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Accessory Review Brentwood Home Organic Cotton Sheets

brentwood home organic cotton sheets

Brentwood Home is well known for making quality mattresses and bed accessories like pillows. Some of their products have made it to the top of several of our “Best Of” lists. So we were naturally excited to hear that they are now offering a luxurious sheet set. The new Brentwood Home Organic Cotton Sheets that are not only natural, but offer a high end feel at an affordable price.

With so many of their other products made so well and with quality materials, we had high expectations for their sheets as well. We are pleased to say that Brentwood Home did not disappoint with their these premium sheets available in so many options.

When you are on the hunt for a new set of quality sheets for your bed, it can begin to get confusing. There are loads of new fancy mystery materials being introduced to the market. Sometimes simplicity is best. Which is is why Brentwood Home stuck with a classic design, used quality cotton with a sateen finish and kept the price point affordable. Keep reading to get our full review on these classic sheets that will upgrade your bedroom instantly

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Brentwood Home Luxury Organic Cotton Sheets ReviewThe overall design of a sheet set is rather simple. Which is why the quality of the materials you use is so important. Brentwood Home made sure to use 100% Organic India Cotton. This allows Brentwood Home to create sleek long sateen finish strands for their sheets.

We love that they picked a sateen finish for sheets for two main reasons. The first is that they looks silky and luxurious, the second is that they feels silky smooth and cool to the touch.

  • GOTS® Organic Certified
  • STANDARD 100 Certified by OEKO-TEX®
  • MADE SAFE® Certified

Learn more about the different textile certifications and what they mean on our page Certifications: What To Know to learn more.


Color options for Brentwood Home SheetsWhen picking out your new sheets from Brentwood Home you do have a few options to choose from. The first being which color you would like. They have 4 different soft natural colors Slate Gray, Seafoam, Natural, and of course White. All of which are very light and easy to pair with your other bedding without fear of “clashing”.

The other option you have is what thread count you prefer. They offer 400TC or 600TC. There is a price difference between the two, so this is something to take into consideration. While everyone loves a high thread count, the 400TC will not disappoint. Both options are silky soft and will not disappoint.

You won’t need to purchase any special “deep pocket” option on these sheets. The pocket depth on their sheets is a lofty 16″ which can fit even their thickest mattress options. Like their Cedar Natural Luxe and Oceano beds.

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Care Instructions:

care instructions for the organic cotton sheetsAnytime we are looking at sheets, we find it is important to test out how easy it is to follow the care instructions. No one wants to baby their sheets. The great news is that it is very simple to wash these sheets and follow their care instructions. It is rather similar to washing the majority of what you own.

Wash with like colors in warm water with mild detergent. Tumble dry on low or simply line dry. The only thing to keep in mind is they suggest avoiding the use of fabric softeners, bleach, or whiteners. This is because using them may effect the absorbency of the cotton.

Don’t worry about skipping the fabric softener, these sheets are naturally so soft that it will not effect your comfort at all. If you want to ensure your sheets are extra soft, they suggest tumble drying on low with wool dryer balls.

We want you to have clean sheets that last. Check out our post all about how to properly care for your bedding at A Guide To Changing and Washing Your Sheets


We always like to look at the value of a product to be whether or not the price of an items matches, exceeds, or is less than the quality of the product. A product with medium quality at a premium price would have low value. While the high quality product at a medium price has a higher value for your money. Which is exactly what the Brentwood Home organic cotton sheets are, a high quality product at an affordable price. Giving these sheets a GREAT value.

review for organic cotton sheets400TC

  • Twin: $79
  • Twin XL: $79
  • Full: $89
  • Queen: $99
  • King: $119
  • Cali King: $119


  • Twin: $119
  • Twin XL: $119
  • Full: $149
  • Queen: $179
  • King: $199
  • Cali King: $199

What Comes With Your New BH Sheets?

  • 100 Day Trial Period
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping & Returns

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Regardless of which option you go, 400TC or 600TC, you’ll get an amazing set of sheets at a very appropriate price. If you are on a tighter budget the 400TC sheets are bit more reasonable. While still offering a great feel but at a more reasonable price.

The 600TC is a slight step up in price you will notice a difference with wear and longevity. Once sheets hit the quality of 400 thread count it may be hard to decipher a distinct difference. Meaning both of these sheets are fantastic feeling and will mainly differ with life expectancy.

Brentwood Home Organic Cotton Sheets:

We really like this sheet set. They are silky soft, help you sleep cool throughout the night, and wick moisture away from your body. You’re also getting certified organic cotton among other certifications ensuring you’re getting sheets made without any toxic chemicals. These sheets have a luxurious feel and come in at a reasonable price (especially if you are sticking with the 400TC) We give these sheets a big thumbs up.

luxury cotton sheets by Brentwood Homes

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