Accessory Review Buffy Cloud Pillow Review

buffy cloud pillow review

From light and fluffy comforters to hemp linen sheets, Buffy is a unique and fun loving bedding brand. Today we are going to be reviewing their signature Cloud Pillow. This lightweight pillow packs a punch when it comes to cuddly soft comfort. Keep reading to get our in depth review over who we think this pillow will work best for, along with all the details that make it unique. Read along to the end for our Buffy Cloud Pillow Review final thoughts or click the shop buttons for latest pricing and promotions!

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Buffy CloudPillow At A Glance:

  • Size Options: Standard or King
  • Multi-Pack Options: 2-Pack or 4-Pack
  • Trial Period: 7-night trial period
  • Eucalyptus Fiber Shell
  • 100% recycled PET, BPA-free fill
  • Oeko-TEX Certified
  • Works Best For: Back Sleepers, Side Sleepers, and Stomach Sleepers
  • Latest Pricing Found Here!

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Materials & Design:

eucalyptus pillow fabricThe design of the Buffy Cloud Pillow is rather similar to most down-alternative pillows you will find on the market. However, the materials they use are a bit different than most. It is these materials that set this pillow apart from your average everyday pillows. The cover is made out of a eucalyptus based fabric called Lyocell. This is a super soft and breathable material that is thought to be as durable as cotton.

The fill that Buffy uses to create their cloud pillow is made out of recycled plastic. This is BPA-Free plastic that has been diverted from landfills or the ocean. Then is is transformed into light and fluffy polyester/like fill. This material is also used in the Buffy Comforters. It is both eco-friendly and comfortable.

Looking to avoid scents or essential oils? No worries here, while the fabric cover is made from eucalyptus fibers, it does not have any scent or essential oils in it. This is helpful for anyone who is sensitive to scent or essential oils.

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Is The Buffy Cloud Pillow Comfortable?

comfortable recycled PET fill pillowWhen it comes to picking out a pillow that is going to be comfortable for you and how you sleep, a lot of it comes down to the details and personal preference. If you love your pillow to have that traditional fluffy feel, then this is a great pillow for you.

Unlike most down feather pillows, the Buffy Cloud Pillow has a more supportive feel. This is because down and feather pillows tend to fall flat, while the recycled PET fill tends to provide more support, even when you have a softer pillow like this one. While it will still require the occasional fluffing, it does a pretty great job and providing the support you need while remaining soft.

The Cloud pillow comes in three different firmness options. This allows for more people to discover a Buffy Cloud Pillow that will be comfortable for how they sleep. The soft is going to have a lower profile and will work best for our stomach sleepers. While the medium firm pillow option is great for back or combination sleepers. The Firm option is going to provide the most support, and therefore is the best option for side sleepers. If you need help picking a pillow, be sure to reach out to use and we can help you get your ideal pillow.

Care Instructions:

the buffy cloud pillow reviewWhen it comes to reviewing pillows, we always try to go through all of the details of what it is like to own the pillow. While care instructions does not often relate to overall comfort of your pillow, it can help you to determine whether or not it is the right fit for you. If you prefer to toss your pillows into the washer and dryer periodically, then this is not going to be a good fit for you.

Buffy recommends only dry cleaning your pillow when necessary. However, if you are changing or washing your bedding and pillowcases out regularly, then this should not be an issue. By washing your bedding regularly, this will help to keep your pillow fresh and clean. If you often stain your pillow, then a pillow protector is also a great option.

Do I really need to wash new sheets before I sleep in them? How often should I wash my bedding? Find the answers to these questions and many more with A Guide to Changing and Washing your Sheets.

Buffy Cloud Pillow Value:

should i get the buffy pillow?

If you are looking to set up your home and beds with lots of pillows, then the Buffy Cloud Pillow is a great option for you. The prices on these pillows are really reasonable. We also love that they have such extensive multipack options to choose from. One 4-Pack of these pillows is often around the price of a single luxury brand pillow.

You also get a quick trial period to test out your pillows before really committing to it. This can be a great way to really make sure you love your pillow first.

Standard: $49
2-Pack: $88
4-Pack: $146

King: $69
2-Pack: $118
4-Pack: $206

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Buffy Cloud Pillow Review – Overall:

When you take unique materials and put them into a traditional pillow, you get the Buffy Cloud Pillow. This pillow is lightweight, fluffy, and comes in three different comfort options. Allowing this pillow to work for just about every sleep position. If you want to stock up, Buffy makes it really easy to do this with their 2 or 4 pack options. These options also help you to save a bit of extra cash as well. Overall, this is an easy price tag for a easy going pillow.

eucalyptus lyocell pillow with recycled PET filling review

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