April 25, 2024

Best Cooling Sleep Products For Hot Sleepers

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If you’re a hot sleeper you may think that nothing will help, other than blasting the air conditioner. However, if you incorporate a few products that will help neutralize your body temperature, maybe you won’t need to spend quite so much on your energy bills. Our list of best sleep products for hot sleepers incorporates several bedroom accessories that keep you cool. Whether it is through the latest technology or centuries old properties, each of these products will help you get better sleep.

Natural or Innovative?

When it comes to choosing what sleep products will help you sleep coolest there are several amazing options out there. We have noticed that there are several product lines that focus on using materials that are organic and natural and inherently help regulate temperature. While several other companies opt for the latest technology to find the best products to help you sleep cool.

best products for sleeping cool

We think that there are several great natural as well as innovative mattresses and bedding accessories. But at the end of the day the right choice is the one that is going to help you get the best rest. Below we have found some of our favorite natural and technology driven products that ensure a cool night of sleep. If you have a specific product in mind you can jump right to it by using the table of contents below.

Best Natural Sleep Products for Hot Sleepers

To start we will look at several products that use organic and natural properties to keep you cool. All of the below mattresses and bedding accessories incorporate materials that are inherently great for neutralizing heat, allowing air flow and wicking away moisture. Inlcuding latex, wool and cotton. Along with a few other materials mother nature has provided. Making them not only amazing for sleeping cool, but doing so as nature intended.

Natural Mattresses For Sleeping Cool

Below are a few of our favorite natural mattresses. They are not only amazingly comfortable and supportive, but also fabulous at helping you sleep temperature neutral. Each uses an array of materials that are known to create a cool bed all night long.

Avocado Green Mattress

avocado mattress for large people

The original Avocado Green Mattress is the coolest natural option because of the high quality inherently cooling materials used to make it. The recycled coil system allows for a lot of heat to escape instead of building up inside of the bed. While the cotton, wool and latex combination is perfect for keeping your bed a neutral temperature while you sleep.

Cotton is breathable and lets air easily flow through. While the wool does an impeccable job at ensuring you never get too hot or too cold as well as wicks away moisture. And the natural Dunlop latex layer is breathable and doesn’t retain heat like other man made foams. All together this makes for a great cooling mattress. And one of the best organic mattresses too!

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Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress by Brentwood Home

best mattress for hot sleepers

The Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress by Brentwood Home is also a great choice for hot sleepers. Their design is made to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. They have two different types of wool layers to keep you as cool as possible. Incorporating a New Zealand Joma Wool as well as an Alpaca Wool. These are both not only cushioning layers but are ideal for keeping you temperature neutral as you sleep.

The Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress also has a hybrid design with a heat dissipating coil system. This helps to keep air flowing through the center of the bed. While the comfort layers of latex relieve pressure while not retaining heat. Making this another amazing natural mattress that is also one cool bed.

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Natural Mattress Toppers For Warm Sleepers

Do you already have a mattress that you love but just need a cooling mattress top? We have some great suggestions for natural toppers that will help regulate temperature, wick away moisture and help you stay cool for better sleep without replacing your entire mattress.

Avocado Alpaca Topper

best mattress topper for hot sleepers
If you are looking to not change the feel of your bed too much but add an element of temperature regulation, this is the topper for you. The Alpaca Mattress Topper by Avocado is just plush enough but what really sets it apart is how light and breathable it is.

The multiple layers of wool and cotton make for a cooling cloud like sleep surface. One natural material that is prized for it’s temperature neutralizing capabilities is wool. Whether it comes from a sheep or an alpaca, wool is wonderful for keeping you cool and dry. Pair this with soft and breathable cotton and you have a winner.

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Birch Latex Topper

best topper for hot sleepers

Another great option for a cooling natural topper is the Birch Mattress Topper. This topper uses the amazing natural properties of latex to not only keep you cool but give you some added responsive comfort. Making it one of the top cooling mattress toppers we have seen.

The Birch Living Mattress Topper has three layers that are made to replicated the cooling comfort and support of the top of the Birch Mattress. By combining consistent and airy Talalay latex with heat regulating wool and topping it with an organic cotton cover, you’ll get a mattress topper that will ensure you stay cool and dry.

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Natural Pillows For Cool Sleep

You might not realize it, but your pillow may be the reason for your discomfort as well as overheating at night. If you have a pillow that holds heat and you are constantly flipping, you may need one that sleeps cooler.

Birch Pillow

Birch pillow

Looking for a cooling pillow this is made out of natural and organic materials? The Birch Pillow is our top choice. Filled with New Zealand Wool and Natural Latex this pillow is made to stay cool and supportive with the just right about of pressure relief. This is top notch pillow that will keep you cool and comfortable.

