, it can be a bit awkward. No one wants their dinner guests to have a front row view of your underwear drawer.

Which is why we always recommend finding ways to create your own visual boundaries in order to create a sense of leaving one area and entering another when in your studio apartment. Even if it is as simple as putting up a curtain or a privacy folding screen. All of which are great options for defining your space.

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Folding Screens & Curtains

use curtains or room devidersIf you enjoy having your space open and free of walls, but prefer to have privacy every now and then. Then a folding screen or curtain can be a great way to accomplish this. Folding screens and curtains make fabulous room dividers. You can simply unfold and prop up your folding screen and place anywhere you like when you need or want it.

While curtains can be a great way to open or close off a space as you like as well. However, it does not have the freedom to be moved around as easily as a folding screen does. Either option gives you the ability to either have your space be free flowing and open, or define separate spaces as you need.

Get Some Open Shelving

sleep tips in a studio apartmentWhen there is a lack of walls, it can get a bit awkward trying to find storage space. Floating pieces of furniture can feel out of place and awkward to move around. One way you can define space while simultaneously creating storage space is by using open shelving. This creates the illusion of walls where there are none. It also allows you to place decorative bins inside in order to have extra storage space.

If you like it can ever serve as a wall space that you can comfortably put furniture up against. Whether it is your headboard of your bed, or more storage pieces of furniture.

Define Space With Area Rugs

creating the perfect studio bedroomAnother great option for creating a sense of defined space without creating walls, is to use area rugs. By using area rugs in each given space, you are creating a visual boundary on the floor. Think of it like creating little pods of space.

Your living room area may have a rug, while your bedroom has another rug. It can give you a sense that you are leaving one area and entering another, without blocking off sightlines.

Set Your Bed Up Against a Wall

put your bed up against the wallIf possible, you are going to want to pick a wall in which you can place the head of your bed up against. This is something that helps to ground your bed and make you feel safe while sleeping. No one is going to come up from behind you. Having your head of the bed against a bed provides a sense of safety. Which of course then allows you to feel comfortable enough to sleep.

This is often mentioned when discussing feng shui in a bedroom. It is a little funny that our minds work in this way. However, it is rather universal that we feel more comfortable when our beds are up against a wall. If you cannot manage to do this in the space you have, creating the feeling of a wall can be helpful. This is where items like a bookshelf can help create that feeling of a wall.

Under Bed Storage

invest in underbed storageAnother tip for creating storage in a studio bedroom apartment, is to ensure your bed frame allows for underbed storage. This is a great place to put items that you do not need to access on a regular basis, like seasonal clothing, suitcases, etc.

Some underbed storage is easier to access than others. If your underbed storage is very easy to access, then you may be able to comfortably put items you use on a regular basis in your under-bed storage. Just remember, in a studio apartment every inch of useable storage space is helpful.

Large Nightstands

get an extra large nightstandAnother storage space hack for a studio style apartment is to maximize storage in the furniture you use. Instead of getting a sleek single drawer nightstand, if you have the space for it… go BIG! If you are going to take up some space in your loft apartment with a bedside table, then you might as well make sure it gives you as much space for extra storage as possible.

Instead of a simple table, get a something with many drawers. You can even use this to store some of your folded clothes or other items you need to keep close by. The more options you have for storage in a studio apartment bedroom, the better.

Block Out Light & Noise

block out unwanted lightMicrowaves, DVD players, fridges, and so on all have pesky lights that can illuminate your home at night. When your bedroom is in a different room, this is obviously not an issue. However, when your bed is in the same space as these appliances it can cause your whole bedroom to light up.

Light can be very disruptive to sleep. Whether it is ambient light coming in through the window, or all of the light coming from your different devices. It is important to find a way to block all that light out. Blackout curtains are a great option for blocking light coming from your windows. However, you may need added curtains around your bedroom or a face mask in order to block out all the light from coming inside of your home.

Hanging Exposed Wardrobe

open wardrobe to save spaceWhen storage is running low in a studio bedroom apartment, you may have to get creative. One way to do this is by having an exposed wardrobe. Simply pick up a few clothing racks and organize your clothes in an aesthetically pleasing way.

This tip is not for everyone, however if you love fashion and want a chance to see your beautiful clothes as much as possible, this is a great way to do that. Minimalists will also have an easy transition into seeing their clothes on a regular basis.

However, if you have an abundance of clothes and clutter. Then this may be too chaotic of an option for work in your home. You many want to consider minimizing your closet while living in a studio apartment, or choose to fold the majority of your items instead.

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Alternative Nightstands

If you do not have the floor space for bedside tables, then you may want to consider a headboard that has storage options, or a hanging shelf to use as a nightstand.

We often like to have things close by like a glass of water or a place to charge our phones etc. Having an alternative nightstand can be helpful when you are running low of space.

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Create The Best Studio Apartment Bedroom – Final Thoughts:

Creating the ideal studio apartment bedroom is not as simple as it may seem. Although, we hope our tips and tricks help you to make the perfect sleeping space in your studio bedroom. With a few small adjustments it can be rather simple to create a beautiful bedroom with some privacy in order to get a great night’s sleep.

creating a beautiful studio bedroom

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