April 14, 2024

Bear Mattresses: Elite Hybrid, Hybrid, Pro & Original

bear mattresses elite hybrid pro original

When it comes to quality online mattresses at a great price Bear Mattress certainly comes to mind. This company has strived to make high quality and durable mattresses that don’t break the bank. A rarity when prices seem to keep increasing and increasing and quality downgraded. This company has put forth much effort to come out with some truly fantastic products.

Bear offers a range of mattresses from a very affordable all foam to a more expensive (but still affordable) elite hybrid. As well as a few more in between. We will take a look at the full line up of the Bear mattresses to give you a great overview of this company as well as the solid beds that you can expect.

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Bear Mattresses Reviewed

bear hybrid vs luft hyrbidIt is a little hard to judge all the Bear mattresses against each other. However, it isn’t in a bad way but because all of these mattresses are such great quality, offer a plethora of benefits and are very well priced. Putting them side by side is like splitting hair when it comes to determining which is best in most categories.

But, luckily for you that means that regardless of which option you find to be the best fit for you you’ll be able to count on getting a high quality mattress that you’ll surely love. Below we will start with a quick overview of each of the Bear mattresses. Next we will go through which mattress we think works in a variety of categories and needs. Helping you find the perfect fit.

Also, make sure to check out our full reviews of the Bear mattresses too. Especially if there is one in particular you are looking for even more great details on.

Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress Review |Bear Hybrid Mattress Review | Bear Pro Mattress Review | Bear Original Mattress Review

Why Choose Bear Elite Hybrid?

  • bear elite materials5 Layers | 14″ Premium Hybrid
  • 3 Comfort Options: Plush, Luxury Firm & Extra Firm
  • Solid Build with High-End Feel
  • Minimal Motion Transfer
  • Cooling Properties
  • Very Solid Edge Support
  • Great for ALL Sleepers
  • USA Made
  • 365-Night Trial & Lifetime Warranty
  • Price Range: $1399 – $2099
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The newest bed to the Bear line-up is a super exciting addition that gives you a few things the others don’t offer. Unlike the Bear Hybrid, Pro and Original, the Bear Elite has a variety of comfort options. This means that you get an even better fit for exactly your needs. While we love the most popular luxury firm feel, the luxury plush is so comfy if you are a dominate side sleeper. And the extra firm is a truly firm yet contouring option ideal for back sleepers.

bear elite zoned comfort foam

This mattress also offers a cool-to-the-touch mattress cover. This enhances its cooling capabilities to go through the night to ensure you never get too hot. On top of that this mattress still uses the Celliant properties Bear is known for, along with the other amazing properties of copper that is infused in the top layer of memory foam.

There is also a unique layer of specialty cut foam designed for amazing pressure relief in all the right spots. This technology not only enhances the comfort but also provides added cooling in the aeration it provides. Making the Bear Elite deserving of its name.

We could go on and on about how this mattress stands out and truly is a step above for minimal price difference. Which is why we recommend checking out our full review of the Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress!

bear elite hybrid mattress

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Why Choose Bear Hybrid?

  • bear hybrid materials5 Layers
  • 13″ Height
  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Celliant® Technology
  • Great Traditional Feel
  • Extra Supportive
  • 8″ Pocketed Coils
  • Universal Medium-Firm Feel
  • Pillow Top Comfort
  • Great for All Sleeping Positions
  • Price Range: $936 – $1499
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The Bear Hybrid may not be the original Bear, but it may be the most popular. This super thick and ideally comfortable mattress will appeal to ALL sleepers. Not just because of the super balanced feel and unwavering support, but also because it is ideal comfort for all sizes, shapes and sleeping positions. Making this mattress a truly universally appealing bed.

Not to mention the benefits of a hybrid mattress create plenty of air flow and heat dissipation for better temperature regulation. As well as Quantum edge coils for even better edge support. And a combination of individually wrapped coils and solid foams for minimal partner disturbance. All this and you can understand why this is the most desired option of the Bear mattresses.


bear hybrid

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Why Choose Bear Pro?

  • bear pro materials4 Layers
  • 12″ Height
  • All-Foam Mattress
  • Celliant® Technology
  • Geared Toward Athletes
  • Universal Medium-Firm Feel
  • Extra Cooling Features
  • Great for All Sleeping Positions
  • Price Range: $749 – $1218
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The Bear Pro mattress is the newest addition to the Bear mattress family. This all foam mattress is a 12″ upgrade from the original Bear and features a slightly softer feel coming in at a true medium.

It also offers a layer of copper infused foam that enhances not only it’s cooling properties but also keeps the mattress cleaner and ups it’s healing properties. And also uses gel infused memory foam for perfected pressure relief. Which is why this mattress is literally for the pros.

