September 17, 2023

Our Sleep Guide: Fall Favorites

fall favorites our sleep guide

I must admit, fall is my absolute favorite time of year! However, fall in Texas is much different than fall in Minnesota. Fall doesn’t really exist outside of what you make of it. With heat lingering in the 90’s well into October your left sweating in sweaters and boiling in boots. However, when you can keep your house at a more reasonable 72 degrees you can bring fall to you.

One of things I miss most about fall in the Midwest is when it finally gets cool enough to open your windows at night and let nature bring in a little chill. Making an extra plush blanket or flannel sheets necessary. And cozy jammies and wooly socks a must. Even in Texas I like to keep it cool enough at night to replicate this feeling sooner than December brings naturally. And thus necessitating some of my favorite fall finds for the bedroom.

Below I will share my snuggle worthy bedding essentials and fall favorites to help you get your bedroom extra cozy. From dreamy bedding that will not only keep you warm but also stylish. To the more bedding basics that will keep you comfortable for winter hibernation. And a few extras that will take your room from summer to autumn instantly. You won’t be disappointed!

Fall Favorites: Layer Your Bed Right

When it comes to bedding in general I love layers. Starting with a pair of ideal sheets and adding or removing layers of blankets and throws is key to finding a great balance of comfort. As well as adds so many pretty textures, colors and can be easily changed seasonally. I must admit throws and blankets overflow from our closet because there are so many beautiful options out there. Below are a few of my favorites that not only add ideal warmth, but make your bedroom stylish and fall ready.

Start With High Quality Sheets

crisp white sheets

When it comes to sheets you don’t want to skimp on quality. Sheets are not only the item you’ll be washing most and want to hold up well, but they are also the item that is actually touching your body and you want to feel good. Finding a durable set of sheets that feels nice is what you’ll want to look for.

Justin and I like to start with a pair or classic crisp white cotton sheets. This might sound a little boring, but they are the easiest to dress up or dress down. And the thick cotton has a nice smooth feel that isn’t too heavy or too thin. They are just cozy enough and wash and wear well.

There are a few high quality brands that offer amazing classic cotton sheets. Below are three outstanding options that offer what we love for fall favorite sheets. 100% cotton that is breathable yet comfy, classic crisp feel that is lightweight yet durable and they get better with every wash. All are also well priced which makes it easy to get a 2nd pair!

  • Parachute Brushed Cotton Sheets: BUY HERE
  • Brentwood Home Organic Cotton Sheets: BUY HERE – 10% Off With Code: OSG10
  • Tuft & Needle Percale Cotton Sheets: BUY HERE

Add Breezy Blankets

perfect fall bedding textures

One thing that I have found to be necessary whether in Minnesota or Texas is the need for a variety of blankets. The options between thicknesses, materials and textures is so versatile that every blanket is definitely not created equal. Though it may cause an issue with storage, having a variety of options really allows you create your ideal sleeping temperature any time of year.

When it comes to blankets I think it is important to always have at least one thinner blanket that adds minimal thickness and warmth. Like the Parachute bed cover. It is not only a beautiful texture but compliments the crisp cotton sheets by providing just a touch of warmth, perfect on it’s own for summer but great for layering in fall. While the Parachute Matelasse Coverlet is a tad thicker and again brings is different texture and warmth to your bed. While the Tuft & Needle quilt is even thicker without being a full on comforter that adds a classic feel.

Any and all of these blankets look beautiful layered together, or by themselves. And each offers a different level of thickness that can easily be swapped out depending on how warm or cool you are. Creating a classy bedroom that easily transitions through the beginning of fall into the winter months.

Keep A Cozy Comforter On Hand

buffy cloud comforter fall favorite

While blankets are awesome for providing layers and texture they sometimes leave you wanting a little more. Which is why if you like to keep your room cold or really want a snuggly thick blanket a comforter is your best option. While many comforters vary in quality and thickness there are a few out there that have really proven to be a solid choice.

I personally am fond of wool products that give you great temperature regulation. Meaning they help adjust to your bodies needs. Making them great for warmer and cooler sleepers. They often times can be found in a variety of thicknesses too. The Nest Bedding washable wool comforter is a great comforter that isn’t too thick but still keeps you warm. It certainly adds a little extra that a blanket lacks, while still partnering perfectly with a beautiful blanket or throw too.

Another great natural option is the Avocado alpaca duvet insert paired with the linen duvet. This combo gives you the best of a cozy comforter with the added luxury of a linen blanket. While the Buffy Cloud Comforter, Justin’s favorite comforter to date, is a fluffy, thick comforter that is literally like a cloud. But the great thing with this thicker comforter is that it isn’t too hot or too heavy. All of these comforter options make for great fall favorites in any bedroom.

  • Buffy Cloud Comforter: BUY HERE
  • Avocado Linen Duvet & Alpaca Insert: BUY HERE
  • Nest Bedding Washable Wool Comforter: BUY HERE

Have A Few Ideal Throws

avocado throw blanket

It really wouldn’t be a fall favorites list without a variety of throws. These smaller blankets may not cover the whole bed, but they are great if you just need a little extra warmth. Or if you want to add some fun colors or textures to your bed or bedroom.

As of right now we have three different throws scattered in our room. All a little different and all get used regularly. That is the great thing about throws is that they always manage to get used. And they are especially great when couples differ on what they want covering them.