The great thing about this pillow is that it uses shredded materials opposed to a solid latex pillow. Which not only gives you a more accommodating feel, but also gives you better breathability. Adding to what makes this a top cooling pillow naturally.

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Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow

talalay latex pillow

If you are looking for a natural pillow that uses a solid piece of foam opposed to a shredded pillow, we would recommend the Talalay Latex pillow by Brooklyn Bedding. This pillow is buoyant and a little thicker than the Birch, making this a little more ideal if you’re a side sleeper. This solid piece of latex foam has perfectly placed holes to allow air to flow. And it is covered in a soft and breathable organic cotton cover.

This pillow also comes in a thinner or thicker profile, as well as a s queen and king size. Allowing you to find a cooling pillow that is also most ideal for your needs.

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Natural Sheets For Warm Sleepers

Another area to consider when you sleep hot is what sheets you’re sleeping in. Sheets can sometimes be the culprit to what is causing extra heat build up. Below are a few sheet set options that use the best natural cooling fibers to breath better and let air flow.

Brentwood Home Organic Cotton Sheets

best sheets for people who get hot at night

Cotton is such a classic material to use for sheets. We love a quality Organic Cotton Sheet and that is exactly what this set is from Brentwood Home. Quality sheets made out of Organic Certified India Cotton. Their sateen weave gives them a cool and silky smooth finish. You will stay cool and breezy with these sheets from Brentwood Home.

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Buffy Sheets

buffy natural sheets

These 100% Eucalyptus are said to be even softer and even cooler than cotton. This completely natural material also pulls away moisture as well as helps prevent the formation bacteria. Making them a cleaner set of sheets as well as eco-friendly.

Buffy goes a step further, by only using natural dyes to color their sheets. Meaning that the beautiful colors are from flowers, spices and fruits to make them vibrant and still sustainable. Making them amazing sheets that even go above organic cotton to deliver on benefits.

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Natural Mattress Protector For Hot Sleepers

When it comes to protecting your mattress, you may find that is where the heat subsides. Many times mattress protectors that are have a layer of man-made water proofing may not be breathable and trap heat. However, finding a protector that uses only natural materials may be the solution.

Avocado Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector

best natural cooling protector

Avocado has managed to create a natural mattress protector that is equally cool and comfortable as it is protective. The mattress protector is a familiar enemy of any and all hot sleepers as they typically lack breath-ability and heat up quickly. This is not the case with the Avocado Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector.

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Best Innovative Sleep Products for Hot Sleepers

Now that you’ve seen all the natural products it is time to see some of the same products but made with the help of the latest technology. These mattresses and bedding give you some great options that use a variety of great natural materials, but with some innovative upgrades to make them equally cool.

Innovative Mattresses For Hot Sleepers

Below are a few of our favorite innovative mattresses that will appeal to hot sleepers. They use some amazing technology driven materials to not only deliver on a cooling sleep surface, but add to the overall comfort too.

Aurora by Brooklyn Bedding

best overall mattress for hot sleepers

From the moment you first touch the top of the Aurora Mattress you will feel exactly why this mattress is on this list. Brooklyn Bedding has topped their Aurora mattress with their TitanCool material. This Phase Change Material is used in their quilted cover is cool the the touch and helps keep you cool through the night.

It also features several layers of foam that all have added cooling properties. It also has a hybrid design which allows for any retained heat to dissipate through the center of the bed.

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Purple Hybrid

best cooling mattress purple hybrid premiere

All of the Purple Mattress feature their cooling purple hyper-polymer grid on top, however this mattress has a hybrid design. Which means not only does it have the cooling effect of their top material, it also have the benefits of a breathable coil system as well. Making this a great mattress for anyone who tends to sleep hot and is looking for a cool escape.

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Innovative Mattress Topper For Warm Sleepers

We love natural for most options, but if you are looking for a product that literally makes your bed cold than you may want something that is totally technology driven. Giving you access to innovative ways to ensure you’ll be the perfect temperature throughout the night.

Eight Sleep Pod Thermo Cover

eight pod cover for sleeping cool

The Eight Sleep Pod Thermo Cover is ideal for any 10″ to 11″ mattress that you want to add some serious temperature control to. This mattress pad uses amazing technology to cool or warm each side of the bed between 55 to 110 degrees.

By using cold or warm water to circulate through the pad your bed can be 100% controlled to feel the exact temperature that is best for you. This is one area that nature may be outdone when it comes to the best sleep products for hot sleepers.

Click the link to get all the information on the Eight Sleep Pod along with other Eight Sleep products.

