December 11, 2019

Wool! Glorious Wool!

wool If you have seen any of our mattress video reviews that feature wool in the materials you already know I am a huge fan. However, it doesn’t stop at mattresses. With so many amazingly great and useful ways to use wool it can be incorporated everywhere. In this article I want to share why wool makes a great addition your bedroom in so many ways. But, also few in a few other areas it is ideal for too.

Whether you sleep hot or cold, live in a damp or dry climate or like a heavier or lighter feel, wool is a great option. The natural properties and benefits it provides will shock you. Unless you are vegan or have an allergy, wool is for you! This universal material is found around the world and has been used for hundreds of years.

Below I will go over the benefits and amazing natural properties wool offers. As well as some of my favorite products that either feature wool or are made of wool. Because wool is a glorious thing!

Wool – The Basics:

the process of woolIf you don’t know where wool comes from it is sheep. The fur of sheep is sheared periodically, at least once a year. However, unlike leather, the animal is not harmed during the process or harvesting wool. The raw wool, or fleece, then goes through multiple steps to clean and smooth the fleece. It can than be used as batting as is or is ready to be spun into yarn too.

With over 200 breeds found around the world this mammal has been a great resource for so many cultures. These various breeds offer different wool ranging from soft to course, fine to thick and even crimped or smooth. Bringing their own unique qualities but also offering similarities that will offer the same benefits across the board.

Wool – The Benefits:

The list of benefits wool offers may be a longer list than you realize. With historical uses dating back to 10,000+ years ago, wool has been a universally beneficial fiber. And it is easy to see why by the long list below.

baby sheeps wool
  • Temperature Regulating
  • Moisture Wicking (Repels Moisture)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dust Mite Resistant
  • Flame Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Absorbs Harmful Pollutants
  • Anti-Static
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Durable & Long Lasting
  • Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

With so many positives you can quickly see why this fiber is so universally used, and has been for thousands of years. Not to mention why it works in such a wide array of uses too. Wool almost seems too good to be true, but it isn’t. It is just tried and true!

Wool in the Bedroom:

As you can see from the extensive list of benefits wool offers, it can make for a great addition to your bedroom. Particularly the bed itself. From being used in your mattress to your mattress pad and even a comforter and pillows, you’ll find wool to help you sleep better, naturally.

Why Put Wool in Your Mattress?

natural woolFrom the list of benefits above it may or may not be apparent how wool benefits you and your sleep. Which is why we have the reasons wool will specifically be a great addition to your mattress.

– Temperature Regulation

Clearly when you sleep having a mattress that is cool when you’re hot and warm when your cold sounds too good to be true. However, that is exactly what wool will do. Keeping your body temperature regulated all night long for more comfortable sleep.

– Moisture Wicking

Going hand in hand with temperature regulation is being able to repel water. This is specifically for sweat. You should hopefully not get warm enough to sweat, but if you do wool repels water. Meaning that you won’t wake up in a sweaty mess.

– Natural Flame Retardant

wool batting

By adding wool you are also adding a layer that acts as a fire barrier. Meaning you don’t need to add a man-made fire sock to your mattress. This creates a more natural bed and a safer mattress too.

– Clean Mattress

By using wool you will have multiple ways your bed stays cleaner. It not only keeps sweat at bay but also is naturally hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and absorbs harmful pollutants. Meaning the surface you’re sleeping on is actually cleaner than a mattress without wool, especially over time.

– Added Comfort

Not only is wool amazing for the benefits listed above, but the naturally plush fiber adds a plush layer of comfort. It is durable and long lasting and doesn’t break down easily. Making it a great additional comfort layer, especially right below the cover.

Best Mattresses with Wool:

Now that you can see the advantages to having wool in your mattress it is time to see which beds out there have this amazing fiber. When it comes to mattresses that feature wool many times you’ll find a thick wool batting directly under the cover. Keeping the wool right at the top of the bed allows it to do it’s job best. Below is a list of several of our favorite mattresses that feature wool.

The 10 Most Comfortable Organic Wool Bedding Products

the best wool beddingOutside of your mattress there are several other great areas to incorporate wool. From wool mattress pads and topper to wool pillows and comforters, there is something for everyone. Even finding a super cute and super functional wool throw, there is a place for wool in almost every room.

Wool Mattress Pads:

wool mattress pad

Parachute Wool Mattress Pad

If you love your mattress but it doesn’t have wool there is a perfect solution. By adding a wool mattress pad or topper you’ll get the same great feel of your bed with the benefits of wool added too.

These mattress toppers and pads provide the same benefits of having wool in your mattress. Most obviously acting as a natural temperature regulator, moisture repellent, hypoallergenic, fire barrier and added layer of comfort.

Below are a few brands that offer either wool mattress toppers or wool mattress pads. And in some instances, both. With a slight variance in style and thickness, but for the most part will still provide the same qualities and benefits.

Pillows that Feature Wool:

wool pillow

Sleep & Beyond MyWooly Pillow

If you haven’t already noticed, the properties in wool are ideal for maximizing sleep. It is no surprise that a wool pillow, or at least using wool in your pillow is a logical option.