When it comes to couples it is rare to have the same needs and wants when it comes to bedding. While one of you may sleep warmer and the other cooler, finding a happy medium isn’t always easy. Which is why having a few blankets in your bedroom comes in handy. I typically make our bed more for Justin’s warmer sleeping needs. Which means that I usually have a throw that I use on my half of the bed and it works perfectly for both of us.

Below are a few throws that are a perfect size for either snuggling up in on a chair. Or for covering half the bed when you need a little extra warmth. They also are some of the most beautiful designs and colors to bring a bit of autumn coziness into your room.

  • Avocado Alpaca Blanket: BUY HERE
  • Tuft & Needle 100% Recycled Yarn Throw: BUY HERE
  • Sheets & Giggles 100% Eucalyptus Throw: BUY HERE

Looking for more fall bedroom inspiration? Than you’ll love our guide: Fall 2022 Bedroom Trends 

Year Round Bedding Essentials

Styling a bed is way more fun than picking out the essentials. However, if you are looking to make your bed cozy, the essentials can go a long way in taking it there. That could mean adding an extra cushiony layer with a mattress topper, or finding a new fluffy pillow or just making sure your mattress is properly protected while you sip your pumpkin spice latte while reading in bed. Below we have the best bedding additions that not only make your bed snuggle ready, but more comfortable for better sleep any time of year too.

Perfect Pillows

Some may say that the pillow is just as important to your comfort as you mattress. We definitely know they go hand-in-hand with ensuring proper alignment and working with your mattress. Finding an ideal pillow will certainly enhance how you sleep.

side sleeper pillow by nest beddingWhile side sleepers may need a slightly thicker pillow to accommodate shoulder space a stomach sleeper will need a thin pillow to keep them more level. While back sleepers tend to have a bit more wiggle room and mostly comes down to personal comfort. In the end, with any sleeper really comes down to their personal comfort.

When it comes to adding some new pillows to your bed tis fall we have a few favorites. While we have tried many pillows there are a few that always stand out. Knowing that each person has different needs finding a pillow like the Helix adjustable pillow is perfect. It offers easily adjustable comfort inserts to create the ideal loft height for every sleeper.

Another adjustable pillow, and one that works wonderfully for side sleepers, is the Nest Bedding side sleeper pillow. This pillow is perfectly shaped for side sleepers to snuggle in and offers a zipper to adjust the fill. Another great choice is the Tuft & Needle down alternative pillows. This classic pillow style is hypo-allergenic and offers a cushy loft that adds a little extra oomph to your bed. A great addition for every day sleep or your extra shams.

  • Helix Adjustable Pillow: BUY HERE
  • Nest Bedding Side Sleeper Pillow: BUY HERE
  • Tuft & Needle Down Alternative Pillow: BUY HERE

Mattress Protectors

helix mattress protector

One thing that every mattress needs is a mattress protector. I don’t care what time of year, what day of the week or who’s room it is in. Every bed in your house should be protected. While protectors ensure no stains and no accidents get to your mattress, they also protect against other things you might not even think about. Like dust mites and sweat, that actually take the biggest toll on your mattress long term.

There are a variety of great mattress protectors out there. We like the ones that typically offer 5-sides of protection as well as a waterproof membrane. There are also options out there that offer some other features that are highly appealing as well. Like cooling factors, or natural materials. Below are three of our favorite mattress protectors, for various reasons.

  • Helix Waterproof Mattress Protector: BUY HERE
  • Avocado Organic Mattress Protector: BUY HERE
  • Nest Bedding Cool Cotton Protector: BUY HERE

Mattress Toppers

alpaca wool mattress topper cotton cover

If you have a super comfortable mattress than this is definitely not for you. However, if you invested into a sturdy, firm mattress that you want to last for the long haul but it’s not quite as comfortable as you’d like, than you’re in luck! Adding a mattress pad to your bed can give you additional comfort without taking the wear out on your mattress. Giving you a pad that can be replaced over time, if needed, while still keeping your mattress.

With so many mattress pads out there you can get the perfect comfort on any mattress. A few we love are natural wool mattress toppers that add a thick layer of wool batting to add just a touch of comfort with several other added benefits. As well as thick memory foam toppers that add a distinct pressure relieving feel that really give you a new kind of comfort. As well as a more classic plush topper that offers thick quilted fibers that feel like an added pillow top. Below are three mattress pads that offer just that!

  • Avocado Alpaca Wool Topper: BUY HERE
  • Brentwood Home Memory Foam Topper: BUY HERE – 10% Off With Code: OSG10
  • Helix Plush Bamboo Topper: BUY HERE

Cozy Autumn Extras

Now that your bed is perfect it’s time to consider what else can make you a little more comfortable once it cools down. For me, I love a set of soft lightweight pj’s, as well as some toasty socks or slippers.

And, I can’t help but make sure my room has the best fall scents and perfect ambiance with an array of candles. Not to mention a few seasonal throw pillows that add some extra charm and texture to your bed or favorite chair. These definitely are all must haves on my fall favorites list!

fall favorite extras

Bring On The Fall Favorites!

Now that your bedroom is ready for cooler weather you can spend more time shopping for cute sweaters and boots. And getting your fix of apple cider donuts and pumpkin spice everything! Fall is an amazing time of year that perfectly propels us into the holiday season.

While every season has it’s perfect timing it is hard not to look at fall with a little more envy these days. While my vista isn’t filled with colored leaves and a crispness in the air it certainly is filled with plenty of my fall favorites!

fall favorites