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Innovative Cooling Pillows For Hot Sleepers

Similar to the materials in the mattresses above you’ll notice similar, if not the exact same materials used in new age pillows. These may have an interesting feel at first, but if you are a truly hot sleeper, you may find these really take the heat away.

Purple Pillow

purple pillow

Yet another product by Purple, the maximum airflow provided by their signature purple polymer grid is just fantastic for staying cool while you sleep. The original Purple Pillow is nothing but this grid, shaped specifically to provide proper spinal alignment while you sleep on your back. This is a great option for anyone who wants to stay extra cool.

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Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Pillow

best memory foam pillow

This Luxury Cooling Pillow is a better pillow option for anyone who wants to stay cool, but prefers a more traditional pillow shape and feel. They covered this pillow with their TitanCool fabric. Making this pillow cool to the touch and will help keep your head and shoulders from heating up during the night.

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Innovative Sheets for Hot Sleepers

When it comes to finding sheets that are nice and cool, natural materials still seem to dominate. However, the technology comes into play when you start combining materials to develop new materials that take the best of feel, coolness and durability. They may still have natural materials, but how they are combine is new and innovative.

Eli & Elm Whitney Sheets

twin eli and elm whitney sheets review

We’d have to say that the Eli & Elm Whitney Sheets are one of the best combination of materials used to create very cool sheets. The yarn of these sheets is made from cotton, natural cellulose materials (lyocell) and paraffin plant oil.

The lyocell and paraffin introduces the latest phase changing technology into the soft and solid cotton thread. This unique incorporation of these materials also creates a highly advanced technology for thermo-regulation. As well as wicks away moisture. Giving them a natural mix of materials to create the best innovative sheet set out there.

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Helix Tencel Sheets

helix tencel sheets for hot sleepers

The Helix Sleep sheets are another brand that uses the material of Tencel. This fiber takes Modal and Lyocell fibers and weaves them together in order to create a naturally cool and breathable silky soft material. These Tencel sheets by Helix are going to change the way you think of sheets. So silky and breathable they are the perfect choice to hot sleepers.

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Innovative Mattress Protectors For Sleeping Cool

When it comes to mattress protectors you often times have a heavier, water protective barrier that traps heat and adds discomfort to warm sleepers. However, the mattress protectors below help offset heat and actually add cooling properties to give you more great technology driven sleep products for hot sleepers.

Eli & Elm PCM Mattress Protector

the top choice of mattress topper for hot sleepers

Mattress protectors are notoriously hot and crunchy, but that all changes with the Eli & Alm PCM Mattress Proctor. This mattress protector is not only going to keep your mattress safe from allergens, spills and more. It will also keep you cool throughout the night. You will never want a different mattress protector after you try this one by Eli & Elm.

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Click this link to learn more about the Eli & Elm Mattress Protector.

Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Mattress Protector

best choice of mattress protector for hot sleepers

This ultra cool mattress protector is a winner. We love it’s ability to protect your mattress while keeping you nice and cool. It has the same TitanCool technology as the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress and their luxury cooling pillow, and we think you will love them all.

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Innovative Cooling Bedroom Products

Bed Jet

For everyone who has tried everything and still wants to blast the AC, the Bed Jet is for you. (Especially if you have a sleeping partner who is always shivering while you sweat. Make your side of the mattress as cool as you want it. Get cool air directly where you need in under your blanket. This is a fast and effective way to cool down right away. (Also has heating for that cold winter months)

awesome gadgets for people who get hot when they sleep

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A smart mattress pad that heats and cools water that runs trough very small tubes in order to make your mattress the perfect sleeping temperature for you. This is also a great option for couples as it has dual controls in order to keep your side cool even if they like their side toasty warm.

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Moona Pillow Pad

Constantly looking for the cool side of the pillow? You won’t need to worry about flipping your pillow over anymore, with the Moona Pillow Pad. This innovative pillow pad sits right under your pillow case. With the push of a button or control on your phone you can control the temperature of your pillow all night long.

The Moona Pillow Pad has an active thermo-regulation system to ensure your pillow is constantly cool. Not only does this pillow pad cool but it also has the option to warm as well. Giving you the ability to change the temperature of your pillow to whatever temperature you prefer.

moona pillow pad cool

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Best Sleep Products For Hot Sleepers

Say goodbye to sleepless sweaty nights, and say hello to sleeping cool throughout the night. These products from pillows and mattresses, to smart tech mattress pads are sure to keep your bed cool even if you tend to heat up during the night. Staying an optimal sleep temperature is vital for getting an interrupted nights rest and we believe these products will help you do just that.

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Still not sure which items will work best for you? Head over to our Contact Us page and shoot us a message. We would love to help you out in anyway we can.