With the high durability of wool you won’t have your pillow flattening over time. And with the natural moisture wicking and temperature regulation your days of flipping the pillow to the cool side are over. Not to mention all allergens, dust mites and even harmful scents will not absorb into your pillow.

Below are two brands that feature wool in their pillows. With great qualities and prices that will give you a pillow that will last for years and years.

Comforters that Feature Wool:

wool comforter

Keetsa – Frankenmuth Woolen Mill Wool Comforter

If you want a good place to start with adding wool to your bedroom a nice wool comforter is a great option. Not only is this great for every sleeper, warm or cold, but will work all year round too. Making switching out your bedding seasonally a thing of the past.

These clean and sustainable comforters use only two materials. Organic wool and cotton. And with so many wool comforters now being machine washable it makes it even easier than ever. You’ll even find a range or thicknesses between thinner and thicker profiles to add the right amount of cushion.

Below are a few brands that offer luxurious wool comforters at great prices. You won’t be disappointed in adding this natural product to your bedroom. It will not only last for years and years, but will honestly make you wish you would have gotten one sooner.

The Best Wool Products Beyond the Bedroom

We love wool in the bedroom, but we also love it in all applications! From clothing to rugs to scarves, we find the beauty in this natural fiber everywhere. Below are some of our other favorite ways to incorporate wool into your home.

Cute Wool Throws & Blankets:

made trade wool throwWhether inside or outside of the bedroom a wool throw, or blanket, can keep you extra cozy. Having a wool blanket not only helps with warmth but also keeps moisture or dampness at bay, so it’s especially great on cool, damp days. They also come in so many cute patterns and colors that it can add a bit character to any space and is great to switch up seasonally.

Wool Slippers:

wool slippersIf you like a natural slipper that never gets too hot but keeps your feet perfectly warm and dry, wool slippers are the answer. These slippers are more like a house shoe than an overly clunky slipper. Making them great for day to day use almost all year round.

Wool Dryer Balls:

dryer ballsThis may be one of the coolest things you didn’t now existed! Wool dryer balls are just that. You use them instead of dryer sheets and they remove the static from your laundry. These reusable balls are ideal for a more naturally way to get the static out of your clothes. And the fact that they are 100% sustainable and reusable makes them that much more appealing.

Wool Bedding for Kids

This section is really sparked by my personal experience with wool bedding for my own children. If I hadn’t seen a direct positive impact on my daughter’s sleep from incorporating wool I don’t know if I would be quite so adamant. However, after experiencing a literal overnight change with her sleeping pattern I feel very strongly in relaying my own experience for the benefit of any children with difficulty sleeping. And more so, their parents.

Wool Bedding for Night Terrors

If your child has ever suffered from night terrors I feel for you. This unexplained occurrence can leave you and your child panicked, confused and at a loss of figuring out how to prevent it form happening again. Our daughter was having night terrors fairly regularly and almost always in the same pattern.

night terrorsIt started by her wanting to cuddle up in blankets to get warm when she first got into bed. Then she would fall asleep fairly hard and fast. After a few hours of sleeping cocooned in her bedding she would start to get hot and sweaty. This is when she would “wake up” roughly three hours later in a sweaty panic.

Anyone who has experienced a child having night terrors knows they aren’t 100% awake. It is usually the same state as someone who is sleep walking, where they aren’t coherent and even though they may be talking they aren’t really communicating. All that can really be done when night terrors occur is trying to calm and relax them back to sleep.

Only problem, when she fell back asleep it was in sweaty bedding that would then make her cold about an hour later. Waking her up yet again and wanting to cuddle for the sake of warming up.

Wool to the Rescue

After multiple nights of this happening and seeing a direct pattern I knew the problem. And it made it easier to also see the solution. I knew that if I could get a comforter that provided her with a cozy feeling initially but wouldn’t get hot and wet it might solve my problem. But where would I find this miracle blanket? I knew – WOOL!

sleep & beyond wool my comforterI jumped online and bought the wool MyComforter by Sleep & Beyond and was even more excited to see if my hypothesis held true. And it did! My daughter didn’t have any night terrors that very first night. Nor did she the night after, or after that and so on. At this point I have had her sleeping with her wool comforter for a week and it has 100% helped regulate her temperature, repelled moisture and is ideally warm and cool at the same time.

I am not only convinced this solved her specific trigger for night terrors, but it now makes me want to put a wool comforter on every bed in our house.

Night Terrors & Temperature Regulation

It is no surprise that children, who typically have some struggles with temperature regulation while sleeping, would benefit from wool. Whether your child suffers from night terrors or not. By offering a bedding material that allows them to stay comfortable all night will certainly help them sleep better.

I am not a doctor, or can link this to every night terrors case, but, if you see a pattern in your little ones nightly routine that has to do with temperature regulation, I would strongly suggest looking into incorporating wool into their bedding.

Wool! Glorious Wool!

As you can see wool has so many benefits. More benefits than you may have realized. When it comes to sleeping and getting your best and most comfortable sleep it might be just what you need. I am now more than ever sold on the amazing properties this 100% natural material brings to the table. Even with technology trying to create superior products and fibers nothing, is going to beat something that has proven itself for over 10,000 years.

sheeps wool bedding