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Accessory Review Buffy Cloud Pillow Review

The Buffy Brand is known best for their cuddly comforters, the Cloud & Breeze. These two snuggly comforters are oh so soft and fluffy to boot. The Buffy Cloud Cloud Pillow is designed with the same fluffy cooling materials as the comforter and is a fun new addition to the Buffy brand. We are going to give you a full review on this pillow and what makes it unique. Keep reading for all of the details to determine if this pillow is right for you.

buffy cloud pillow review

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Buffy Cloud Pillow – Materials:

materials used to make the buffy pillow The aspect of this pillow that really ties it in with the rest of the Buffy Bedding Accessories, is the shell. The Shell of the Buffy Cloud Pillow is a lyocell material. This material is made out of 100% eucalyptus fibers that have gone through several processes to make a silky cool sleeping material.

One clarification we would like it make is that this material is made out of the fibers of a eucalyptus plant and does not contain the oils of the plant. Which means it is free of any stimulating eucalyptus essential oils. Which means this pillow is safe to be used with young children and pets to use.

All of the materials used in this pillow are Oeko-Tex certified. This certification is used to ensure the safety of the material to be used for interior furniture and bedding textiles. However, you won’t need any certification to feel the quality comfort of this pillow.

Nest up is the filling used for the Cloud Pillow. Buffy uses a Recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) for their filling. This type of filling provides for a lot of airflow and bounce to a pillow. These pillows rarely need fluffing because they have so much natural support and bounce back. This filling is made from recycled plastic bottles. It is this filling that gives the Cloud Pillow it’s plush fluffy comfort.

What do these certifications mean? Check out our article Mattress Certifications: What To Know in order to learn all the different types of process and material certifications are commonly used in the bedding industry and how they work.  

Loft Size & Comfort:

buffy cloud pillow review When it comes to choose a pillow the support and comfort it provides is obviously one of the key features to look into. The Cloud Pillow by Buffy comes in three different comfort options and two sizes. The comfort options are Soft, Medium, and Firm. You can also choose between a Standard or King size pillow. The size will not change the loft of the pillow, so this will not change the overall feel of your pillow much at all.

Keep in mind that with the firmness level that you choose this is going to dictate the amount of support you are going to get from your pillow and it’s overall loft size. When a pillow is soft, it allows your head to sink in more and will have a lower sleeping loft size. While the medium will have a balance of pressure relief and support. The firm pillow option is going to have the most support and the highest loft size. This simply means that your head will remain higher and won’t sink in as far as the other two.

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how comfortable is the buffy pillow? The Buffy Cloud Pillow is one of the more reasonably priced pillows we have reviewed here on Our Sleep Guide. You can get one of their pillows for under $50. They also have different pack options for those who are looking to get multiple pillows for their bed, or shopping for the family.

Which can bring the price per pillow down to under $40. While these pillows are not as luxury as other pillows, we have reviewed that come with much larger price tags. The Buffy Cloud Pillow is a great pillow made with quality materials and we view the price tag to be an appropriate match.

Standard Cloud Pillow Prices:

Single Pillow – $49
2 Pack– $88
4 Pack – $146

King Cloud Pillow Prices:

Single Pillow – $69
2 Pack – $118
4 Pack – $206

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Buffy Cloud Pillow – Care Instructions:

should i get the buffy pillow? First things first, no matter what pillow you use to sleep on, we highly suggest using a pillowcase. You can easily remove and wash a pillowcase regularly. This of course helps to prolong the life of your pillow. So even though the shell of this pillow has antimicrobial properties,. This is simply a great backup to your removable and washable pillowcase.

When it comes to cleaning the Cloud Pillow, Buffy suggests dry cleaning only. All the more reason to protect your pillow from getting dirty with a pillowcase. If you love the way the outside of your pillow feels, check out the Buffy Sheets! They are made out of the same lyocell material and comes in a few different colors.

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Other Accessories by Buffy:

other accessories with eucalyptus bedding If you are a fan of the look and feel of the Buffy eucalyptus fabric used on any of the Buffy products, then you have good news for you. Buffy uses this silky smooth, cool to the touch fabric on just about every product they make. From their eucalyptus lyocell sheets to their cloud comforter, they all feature this silky fabric.

The Cloud Pillow is designed to work well with the Buffy Cloud Comforter. Which is their original fluffy comforter. It is of so soft and they often say it is like cuddling with a marshmallow (or a cloud *wink*) We have reviewed all of the Buffy accessories products. If you want to learn about other products that this company makes, be sure to check out our other reviews. Click the link below to view our review of the Buffy Sheets!

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Buffy Cloud Pillow Summary:

The Cloud Pillow by Buffy is a great pillow for a lot of people. However, the real question is whether or not it is comfortable. After all, what is a pillow worth if it isn’t comfortable. We are happy to inform you that YES, this is a very cushy and comfortable pillow. We especially think this pillow will work for many people due to the three different comfort options you get to choose from. Which means that just about everyone can find a Buffy pillow that they will enjoy.

eucalyptus lyocell pillow with recycled PET filling review