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Why Choose Bear Original?

  • bear original materials3 Layers
  • 10″ Height
  • All-Foam Mattress
  • Celliant® Technology
  • Very Affordable Price
  • Memory Foam Comfort
  • Universal Firmer Feel
  • Great for Back & Stomach Sleepers
  • Price Range: $561 – $936
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The original Bear all foam mattress is the most affordable option. Giving you an amazing 10″ three layer mattress that provides a solid and durable bed on a budget. The addition of Celliant in the cover makes it great for athletes or anyone looking for help with recovery.

This mattress was the first mattress introduced by Bear, giving it a well known and praised reputation. This simple design is effective and ideal for anyone looking for a medium-firm all foam bed that delivers.

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What Is Celliant® Technology?

One feature that you will get with any Bear Mattress you choose, you will get the Celliant fabric on the top of their mattress. This material is often used to aid recovery and healing in the body. So how does it work? The Celliant material takes the heat and energy your body puts out and turns it into infrared energy and then emits it back toward your body. This is said to help rejuvenate the body.

We have not done our own studies to prove whether or not this truly speeds up the recovery or healing process. However, if you are wanting to learn more about the material and how it works, then Click This Link.

celliant fibers mattress benefits reviews

Who Wins? Bear Mattresses Side by Side

Now that you know a little about each mattress it may, or may not, be easy to see how each would benefit your sleep. Each of these beds is great in its own way. However, if you are looking for a specific benefit from your mattress a quick side by side “best for” section will help you even more.

Best Bear for Side Sleepers:

bear elite hybrid mattressWhat side sleeper need most out of their mattress is a bed that allows pressure relief for their shoulders and hips in order to keep proper spinal alignment. If a bed is too firm it can cause pain and discomfort for side sleepers.

Typically we suggest a soft to medium firmness for side sleepers. The Original Bear, Bear Pro and Bear Hybrid are closer to a Medium-Firm feeling bed. However, the pillow topper on the hybrid mattress does make it the most suitable for side sleepers of these three. As long as that don’t mind a slightly firmer than medium feeling bed.

However, the Bear Elite Hybrid offers the Luxury Plush feel that is slightly softer than a medium feel. As well as the amazing cut foam technology to allow side sleepers to get an almost perfect pressure reliving feel for their shoulders and hips. Ultimately the Bear Elite is definitely the winner for the choice of dominate side sleepers.

Best Bear for Back Sleepers:

bear mattress best for back sleepersCalling all Back Sleepers! Take your pick. As long as a mattress falls within the  Medium-Firm to Firm range, most back sleepers will be able to find enough comfort and support.

Whether you prefer a firmer feeling all foam like the Original Bear, and more adaptive foam feel like the Bear Pro you’ll be set. Otherwise if a hybrid is your preferred style both the original Bear Hybrid or the Elite Hybrid will work great. If you are going with the Elite we would suggest the luxury firm or extra firm for back sleepers.

Best Bear for Stomach Sleepers:

best bear mattress for stomach sleepersTypically finding a great mattress for Stomach Sleepers is the most difficult to find. However, we found that all of the Bear Mattresses worked well for stomach sleeping too.

All of the Bear mattresses offer great support, whether through all foam or hybrid. And the medium-firm comfort is ideal for sleeping on your stomach. Allowing for a firm enough surface that your back doesn’t bow, but still comfortable enough too.

Overall, our favorite option for stomach sleepers would have to be the Original Bear as it has the firmest feel and provides the most support, keeping hips from sinking in too deep. Though the extra firm Bear Elite is another fantastic option too.

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Best Bear for Sleeping Cool:

top mattress from bear for sleeping coolWhen it comes to sleeping cool the Bear Hybrid Elite takes the win with Bear Hybrid close behind. Bear Hybrid Elite and Bear Hybrid offer huge benefits to sleeping cool which their coil systems. The substantial 8″ of coils gives a large amount of space for air to move through the bed. This gives a lot of space for heat to dissipate and move out of the mattress.

The Bear Elite has a copper infused top layer of memory foam as well as a cool to the touch cover. While the copper helps to draw heat away from the body allowing the surface to stay cooler next to your body. The cover also pulls heat away for a surface that stays cool and dry all night long. All of this combine with the aerated cut foam and coil system makes for the coolest Bear mattress out there!

The Bear Hybrid also does a great job for keeping cool too. However, the added features of the Bear Elite do give it an edge that keeps you truly cool all night long.

Want to learn more? Head to the Bear Elite Hybrid Review to get our full unbiased review.

