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Accessory Review Buffy Eucalyptus Sheets

These lyocell sheets by Buffy are made out of Eucalyptus Fibers, which is cooler and more breathable than cotton. You heard that right, eucalyptus sheets are cooler, more breathable than standard cotton sheets. They also become more and more soft with every wash. Buffy also made these sheets using only natural dyes. Making these oh so comfortable sheets beautiful shades of grey, pink, and blue. Keep reading to find out what makes these sheets so unique.

eucalyptus sheets by buffy

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Naturally Dyed Buffy Sheets:

natural plant based dyes and colorants sheets A unique and appealing draw to the Buffy Eucalyptus sheets is that their pastel colors are made using only natural dyes. Instead of using bleach or synthetic colorants, Buffy uses materials like safflower, indigo, pomegranate, and turmeric to dye their sheets. All dyed in small batches using these different plants and minerals for the colors.

The colors are all soft due to this natural dying process and it is important to follow care instructions in order to avoid fading. But you know you are sleeping in eco-friendly and natural sheets that are not covered in synthetic chemicals. That is a win.

What Are Buffy Sheets Made Out Of?

review over eucalyptus fabric sheetsWhen it comes to sheets, material is everything. The Buffy Sheets are made out of 100% Eucalyptus. Buffy uses eucalyptus responsibly sourced from renewable eucalyptus farms in Australia and Czech Republic.

This eucalyptus then goes through several processes in order to create Lyocell fibers that are formed into a thread. These threads are then formed into a material that is light, cool, breathable, and oh so soft.

Buffy is making an attempt to be eco-friendly. Their goal is to have a closed-loop supply chain by 2030. A closed-loop supply chain is ideally, a zero-waste supply chain that completely reuses, recycles, or composts all materials. While this has not been accomplished as of yet we are curious to see the actions Buffy takes to get there.

Love eco-friendly sheets but still think you prefer cotton? Check out or review on California Cotton Sateen Sheets to see if they are a better fit for you.

Buffy Sheets Care Instructions:

line dry sheets by buffy For the care and keeping of the Buffy Sheets, they suggest washing with cold water and gentle plant-based detergent. Ideally, they suggest line drying your sheets. Although a second option can be to use your dryer on a cool gentle setting. Heat can damage the sheets and cause fading. They also suggest using wool balls to cut down on dry time whenever possible.

While some of these are more of earth friendly guidelines then what is best for the sheets. It is always best to follow care instructions whenever possible. Using cool settings will help most with preserving the color of your sheets.

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Buffy Sheet Options

Size Options:

review of the buffy sheets and accessories The Buffy Eucalyptus sheets come in all of the standard sizes, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. The fitted sheets come in at 15” deep, allowing them to fit over most mattresses. Each size comes with the two pillow cases, fitted, and a flat sheet. If you prefer, Buffy now also sells matching duvet covers as well.

These duvet covers are great option for anyone who loves the Buffy comforter. It is nice and breathable allowing you to get the breathable fluffy comfort of the comforter, with the easy cleaning of a duvet.

Color Options:

buffy blue eucalyptus sheets set As we mentioned earlier, Buffy made these sheets without using any bleach chlorine or synthetic dyes. Instead they opted for more gentle and natural dying methods.

This lends for soft calming colors that are perfect for a peaceful bedroom. The colors they have are a dark gray, light gray, blush, ivory, light blue, and a dark blue. Keep in mind that these colors will be more susceptible to fading. Read our comments on care instructions above for more details.

Buffy Eucalyptus Sheets – Value:

pet and child safe eucalyptus sheets

If you are on the hunt for soft Eucalyptus Lyocell sheets that are oh so soft and breathable, then you have come to the right place. As far as companies that are trying to create somewhat eco-friendly sheets, this is a rather good price for naturally-dyed bamboo sheets. Keep in mind that the duvet covers are sold separately. Which means if you are looking to purchase a matching set, this will come at an extra cost.

Buffy Sheet Set Prices

the new duvet cover by buffy review Twin: $169
Twin XL:
California King:

Buffy Duvet Cover Prices

Twin/Twin XL: $99
King/California King:

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Other Accessories From Buffy:

buffy comforter review

Buffy is all about making oh so comfortable bedding products. They are best known for their two comforters, the Buffy Cloud Comforter and Buffy Breeze Comforter. The Cloud is their fluffier and somewhat warmer comforter. While their Breeze comforter is all about cool and breathable comfort. It is a lighter duvet which is great for hot sleepers or those summer months.

Buffy also has the Buffy Cloud Pillow that they have designed to be light and fluffy. These pillows compliment the rest of the bedding rather well as they are also covered in a lyocell fabric just like the sheets and comforters. All together these bedding accessories make for a wonderful set.

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Buffy Eucalyptus Sheets – Final Thoughts:

Buffy has done a great job at creating a soft, breathable sheet set made out of eucalyptus lyocell material. The small batch +all-natural dye, makes these beautiful sheets even more desirable.

Whether you like these sheets because you are looking for a naturally dyed option for the summer. Or you are simply wanting a sheet set that is going to be cool and extra breathable. These sheets are going to be a great option for you.

buffy sheets review