Best Bear for Motion Transfer:

best bear mattress value prices overallAnother close call is defining which Bear Mattress is best at absorbing motion transfer. In our opinion, all of them win! Each of the Bear Mattresses are great when it comes to minimizing motion transfer & partner disturbance. Both foam beds do great at instantly absorbing movement. While the individual coils in the hybrids do an equally awesome job at minimizing motion. We would say that this is a total toss up and all will do a great job for you.

However, if we have to split hairs we would maybe say that the extra foam in the Elite gives it a slight edge over the Hybrid. And the added layer in the Pro gives it a slight edge over the Original. However, it is really is barely a noticeable difference when it comes to the which one is truly the winner here, making all the Bear Mattresses strong options here.

Head to our full written review over the Bear Pro Mattress to learn more.

Best Bear for Edge Support:

top bear mattress for edge and side supportWhile it can be nice to have plenty of edge support in a mattress when sitting at the end of your bed. It is much more important to have enough edge support for the full sleeping surface of a bed.

The Bear Hybrid and Bear Elite have great support for side sitting and consistent sleeping surface support. Both of these beds offer coil systems with reinforced edge support. Meaning that the perimeter will have a solid feel that gives you full use of either bed, even up to the very edge. Making both of these two options best for mattresses with robust edge support.

Both the Bear Original and Bear Pro do well for edge support. Though they do not have the same reinforced coils that the Bear Elite Hybrid and Bear Hybrid have.

Best Bear for Overall Comfort:

best bear mattress for stomach sleepers and overall comfortTaking into account all of the different sleeping preferences, firmness needs and comfort qualities we believe the Bear Hybrid is the most universally comfortable mattress. It also scores high across the board in every other category too. Making it not only a comfortable bed but solid investment too.

If you are looking for a bed that offers a more premium feel than Bear Elite is certainly for you. The fact that you can choose which comfort is most ideal doesn’t hurt either. While anyone looking for an all foam more affordable bed the firmer Original Bear or the more contouring comfort of the Bear Pro will be nice too.

But, again, the Bear Hybrid is going to work for nearly every sleeping position, sleep cooler, and offer great support, and all for a very affordable price too. Making it a great choice for couples with different sleeping preferences or for anyone unsure of what they really need/prefer in a mattress. It is a good crowd pleaser.

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Bear Mattress Brand: Need To Know

bear mattress box

With every online bed-in-a-box mattress there are a few things you can expect. With this unique buying process you’ll have several added perks. As well as a few company policies that make this mattress and brand excel.

  • Free Shipping & Delivery
  • 365 Night Trial Period
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Financing Options
  • CertiPUR-US Certified Foams
  • Celliant® Fibers
  • Proud Partner with Good Sports
  • Made in America

Bear Mattresses Prices: WITH 25% OFF COUPON*

Elite Bear  Bear Hybrid Bear Pro Original Bear
Twin Size: $1399 $936 $749 $561
Twin XL Size: $1499 $1030 $843 $609
Full Size: $1599 $1124 $936 $655
Queen Size: $1799 $1299 $1030 $749
King Size: $2099 $1499 $1218 $936
Cal King Size: $2099 $1499 $1218 $936
Split King Size: $2998 $2060 $1685 $1217


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Best Bear Mattress for Value:

When you look at the prices of these beds it is easy to see that the Original Bear mattress is by far the most cost effective. However, when determining the most valuable mattress, we are determining which bed gives you the most mattress for your money.

bear mattresses best value

The Bear Brand comes out with quality beds made to order in the USA. These beds are made with quality materials that are going to last. It is difficult to pick which of the bear mattresses has the best value because they have such similar quality with different benefits and comfort preferences.

At the end of the day the best bed for your money is going to be the mattress that makes you the most comfortable. No matter which bed you purchase from Bear is going to be a well made, long lasting mattress. So we suggest getting the bed that suites your needs most.

If the most budget friendly mattress, the Bear Original is your favorite, then lucky you! But, if you prefer the comfort and coolness of the Bear Hybrid, you are getting a great mattress at a reasonable price too. And if a luxury all foam mattress that offers enhanced foams is for you, than the Bear Pro is worth every penny and than some. It all depends on your budget, desired benefits and comfort preferences.

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Bear Mattresses Review Wrap-up:

We enjoy all of the mattresses in the Bear family for exactly what they are. Each bed does a great job at providing loads of specific comfort. The Pro and Hybrid are the best for the majority of sleeping positions. While the Original Bear has a firmer feel which is preferred by most stomach sleepers and many back sleepers. Whether you want the motion deadening benefits of the Bear Pro or the hybrid support of the Bear Hybrid, the is a truly a little something for everyone in the Bear Mattress Line.

Learn more about each Bear Mattress on their individual mattress reviews:

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bear mattresses elite hybrid pro original

If you have any lingering questions or if you’re looking for any specific recommendations, feel free to Contact Us. We would be happy to help you out in anyway we can.